Levelbase Advent Calendar 2006 - Christmas Train

Level by Uranos1 (December, 2006)

We have two walkthroughs for this marvelous level, submitted at virtually the same time by Acki and then by Harry Laudie.

Acki's walkthrough


Put the level file xmas.tr4 and the logo uklogo.pak into the data directory. Move the audio files 039.mp3 and 080.mp3 from the folder "English" into the audio folder. Then activate start_me.exe to convert the audio files into wav files. Mac users only have to rename the mp3 endings into wav. Now you only have to copy the new audio files 039.wav, 080.wav, 101.wav and 106.wav into the audio folder of the TRLE. Then start the tomb4.exe to play.

Every year, a short time before Xmas, the Xmas Train brings the gifts from the North Pole to storage facilities in all parts of the world. From there Santa Claus collects them at Christmas with his reindeer sleigh. Not to mention that all gifts together would be too much for the sleigh to deliver them directly from the North Pole. But this year there is a problem with the Xmas Train! An elf sneaked aboard the train and stole a very important part of the brake mechanism. So the train runs out of control and canít be stopped any longer. The train conductor Oscar alerts Santa Claus immediately. Then he tries all to solve the problem himself, but without success. Santa Claus has too much work to do, and so he asks Lara to help. Because he needs the sleigh for himself, the helicopter should take Lara to the train. Will she make it, repairing the train and saving Christmas?

Pick up Santa's Letter and read it. No time to waste, drop on the train and go forward. On the wagon with the crane, the lower crate is pushable, pull/push it two times, then jump onto it. From here you can jump on the top of the next wagon. Run way forward, to the nose of the locomotive, where you can pick up the 1st secret, the secrets of the level are Von Croy's glasses by the way. As you go on, you can see what the evil little elf is up to, several times. Go back to the top of the first wagon, open the hatch and drop inside. Pick up the Orange Juice from the cupboard, then push ctrl again in front of it, to look into the drawer, and find the Metal Part, which will function as a toy catapult. Jump onto all four lamps, and open down the bell glasses, that opens the tower clock, and the Pendulum falls out of it, on this level this will be used for a crowbar, pick it up, then open the kitchen door and take the Cheese from the counter and the Meat from the cooker.

Go into the second wagon, take the Little Fuse from the top of the cupboard, and the Key for the third wagon from the drawer. You can pick up the Key from the train model table, if you wish. Take the 2nd secret from the christmas tree. Take the Hook out of the wall, with the pendulum.

On to the third wagon, open it with the key, from the shelves at the right of the entrance, only if crouching, you can pick up the Broomstick (of Harry's first flight attempt lol). Notice the cute cat in the corner, guarding a key. Search the shelves, you can get a Coin, a Carton, an Apple, flares and a Clock. Pull aside the tigerskin and the 3rd secret is yours. Push ctrl, standing at the side of the desk, and Lara puts down ths cheese, use the lever to open the door, jump to the next wagon, then come back. You can see the Tame Rat eating it, like she never have eaten before. Pick her up gently, then stand before the shelves before the cat, and put her down again, search her up in the inventory and use. She runs back to her lair, our little cat storms after, now you can pick up the Key for the fourth wagon.

Go there and open it up, the double door set operate on pressure door basis, when pulling the lever the outer one closes and the inner one opens. At the left you can force to open the gray wall, revealing the 4th secret. Search through the shelves to find a Diamond and an Elastic Band, which you can combine with the metal part to get your Trebuchet. Rearrange the gift boxes, according to the picture in the mirror. There are two of them blue ones, it does matter which one is which, the bow on top helps. When you're done, look at the mirror, on one of the shelves a Teddy appeared, take it, and put it in the box, you can combine them in the inventory. Pressurize out, for the balcony of the fifth wagon, through the window shoot the red button above the adjacent door with the trebuchet.

