Mayberry Street

Level by Jordan Silva (April, 2007)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie


[Note] The author states that there are four secrets. However, no secrets are registered. I played the level several times in order to get them all. At least, I assume that I got them. [End note]


You start by falling into a tunnel that is half filled with water. Go east to a T-junction and go to the south. Follow the tunnel to the end and pick up flares. I think this is secret #1. You hear the secret sound but no secret is registered.  Return to the T-junction and go north into a dry tunnel. Go through a crawl space and stand up in a small courtyard. Exit to the east to a side street with a gazebo. Turn north to shoot a thug near some wooden boxes. Go south and into the tunnel in the south wall. You can shoot a workman wearing an orange jumpsuit. Shoot the trashcan in the east corner for a small medipack. There are large doors and an empty trashcan to the west. Exit back to the gazebo area. Hop onto the south-west corner near a plant next to a tall green column. Climb the south side of the green column to the top. Jump down the plants to the west and pick up a shotgun. This may be secret #2. There was no secret sound. But if you missed secret #1, there was a secret sound.


Get down and go to the wooden boxes area. To the west are the closed exit gate and an empty trashcan in the north-west corner. There is a tunnel in the east wall. There is a street to the north. Enter the east wall tunnel and notice a closed door in the south wall. Enter an open area and see a closed door in the north wall at the top of some steps. To the east wall is a gate needing a key. Go south and dive into the water. There are two tunnels.


Enter the west wall tunnel and follow it to the end. Pull up into a small room and go east to open the door. You enter a library. Hop onto the middle ledge with the books and jump to the south-west to grab the upper floor. There are large doors in the west wall and two bookcases at the south wall. Enter the opening between the bookshelves to the north. The camera view changes and you are near a row of windows. Turn to the right and pick up the Courtyard Key among the books that you see on the floor. Go east and turn to the right and the camera view goes back to normal. Look into the east wall alcove and see a jump switch. Pull down the jump switch and you hear a door open.


Go to the south wall and stand to the left of the bookcases. Put your nose to the wall and side jump to the right and behind the bookcases. Push in the corner block at the south wall as far as possible. You should enter a room. Go east and pick up a small medipack and red shotgun shells. This may be secret #3. There was no secret sound. But if you missed secret #1 and secret #2, there was a secret sound. Return to the first floor and shoot two thugs. Go out the open door in the north wall and return to the tunnel. Go east to return to dive back into the water.


Swim into the south wall underwater tunnel. Follow the tunnel and when you go north, look to the north-east corner for a vertical shaft. Swim up there and pull an underwater lever on the upper south wall. Swim down again and continue to follow the tunnel to a water pool. Swim to the south ledge and pull up. Go west and jump over the pool to the north ledge. Follow the ledge and shoot a dog. Go west and enter a room. There are boxes in the middle of the room. Enter any crawl space (of three) to get into the interior of the boxes. Drop into a central hole. Follow the tunnel to the end and climb the ladder. Go up a ramp and drop into a tunnel. Go to the end and emerge onto the upper ledges above the pool.


Shoot the thug who approaches from the north. Go to the south-west corner and shoot the trashcan. Jump into the broken window in the south wall. Go east to the end and climb into a north tunnel. The camera view changes. Go to the end and shoot the fuse box panel. Pull the switch and the trap door opens beneath you. You drop back into the pool of water. Swim back through the north wall tunnel back to the first pool. Pull up and go north and west to the starting area. You will see a cage has risen next to the wooden boxes. Use the boxes to get onto the top of the cage and jump to the east roof. Go east to the gazebo. Pick up a small medipack and red shotgun shells from the dark floor. This may be secret #4 since you hear the secret sound.


Drop off the roof and go east to the locked gates. Use the Courtyard Key to open the gates. Go south to shoot a thug. Shoot the trashcan for a small medipack. Follow the stairs east to a lower area. The two trashcans are empty. There are two gazebos and two stairs. Take the north stairs to the bottom and enter an opening in the right wall. Shoot the trashcan and climb the box. Either walk the tightrope or just jump to grab the boxes to the west. Jump to the next boxes and shoot the trashcan and the fuse box panel. Pull down the switch and you hear a door open. Safety drop to the floor and exit out the open door. Go west up the stairs and exit this area through the open gates.


Go up the small steps and enter the now open door in the north wall. Cross the reflective floor and go to the north-west corner. Follow the stairs to the top and enter a small library with a fireplace. Pull out the first box at the north wall. Push the box north-east between the two boxes where you see a grid on the floor. Go to the south-east corner and pull the right wall switch. The box on the grid has risen. Return to the boxes and push the top box to the east. Return to the switches and the cage has dropped. Pull down the left wall switch and get a cut scene of a gate opening. Exit this room and go down the stairs to the room with the reflective floor. Exit this room and enter the east wall gates again.


Go down the stairs again and go down the south stairs to the open gate. Shoot two dogs, two thugs and a workman. Enter the next area and see a water trench with a structure in the middle. Dive into the water and swim into the crawl space in the lower east wall of the structure. Swim up to the top of the structure. Pull up to the north side. Slide down and jump to a ledge. Follow the tunnel and the camera view changes. Follow the tunnel to enter a large room. Shoot two workmen and go up the large stairs. All the closed doors that you see are fake and do not open.


At the top, go south and enter a small doorway. Follow the tunnel and enter an area with two trees and many plants. Shoot a thug and go onto the south-east corner ledge. Pull down the wall switch and wait until the gates open at the west wall. If you jump down too fast, they stay closed. Exit onto the balcony and shoot the fuse box panel to your left. Pull down the switch and a gate opens in the south wall below you. Side jump over the balcony and you can land in the water. Enter the south gate and follow the tunnel. Enter an open area and shoot a dog and two thugs. They will drop a Main Gate Fuse and a Green Key. Exit this room back to the water trench. Exit this area through the west gates. Continue west to the starting area with the boxes.


Go north to the end of the street and shoot a thug and two dogs. There are large doors in the north wall.  Go west to shoot two workmen so that they do not bother you later. The trashcans are empty. Ignore the tunnel for now and go east to a plaza. There are large doors in the north wall. Go south and hop over the fence into a pool of water. You can see a tunnel to the north-west. Go north but ignore the north wall tunnel for now. Pull down the underwater lever on the east wall. You get a cut scene of a trap door opening. Swim back into that north-west corner tunnel and follow it to the end to the open trap door.


Pull up into small room. Go to the north-east corner and use the Green Key to open the door. Enter the room and shoot a thug. You see a key in a cage opposite the desk. Pull out a moveable block from the north-east corner of the room. Move the block into the alcove in the south-west corner. The cage drops so that you can pick up the Red Key. Exit back to the small room. Swim back to the pool and now swim into the north tunnel. Pull up onto a slope and slide down into a tunnel with shallow water.


Follow the tunnel to a key lock. Use the Red Key to open the door. Enter a garage area. Climb the boxes at the north wall and jump onto a ledge to the south. Go to the south wall and place the Main Gate Fuse. You can hear a gate opening. Safety drop to the floor and exit out the north door. Follow the tunnel to the left and go to the end. Climb a ladder and back flip into a small room. Go north to get back to the street where you shot the workmen. Go east and south back to the starting area. The gates near the boxes are open. Enter the gates and run west towards the Mayberry street signs. As you exit the tunnel onto the street, the level ends.