Ecuador (Anden-Nebelwald)

Level by Jan Glaeser (February, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

off the rock and the fast wall darts stop. Go east to kill a ninja and pick up the large medipack that is dropped. Climb the blocks at the south wall. Monkey swing over to the blocks at the north wall and pick up blue shotgun shells. Grab the ceiling again and monkey swing to the west and into the opening in the north wall. Jump down to the other side and go west down the hill a little. Quickly turn and hop back into the opening and wait as two rows of spike balls roll pass you. Enter the tunnel again and go east. Climb the left wall ladder and be careful of the wall darts. Pick up a shotgun near the north wall and go back down the ladder.


Go west, down the hill and see a water pool. Go to the west wall and use the floor lever. You get a flyby of the underwater gate opening. Dive into the water and enter the underwater tunnel. Pick up an Eye Piece and swim north into a flooded cave. Swim up to the west wall and surface. Pull up into a cave containing a jeep. Go to the south-west corner. Pull up onto a slope and back flip to land on a ledge. Go east and be careful of wall darts.  Kill a ninja and pick up the second Eye Piece that he drops. Turn to the west and run and jump to grab a column. Do not pull up but just shimmy to the right. Follow the crevice around the cave and pull up into a crawl space in the north-east corner. You get secret #1. Follow the crawl space and drop down into a dark cave. Kill three scorpions that walk towards you. There are Uzi's in the dark south-east corner. There is grenade flash ammo in the dark north-east corner. Go through the middle of the room. There are spike traps near the walls. Then return through the crawl space and shimmy back to the column. You can safety drop from then crawl space but you loose a lot of health. Jump back to the east ledge and safety drop down to the ground.


Go west and crawl under the fast wall darts. At the end, turn and kill a ninja. Make the Eye of Horus and open the circular door. Go inside and use the floor lever. You get a cut scene of the north tunnel. Go up the tunnel and enter a room. Pick up flares and Uzi ammo from the north pedestal. You get a cut scene of the long ladder behind you. Climb the long wall ladder at the south wall. At two tiles from the top, back flip and roll to grab a ledge. Enter the dark north opening. Slide down a long slope. At the run, run forward and jump with a right curve into the room to avoid the spike ball rolling behind you.


Use the binoculars and look to the east over the muddy waters. You can see a closed door. Go west and use binoculars to look at the west wall. You see a tile on the back wall that is different. Run straight towards that tile and you should fall into the muddy water. Swim into the underwater tunnel in the south wall. Just as you enter the next underwater room, swim up and you can surface for air. Pull up into the room and run up the ramp to the ladder on the west wall. Side jump out of the way of two spike balls. Then return to the wall and climb the ladder. Pull up into a small room. Go west into an opening and overlook a large lava pit.


Turn around and drop to grab the edge of the opening. Shimmy to the right and drop onto a ledge. Follow the crawl space around the room to an opening in the north-east corner. Drop in a small room and use the floor lever in the south-east corner. You get a cut scene of the doors opening over the muddy water. Exit the room and crawl back to the ledge. Grab the east wall and shimmy back to the opening in the east wall. Climb down the ladder and enter the room. Dive into the water and swim down the underwater tunnel. As you exit the tunnel, swim near the top and to the north-west to find the air hole. Pull up and go east to the next muddy water area. Swim through the muddy water and pull up into the open doors.


Walk, not run, to the east and you get a flyby of the pit ahead of you. If you run, you can get into the flyby as spikes balls roll down the sides and you cannot escape. Continue east and watch out for rolling spike balls. Run forward and jump to grab the rope. Spikes pop up in the pit. Swing forward to land on the east ledge. Run around the pedestal as more spike balls fall behind you. When the spike balls stop, then pick up the crossbow from the pedestal. Go east and climb the wall ladder. Pull up at the top and go east into a tunnel. Run down the slope and when you see a wall ladder in front you, jump up to grab the ladder. Quickly climb the ladder as a spike fall rolls under you. You can climb through the ceiling tile and pull up into another tunnel. Run down the next ramp. You enter a large outdoor area and the level ends.