Level by the Eidos Forum

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth. A special thanks to Treeble for providing some very helpful notes, and for identifying the builder of each set of rooms as indicated below.


Begin by sliding down an icy tunnel into a passage. The anomalous sound of crackling thunder greets you as you run forward into a rocky section of the passage. Turn left into the east and draw your pistols to take out the two SAS who come out from ahead and to your left. Pick up the shotgun ammo left by one of them and go out through the north opening where they came from.

As you walk forward along the longer ledge, flames erupt on the three ledges where you see wall switches. Use the ladder at the north end to climb down to the bottom. Pick up the CENTRAL KEY near the south side of the central pillar, climb back up and return to the previous room. Exit to the rocky passage and turn left. Use the Central Key in the contraption to your left to open the door just above it. Step back and hop up into the opening. Run down the sloped passage into the next room and turn to your right.

Enter the first open passage to your right and throw the wall switch to open the wooden doorway to the next passage down below. Go back down and shoot the SAS who's also released, then go inside and throw the wall switch at the end of the passage. An ice boulder is released in the first passage and rolls into a shallow pit in the east wall. The next doorway in the west wall is also opened, so enter the passage and throw the wall switch to your left. Same thing: next wooden door opens, kill the SAS, go in and throw the wall switch at the end (after picking up the dropped shotgun ammo), the second ice boulder is released in the previous passage.

The procedure is a little different for the next passage. When you throw the wall switch to your left, the ice boulder up above is released immediately, so dash back down and turn right or left to safety. A cut scene shows the flames being extinguished in the previous room, but before leaving enter the last passage for the SHOTGUN and a small medi-pack. Then run back up the NW passage, hop down into the passage below, follow to the east opening and return to the north ledge where the three wall switches are now safe to pull down. Jump to each ledge in no particular order and pull down the switches. When you pull down the third one, a flyby shows the big door opening at the end of the rocky passage outside. Go there, kill the SAS who steps up to meet you at the other end of the passage, pick up the shotgun ammo he drops, and step forward into the next room. Push the floor lever in the far right corner to open the exit door.


Shoot the dog at the entrance to the next room and step through the short passage to face a flaming pedestal in the distance. Approach it and take the west passage. Step onto the gray ledge and note the two wall switches in the distances. In between are deadly flame tiles. Several, however, are safe, and they have different markings. Step onto the first one on the far right. Turn left and take a standing jump SW to the flares (which you may decide to leave as a guidepost for the return trip). Next, a standing jump NW into the darkness, then a standing jump due west, and finally a standing jump SW. A cut scene shows the flames being extinguished on the pedestal in the previous room. Run forward and throw the two wall switches, then carefully retrace your steps (picking up the flares along the way if you didn't do so earlier).

Return to the pedestal and get on your tiptoes to take the OCEANIC MASK. Go under the lifted gate to the south and enter a large room. Cross the moat and place the Oceanic Mask in the receptacle. A brief flyby reveals that the water in the moat has turned deadly. Reverse roll, hop over the moat away from the flames and go back outside. Run up the snow bank and enter the east passage. Pass the open gate into a room similar to the one with the flame tiles. However, all of these tiles are safe, so you can simply run over them all willy nilly until you trigger a cut scene in the room with the deadly moat. Throw the wall switches at the east end and return to that room.

A gate has opened at the east end of the moat, so take a standing jump with grab to land inside the passage and go inside to alert a yeti. Kill it with several blasts from your shotgun, then push the two floor levers inside the fenced enclosures against the north and south walls to open the exit door in the east wall.


Kill the dog lurking in the passage, then emerge in a blue-lit room to the sound of crackling thunder. Pick up the nearby small medi-pack, then jump into the water to get a fixed camera angle of Lara swimming in a shaft. Swim through the east opening and surface in a trench. Wade up the east end and run forward toward the gate that opens upon your approach. Inside is another yeti, so kill it before jumping into the central pool. (If you're interested in maximum kills, you can hop over the pool first and spook two more yetis on the other side. One tip: don't fire whenever they're thumping their chests, or you'll just be wasting your ammo.) Swim east, avoiding the overhead spikes, and pull up into the next room.


