Levelbase Advent Calendar 2006 - Icy Christmas

Level by Clara (December, 2006)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

the cave and see a large castle. Go to the lower south-east corner and pull back a snow block. Enter the tunnel and use a floor lever. Climb the ladder in front of the castle and pull up onto a ledge in front of an open gate. The camera view changes. Jump into the alcove you see to the right. If you miss and slide down, grab the edge and shimmy to the right a to pull up. Jump into the alcove and shoot the white jar. Pick up the Hollow Key. You can see a closed gate with a pole in the west wall. Go back to the open gate and enter the castle.


Side jump over the short fence and pick up flares. Go down the stairs to a small room with lion statues. Use the key to open the gate. Enter the room and go to the south-east corner. Search the chest on the floor for a large medipack. Turn to the north and pull down the jump switch in the dark corner on the east wall. You get a cut scene of a gate opening at the front of the castle. Pull back the large urn from the north-west corner. Pick up a torch and light it on the wall torch. The torch looks like a candle on a stick. Go back up the stairs to the front of the castle and jump into the south-east alcove.


Enter the room and light four wall torches on the walls. The blocks with the large urns drop and the urns are on the floor. Push the four urns onto the adjacent colorful tiles. The gate opens in the south-west corner. Enter the room and shoot the ice snake statue over the key. Then pick up the Tower Key from the pedestal. Pull down the wall switch on the south wall. You get a cut scene showing you a revolver. You also hear a gate open. Go back outside to the front of the castle and jump into the alcove with the gate and the pole. The gate is open so climb the pole. Back flip into an alcove and pick up the revolver. You get a cut scene of the trap door opening.


Go north to the front of the alcove. Stand in the middle and face east. You can see below you an opening with a column. You have to jump out at a small angle and use a right curve to get into that opening. Someone has called this maneuver a "banana jump" and it is difficult to make. Once you make it, pull down a jump switch on the east wall. This switch raises a platform above the castle entrance. Jump to the platform and pull up to the south. Walk into the center ring object and get secret #1 and a shotgun. Safety drop to the castle entrance and jump into the south-east alcove again.  Return to the room with the four urns and go to the north-east corner.


Safety drop into the open trap door. You land in a room with a golden pool of water in the middle. Pick up the laser sight from the pedestal in the north-west corner. Shoot the two vases and press the wall button in the south-east corner. This opens a gate in the south wall of the pool. Dive into the water and follow the twisting tunnel to an ice covered pool. Go south and use the underwater lever on the south wall to open the gate. Swim into the tunnel and eventually surface into a small room. Jump onto a south ledge and pick up flares. Go west and use the tower key to open the gate.


Enter the dark room and see a depression under a high wall switch in the north-west corner. Go to the south-east corner and search the chest on the floor for the crowbar. Turn and light a flare. Look at the different texture on the lower west wall. Lara can kick that lower wall to reveal a crawl space. Follow the crawl space and use a floor lever. Return to the room and pull up onto the column that has risen under the wall switch. Notice the tunnel in the north wall above you. Pull the timed wall switch and jump onto a column to the south-east. Pull up onto the timed platform. Roll and run and jump into a tunnel in the upper north wall. Follow the tunnel and overlook a large ice pit with many ice columns. Look straight north and see icicles hanging in front of a cave. Combine the revolver and laser sight and shoot the icicles. They drop into the water below and break the ice. Return to the room with the switch and go back to the water. Swim the underwater tunnel again to the pool and the ice is gone. Pull up on any ledge into the ice pit.


Go to the east wall where you see a high closed gate. The column in front is climbable on the east side. Run and jump north to a slope. Pull up and slide down the slope. At the end, jump to a column. Shoot the blue crystals on the east wall. Jump up there and get a large medipack. Then run and jump west onto a large flat column. Run and jump to a south-west column. You see spikes on the west ledge. Stand near the middle of the column and face north-west. Time the spikes, and when they are down, side jump to the column with the spikes. Immediately back flip to land on a safe column behind the spikes. Run and jump to the high middle of the ice column and grab the wall. The high middle is important. If you are on the side, Lara is stuck. If you are too low, the spikes reach you. Climb the wall to the top and pull up. Slide down the slope and near the bottom, jump to grab the next ice wall. You must be high. If you too are low, Lara is stuck and does not climb. Shimmy around to the right and climb up higher. Back flip and roll to land on a slope. Slide down and grab the edge. Shimmy to the right and pull up in front of a cave.


Grab the edge again and shimmy to the far right. Pull up and shoot the blue crystal that may block you. You can crawl through the lower north ice wall, as the wall is not solid. Crawl in for secret #2 and red shotgun shells. Crawl out and shimmy left back to the cave entrance. Enter the cave and pick up the Dragon Rod from the pedestal. You get a cut scene of the receptacle. Go east and use the crowbar to open the gate. Go to the end of the tunnel and save the game before a slope with a fire trap at the bottom. First look south and see some thin blue ice tiles. At the end is a chest. Slide down and jump to the ice tiles.  Use stand jumps so that at least one ice tile is left. This makes it easier to get back. Go to the chest and open it for the Grate Key. Turn around and jump to the tile that is still left. In this way, you do not fall as much and you take less damage. You also gain a few more seconds of thinking time as you slide down. Save the game before you start the jump since you do not know the state of the fire emitter in the pit at the bottom of the slope. Roll on the ice tile and slide down the slope forwards. Jump to grab the far ledge of the pit and hopefully the fire emitter is off. Pull and jump over the fire emitter on the top tile and into the next room.


