Levelbase Advent Calendar 2006 -The Stolen Present

Level by zip_1 (December, 2006)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie


You start by sliding down a tunnel into an ice valley. You are attacked by a blue imp and you have no guns. The imp does little damage but keep out of its way. Go to the south wall and pull back the movable snow block that is to the left of a blue column. Go behind the block and jump up to grab a ladder at the east side. Climb a little and pull up onto a ledge. Go north and jump to the west onto a column. Be careful of the spikes as you jump onto another column by the west wall. Jump over the breakable tile and jump up to grab a crevice on a south ice column. Shimmy around to the other side but do not drop onto a breakable tile. Just shimmy around the corner and pull up into a crawl space.


Stand up and see another crawl space and an upper tunnel. The lower crawl space ends in a spike pit. Follow the upper tunnel to a ladder near to the spike pit. Climb the ladder and at the top, shimmy to the right into another tunnel. Slide down the tunnel into another ice valley with another nasty blue imp. Dive into the water and swim to the east into a lower underwater crawl space. Follow the tunnel and ignore the first air space. Swim to the end and swim up a vertical shaft. Pull up into a small alcove.  Slide down the south slope backwards and grab the edge. Shimmy to the left and pull up into another crawl space. Stand up into a tunnel and go west. Stop above the north downwards slope and see a snowball above you. This is a double snowball trap. Run down the slope and run into the left tunnel to avoid the first snowball. Roll and run back up into the first tunnel to avoid the second snowball. Or run up the second tunnel and into a safe alcove on the right side. When you survive the snowballs, return to the beginning slope of the first tunnel and see a ladder in the ceiling hole of the first snowball.


Climb the ladder and pull up into an alcove. Turn around and climb another ladder to a higher alcove. Face west and see a deep pit with water at the bottom. Drop into the water and swim through the underwater tunnel. At the end, you pull up into a large outdoor area with a very large building. Go south, pass the snowman, and go to the south-east corner next to the wall. Pull up onto the south wall. Run forward and pick up secret #1 and a present (Geheimnis). Safety drop to the ground.


Follow the path to the west and then to the north. Go pass a closed door in the second building and arrive at a closed gate in the north-west corner.  Climb the ice block in the corner and run, jump, and grab the platform on the pole at the north wall. Jump to the building roof and follow the roof to the south. Jump over a gap onto an ice block in the south-west corner. You get secret #2 and pick up a present. Safety drop to the ground. Go east again and pick up a candle (flares) near a tree. Continue east and turn to the north and return towards the water hole where you entered this area.


Go north to the first building and see a pushbutton on the wall behind a statue. You cannot see to move that statue. Go north to the second statue and pull it back from the wall, Go behind it to pick up the Kitchen Key (Kuechenschluessel). Go to the left of the first statue and see a window ledge. Jump onto the ledge and break the window as you run through it. Enter the room and go to the south-east corner. Use the book switch and get a cut scene of a door opening. Turn around and go west to open a door. There is a key lock, two closed doors and a Merry Christmas sign on the wall in front of you.


Go north, pass the Christmas tree and turn the corner to go down some stairs. Go north and use the key to open the door. You enter a kitchen area. The tunnel in the west wall leads to a closed door. Go to the north wall and press the pushbutton on the wall. You get a cut scene of a door opening. Exit the kitchen and go east into another hallway. Turn to the north and push open the two brown doors. Enter the room and see a tree and presents. In the south-east corner behind the tree is a crawl space that you cannot reach yet. On the east wall is a moon picture. Go north towards the fire and then go to the north-west corner. Search the cabinet for an empty wine bottle (Weinflasche). Now exit the room and return up the stairs to exit this building.


Follow the path back to the second building with the now open door. Inside in a machine, a closed gate, a fire, and a fuse panel. The only thing you can do here now is to press the pushbutton on the south wall. You get a cut scene of a door opening in the first building. On the way out of the room, step on the tile with the fire. The fire goes out so you can pick up a small medipack. Return to the first building and jump through the window again. Enter the back area with the Merry Christmas sign and enter the open door. Go up the north wall stairs and enter a darken room. Go to the north-west corner and pull down a jump switch. A trap door opens beneath you. Get out and go to the south wall and pick up the pistol off the ledge. Pick up the torch beside it and enter the trap door. Go to the end to light the torch on the fire. Exit and go south to light the wall torch above the ledge. You get a cut scene of a trap door dropping in the fireplace of the Christmas tree room.


Exit the room and drop the torch anywhere. Shoot the vase at the bottom of the stairs and pick up pistol ammo. Exit the room and go to the left and down the stairs. Return to the room with the fireplace. The fire is still there. However, shoot the moon picture on the east wall and the picture shatters. Enter the room behind it and shoot a box to reveal a trap door. There is a closed door in the south wall. Pull up the trap door and drop into the tunnel. Follow the tunnel and crawl space and pick up the crowbar (Brechstange) that looks like a candy cane. Exit the room and see a pedestal in front of the door. Move it away and pick up the Bathroom Key (Schluessel zum Bad) from underneath it. Go up the stairs and use the key in the key lock. Enter the bathroom and fill the wine bottle in the bath pool. Go back to the fireplace and carefully stand on the platform corner and use the water to put out the fire. Climb the back wall ladder and pull up into a room. Go to the south-west corner and pick up a battery (Batterie) off the floor. Go back down the ladder into the room. There is a small tree on a table on the checkered platform. Push the table to one side and pick up pistol ammo.


Exit and go back upstairs and out the window again. Shoot the statue that you could not move. Now press the pushbutton and get a cut scene of the north-west gate opening. Run there and enter the tunnel. Go to the end for secret #3 and a present. Now return to the second building and enter the building again. Go to the south-west corner and shoot the fuse panel on the west wall. Pull down the switch and get a cut scene of a door opening to reveal a locked gate. Use the crowbar to open the gate in the north wall. Follow the tunnel and place the battery in the receptacle. You get a cut scene of a block rising behind the Christmas tree in the first building.


Return to the first building and go down the stairs to the Christmas tree room. Climb the block in the corner and pull up into the crawl space. Press the pushbutton at the end and get a cut scene of a door opening.  Crawl back out and go east to the room that is behind the moon picture. The south door is now open. Climb down the ladder and pick up the Cellar Key (Kellerschluessel) from the pit. Climb back up and exit this room and go west to return to the kitchen. Enter the west wall tunnel and follow it to a key lock. Use the key and get a flyby of the gate opening and the present on the platform. Enter the room to pick up the present and the level ends.