Kill the two SAS who are waiting to greet you, then take the CRYSTAL KEY from the small SW table. The door in the east wall opens, so go there and run up the ramp (the door closes behind you) to enter a wicked maze amid more thunder and lightning. You have two tasks here. You must first locate a key, then the exit. Turn left and head north down the passage. Follow to the intersection, where you'll encounter a dog. Kill it and turn right, then make a hairpin turn to your left at the next intersection. Turn right at the north wall and take the next right at a lighted area. Zig slightly to the right at the intersection and follow to an open area where you'll find a receptacle for the Crystal Key. Use it for a short flyby showing the exit doors.

Retrace your steps to the beginning of the maze. Facing east, take the first right and follow the passage until you reach an opening to your left. Take that left and follow, meeting an SAS and two more dogs along the way, until you reach the exit doors, the right one of which is now open. Before pulling the wall switch just inside, kill the yeti and run halfway down the passage to pick up a large medi-pack and trigger the release of some stalactites to make the upcoming timed run a bit more challenging. Return to the switch, throw it, reverse roll and sprint along the passage to exit it before the timed gate closes at the other end.

In the next room, throw the switch against the north wall and immediately side flip to avoid the falling stalactites. Then lower and raise the switch in the south wall to re-open the gate. There's a crawl space up in the wall to your right before you reach the stalactites you triggered earlier. Crawl inside and emerge on a ledge overlooking a large room with a flaming floor. Jump up to grab the ceiling and simply monkey swing straight across to the other side of the room. When you reach the end, Lara will release into the west opening.


Vault up onto the ramp or walk around it and slide down into the icy water below. Climb out and shoot the waiting dog, then wade into the water on the west side of the ice bridge. Pull out onto the south ledge and start climbing the blocks. Look for a dark alcove in the south wall not far above the water. Jump into it, using grab, and pick up the CENTRAL KEY. Go back and resume your climb, and when you reach the ledge about halfway up, turn around and enjoy the view. You can see closed double doors high up in the north wall. Continue up until you can see a pulsating light at the SE corner. Go there and pick up the CRYSTAL KEY, then make your way back down.

Get onto the ice bridge and start climbing on the north side. You'll soon reach those double doors you saw from the other side. Insert the Silver Key in the receptacle to open the doors, and once inside insert the Crystal Key to lift the east gate (noting the closed double doors to your left and another gate behind you). Run down the east passage and turn left at the wooden gate. In the next room, jump up to grab the monkey bars and swing over to the west end, timing your way past the two flame blowers. Drop down and throw the wall switch, then monkey swing back across to the other side. Drop down to find that the wooden gate across the passage has opened. Go inside and throw the wall switch, then reverse roll and run back down the west passage.

The opposite gate has lifted, so go inside and kill the dog. Climb up onto the block near the SW corner and take a standing jump SE to the next block. Jump and grab the next two pillars east, then take a running jump to the east ledge. Hop across to the north opening and step down onto a wooden floor. Throw the wall switch to your right, then make your way back down to the snow-covered ground. Exit through the SE gateway and turn left to leave this area through the open double doors north.


Go through the passage and follow around to the right as it narrows. Step out into an open outdoor area and jump west onto a sloped block. You'll slide safely down to the ledge just below. Run to the east end and jump up to grab the crack in the wall. Shimmy to the left as far as you can go and drop down onto the ice ledge. Follow a transparent bridge to a ladder in the east wall. Climb to the top, pull up and watch the cut scene showing the ice bridge collapsing and revealing a water hole in the cavern floor far below. Pick up the small medi-pack, then turn around and take a running swan dive (alt + shift) into the water hole. Pick up the shotgun ammo, then surface and pull out. Deal with a couple of yetis, then climb the winding staircase of the black central structure and take the CRYSTAL KEY from the tall pedestal at the top.

A wooden ledge has been raised near the icy north wall. Step on the highest portion of the rocky flooring beneath it, and you'll be able to jump up and grab the edge. Pull up, turn around and take a running jump to the east ledge. Jump over two barbed wire traps and grab the ladder. Climb up to the top, but don't pull up because of another barbed wire trap. Back flip to an ice ledge, and a remote camera shot gives you a brief overhead view of the area. When camera control is restored, face EES, just to the right of the ladder, and take a running jump to grab a breakaway ice ledge. Shimmy to the right and pull up onto the stable ice ledge. Turn left and step onto the breakaway ledge. Quickly pull up onto the ice block before the ledge collapses and pick up the large medi-pack. Turn around and run off (and don't jump off) the block to the ice ledge below.

