God's Gold 1 - Gateway to a Thousand Jewels

Level by TombsOnTheBrain (James Johnson)

Walkthrough by Yoav

Note: You can get all the necessary wad files by clicking

Start in a room with four pillars. Follow the passage to a main room with three passages and kill there a ninja. Follow the west passage, enter the room and get the Guardian Key from the pedestal and kill the bats. Go back to the passage and crawl into the opening, in the room pull a lever to open a door somewhere.

Return to the main room and take the north passage, in the room pick up a small medipack. The north passage leads you to a room with an empty pool. Head west and find the door you're opened, kill the ninja, get his clips then enter the room and get the crossbow and uzis from the pedestal. Head east and jump into the pool, swim into the tunnel and reach the exit hole. Climb into a room and get the Golden Vraeus, then make your way back to the main room.

Head south and kill the ninja in the room, go over the hole and climb down, place the golden vraeus to open the door and quickly climb up the wall to avoid the beetles. Haed east and place the guardian key to open the door and follow to the next rooms, reach the third room and kill the ninja. Climb the short block and pull the lever and at the same time a bull will break a door. Just ignore the bull and go back to the room with the middle hole. Take the south passage and follow through the door you opened, cross the next room over the doorway, slide down the slope and finish this level.