Level by Michael Hussmann (December, 2006)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie



[Note] I used the English language versions of the english.dat and script.dat files. They were available by the author on his site. [End note]


Level 1: Training


Run forward and a trap door opens. Drop down and slide down the tunnel into a training area. You can jump over the trap doors to start the game and skip the training area. But you would miss three secrets. You will see many notes that show on the screen as you go through the training area. Unfortunately, I cannot read them.


Follow the tunnel and you see two gates. Behind one gate are flares. Behind the other gate is a gem. Continue down the tunnel and turn the corner onto a metal bridge over some water. Follow the bridge to the east wall and pick up the flares by the gate. Drop into the water and go to the south-east corner. Get into the crawl space and follow it to a tunnel and a ladder. Climb up the ladder into a room beyond the gate. Pick up secret #1 and a beautiful blue gem. Return back to the water room and go up the steps. Follow the tunnel in the south wall. Turn the corner and loop around to the right into an alcove. Pick up a blue key from the floor. Then continue west to press the pushbutton on the wall. This turns on the lights in the tunnel.


Use the blue key to open the tunnel door. Enter the door and go north. Push the movable box to the north end of the tunnel. Enter the small room and pull the box to the west. Go into the alcove behind the box. Pick up secret #2 and a beautiful gold gem. Go to the south-west corner and climb the blocks. Enter a small room and climb down the ladder in the hole in the center of the floor. Follow the tunnel south and get into a crawl space. Drop at the other end into a tunnel. Follow the tunnel to a ladder and another crawl space. Stand up in a tunnel with a shallow water trench. Grab the crevice on the south wall and shimmy to the left. Drop onto a ledge and turn around. Jump into a north-west alcove over the water trench. Pick up secret #3 and a beautiful red gem. Jump back to the ledge and climb a ladder


Pull up into a room with boxes on the floor and a wire cage. Climb the boxes and jump to grab and pull onto the east wall ledge. Notice a box at the north wall. But go south and jump to the column of boxes to the west. Then jump west into the opening in the wire cage. Go to the other end of the cage. Grab the edge of the floor, release and grab the edge below you. Pull up into the wire cage and follow it to the other end. Place the three gems and look east to see that the box is open. Climb the ladder to back flip to the upper cage and go back to the open box. Enter the box and pick up flares and a large medipack.


Return to the wire cage above the three gem receptacles. Go to the south-west corner and save the game for a timed run. Pull down the switch, roll, and run to the east. Fall down the hole with the ladder, roll, and run west through the open gate at the left end of the cage. You emerge into an outdoor plaza. Run to the south-east and the level changes.


Level 2: Die Spreehofe


To the south-east are the trap doors at the level start. Do not go south through the archway. That will trigger a dog and a thug and you have no weapons. Go to the south-east corner where you see a door and an open window above it. Climb the green south wall and shimmy left into the upper window. You enter a small room. Search the cabinet in the corner for the toilet key. If you have problem, stand on the footsteps in front of the cabinet. Press the pushbutton on the east wall to open the door. Enter the hallway and go south. Use the key to open the washroom door. As you enter, Lara looks up to the ceiling hole. Go forward and both toilet stalls open. Pick up a small medipack from the right stall. Then pull up into the crawl space in the ceiling hole.


Drop into the small room on the other side. Pick up the main key from the counter and the door opens. Exit back to the hallway and the south door opens. Inside the doorway, there are two stairs. Ignore them for now and go north back into the hallway. Use the main key in the key lock to open the door in the west wall. Enter the room and search the cabinet for pistols. Notice the copy machine and the arrow on the south-west block. You will be back here later. Exit back to the hallway and you have a choice.


1. Exit back through the window to the street.

2. Go south and take the down stairs to open a door to shoot the thug and the dog.

3. Go north and around the corner to an exit and shoot four spiders.


Go south and shoot four spiders in the exit stairs. The door at the bottom opens for you and closes as you exit. Go south and you are back in the starting plaza. Now follow the south archway and kill the dog and the thug. Pick up the crowbar from the dead thug and get a cut scene of a door that was opposite the toilet. Climb the wall and enter the window again. Enter the hallway and go south. Use the crowbar to pry open the door. Enter the room and pick up the transformer key from the pedestal in the south-east corner. If you enter the north corridor, the two doors will open. However, the rooms contain nothing. Return to the hallway and go south. Take the down stairs and the door opens for you at the bottom. Be careful of a fire as you exit. Go west to the key lock and use the transformer key to open the door beside the key lock.