Take a standing jump and grab to the ladder south, climb up and slide down the other side, and jump off at the last instant to grab the facing wall. Climb the wall and pull up onto the sloped ledge. Jump up to grab the monkey bars, and swing forward as far as possible. Turn left at the end against the wall, release and grab the hidden crack. Shimmy to the right a short distance and drop down onto the ice ledge. A cut scene shows a series of ice boulders ahead. Walk out to the western tip of the ice ledge and make sure Lara isn't "stuck" in place (If she is, turning her back and forth will get her unstuck.) Take a running jump west and grab the edge of the slope. Pull up and slide down to the bottom, facing the boulders. This would be a good place to save your game.

Run down the slope as action music heralds the release of the ice boulders. Take a running jump across the gap, immediately reverse roll and take a running jump in the opposite direction, another reverse roll after running forward one step and a running jump west across the gap again, and finally a third reverse roll and running jump across the gap. This last time, however, grab the edge and allow the last ice boulder to bounce harmlessly over you. Pull up to refreshing silence (except for the crackling thunder) and jump over to the west ledge. Run to the far end and pull up onto the stone ledge. Turn to your right and take a standing jump to the ice slope. Slide back down, grab the edge and shimmy to your right until you can pull up. A cut scene gives you a panoramic view of the area, including the rope that's your next objective.

Save your game again, turn right and take a standing jump and grab to the middle part of the sloped edge north. Pull up, slide down the other side, jump off and grab the rope. Don't try to swing forward and jump into the opening (although I was able to do it one time out of many tries). Instead, jump and slide down the roof above the opening, grab and shimmy to the right corner. Release and grab the hidden crack in the wall, then shimmy left until you can pull up into the opening. Run forward and slide down into the next area.


Pick up the flares and slide down another slope. Run forward into the next room and kill an SAS as the camera angle jumps back and forth. Pick up the CENTRAL KEY dropped by the SAS and go to the north wall to throw the switch there. Enter the little hut against the east wall and use the Central Key in the receptacle to start some machinery and summon a dog. Go back outside and enter the doorway next to the north wall switch. Push the floor lever just inside to raise the elevator in the enclosed shaft to your right. Stand at the NW opening and ignore the nearer pole straight ahead. Turn to your right and take a running jump NE and grab the other pole. Climb up a fairly long distance and back flip east onto a metal bridge flanked by ice banks.


The camera angle becomes fixed here, so turn around and run east until camera control is restored. Take a running jump to the central pillar east and take the CARIONAS from the tall pedestal. Hop back, grab the edge and shimmy left around the corner to a ladder. Climb down to the bottom. At the base of the ladder is a crawl space where you can pick up the SHOTGUN for SECRET #1. Crawl back out and hop over to the south end to alert a quartet of dogs as you run about the area. Locate the crawl space behind some debris near the NW corner of this area and crawl inside for the SILVER KEY. Back out and locate the keyhole in the SE corner not far from a closed wooden gate. Use the Silver Key there to open the gate and go inside.

Run south through a couple of tunnels and pull up into the opening at the other end. Climb up the ladder, take a rolling back flip as you near the top to grab the facing ladder, climb this one as well and take a straight back flip near the top to land inside a passage overlooking a previous room.

DAN THE JAZZMAN (revisited)

Turn around, run outside, turn to your right and take a running jump and grab to the north wall. Shimmy to your left as far as you can go, then release and grab the crack just below. Continue your long leftward shimmy, around two corners, until you're finally able to pull up onto an ice ledge. Face the west wall and jump up to grab the edge. Yes, shimmy to your right and pull up onto a ledge with a keyhole at the north end. Go there and insert the Crystal Key to start a minor earthquake and open the double doors to your left. Go inside, light a flare and run down the dark passage and through a tunnel into the next room.


