The Caves of Xephradia

Level by Jorden Silva (February, 2007)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

[Note] This level uses a sprint jump maneuver to reach some places. Hop back about three tile spaces from an edge that you want to jump from. Run with sprint to the edge and then jump. Then use grab to catch onto a ledge that would normally be too far away. It was not obvious from the authorís notes how to do it. [End note]


You s
hould start with the level. This is just a small cut scene showing Lara jumping into a pit. You have no control and the next level is loaded.


The Caves of Xephradia


You slide down a slope and land in a small tunnel. Follow the tunnel to the west and get a flyby of the area. Notice the closed door in the south wall. Go over the bridge into the doorway and shoot a bat. Go south and safety drop onto the ledge below. In the plants near the south wall you can pick up a small medipack. Dive into the water and swim to the north-west corner. Pull up onto a ledge and climb the wall with the gray beams.Climb to the top and shimmy to the left to drop onto a ledge. Run and jump to the east wall to grab a crevice. Shimmy to the right and pull up onto the platform that you originally dropped from.


Go back to the bridge and jump north to grab the wall with the gray beams at the waterfall. Climb to the top and pull up into a tunnel. Follow the tunnel to a small area with trees and a waterfall at the west wall. You may have to shoot two bats. Climb the gray beams on the south wall. At the top shimmy to the right and onto a ledge. Go to the end of the ledge and turn to the north. Run and jump through the tree branches to grab a ledge on the north wall. Go to the east ledge and do a sprint jump to grab the tunnel in the east wall. Follow the dark tunnel and pull down a wall switch. You get a cut scene of a door opening. Return to the tunnel entrance and safety drop to the ground. You land in front of a small medipack. Exit the area and stand jump from the tunnel to land on the bridge.


Return to the south ledge again. Use a sprint jump to grab the ledge in front of the open door in the south wall. It is difficult because the camera angle changes. Follow the tunnel to a small area with a pool. Notice the wire-mesh floor above you. Climb the blocks in the south-west corner. Sprint jump to the east to grab the column. Do a normal run and jump to the north to grab a wire-mesh wall. Climb up onto the wire-mesh floor. Be careful of the holes in the floor. Go to the north wall and pick up a key from the left pedestal. Drop into the water below and swim into the underwater tunnel in the west wall. Swim to the end and pull up into a tunnel. Run and jump over a gap and continue to the end of the tunnel. Use the key to open the door in the south wall.


Turn around and enter the open door. You emerge into a large outdoor area. Shoot six lions that attack you. There are two trees in the area. Use a block near the north tree to climb onto the upper branches. Go south and do a normal run and jump to grab the branches of the south tree, Jump the branches to the south side of the tree, Jump with grab to get into the tunnel in the south wall. Follow the tunnel to a wide set of stairs. Run west up the stairs and into a large room. Take the cross from the pedestal at the west wall. Go to the north-west corner and the door opens for you. Follow the tunnel and pick up a large medipack. You hear an earthquake so return to the room. The entrance door is blocked but a section of the south wall has collapsed. Enter the tunnel in the south wall. Run up the slope towards the outside light and the level ends.