Lara's Nightmare

Level by Clara (February, 2007)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

You start
by sliding down a small slope and landing on an item. It is raining. Your hair has gone straight and you have no guns. Pick up the Note for Lara from the ground. Someone named Lynn is asking Lara for help. If you look to the south you can see a wolf patrolling the ledge. Run to the north-west and notice a large spider web. Follow the side of the house to another small area. There is a locked door in the west wall niche. Stand on the east side of the cart and push it to the west. You look as if you are standing at the corner of the cart to push it. Then push the cart to the south. The cart was located on top of a trap door. Stand on the west side of a trap door and pull up the trap door to open it. Drop into the hole and use the floor lever. You hear a door opening. Get out of the hole and go south to the side wall of the house.Climb a dark thin tree with no branches and back flip into a high opening in the wall of the house.


Enter the house and the camera view changes. Safety drop into a room and pick up the pistols from the floor. Go south and pick up flares (torches) from the floor. Climb the wall ladder back to the open door and safety drop back to the outside ground. Shoot the large spider web and go north. Shoot the box and pick up the Swing-Gate Key. Return to the closed gate that you saw earlier in the west wall niche. Use the Swing-Gate Key to open the gate. The door takes a long time to open. You enter an area with a deep pit. There is an underwater lever on a wall so you know that the pit needs to be filled with water. There is a windmill to the south side of the pit. Slide down the slopes and into the pit. Pull back the skeleton in the north-east corner. Pick up the Rectory Key from his previous location. Go to the south-west corner and stand jump to land in front of a closed gate. Face north and back flip to a south slope. You should bounce back onto the upper ground area near a tree.


Go north down a narrow valley towards the next area. Stop when you see a wooden ramp on your right. Go up the ramp and jump to a ledge with a tree. Run and jump to the south to land on another ledge. Stand jump around the south-east corner to another ledge with a tree. Pull up onto the north wall. Stand on a mound of dirt and pull up onto a north plateau. Pull up at the south side of the trap door on the plateau to open the trap door. Climb down the wall ladder on the east side. Release and grab a lower ladder and pull up into a crawl space. Pick up the crowbar and continue climbing down the ladder into a tunnel. Pull down a jump switch on the west wall behind you to open the gate. Go east to pick up revolver ammo and the gate slowly opens before you. Exit the gate and slide down the slope. You land in front of a small water filled pit. If you fall into the water, you can pull out on the east side next to a tree.


Go north towards a wall and then north-west to see a red key lock. You may see a wolf on the upper north ledge. To the west is the way back to the narrow valley and then to the windmill. Opposite the red key lock is a gate hidden among the trees. Use the crowbar to open that gate. Enter the gate into another area. To the north-east are a church and a graveyard beside it. To the north-west is the rectory. Go north and look for the closed door in the wall of the rectory. Use the Rectory key to open the door. You enter into a small room. Hop onto the block in the north-east corner for flares. Go to the cabinet at the north wall. Open a drawer and get the revolver. Go south and hop on the windowsill to pick up the laser sight. The camera view changes and you see a dark figure walk pass the cart and a fire starts in the cart. If you use binoculars, you can see the dark figure patrolling the area. Notice a fireplace in the south wall of the room as you exit the rectory. The dark figure has disappeared.


Go to the front of the church and see the closed doors. Go to the south wall and turn around. Shoot the two bells in the church's high belfry and the two doors open. Enter the doorway and stand on the block with the bowl. Stand jump to grab an upper alcove in the east wall. Run and jump to the south-west and land on a higher block. Stand jump to the north to grab the edge of a higher alcove. Pull up and press the wall button on the north wall. You hear a door open. Jump to grab a crevice on the east wall. Shimmy to the right and pull up into an opening. There is an open door in front of you. Turn around and hop back to grab the outside edge of the church and shimmy to the right. Drop onto a ledge and press another wall button. You get a cut scene of a ledge rising on the opposite side of the church. Shimmy back to the open door. Stand jump back to the alcove with the first wall button. Run and jump into the opening in the west wall. Stand jump down to the ledge. Jump into the flat area of the roof and pick up the torch that looks like a candlestick. At this point, I looked to the south-west and saw four wolves patrolling the upper walls.


Slide down to the ground and light the torch on the fire in the cart. Enter the rectory again and light the fireplace. A block drops at the north wall to reveal a switch. Drop the torch where you can find it again. Use the wall switch and a trap door opens in the ceiling above you. Stand on the north-east corner block and stand jump to grab the edge of the trap door. Pull up into the attic. Go south and see a closed gate at a window. Turn around and pick up the Cellar Key from the bookcase. Look for a jump switch on the east side of the column behind the bookcase. Pull down the jump switch and the gate at the window opens. Go onto the small balcony for a large medipack. Exit this room and leave the rectory. Go north and the go to the west to see some stairs leading down to a closed door. Use the Cellar Key to open the door. Enter the door and dive into the water. Go to the lower north-east corner with the small boxes to swim through the barrier and into the other room. Pull down the underwater lever on the north wall. You get a cut scene of the gates in the church opening. You can surface for air in the north-west corner. Swim into the upper south-west corner to pass the barrier again. Swim back out the flooded cellar and go outside.


Return to the rectory to pick up the torch. Then enter the church and go through the open gates. A black cat drops in front of you. Light the two torches on the walls just inside the open gates. Enter the church and light the candles at the north wall. Light a large candleholder to the east side of the altar. You should hear a gate open. Go south to the right side of the stairs. Enter the gate for secret #1 and pick up a Golden Rose from a pedestal. You can go up the stairs and find a second torch on the upper balcony. Drop the torch where you can find it again. Go to the south-east corner of the church and pull back a block from the wall. Enter the alcove and pull down the wall switch. A trap door opens and you drop into water filled tunnels.