Climb up onto the irregular shaped block near the SE corner and take a running jump to the east wall. Grab the crack and shimmy left until you can pull up into an opening. Go into the next room and turn right into the SW corner. Climb the dark block to your left and go around to face the pole. Take a running jump and grab to it. You could climb up a bit and back flip into an upper room, but there's nothing to do or find there right now. Instead, look for a triangular ledge to the left of the pole. Your task is to back flip onto it, but it's not easy. The way I did it was to climb up two rungs, slide back down ever so slightly, rotate to face the near wall, and back flip to land on the very tip of the ledge. If you're too low on the pole you'll slide back down to the floor; too high and you'll bump your head on the ceiling.

When you land safely, turn around and take a standing jump and grab to the crack in the west wall. Shimmy to your right and pull up into the alcove. Turn around and take a running jump and grab to the ladder. Climb up near the top and back flip into a small area on the opposite side of the unproductive room where the pole would have taken you. Step onto the nearby raised tile to open a door in that room. Jump back to the ladder, climb down as far as you can go and release to drop down into the room with the pole. Go to the SW corner and climb back up the way you did before. Jump back to the pole, and this time climb up and back flip into the upper room.

Go up the stairs at the west end, and the exit door will now be open. Step out to your right into an outdoor area. Run off the ledge west onto the top of the large structure below. Pick up the OCEANIC MASK lying at your feet and walk out to the NE corner. Face the opening down below in the east wall, step forward and slide down to a stable surface. Walk to the north end, turn left and crawl under the overhanging ledge. Turn to lower Lara off the north edge, release and grab the edge of the alcove below. Pull up and insert the Oceanic Mask in the wall receptacle. A cut scene gives you a view of the entire structure, while at the same time the block to your right is lowered.

Step into the new alcove and use the crowbar (you've always had it, you just didn't need it until now) to open the crate. Step inside and pick up the large medi-pack for SECRET #2. Go back out, hang from the edge of the alcove and allow Lara's feet to get set. Shift to your left, then climb up and pull up onto the stable surface. A bridge has been formed to the east wall, so go there and pull down the wall switch. Do the same thing on the west side (you need to crawl under that overhanging ledge again), and you'll hear the sound of a door opening in the south wall. Don't try to get to the top of the structure to jump across. You can get up there with a side flip, but you can't make the jump. Instead, hop to the flat ledge on the near cap of the structure and take a curving running jump to the right from the tip of the ledge (where snow and stone meet) to reach the edge of the south opening with a grab at the last instant. Pull up, then run up the steps into the next area.


Run out onto the frozen lake and turn to your right. Run past the first dark column to the second one. Facing north, pull up onto it and note the ice boulder poised above and directly in front of you. Take a running jump and grab to the ice ledge, pull up without fear of triggering the boulder and run around to your right. Hop over a short gap to the second brick ledge south and face the ice wall east. Jump up to grab the edge, and shimmy to the left until you can pull up onto a block. Turn left and take a running jump north to the gap between the two short peaks. Hop over the peak to your left and push the floor lever to release the boulder. Watch the cut scene as it careens down and smashes a hole in the icy surface of the lake below.

Turn to your right and slide down to the brick ledge, then safety drop to the lake. Watch out as you approach the hole created by the ice boulder, as the dark areas down below are deadly. Go around to the west side, hang from the edge and drop down onto the safe ledge below. Take a standing jump SE to the next safe ledge, and a running jump NE to the next one. Now take a running jump east and grab the ladder. Shimmy around to the right or left, around two corners so you're on the opposite side, and back flip to a safe ledge east. Turn to face south and take a running jump to the next safe ledge, then a running jump SW to the next one. A standing jump SW and a running jump SW brings you to what looks like the end of the line.

However, there's one tricky jump left in your arsenal. Face the long slope SE and take a running jump to it, rolling in mid-air so that you can jump off facing forward. Grab the ice ledge and pull up. (Actually, a simple back flip off the highest possible point of the slope will get you there, but it's not as impressive.)

Pull up onto the nearby short black column and turn to face the next one west. Take a running jump and grab to it and pull up onto the top. Step forward, use the ladder to climb up through the shaft and pull up into the outside air. Enjoy the concluding flyby, featuring a strutting yeti that seems to be exulting in the fact that it eluded your murderous weapons.