The Magic Garden (Magicka Zahrada)

Level by Martins (January, 2007)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie



[Note] East and west seem reversed in this level. I always state the direction of the red compass pointer. [End note]


You start with a long flyby of the garden and a pool on a terrace. Go east up a ramp to find a small medipack behind the watering can. There are red shotgun shells near the south wall. There are closed gates in the east wall. Return down the ramp and notice a red key lock next to a ladder. Climb the ladder to the terrace. To the south is a closed gate. Dive into the pool and pick up Uzi ammo and a red key (Klic od skladiste). Drop into the garden and use the key to open the door. Go down the tunnel and see a locked gate in an east branch tunnel. Follow the tunnel to a room. Pick up flares and Uzi's from the floor. Notice a trap door in the ceiling near the entrance. Pull up onto the white cabinets for two Uzi ammo and the gate key (Klic od starych spodnich skladu). Go to the locked gate and use the key to open the gate.


Enter the gate and it closes behind you. Go down the steps and shoot two barricades. The first strange looking tile is safe. The next strange looking tiles conceal a pit. Just run and drop into the pit. Go west for flares and enter a tunnel. Go west and turn the corner to shoot an ahmet. Follow the tunnel to the end and shoot an ahmet. Go through a triangular crawl space. On the other side, shoot an ahmet. Follow the tunnel to a cave overlooking a deep pit. Climb down the wall section with the green leaves into the pit. Go north to pick up Uzi ammo and to pull down the switch. You get a cut scene showing a rope that has dropped from the ceiling. Climb back out of the pit. Use the rope to swing across to the north ledge.


Crouch down on the skeleton to pick up the crowbar and a large medipack. Lara cannot pick up the items if she is standing. The gate in the corner north wall opens. Enter the gate and go through the crawl space. On the other side beware of the spikes from the ceiling. Follow the tunnel and climb some blocks. In a long east section of tunnel, shoot an ahmet. Go east to the corner and pick up two Uzi ammo. Then follow the tunnel to the north and up a ramp. Just follow the tunnel and drop through a trap door back into the room where you got the gate key. Go south down the tunnel to the first garden area. Shoot a wild pig and climb the ladder to the terrace. Go south and use the crowbar to open the gate. You get a flyby of the second garden area.


Shoot the trashcan at the east wall for a small medipack. There is a white gazebo near the entrance. Push the yellow center section to the west and a door opens in the east wall. Enter the corridor and go north. Open the door to the washroom. Step inside and turn to shoot a wild pig. Shoot the grate in the upper east wall. Pull up into the crawl space. Go to the end and pick up the Magic Diamond (Magicky Diamant). Then crawl back out to the washroom. Exit and go south to open the door to the kitchen. Pull down the switch on the west wall. Turn around and the picture on the east wall is gone to reveal a tunnel. Go into the tunnel and place the diamond in the receptacle. You get a cut scene back to the first garden. The gates at the top of the ramp are open.


Exit the room and go back to the first garden and up the ramp. Follow the corridor in the hedges and pick up a small medipack. Continue and get a flyby of the third garden. Shoot a wild pig and continue north. Go to the west wall and press a pushbutton. Go east to the open door. Enter the tunnel to pick up a shotgun. Pull back the pedestal into the garden. Push it along the pathway to the north and west. When it stops, pick up Uzi ammo from the path. Continue pushing the pedestal south on the path. Push the pedestal onto the white tile in front of the fountain. You get a cut scene of a gate opening and a long flyby of a snowy area. Then go to the south-east corner for blue shotgun shells.


Return to the first garden and climb the ladder to the terrace, Go to the right and enter the second garden. Shoot a wild pig and go south to enter the open gate. You are in the snowy area. Go to the east and see a frozen pool. There is a trap door at the bottom. Enter the crawl space in the south wall. Follow the tunnel and press a pushbutton. Return to the frozen pool and the trap door is open. Pick up red shotgun shells in the bush north of the pool. Continue east and shoot two dogs. Continue east and get a small medipack by the tree near the south wall. Pick up blue shotgun shells by the boxes near the north wall. Climb onto the middle blocks with the rock. Use CTRL on the rock and Lara pushes down the slope. It falls onto the frozen pond and breaks the ice.


Dive into the water and into the south side tunnel. Pick up flares and red shotgun shells. Swim back to the pool. Dive into the water and swim into the open trap door. Follow the tunnel to pull up into a small room. Stand one step back from the white cabinet and open it to get a green key (Klic od jeskyne). Hop onto the boxes for a small medipack and two Uzi ammo.  Note the receptacle in the south wall. Swim back to the pool and pull up on the south ledge. Go to the south-east corner of the snowy area and use the green key to open a door.


Enter the tunnel and go to a small cave. Pick up red shotgun shells from the corner. Go up the ramp and shoot two dogs. Drop back to the ground to avoid a rolling rock. Return to the top of the ramp and pull up into a west tunnel. Save the game and hop backwards up the tunnel. When you hear music run down the tunnel and go to the entrance tunnel. Another rock rolls down the ramp behind you. Return to the upper west tunnel. Follow the tunnel to a slope with symbol tiles on the floor. Slide down and jump over the fourth tile. It is the tile with the fire symbol on it and you will catch fire if you slide over it.


Follow down the tunnel to a room. Stop and the camera view changes. When it returns to normal, notice all the fire symbols on the floor. Jump south-west to a safe tile for blue shotgun shells. Stand jump to the west for Uzi ammo. Stand jump north-west and finally north to the tile in the corner. Pick up the Amulet Piece (Amulet Pocasi) and the gate opens in the north wall. Carefully jump back there and enter the gate.


Follow the tunnel to a deep pit with many columns. Drop onto the first column. Jump the columns around the room and pick up blue shotgun shells and Uzi ammo. Go to south-west corner and pick up the Amulet Piece (Amulet Pocasi). The gate opens in the upper south-east corner. Jump the columns again and enter the open gate. Follow the tunnel and shoot an ahmet. Follow the tunnel again and go through a few short crawl spaces. At the end, a door opens as you approach it. Go south into the snowy area again. Dive into the water and swim through the bottom trap door. Swim back to the small room. Combine the two amulet pieces and place it in the receptacle. You get a long cut scene of the snowy area. The scene finishes in the garden with the fountain and it is raining. Carrots appear in the garden bed.  There is also a long musical piece and a song. Swim back to the pool and pull up on the south ledge and shoot two dogs. Return to the second garden with the fountain. You can shoot three wild pigs on the way there. Jump into the garden bed and pick up six carrots (mrkev). Leave this area and go back to the snowy area and go east to a closed door.


Go to the snowman by the door and place a carrot for the nose. The door opens beside you. Enter the door and go left to open a door. Enter the washroom and press the pushbutton on the west wall. Exit and go west into a room with a Christmas tree. Pick up a present (Darek) from among the books on the floor. Go to the north-west corner and press the pushbutton. Exit and go north into another room with a Christmas tree. Stand on the south side of the pedestal facing the tree. Place the present on the pedestal. You get a short flyby and the game ends.