Enter the room and use the floor lever. You get a cut scene of a door opening beside you and a skateboard kid opening a door. Exit the room and go north and enter the open door. Time a jump to run through the two crushing walls. Try to land on a block in the south-east corner to escape the second wall. Drop to the floor and go west to pick up an empty bottle from the floor. Go east to press a pushbutton on the block and the walls stop. Walk between the stopped walls and exit the room. Go through the south archway and enter the open door. It is an elevator to a second floor. Follow the corridor and find an alcove with a window that overlooks the street. Save the game for a hard jump. Look to the west and see a scaffold. Run and jump into the tunnel in the west wall. If you fall on the wooden floor, they are trap doors that open beneath you.


The sign at the end of the tunnel states that it is a bowling lane. Go north and watch out for the bowling balls as you run to the east across the three lanes. Press the pushbutton on the east wall. A timed door opens in the upper north-west corner of the room. Run across the first two lanes and jump onto the third and through the open door before it closes. You emerge onto a roof. Go west and enter the air vents. Pull up to the north side and into a crawl space. Go north and at a T-junction, go to the right. Follow the crawl space and see another tunnel behind some bars. Continue and drop into a hole. Follow the west crawl space and pick up flares. Then follow the south crawl space to a T-junction. To the right, is the way back to the roof.


Go to the left and get into the hole. Do not drop into the fire but quickly shimmy to the right and pull up into the next crawl space. Stand up and climb the blocks to another crawl space. Pull up on the south side and follow the short crawl space and stand up in an alcove. Drop into a hole and enter a north crawl space. At the end, drop onto a wire mesh bridge that overlooks the plaza below. Go to the east end and pull down the switch on the wall. Safety drop to the ground and go south. Look to the west and see an open gate into the back of a building.


Go to the end and pull out the lower right paper box as far as possible. Enter the hole and push a wooden box to the south. Turn to the right and push another paper box to the west. Turn around and push the wooden box to the east. Pull out the paper box to the east. Loop around the central brown box and pull the wooden box to the north. Go behind the wooden box and push it south into a dead-end and out of your way. Now move the paper box out of the way and enter the area behind it to the north-west. You enter what looks like a grocery store. Go to the north wall and go east down the aisle. Near the middle, crouch into a hole for secret #4 and beautiful blue gem #1. Continue east and see a yellow machine. Place the empty bottle in the recycle machine. Step back and pick up the hard-to-see cash register receipt from the floor. Go south and stand in front of the gray counter and use the cash register receipt. You get a cut scene of something that I cannot read. Step on the blue table and pick up the empty cartridge. Go to the south-east and exit through the boxes and back into the street.


Now I went for another secret. Go towards the north-west area and pass a blue Smart car parked by a wall. The license number is B-0B269. Notice a small garden area to the east. Continue north-west and see a parked white Smart car with the license number TUT-CJ71. Go west to a garage and see two empty spaces with the same license numbers on the wall. Move the two cars to the respective parking places. When both are place, the gate opens in the west wall. Enter the open doorway and follow the tunnel to the end. Pick up secret #5 and beautiful blue gem #2.


Exit this area and go east to the small garden you saw near the blue Smart car. Search on the east side among the grass for the cigaret dealer's money. A door opens to the east and a thug steps out. Kill the thug and enter the open door in the east wall. Go to the end and hop the counter to the north and enter the kitchen. Pick up the black soy sauce bottle from the floor. Carefully get onto the counter by the stove. Go to the north wall and pull up into the crawl space behind the stove. Crawl to the back and pick up secret #6 and beautiful blue gem #3. Crawl back out and drop onto the stovetop. The fire is out and you are safe.


Exit this place and go through the south archway. Go to the south-west corner again and climb the wall and enter the window. Enter the hallway and go north to the open door. Enter the room with the copy machine. Combine the empty cartridge and the black soy sauce to make a filled cartridge. Use the filed cartridge by the arrow. The machine makes a noise and a paper appears on the block. Pick up the copy of music notation and leave the room. Go north and follow the exit stairs down back to the street.


Go to the west and pass the big white box. Continue west, under the roof where the small kiosk is located. At the west wall, go south and stay near the west wall and a door will open for you. It is called "SPREE ART". You hear someone on a piano. Go onto the stage and place the music notation on the music stand. You get a cut scene where the pianist plays much better. The room lighting also changes. Exit the room and the level ends with an "ENDE" sign. And you still have the gems and the money.