Level by dennis16 (January, 2007)


Walkthrough by Harry Laudie



The level starts with a short flyby of city roofs. You start in a dark street. Turn around and go south where you see a fire. Shoot the barrel and pick up the Uzi's. Jump to the south ledge and stand jump north to grab the ledge above the fire. Pull up and pick up Uzi ammo. Walk north to a lower ledge and get more Uzi ammo. Drop to the ground and go north. Climb the column in the corner to the west of the archway. Run and jump east to a ledge. Go east to the end and pick up flares. Drop to the ground and enter the north archway. Shoot the boxes and notice that you need a key for the red key lock. Go back to the starting point and go east between two buildings. At the end is a T-junction. To the right is a closed door. Climb over the box to the left for a small medipack. You can open the door in the corridor but it just opens onto another closed door.


Go to the opening in the west wall. Turn and shoot a crow. Follow the tunnel to the end and get another short flyby. Use the slide wire and grab the crawl space at the end. Crawl through to the other side and slide down to a ledge. Go north and jump to a corner ledge. Try not to break the breakable tiles and run and jump to the west. Land on a slope and jump forward to grab a crevice. Shimmy to the left and pull up onto a ledge. Run and jump to a south slope and back flip to get a higher ledge. Use the binoculars and look to the south. You can see a green key lock on the far ledge. Grab the ceiling and monkey swing to the alcove in the north wall. Use the floor lever and get a cut scene of a trash bin rising beneath a pushbutton. Jump back to the corner ledge. Jump back to the entrance ledge and climb down the ladder on the south side. Safety drop to the ground floor. Shoot a guard and pick up a small medipack. Pull up onto the trash bin and press the pushbutton. Turn around and see an open door in the west wall.  Just north of the trash bin is Uzi ammo. Go to the boxes in the south-west corner for Uzi ammo and flares.


Enter the open door and another door opens ahead of you. Step through the second door and get a flyby of a ruined building. The second door hits your butt as it closes behind you. Go west and back flip off a central structure slope to jump forward and pull down a jump switch on a west wall. A trap door opens near the entrance. Go down the north steps and into an alcove. Push the left block to the west. Press a pushbutton on the wall. You get a cut scene of a door opening. Then go to the south steps and enter the open door at the bottom. Pick up the green key from the floor. You get a cut scene of a door opening near the level beginning. Shoot the two rats that sneak up behind you. Go east and drop into the tunnel at the trap door. Shoot a panel on the north wall. Pull down the switch and the trap opens to the east.


Pull up onto the ground floor. Shoot three guards and pick up two normal shotgun ammo and a large medipack. Climb the box at the east wall and jump north to grab a ladder. Climb back up to the entrance ledge. Follow the same route as before with the crevice and slope jump to get back to the west ledge where you used the monkey swing. This time run and jump to the south to grab a ledge. Then jump to the south ledge and use the green key. You get a cut scene of a door opening. Go east and jump the fire or shimmy around the fire. Pull up into the open door in the south-east corner. Get into a crawl space and follow it to the end. Stand up and pull up onto a ledge next to a fence. Wait a while and shoot a crow that appears. Now monkey swing over to the tunnel in the east wall. Go to the other end and face a roof. Run and jump to the north-east and over the roof. Slide down the other side and down into the starting area.


Go east between the two buildings to a T-junction. Go to the left and open the door if you did not open it earlier. The second door is now open. Drop onto a lower ledge and dive into the water below. Go north and pull up onto a ledge. Shoot the boxes for Uzi ammo, normal shotgun ammo, and large medipack. Then go to an east ledge behind a fence. Shoot a rat and go to the south-east corner. Pull up through the hole and onto the floor above. Go east into a tunnel. Go near to the end and see a slope above you. Turn to the west and climb the ladder above you. Climb up about three sections, back flip, roll, and pull down a jump switch. You hear a door open above you.  Climb the ladder again and pull up to the open door.


