Levelbase Advent Calendar 2006 - Niklaus Day

Level by Spongebob (December, 2006)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie


The level starts with a long flyby of snowmen and notes on the ground. When it is done, you start in a doorway. Go forward and down the stairs onto the street. To the north-west is a church. Go to the west and behind the church and pick up a large medipack that has been wrapped as a Christmas present. Go north and east into a doorway to pick up a small medipack. Continue east again and turn north onto a street that seems to be blocked by a snow bank at the end. Go to the snow bank and turn left. Hop onto a block and pick up the crowbar near the fence. You set a cut scene of a glass cage descending around an outside table.


Go south to exit back out of the street. Go to your right and then north again and you will find a statue. Continue into the middle of the Town Square. The table in the flyby is near the steps at the north wall. Move the table to the front of the candy vender hut to the east. Note the snowflake designs on the ground as a guide. You get a cut scene of a glass cage descending somewhere. Return back to the church area and go east to the end of the street. Use the crowbar to open the door of the brown building to your left. Enter the room and loop around to your left. Pick up the gift-wrapped pistol ammo in a box from the window ledge. Then go behind the door to pry the Christmas tree (Tannenbaum) off the wall. You get a cut scene of the door near the table you moved. Hop onto the counter and pick up flares. Exit the room back onto the street.


Return to the Town Square and go north to find the open door. There are two hallways. Go into the north hallway and turn to the right to enter the kitchen. Shoot the lower part of the north wall and it breaks. Follow a crawl space to drop into a hole. Then climb down a ladder and drop into an ice cave. Go to the south-east corner and through a triangular shaped tunnel. You enter an ice cave with a water pool. Jump onto the small island that you see in the water. Look to the lower east wall and see a door with a design in a cave. Dive into the water and swim to the west and behind the island that you were on. Pull down an underwater lever and now swim into that open door in the east wall. Follow the underwater tunnel until you can pull up. Search the fancy box on the ground and get a music record (Schallplatte). Swim back and pull up onto the island.


Run, jump, and grab the ledge to the east above the open tunnel. Go to the back of the cave and turn to the right. Follow the tunnel to a receptacle. Place the Tannenbaum and the door behind you opens. Enter the door and drop into the water. Swim to the bottom for more gift-wrapped pistol ammo. Follow the tunnel and swim up into a sewer. Pull up onto the south ledge near a closed gate. Dive into the water and swim into the east channel. In the bottom south-west corner, open the underwater door. Follow the tunnel and pull up into a dark room. Pick up the laser sight from the floor. Go to the dark south-east corner and press a pushbutton on the wall. You get a cut scene of an underwater opening.


Dive into the water and swim into the west channel. In the lower south-east corner is the open gate. Pick up revolver ammo and swim into the tunnel. Pull up into the room and pick up the revolver and flares. Go to the dark south-west corner and press a pushbutton. You get a cut scene of the gate on the ledge opening. Swim back to the south ledge and enter the open gate. The camera view changes to show a spider hanging by a thread. Shoot the spider and exit the room. Swim to the north ledge and pull up. The trap door above the ladder is open. Climb the ladder and you emerge behind the candy vender hut.


Go west to return to the house and enter the kitchen again. This time shoot the lower east wall between the two counters. Follow the crawl space and go down some steps. Enter another room with a statue for secret #1. Pick up large medipack, flares, and revolver ammo. Exit back through the kitchen and into the hallway. Go east and turn left into a small room and the camera view changes. Go to the north-west corner and see an antique record player in the corner. Stand on the south side of the player and place the music record. The level changes and you see Lara in a church with some people singing. One final flyby from the author and the level ends.