Through the Temple We Go

Level by fmp (Zeljka Ludosan)

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start by taking a very short slide. Jump into the water hole for a short swim and pull out through the next hole. Look for a pole in the bush, grab it and pull up at the top, turn around and backflip into a passage. Save and head over the door, be ready for stepping on a trigger tile that releases a boulder. Qiuckly roll and start running down the passage, jump forward and grab the pole as high up as you can. Where the boulder was, pull a jumpswitch and follow to the next room. Face the north wall and press the switch, from your right a rope is released. Now head left and climb the ladder, backflip/roll and grab the rope, swing forward and jump off land on the column. Press the switch, then take a running jump to the next column and press the second switch.

Cut the loop flyby by hitting the look key and drop into the waterhole. Avoid the crocodile and start swimming along the tunnel, reach the exit hole and pull out. You are now in the middle of a big graden room. Kill the bird, then head north-west and look for a ladder wall. Climb up the wall, backflip/roll and grab the next ladder wall. Move right and once again backflip/roll and land on a block, kill another bird and jump to the next block. Take a standing jump and grab the ladder wall, then move right, make your last backflip/roll and land on the block. Pull the jumpswitch and drop down to the ground, head west over to the door you just opened. As soon as you pass this door the level ends.