Follow the crawl space and go down some steps. You get a cut scene of the red key. You can fall and swim into the shallow part of the water. Jump onto the platform at the bottom of the steps. Dive into the water and swim straight down the west wall and see an underwater lever. Do not swim to the east or a blade sucks you down into a hole and you are dead. Pull the underwater lever and get a cut scene of trap doors dropping in the room. Swim up and pull up onto the platform. Jump to the west to grab the edge of the slope. Shimmy to the right and pull up. Slide and jump with a right curve to land on the right column. Jump south and pull up onto the ledge. Back flip to the column to avoid a rolling barrel.


Go back to the south slope and grab the crevice in the south wall. Time the steam emitter and shimmy to the left to drop onto the mesh floor. Pick up the red key and Uzi ammo. Shimmy back through the steam to the ledge. Jump north to grab a ledge. Enter the alcove and jump the fire. Do a stand jump with grab from the middle of the tile before the fire. If you get too close you hit your head on the wall and fall into the fire. Use the floor lever and a door opens outside the tunnel. Jump the fire again and grab the ledge to shimmy left into the open door. Pull the switch and get a cut scene of the door opening beneath you. Drop into the water and pull up to the ledge. Go through the open door and follow the tunnel. Another door opens and you are back in the starting area.


Go west and north into the archway. Use the red key to open the door beside you. Enter and go down a ramp. Do not shoot the barrel at the bottom. If you are too close, you will catch fire. Go to the west wall and press a pushbutton. You get a cut scene of doors opening. Go up the stairs to your left and find the open doors. The first north room has nothing. The first south room has flares. The second north room has shotgun normal ammo hidden under a shootable box. The second south room has a shotgun hidden under the shootable boxes. Return down the stairs to shoot two thugs and pick up a small medipack.


Go north down the stairs and shoot two thugs. Go to the west wall and loop around to the left to climb a wall onto a ledge. Pull down the switch and get a cut scene of a door opening. Notice the trap door beside the switch. Go down the tracks into the east tunnel to see a receptacle and the open door. Shoot a thug and a second thug that comes from the west tunnel behind you. Go through a crawl space and run up the ramp to the end. Press the pushbutton on the wall and get a cut scene of a trap door dropping. Exit here and climb the wall again to the trap door. You drop into a tunnel. Go south and follow the tunnel to a floor lever. Use the floor lever, turn around and follow the tunnel to the north. Enter the open door and go into the second open door. Pull up into a room of boxes. Shoot the boxes and pick up two Uzi ammo and a blue fuse. Exit the room and go down the ramp and crawl space. Drop into the track tunnel next to the receptacle.


Use the blue fuse and get a cut scene of a large cave and where you have to go. Go east to find the cave. Run off the east end and fall into the water below. You land almost of top of the item that you need. Pick up the yellow fuse and surface for air. Go west and south where you see a high ladder. Go behind it and pull up onto a ledge. The black north wall is climbable. Climb up a little and shimmy around to the right to climb the ladder. Climb up and get into an alcove where you see a panel. Lara would not shimmy into it. Go to the top of the alcove and shimmy to the left. Lara will hang and shimmy. Release and drop to grab the bottom edge. Then pull up into the alcove. Shoot the panel and pull down the switch. You get a cut scene of a trap door dropping at the top of the ladder.


Save the game and look east to see a slope. Jump to that slope and slide south and land in a tunnel. Go to the end of the tunnel for secret #1 and Uzi ammo. Safety drop into the water and swim west to the ledge again. Climb the ladder again and go through the trap door to pull up onto a walkway. Shoot a guard on the north walkway. Shoot a guard on the east beam. Go south to place the yellow fuse in the receptacle. Turn around and shoot two guards. Drop into the water and notice that the water is higher. Swim in a north direction and look for the structure of the flyby. Swim down the central hole and follow the tunnel as the level ends.