Go back in the third wagon, behind the christmas tree place the fuse into the receptacle, to open the trapdoor in the ceiling. Spare a moment to look at the cat, the little hunter is on the watch patiently, where the prey disappeared, a cute little thing isn't he? Climb the big shelves, pick up the Rope, combine it with the hook, to get - surprise surprise - a Rope With Hook. Jump to the top of the train and go to the fifth wagon, stand before the opening and push ctrl, Lara will succesfully angle the Key for the fifth wagon. It stays on top of the hatch, you have to pick it up manually, then get back down, to the door and open it. Turns out that it wasn't the wagon with crates, making that tinkling noise. You can take many objects, the Battery from the cupboard, and from the shelves: a Wooden Handle, a Blanket, a Cork, the Key for the locomotive, and the Notepad. The latter will be a subject of a long examination, believe me
Smile. The last line was almost out of the screen for me, if you experiencing the same problem, it says: "have different positions!"

May I suggest to try to figure it out by yourself, it's really not that hard, solving this kind of a stuff without help, can cause real success feeling. Anyway, here it comes, there are eight levers in the wagon, one says exit on it, that one opens the other door, the rest are numbered 1 to 7. You need to pull number one, three and five to open the globe and get the Gift Band.

Go back to the second wagon and put the battery in its place, the little train goes around, and you can take the Big Fuse. Go forward, and open the locomotive, now you can meet Oscar, he is so busy at the moment, trying to solve the problem, apparently without much success. Never mind, you are here to help! Pick up the Manual, to learn the error code - it's on the screen too btw - and the number of the missing chip.

Go back to the wagon with crane, open the trapdoor and get into the crawlspace. Put the fuse into the receptacle, the crane turns, get on the big crate, pick up some ammunition. Tha last wagon is not in a really good shape, you can shoot out that darker part of the wall. You can jump in from the far corner of the crate, or dash in from the closer one. That's where the little troublemaker is hiding! You can take the Chalk from the map, and the Metal Blade on top of the boxes, put together with the handle to get a Shovel. In the back of the wagon the lever opens the door, leading to the very back of the train, where the 5th secret is located. The other lever opens the way back, in front of the lever, kick in the cracked crate, crawl in and take the Wrapping Paper.

With your newest acquisition, go back to the second wagon, and put the Teddy In Carton on the left production line of the wraping machine, and put the paper and band to the middle. Pull the lever to activate the machine. With the newly made Gift go back to the last train, and give it to the elf. At last, you have the missing Chip, take it to Oscar, and put into it's place where you found the manual. Now the train is back in order, and runs away, concluding this wonderful Christmas adventure.


Harry Laudie's walkthrough

You start in a helicopter. Pick up the Letter of Santa Claus off the floor and read it. The note states that the train has a problem. Then exit the side if the helicopter and drop onto the roof of the train below you. That is a great opening sequence. Run south towards a flatcar with a crane. The camera view changes and you see the helicopter fly away. Jump to the top of the crane and continue forward on the flatcar. You can see a trap door in the floor for later. Pull the brown box on the west side of the train to south. Go behind the box and push the box to the south again. This is a climbable box. Climb on the box and run and jump to the south to grab the roof of the next car. Aim for the corner of the car and pull up onto the roof.

Follow the train cars south and see an obvious opening in a roof. However it is closed. Continue over the next cars and get a cut scene of a gremlin walking through the car. Continue south and find a car with a trap door with a handle on the roof. Continue forward onto the train locomotive. It seems to be an old steamer and not a diesel. Run to the end of the boiler and pick up the first Von Croy's glasses for secret #1. Return to the trap door and open it. Drop into the car. Go south and open the door. You can see the locomotive cab but the door needs a key.

Re-enter the car and open the door to the west. Enter the small kitchen and pick up a piece of cheese from the counter. You can also stand on the stove and pick up a leg of meat. Exit the kitchen and go north. Go to the cabinet to the left of the door and pick up orange juice from the top of the cabinet. Then search the cabinet and get a metal part. There are four blue light coverings on the walls. They are jump switches. Each time you pull a switch down, you get a cut scene of the grandfather clock in the corner. On the last switch, you get a cut scene of the clock with the hands spinning. The clock door opens and the pendulum falls out. Pick up the clock pendulum from the floor. If you stand in front of the broken clock and use CTRL, Lara will drink the orange juice. Go north and open the door and exit the car. Carefully jump the gap onto the next car platform. You get another cut scene of the gremlin.