Shoot the white jar for revolver ammo. The ladder on the west wall is an exit. Climb the ladder and press a button on the wall to open the gate. You probably do not need to go back there. Return to the room and place the Dragon Rod to open the left gate. Enter the gate and follow the tunnel to see two closed gates. Shoot the bell in the ceiling at the end of the tunnel. An angel appears. The angel lights a torch and this lights a wall torch to open a gate. Go to the end of that tunnel and wait. The angel comes and lights a wall torch and the gate opens. Go to the end of that tunnel and wait. The angel comes and lights a wall torch and the gate opens. Now you are on your own. Enter the last tunnel, go to a door and loop around to the left. Pull down a jump switch on the south wall. You hear a door open. Return to the door and shoot the window. Step into the alcove for a small medipack.


Pull back a snow block three times. Another gate is open so you can go around the open gates to get behind the snow block. Follow the tunnel to a cave of impassable icicles that are actually spike traps. Turn around and go back to the slope with the fire pit. When I passed between the angel and the rocks in the wall, I lost health. Look high above the slope and see a swinging blue ball. Shoot the ball and the other gate opens next to the dragon head. Enter the gate and shoot a window. Go down the steps into a large ornate room with a mirror at the south wall. Some of the fancy floor files are deadly and can be seen in the mirror.  Also in the mirror are the positions to where you have to move the statues. Move the south-west statue as (north 1, east 3). Move the north-east statue as (west 2, south 1, west 1). When done, a rope drops in the center of the room.


Climb the column by the steps and shoot the vases. Use the rope to swing onto the north-east column. You can see a window in the north-east corner of the room. It is a difficult jump as you can swing too high and jump over the column. When you make it, shoot the glass and jump into the alcove. Pick up the Mechanical Scarab from the pedestal. Safety drop to the ground and go back to the column by the stairs. Use the rope again to swing to the south-west column. This is a harder jump as you often hit the ceiling. Shoot the window in the south wall. Jump into the alcove and pick up the Winding Key from the pedestal. Safety drop to the ground and exit the room. Go back through the tunnel with the angel and return to the spike cave. Combine the Mechanical Scarab and Winding Key and use it to trigger the spikes.


Go east through the cave. Step on an ice tile to your right and it breaks. Climb into the tunnel and follow it to a window. Shoot the window and pick up a torch. Light the torch on the wall torch and continue up the steps. Drop the torch to pull down the wall switch to open the door. Then use the torch to light the woodpile in the east wall. The icicle door behind the fire opens. Go through the door and go east to a small valley with a frozen lake. If you watch the deer, it runs into the snow banks and disappears. Through the clear ice, you can see the roof of a large castle. On the ice, there are three ice statues of birds. There is a ladder and a closed gate at the north wall.


Go to the south-east and climb a block that is hidden by a tree. Jump to the east corner and follow the ledges north to a floor lever. Use the floor lever and the north wall gate opens. Slide down the slope and go north. Climb the ladder and go forward into a small cave. Use the Grate Key and turn around. You can see a snowball roll down and break a hole in the ice below. Go down the hole and safety drop onto the roof of the castle. Go east and pick up a Christmas card off the roof. Shoot the blue ball swing on the east ceiling and a rope is dropped for later use. Then look south and see a wall switch.


Save in front of the wall switch for a multiple timed switch run. Pull down the wall switch. Roll and run to the west to jump onto a platform. Pull down the wall switch and turn to the left. Jump to a platform. Then jump to a platform at the south wall. Pull down the wall switch. Side jump to the left to land on a platform. Then a second side jump. Turn and jump to the east onto a platform. Run and a finally jump to grab an ice wall. Shimmy around the wall to the left and back flip onto a ledge. Pull down the wall switch and the door opens beside you. Enter the room and shoot the three red balls. Run outside the room and get a flyby showing a receptacle near a gate at ground level. Jump over the two platforms and into the open gate in the south wall. The platforms drop when you enter or they may also have been timed. Use the crowbar to pry the Star off the wall. Go left and search the chest for revolver ammo. Exit the room and see the front of the castle below you.


You have a choice here. You can give yourself full health and just survive a safety drop to the ground. Or use the rope to swing back to the roof of the castle. Go to the west side and jump down to a lower roof and slide to the ground with almost no damage. Go north to find the receptacle. Place the star and the gate opens. Enter the gate and pick up the Castle Crystal from the pedestal. Go to the front of the castle and place the crystal in the receptacle to the left of the doors and the doors will open. Before you enter, you can visit the reindeer stalls in the south behind the sled. Enter the door and go to the left and behind the Christmas tree. Pick up the present from the pedestal. You get a flyby of the castle and the valley above as the level ends.