The Espana Secret - Gold Level


Level by Harrys (September, 2006)


Walkthrough by Harry Laudie


When the game starts, you are in the street and standing beside a car. Turn around and go west to see closed gate #1 and a closed door in the south-west corner. There are many gates so I will number them for convenience. Turn and go east and go down the street. There is an empty trashcan to shoot on your right side. Continue east to an intersection and go south to closed gate #2. You get a cut scene of the motorcycle behind the gate. Turn and shoot another empty trashcan and notice the ladder on the north wall. Climb the ladder and shimmy to the right to pull up onto a bridge. Jump to a window ledge to the south-west and pick up Uzi ammo. Go near the window and the view changes to show you a fuse box on a wall. Jump to a ledge to the east for Uzi ammo. Then return to the bridge.


Notice a crawl space in the east wall. You need to go there later. For now safety drop back to the street. Go north to shoot another empty trashcan and then follow the street to the east. There is another empty trashcan to your right. Near the intersection, notice an opening with a vine below it in the south wall. First go to the end of the street and see a church. To the north is closed gate #3. Go south and see an alcove with a closed door in west wall. At the south end of the street is closed gate #4 with flags above it. Now that you know the street plan, return to opening in the wall with the vine below it.


Pull up into the opening and enter a storage room. You can shoot all the empty boxes and then climb the pole in the north-west corner. At the top, back flip to the east onto another storage area and shoot more empty boxes. Pull up into an alcove at the south wall for a small medipack. Then enter the opening in the north wall. You are in an opening overlooking the street. Run and jump to the north-west to land on a bridge. Then run and jump into the terrace to the north-west. There is a fake trap door in the middle of the floor. Go east and push open the doors. Go to the east wall and pull down the wall switch. Exit back to the terrace and safety drop to the street.


Go west and return to the wall ladder and the bridge. Now enter the crawl space and go straight east. Loop around to the right and follow the crawl space to the end. Safety drop onto a box in a large room. Get down and go south to follow the rooms and you reach the motorcycle. First, dive into the water in the south-west corner. Swim down through a hole and then swim south. Swim down into an open trap door and south again. You can get secret #1 as you pick up an item (Segreto) from the floor. If you had come here earlier, the trap door would have been closed. Swim back to the motorcycle. Go north into the next room and gate #2 opens. Shoot the boxes on the ledge for Uzi ammo and red shotgun shells. You can search the shelves but there is nothing to find. Go back to the motorcycle and drive out onto the street.


Go west and follow the street back to gate #1. The door in the south-west corner is open. Get off the motorcycle and enter the door. You enter a room with a green floor. There is closed gate #5 to the east. Go west to pick up flares. Jump up to grab a ladder above the flares location. Climb until you feet are at the bottom of the ladder. Back flip, roll, and grab a crawl space. Drop on the other side and see a yellow car and a closed trap door in the ground. Go east and push open the door in the east wall. Enter an office and continue east into another office. Pull up into the crawl space in the east wall. Pull up and go east to pull up into a third office. Shoot the fuse box on the east wall. Go to the fuse box and pull down the switch. Then exit back the same way that you entered. Gate #5 is open so return to the motorcycle.


Drive east and follow the street to the church. Turn to the south and see that gate #4 is open. Drive through the gate and up a ramp. Continue to a wall that you cannot drive over. Climb the wall and continue south. Slide down a slope and get a flyby of a bull in the tunnel. Go south and stay near the east wall. You should see a hole in the ceiling and a ladder. Pick up the large medipack and return to the hole. Grab the ladder and climb up and away from the bull. You pull up into a collapsed area. Go to the north-west for the exit onto another street.


There is another empty trashcan in the corner. At the west end is closed gate #6. Pass under a bridge and loop around to the left to climb a ladder. Shimmy to the left and pull up onto the bridge. Jump south-east to a corner ledge. Then jump to the ledge at the east wall and pick up Uzi's and Uzi ammo. Return to the bridge and jump to the north-west window ledge. Enter the open window into a room. Go east into the next room and get a cut scene of a bull on the ground by a door. Pick up Uzi ammo near the aquarium. Pull down the wall switch on the east wall. Return to the bridge and safety drop into the street.


Go west towards the open gates and four bulls start to chase you. Now I know why the level was called Pamplona. Enter the gate and follow the street to the west until you see a ladder on the south wall. There is closed gate #7 further to the west. There are also another two bulls around the corner. Climb the ladder and shimmy left onto a window ledge. You can jump to a yellow ledge to the north-west for red shotgun shells. Jump back to the window ledge and jump to the south-west onto a ledge and then onto the bridge. Go west and pick up the shotgun. Look south and see two bulls in front of a closed trap door on the street.  Return to the window ledge. Enter the open window and get into the room. Pull down the wall switch on the north wall. Exit the room and safety drop to the ground. Run to the south-west and drop into the open trap door.


Follow the tunnel, as there is not really much choice. You will drop into a small pit and pull up into a crawl space area to the west. Drop into the hole in the floor and into some water. Swim to the north-east corner and swim down a hole. Just follow the underwater tunnel until you swim to the north. Go to the north wall and swim up to the surface. Pull up into a room and go south into another water hole for a small medipack. Pull up and go to the north-west corner of the room to enter a tunnel. Go up the steps and drop down into another area. Hop up onto the north ledge and go west for Uzi ammo. Climb a block to the south-east and look up to see a hole in the ceiling. Jump up there to grab the edge of the hole. Pull up and you are back in the area with the yellow car. Return to the street as before but this time a bull is waiting for you.


Run down the street to the east and back towards the church. There are another two bulls on the sides of the street to chase you. At the church go north into open gate #3. Run into the gate with the bulls behind you. Continue running and the level ends.