Trail of the Unknown- The Lost Temple (Demo)

Level by: Daniel Sherwood

Walkthrough By: Daniel Sherwood


Changes: I used a patched tomb4.exe because I wanted the game to be totally different. I hope I did a successful job at that. Also, I’ve made a lot of changes from the first demo to this one, and I used the same voice actress that was used in Coyote Creek.


   You start in a canyon. The words say: “And so it begins…expect the Unexpected.” Pick up the flares. Run forward and kill the two ninjas. Go to the east and there is another passage, go there and pick up the Uzi’s and pick up two ammo packs for it and a small medpack. Go back, see the large medpack? Get it; kill the ninja. Hop down. And run forward. Lara will say, “Dr. Jonathan said the temple is in this direction.” Go to the left and get over the dunes. Climb up the ladder and go to the left. Continue to climb. Secret 1: Pull up. And you will hear the secret sound. Pick up the Golden Skull. Get the medpack. Run off and press and hold the action key to make Lara grab. Kill the ninja, and go down the hole.


 Run off pressing the action key. Pick up the medpack. Jump and kill the two ninjas, than go pick up the flares. Jump into the water and use the underwater switch (UWS) and go back to the dry land. Go to the door that was previously closed, and another one opens as you go around the corner.

  Go forward until a fly-by takes over. It will give you a hint on what to do. Go to the right and pull/push the pushable to the two wooden floor tiles. And don’t forget to pick up Secret 2; it’s right under the pushable. Pick up the medpack.

   Climb up the ladder, around the corner. Take a running jump to the other side. And pull/push the other pushable to the mental floor tile. Go back to the other side and use the switch. The room fills up with water. Use the two switches and surface. Get out and run forward. And as you run forward a door closes behind you. Pick up the crossbow ammo and hop back, go to the left and use the switch. You may need to use a flare to see it. Climb up the ladder for Secret 3. Safely drop down and light a flare. Follow the path, picking up the crossbow on your way. You can kill the mummies if you want.

    Climb up another ladder and follow the passage. Go left and you will find Uzi ammo. Climb up the ladder, pick up a lasersight and use the switch. Get back down. Pull/push the pushable straight down on to the color floor tile. Then go and pull up where the switch is. Pick the revolver ammo up and use the switch. Then push/pull the second pushable on to a same floor title and go back to where you got the revolver ammo, go left and hop down. Face to the left again and pull up.

   Use the switch, hop back and go left. Pick up the Hand of Sirius. Hop in the water that is now safe and use the two UWS. Go through the water passage and get out. Kill the three scorpions and shoot the left vase for more revolver ammo.  Then use the Hand of Sirius in the correct place and the door opens. Go through, safely drop, slide and grab. Pull up and backflip. Face the ladder.

    Climb up and do another backflip. Follow the passage and jump in the water. Go into the passage to the left and pull the UWS and get to the surface. Get out and follow the passage until the level ends.