Open the door and enter the car. There is a switch on the west wall. Pull the switch and it resets in about a second. To the north of the switch is a machine for wrapping presents. Search the Christmas tree and get a second Von Croy's glasses and secret #2 from the branches. Go north and pick up a little yellow fuse from the top of a cabinet. Again search the cabinet and find the key for the third wagon. Go north and pick up a useless key from the model train table. Go to the north door and see a receptacle to the west and a hook in the east wall. Use the pendulum as a crowbar to pry the hook off the wall in the north-east corner. Open the door and jump onto the next car platform.

Use the key to open the door and enter the wagon. You enter the car from the cut scene with many shelves of presents. Look left to see a cat on the floor. The cat seems to be sitting on a key. Pick up a coin from the shelf in front of the cat. Go north and climb onto the wide shelf and crouch to pick up a long rope. On the next shelf you can pick up flares. Return to the entrance door for the east side shelves. Go to the shelf to the right of the door. Crouch and pick up a broomstick from the floor under the shelf. Turn around and pick up a carton from the next shelf. On the third shelf you can pick up an apple (small medipack). Go north and pull the tiger skin rug on the floor. Pick up a third Von Croy's glasses and secret #3 from the floor. Continue north. Get a clock from the north-east shelf. Pull the switch on the shelf to open the north door. Go behind the tree in the north-west corner and place the little yellow fuse in the fuse box. You get a cut scene of a trap door opening on a car roof. Go to the left of the desk and face the desk. You see a mouse hole at the bottom of the desk. Place the cheese on the floor next to the desk. Then exit the north door and see that the next car door needs a key. Save the game at this point since the following procedure did not work the first time. Return back to the car and see a rat is at the cheese. Pick up the tame rat from the floor. Walk back to the cat. Use the rat as a mechanical beetle in front of the shelf where you got the coin. The rat runs north under the shelves. The cat runs after the rat. The cat will stop and stare at the mouse hole in the desk. Return to where the cat was located and pick the key for the fourth wagon from the floor. The cat was keeping the key warm by sitting on it.

Go out the north door to the next car. Use the key to open the door. Enter the door and use the switch to open the next door. Notice the outer door of the double doors closes. You enter a room with large presents and a mirror as one wall. Search the shelf in the south-east corner at the entrance and pick up a diamond. Then go to the north-west corner and get the elastic band from the shelf in that corner. The other shelves are empty. Now you have to move the boxes to match that in the mirror. This actually requires a lot of moving. The following steps worked but there may be other procedures. The number refers to the number of tiles to move the box.

Move the white box north 1 and east 1 to the mirror
Move the north blue box #1 south 2 and west 1 to the wall
Move the yellow box east 1 south 2
Move the white box west 1, north 1, and west 1 to the wall
Move the yellow box north 2
Move the south blue box #2 north 2 and east 1 to the mirror
Move the yellow box south 3
Move the blue box #1 from the wall east 1 and north 2
Move the yellow box north 2
Move the red box west 1, north 1, and west 1 to the wall
Move the yellow box south 2 and east 1 to the mirror
Move the blue box #2 from the mirror west 1 and south 2

If you get the blue boxes confused, look at the direction of the ribbons in the mirror.

Look in the mirror and see a teddy bear on the middle shelf. Pick up the invisible teddy bear from the middle shelf in the room. Go north and open the door. Use the switch to open the double doors. Jump to the platform of the next car. But the car door needs a key. However, you can combine the metal part with the elastic band to make a slingshot. Shoot through the car door window to break the red light above the door at the other end of the car. You get a cut scene of a roof section rising on a car. Return to the car with the presents and then to the next car with the cat.

Go back to the shelf where you found the rope. Climb up and jump to grab the hole in the roof. Climb up onto the top of the car. You may see the rat on top of the car. I guess that it is hiding from the cat. You do not need it again. Go north and find the roof section that was raised. Stand on the north side of the raised section. Combine the long rope and the hook. Use the combination and get a cut scene of Lara fishing a key from the top of a cabinet in the car. When the cut scene is done, pick up the key for the fifth wagon from the top of the roof section. You could drop to the platform and use the key but do not do it. Go through the train or you can get stuck on the wrong side of a closed door.

