The Caverns Remake


Level by kauli-fc (May, 2007)


[Note 1] I was not able to make a save game. It would always crash to the desktop. However, if you create a directory called "save" in the main "trle" root directory, the save game option does seem to work. [End note]


[Note 2] The compass directions are reversed. If you face north, you turn left to face east, while normally you turn left to face west. However, I always give directions according to where the red compass needle points. [End note]


The level starts with a flyby of the cave and ends with Lara standing in front of closed doors. Follow the cave and crawl under the wall darts. Continue to follow the cave and you can see some ruins in a north-west corner. The cave actually continues to the east. Go to the north wall and light a flare to find a darker moveable block. When you light a flare, a countdown appears in the upper left screen. Push the block forward five times and enter a small room for secret #1. Stand on the moveable block to get onto an upper west ledge.  Pick up a small medipack and two Uzi ammo. Get down and exit the room to return to the cave.


Jump up onto a small hill to the east. Shoot the two bats that start to attack you. Continue east towards a snowy depression in the floor. Go south and climb the column in the middle of the cave. Pull up at the lowest east corner. Turn around to grab and climb the east wall of the hole above your head. Pull up into a tunnel. Follow the tunnel and crawl under the wall darts. Slide down a slope into a small cave to get secret #2. Shoot a bat and pick up flares and a small medipack. Go to the north-west and slide down the slope. You are back in the cave with the pillar.


Go north to the snowy depression and continue to follow the cave to the east. Shoot another two bats. Continue east and the follow the cave to the south. Stay near the right side of the cave and jump down the blocks into a lower part of the cave. On the left side is a steep drop. Go south behind a column and slide down into a still lower cave. Go down some steps as the camera view changes. Enter an alcove and pull down the wall switch to open the door. Enter the next cave and shoot two bats. Go to the south-west corner and pull up on the west wall into another cave. Just follow the cave and you reach a cave with two rope suspension bridges.


Shoot the two wolves on the cave floor. Get down onto the cave floor and go east between the two bridges and find a small cave. Pick up a large medipack from the floor and shoot a wolf that sneaks up from the rear. To the north-east are steps to return to the higher level. Go to the south-west corner. Pick up Uzi ammo near a skeleton in a chair. Pull up to the ledges to the west behind the skeleton. Pull out the moveable block in south-west column and move it under the opening in the west wall. Climb the block and pull up into the opening. You enter a small room and shoot a bat.  Look up to the west and see a jump switch. Climb the column in the south-west corner. Stand near the west wall to pull up onto a higher ledge. Shoot two bats and drop off the east side of the ledge to pull down the jump switch. You get a cut scene of a door opening. Get down and exit the room. Go east and run across the bridge. Then turn south and run through the open door.


Go forward as the camera view changes in the dark tunnel. You emerge into the next area and face a pit. Stop at the edge of a pit and shoot a bear prowling in the pit. Drop into the pit and go to the north-east corner for Uzi ammo. Climb the green vines on the south wall and shimmy to the left to drop back onto the pit edge. The steps lead down to a dead-end. Stay on the upper right side and search the plants in the upper right side for a small medipack. Then jump into the opening in the upper west wall. Enter the room and the camera view changes. Shoot two wolves that run up the slope to attack you. Go south down the steps and shoot another two wolves. Notice a ledge with a plant on the west wall. Pull up there and go west to enter a room for secret #3. Pick up a large medipack and Uzi's. Exit the room and drop down to the floor. Go to the north-east corner under the entrance to find flares.


Climb the blocks in the south-east corner and find a wall switch. Pull down the wall switch and side jump to the left. You land on a block. Turn to the left, hop back, and run and jump to grab a ledge. Pull up and run through the timed large open doors before they close. Go forward to the end of the room and turn to the right. Run up the steps and be careful of wall darts. Enter a small room and shoot a wolf. Run over the breakable tiles in the middle of the room. Safety drop into the room below. Go east towards a doorway and shoot two bats. Enter a small room and jump over a trench and land on the south ledge. If you fall into the trench, use the blocks in the north-west corner to get back onto the higher ledges. Go west and shoot a wolf. Pick up a large medipack and shoot another wolf. Go to the south-west corner and enter the small room. Pull down the wall switch on the north wall. You get a cut scene of two large doors opening. Exit the room and slide down into the trench. Go west and run through the open doors as the level ends.