Swim into the north tunnel and then go west. Swim to the gate at the end and then swim up a vertical shaft. Pull up into the small room. Use the floor lever and get a cut scene of a platform rising in the church. Press the wall button on the east wall and get a cut scene of an underwater trap door opening. Swim back to the room where you dropped. Then swim down the south tunnel and then up a vertical shaft. You are in the water filled pit. Swim to the east where you can see the moon and pull up near the tree. Go to the north-west and go back through the gate to the church area. Enter the church and use the rope hanging from the ceiling to swing onto the upper north-east platform. Press the wall button and you hear a door open.


Drop to the floor and go up the stairs to the open door. Shoot the box and pick up the Supply House Key. Pull down the wall switch and get a cut scene of the other platform rising in the church. Again use the rope to swing up to the platform. Use the crowbar to pry the Cross from the wall. Get down and exit the church. Go west to exit this area and you are in front of the supply house. Use the Supply House Key in the red key lock to the open the door. Enter the room and use the floor lever. You get a cut scene of the first pit being filled with water so that you can use the underwater lever. Exit the room and go north down the narrow valley to the water filled pit. Use the underwater lever to open a gate. Swim into the gate and pick up the Devil's Eye from the grave. Swim out and pull up out of the pit.


Return to the narrow valley and back to the church area. Pick up the torch again and go behind the rectory and down the stairs into the cellar again. The cellar has been drained of water. Enter the dry cellar and kill a dark figure that attacks you. You hear a message from an angel to be careful. Pick up flares from the south-east corner floor. Pull out the washer/dryer from the wall and push it aside. Pull out the block from the wall that was behind the washer/dryer. Take the torch and follow the tunnel and be careful as you round the second corner. A set of spikes with a skeleton pop out of the wall. You can jump over them. Just pass the spikes, kick out the lower panel of the south wall. Enter the crawl space and go to the end for secret #2 and a Golden Rose. Then return to the tunnel and continue to the west.


Go to the end of the tunnel and kick out the lower panel in the south wall. Stand with your nose to the south wall and throw the torch into the crawl space. Follow the crawl space to a closed gate. Turn around and pull down a jump switch on the north wall to open the gate. You enter what appears to be a torture chamber. If you forgot the torch, there is another torch on the south wall platform with the knives. Pick up a large medipack from the platform at the east wall. Pick up the torch again and use it to set fire to the wooden gate in the south-east corner. You get a short flyby back to the skeleton in the south-west corner. Enter the tunnel and side jump over the closed gate. Go to the back corner and light the wall torch. Jump back before a rock falls on you from the ceiling. The rock drops and rolls through the door and down a long tunnel. Drop the torch and pull up into a crawl space in the north wall. Crawl to the end for secret #3 and a Golden Rose. Crawl back out and pick up the torch.


Jump over the gate and follow the south tunnel. In two side alcoves you can find flares and a small medipack. Enter a small room and shoot the two red statues to open the doors in the south wall. Enter the doors and get a flyby of the area. You can see a place for the cross on the high wall. There is also a key on a cage and a devil guarding a receptacle. Go to the north-west corner and stand jump up the rocks to where you can reach a pole that looks like a vine. Climb the wine to the place where the vine has a reddish color. Rotate around and back flip to the slope behind you. Try to land on the right side of the slope. Slide down and jump with a right curve to land on a platform. You could also slide down and jump to grab the wall ladder but that maneuver gave me a lot of trouble. Pick up a large medipack from the far end of the platform. Look at the cage in the middle of the room and you can see Lynn walking around inside the cage.


Jump to grab the wall ladder and shimmy to the left around the corner. Back flip onto the ledge at the north wall. Jump over the slopes sections of the ledges to the east and follow the ledges to a crawl space. Do not enter the crawl space but jump south-west to a ledge. You cannot jump onto the hanging cages. Go to the south side of the ledge. Pull up onto the block to the east. Stand at the south edge to pull up and it is difficult to do.Look to the south and see an item on the ledge. Run and jump there to grab the ledge. Pull up for secret #4 and pick up a Golden Rose. Walk off the ledge to the south-west and land on a slope. Slide down and jump forward to another slope. Slide down again and jump forward to grab a wall.


Climb up and shimmy to the right around the corner. Place your hands at a brighter section of rock about a third from the top. When the fire emitter stops, back flip and roll to grab the opposite wall. Quickly shimmy to the right and around the corner before the fire starts again. Shimmy around the corner again and get to the lowest place where you can get ready for a back flip. Back flip and you should land on the edge of the column behind you. Go to the south wall and place the Cross in the receptacle. You get a cut scene of fire destroying the devil on the ledge. Turn around and use a rope to swing and jump onto the top of the cage. Pick up the Cage Key from the top of the cage. You can see Lynn pacing in the cage below you.


Grab the ceiling and monkey swing to the west wall. Drop onto a ledge and pick up revolver ammo. Time the fire emitters and run and jump onto the north platform. Place the Devilís Eye in the receptacle in the west wall. You get a cut scene showing the lava lake at the bottom of the room is cooled. Turn around and use the revolver and laser sight to shoot the top of the rope holding the suspended cage holding Lynn. The cage drops onto the cooled lava. Jump over the fires and slide down to the bottom of the pit. Use the Cage Key to open the cage door and Lynn walks out of the cage. You get a long flyby back to the pit beside the windmill. Lara's body seems to be the bottom of the now dry pit. Lynn seems to be in mourning at the top of the pit. Then the level ends.