God's Gold 2 - Inner Chambers

Level by Tombs On The Brain (James Johnson)

Walkthrough by Yoav

Note: Complete the missing Library Wads from

Go forward and slide down into a room with four big vases. Not much to do, so go through the west passage and come to a room with a pool. Jump into the water for clips but what a pity, as there no uzis to find and use! Get out from the pool and go through the passage ahead, see the next passage from left you go through later. Go forward and come to the next room with another pool, notice for the closed underwater gate at the south side and the blue door in front of you. Climb to the right and get shotgun ammo, again for nothing as there is no shotgun in this level.

Go back to the passage you just passed and drop into the water, dive and swim left for more shotgun ammo. Turn around and swim back left until you come to the next pool. Climb out from the pool and go between the columns to pull the jumpswitch. Jump back into the pool and swim into the west underwater passage, actually it's a shortcut back to the pool you've been to before.

Go through the blue door you just opened and into the next room. In front of you are two blue double doors with star receptacles at the north wall and gem receptacles at the south wall and a closed gate between them. Look to your left in the wall behind you, there's an opening you can climb up and crawl forward to other side where you can stand up again. Drop into the room ahead and first go to the right corner near to you for the crowbar, then throw the switch at the block and get the short flyby. Back to the room you came from, the gate is open now.

Drop into a hole, turn around and use the crowbar to get the Golden Star. Climb back to the room above and place the golden star at the receptacle to open the blue doors and follow the short passage into the next room. You have to deal with a horseman that for some reason does not climb on his horse. Get the Gem he will drop and back again to the first room. Place the gem at the receptacle to open the second blue doors and follow into the room, take sharp curve left into a next short passage and come to the pool. In the pool there're five columns with a goblet on each of them and an underwater gate in the north wall. (Don't waste your time here to figure out what those goblets are for). Just proceed around the pool and enter the next room. Go toward the pedestal and take the Pharos Septa (which I didn't find any use for), while a short flyby will show the underwater gate is open now.

Jump into the pool and take a swim along the underwater passageway, when you reach the hole get out of the water. In the room you'll be under attack by a horseman. Get rid of him and keep moving further to the next room, there you have to cross it when easy rolling ball will start roll down from your right side. Climb up into the opening ahead and follow the passage into a room with a pool. Head toward the ramp but notice as there're two rolling balls at the top. Simple run up the ramp and when the rolling balls will start to roll down, move to the right corner and let them pass you. At the top of the ramp drop down into the room and turn left, jump/grab the crack and shimmy until you're able to climb up onto the ledge. Then jump up, grab the ceiling and monkeyswing across the room north into the opening. Crawl a little bit further, stand up and follow the passage to a room with three shootable vases that will give you nothing.

Head toward the next room and see five display objects on five pedestals when three are in front of you and two in the left and right corners. Also there are four closed gates, two from each side, and three more in the passage in front of you. From now on each object you take opens a gate in the room for an alcove with a switch.

Take the Right Greave from the right corner, it opens the gate at the left side room. Go over there, enter into the alcove and throw the switch. I guess it opens some gate in the passage, as there's no sound of opening gate and no screenshot. Take the Left Greave at this side, it opens the second left gate. Enter into the alcove and throw the switch, then go toward the three pedestals. Take the Right Gauntlet, it open the first gate at the right side. Go over there, enter into the alcove and throw the switch. Then take the Left Gauntlet, it opens the second gate. Enter the last alcove and throw the switch, it opens the first gate at the passage. Now take the Breast Plate, you'll see how the last gate opens in the passage. Go along the passage and when you reach the left turning you also finish this level.