Go south and drop into the first open trap door. Drop into the car where you have been before. Go north to the next car where the box puzzle was located. Go north to the next car and use the key to open the door. Enter the car and see a globe and several shelves. Go to the first left shelf and pick up a notepad. You can read it for clues about the seven switches on the shelves. Go north and pick up a blanket from the next shelf. The next shelf has a cork. In the last corner shelf, pick up the key for the locomotive. On the east shelf with the noisy toy, you can use the switch to open the door to the flatcar car with the crane for an easy exit. On the next shelf to the south you can pick up a wooden handle. The other two shelves contain nothing. Search the cabinet in the middle of the train for a battery. For the seven switches, all the switches are originally up. Pull down switches #1, #3, and #5 only. You get a cut scene where the globe in the middle of the room opens. Go to the globe and pick up gift band ribbon. I could not understand the logic in the note and the last line was partially cut off. I just systematically pull or reset the switches until the globe opened. There are 128 possibilities but the globe opens after 21 (X'15') tries.

Go south and use the switch to open the door. Go through the next car and enter the car with the model train. Place the battery in the receptacle by the model train. You get a cut scene where the model train moves out of the tunnel. Pick up a large yellow fuse from the model train. Continue south to the next car with the grandfather clock. Then south again to the train locomotive. Lara will say "Hello, Oscar". Use the key to open the door and enter the locomotive cab. A green screen displays "ERROR 8472" and Oscar moves rolls around in his chair. Go to the right and pick up a manual from the floor. The manual explains that error 8472 is a missing XZ2005-B chip.

Exit the locomotive and go through all the cars in the train to the flatcar with the crane. Open the trap door and go through a crawl space. Place the large yellow fuse between the other two fuses. You get a cut scene of the crane swing the large box around to the side of the last car. Get out of the crawl space and jump the boxes to the to of the crane. Jump onto the hanging box and get a cut scene of the gremlin walking in the car. Pick up some metal nuts from the top of the hanging box. Use the slingshot to break the lower left dark gray panel of the last car. Run and jump from the hanging box into the hole. You land in the last car.

Climb the boxes in the car and pick up a metal blade. Go north and notice the gremlin hiding in a box to your left. There is a map on the wall to your right. Use the wall switch to open the back door of the train. Go onto the platform and pick up the fourth Von Croy's glasses and secret #4. Go south to a wall switch. Turn around and kick open the bottom panel on the brown box. Crawl inside the opening and pick up wrapping paper. Now use the wall switch to open the door and exit the car. Enter the car again and go the map on the wall. Use the pendulum to pry a piece of chalk off the map. I am sure that the chalk did not appear until I exited and re-entered the car. Exit the car again and jump to the left side of the crane. Drop and grab the edge of the flatcar and shimmy to the left. Pull up onto the boxes on the flatcar again.

Go through the cars again and stop in the car with the movable presents. Go to the south door and to the wall to the right side of the door. Use the pendulum again to pry open the wall as a door. Step inside the open alcove and pick up the fifth Von Croy's glasses and secret #5. Actually, you could have got this secret earlier. Exit this car and continue south to the car with the model train.

Go to the south end of the car next the switch. Combine the carton and the teddy bear and place it on the black conveyer belt to the left of the machine. Go to the front of the machine and place the wrapping paper and the gift band ribbon in the machine. Now pull the switch in the south-west corner. You get a cut scene of the carton going into the machine and a neatly wrapped present coming out the other side. Pick up the gift from the conveyer belt. Go north through the train to the flatcar with the crane. Jump down to the last car and give the gift to the gremlin. You get a cut scene where the gremlin takes the present and gives Lara the missing XZ2005-B chip that he "found".

Exit the car and shimmy around the crane again. Go through the entire train and return to the locomotive. Enter the locomotive and go to the right side. Place the XZ2005-B chip in the control panel above where you found the manual. You get a cut scene of the repaired train going down the tracks as the level ends.