Level 1: The Buried Temple

Level by Ampersand (October, 2006)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

start in a room and you seem to be standing on a rusty ledge. There is a switch with a fire emitter below you. Go north and follow the tunnel to the end into another room. Pull up onto the west ledge for flares. Go north onto the ledge and look for a wall switch behind the column. Pull the wall switch and return to the first room. The fire is out, so pull down the wall switch on the block. You get a cut scene of a fire and explosion in the second room. Return down the tunnel to the second room and see a hole in the floor. Safety drop into the room below and fall into a pool of water. Pick up a shotgun from the bottom of the pool.


Pull up into the room and see three receptacles in the south-west corner. There is a closed gate in the west wall. There is an open area in the east wall. Go north and grab the edge of a brown slope to the right of a higher pedestal. Shimmy to the right and stand up. You can stand jump and jump again with a right curve to get to the pedestal. Or you can jump towards the closed gate, pull up to grab a crevice on the column and shimmy left around to the pedestal. Pick up the Hand of Orion from the pedestal.


Go to the south side of the wall near the west gate. Climb up the wall ladder and use the floor lever on the ledge. You get a cut scene of the gate opening at the north wall. Climb up there again and jump over the slope and into the gate. Follow the gate to a dark room. Pick up red shotgun shells from behind a pillar. Hop up onto a block with the steam and pick up Ornate Serpent #1. Exit and slide down into the main room again.


Go east and pick up red shotgun shells on the floor just before the east wall opening. Jump up into the opening and follow the wide tunnel to a T-junction. Go east up the slope and then descend some large steps into a room with highly reflective floors. There is an altar with statues at the east wall. Kill two green dinosaurs that attack from the sides. On the floor you see five brown tiles. There is one hidden in the dark south-east corner. Step on the five tiles and an explosion occurs. Go to the front of the altar and pick up Ornate Serpent #2. Turn and kill two harpies. Return west up the steps to the T-junction.


Go west down the slope and use the Hand of Orion to open a gate. Enter the gate and follow the tunnel to another gate that opens as you approach. Enter the gate and it closes behind you. You can pick up a small medipack from the block in front of the gate. You are in an underground cave. There is an empty pedestal to the east. Go west and kill a lizard. Go east and pick up the Blood Crystal that has magically appeared on the pedestal. I think it appears when the lizard is dead. Go west and look to the south wall for an alcove with a trap door above it. Go to the far south-west corner and place the Blood Crystal to open that trap door.


Go to the trap door and pull up to the west side. The north side is a spike trap. Notice the fancy tile on the floor. Follow the tunnel towards the east for a large medipack. Return to the fancy tile and jump over the spike trap and grab a crawl space in the east wall. Drop on the other side and pull up into another crawl space. Be careful of the steam and you stand up in a small room. Kill two green dinosaurs and go to the south-west corner. Pull down a wall switch to open a trap door in the south-west corner. Go there and climb the wall ladder to back flip into a small room. The trap door will close behind you.


Go and walk on the tile with the fire at the north wall. The fire stops and a lizard appears. Kill the lizard and Ornate Serpent #3 appears on the floor. The trap door opens so exit the room. Go back through the crawl spaces and the spike trap is gone. Drop through the trap door into the cave. Go to the entrance and the door opens for you.  Go back up the ramp and return to the main room with the water hole. Use the three Ornate Serpents and the gate opens in the west wall.


Go through the gate and go west up a ramp. Go to the west and see a pedestal on a platform. Grab the ceiling to monkey swing over the deadly water. Pick up the Blood Crystal from the pedestal and monkey swing back to safety. Go back to the ramp and go to the south-west corner. Place the Blood Crystal and the gate opens. Enter and follow the tunnel. You will go south and emerge into a room with a pool and platforms with fire emitters. Dive into the pool and swim through the floor tiles in the middle of the floor. Swim into an underwater trench for Uzi ammo, Uzi's, and red shotgun shells. At the west end pick up secret #1 and a Silver Skull. Then surface and pull up into the room.


Go to the north-east block and stand on the corner where it is safe from the fire emitter. Stand jump to grab the higher platform to the south-east. When it is safe, run and jump to grab the ledge at the south wall. Pick up the Hand of Orion and kill a harpy that appears. Exit the area completely and go back to the room with the ramp. Go to the north-west corner and use the Hand of Orion to open the gate.


Follow the tunnel and stop in the first small room. Go to the north-east corner for red shotgun shells. Then run up the tunnel to the north. Enter the large room and kill two lizards. Go north and run down the dark tunnel and the level ends.