The Curse of Poseidon

Level and walkthrough (apparently) by Bodlac


The year is 1998 and Lara is attending the annual meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists in beautiful Crete. She's planning to give a speech about the connections between Atlantean and other early civilizations, but when it turns out that she does not have proper documentation, and the site allegedly exploded and disappeared in an atomic bomb blast, she becomes a target of ridicule. Upset because of the humiliation, she leaves the meeting and goes shopping in a street bazaar. Here she overhears a conversation about an illegal dig site close to the Palace of Knossos. The next morning finds our heroine next to a pit in the site, ready to jump in...

Review (by OBig):

This is the first level from Bodlac and it is quite good. In character it is most reminiscent to the Catacombs of TR4, most of the textures are from that level and some from the Greek levels of TR1. Texturing is well done although the level is quite dark, the added sounds and music nicely enhance the athmosphere. The enemies are a few mercenaries, a small scorpion and of course Minotaur himself with a huge hammer. I had to use one medipack because of the big falls - after the secret Lara's health-meter was barely flashing so I had to cure the girl before the showdown with Minotaur. Do not use DOZY, if you do, you have a chance that Lara's flares won't work at the last part of the level. It was a good adventure, I recommend it to everyone. (OBig)


The level starts with Lara falling down in a deep pit. Try to slow her down to reduce her injuries. When you reach the bottom, shoot the guard and take his shotgun. Then destroy the box and take the medikit.

Crawl towards the light to the next room. Enter the tunnel on the left and push the lever, this will open the grate. You can't go this way though, as there is a second grate that you cannot operate from here. Kill the guy who attacks you and pick up the flares. Now go back to the tomb. Observe the painting over the sarcophagus.

- Hmmm, thinks Lara, I wonder if this tomb has a connection with the legend of Minotaur. According to the myth, the labyrinth of Minotaur, that NO ONE left alive (or even dead), was also built under the Palace of Knossos.

Destroy the boxes and pick up the ammo, medikit and crowbar. Go behind the sarcophagus, you'll see a hole in the wall. Enter there after you shot the two mercenaries and take their flares. Crawl through the passage, following the wall to the left. When the ceiling is tall enough for Lara to stand, you'll meet a small scorpion that you don't have to kill necessarily (preserve wildlife). Run through this dark room (turning right-left-left-right).

You'll reach a tunnel with a torch. Follow the tunnel towards the distant torch. On the left you'll find a lever that opens the second grate (right next to it) back to the tomb. Continue towards the torch (go to the right only if you want Lara to die), then follow the tunnel towards the red lights. Jump over the fires. From the top of the tall platform you'll see an opening in the ceiling. Jump, grab and pull up. (If you fall you can climb up on the wall.) Push the lever, this opens the tunnel on the right side of the tomb. Go back to the tomb, kill the mercenary who attacks you, pick up the flares, then enter the tunnel on the other side.

As you leave the tunnel, a rolling ball will fall from the ceiling behind you so turn left or right immediately. There are two spike traps here in the small dips, avoid them. The ball closes the exit so you have to leave the room through a hole in the ceiling. First just run through the raised block, and other ball will fall down. Then go back to the raised platform and climb up in the hole. Go to the right, towards the light. Look around before you descend. You'll see a big room with water at the bottom. There are three hot springs in the water, the water around these ( the area where the flames paint the water red) is too hot for Lara to survive, other areas are safe. The water is usually (though not everywhere) deep enough to jump in without injury.

Slide down, grab the edge and jump in the water (or you can shimmy to the left, pull up on a ledge and safety-drop on the floor if you like). Climb out of the water and jump to the small pillar, then to the rock at the left corner. Jump to the ledge next to the wall, then reach the rock at the corner ahead. You can do this by either jumping into the water, entering the cave and climbing the rock from the back side or by jumping to the platform next to the tall pillar and do a slide-jump. From the top of the rock jump to the torch. Jump on the first tall pillar. A mercenary will open fire from floor level. Shoot him, you can pick up the flares he drops later. If you stand on the pillar facing the dark side of the room you'll see weak light from an opening. Jump there (you can drop a flare to know where the ledge is) and climb in. Run through the tunnel (gate will open) then climb to the top. There is a second tomb here with several sarcophagi. Pull the first one on the left, you'll find a small treasure room behind it. Pick up the first Blue Star, then climb back to the tomb. Pick up the Trident from the pedestal if you want Lara to have a souvenir from this adventure (it doesn't have an active role).

Go back to the pool room and jump in the water. Walk towards the center of the room where you see a broken pillar. Next to it there are three broken jugs and the second Blue Star. Pick it up, then climb out of the water. Now pick up the soldier's flares. Then go to the end of this ledge, and jump in the dark opening. Run through the tunnel, you'll find a room with a door and two receptacles. First shoot the vase on the left and pick up the Red Star. Then place the Blue Stars in their receptacles and enter the tunnel. You'll find a collapsed room. Follow the crawlspace on the right and collect the Golden Star. Go back to the pool room.

It's time to get the secret. Jump on the small pillar, turn to the left and jump-grab on the wall. Climb up, place the Red Star in the receptacle, enter the small room and run against the brick wall. You can leave the secret area through the opening in the ceiling. Follow the tunnel, safety-drop, and go back to the pool room.

Climb on the top of the first tall pillar again, jump on the second, then to the high ledge leading to the door. Place the Golden Star in its receptacle and enter. The door will close behind you. At the torch turn right, pick up the torch from the floor and light it. Follow the map through the first part of the labyrinth, ignore the objects you encounter. You'll find a tunnel blocked by many jugs. Destroy them and climb up to the second floor.

Follow the lights (or the map), they will lead you to a small ornate chamber. Notice the torch on the floor. There is a movable object in the closest corner. Pull it from the tunnel, then pick up and light the torch, enter the tunnel and jump back to the first floor.

Follow the map through the third part of the labyrinth. You will find an other ornate chamber. In the right corner there is a movable object. Pull it two blocks on the metal floor-square, then climb up to the second floor. The door will open, then close behind you.

Follow the map through the fourth part of the labyrinth and enter Minotaur's lair.

The monster appears among flames as you approach his domain. This is the moment when Lara makes one of her most shocking discoveries - Theseus lied about killing Minotaur but he was never busted as no one ever left the labyrinth alive. Of course, Lara is most concerned about leaving not the validity of the myth, so don't let her be killed!

The monster is invincible, and attacks with shock-waves following his hammer strikes. So run, and jump in the air when he hits the ground. You can escape through a tunnel that runs next to the left side of the lair. The tunnel is closed by three gates. These are operated by three ground levers in the lair, located next to the walls where the tunnel runs.

When you switched all levers, escape through the tunnel, and climb up in the shaft. The level ends as Lara sees the sky again.