First Level Demo 2

Level by Angel Acaymo (May, 2007)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie


You start in a long cave. Turn around and go into the south-east corner for Uzi ammo. Then go north and run through many wall darts. When the cave walls change to brick walls, hop onto the east ledge for flares. Continue into the tunnel and look to the south-east for another tunnel. First, go north and hop onto a ledge. Jump into a hole for red shotgun shells. There is a similar hole at the east wall for more red shotgun shells. Go north into the water for flares. You can go west and find a closed gate needing an item.


Return to the south and enter the tunnel you ignored earlier. Follow the tunnel until you reach a barricade. Light a flare and look for a crawl space on the upper east wall. Pull up into the crawl space and follow it to the end. You emerge onto a beach to get secret #1. Run to pick up a large medipack and shoot two crocodiles. Go east to the cliff and pick up a shotgun from the sand. Shoot another attacking crocodile. Return to the crawl space and go back to the tunnel. Shoot the barricade and pull up the trap door.


Drop through the hole and enter a large cave. Go north and climb down the blocks. Stay near the west wall and you should fall into a hole to pick up flares. Continue north and pass a closed gate needing a key. Go north to the end and hop into the north-west corner for Uzi ammo. Return south and look in the south-east corner for another trap door. Pull open the trap door and drop into the room. Light a flare and avoid a skeleton. Pick up the Gate Key (Llave de la puerta) from the floor in the south-east corner. Pull back up and go to the closed gate in the west wall.


Use the key to open the gate. Enter the gate and drop down into another cave. Go west and follow the cave to the north and down some blocks to another large cave. Go to the middle floor at the north wall for Uzi ammo. Enter the opening into the west wall and go down the steps into another cave. Notice a closed gate that you pass. Go to the south wall and find the Uzi's on the floor. Shoot the crocodile in the pool. Dive in and swim to the middle of the east wall ledge to find the crowbar. Swim to the north-west corner and climb out of the water.


Go west into a small cave. Go around the central column and watch out for a rolling rock behind you. Enter the tunnel and go north. You enter a cave with a pit, Drop onto a block in the pit and shoot the two crocodiles. Pick up a small medipack from the south-west corner. Pick up the Horseman's Gem (Gema de cabillista) from the south-east corner. Climb back up to the east to get out of the pit. Grab the crevice on the south wall and shimmy to the right. Drop onto the ledge at the other side of the pit. Enter the tunnel into the north-west corner of the ledge.


Enter the cave and there is an invisible block to the south. Go north and pass a skeleton on the floor. Go north and enter the tunnel to the east. Turn around and run back down the tunnel to avoid a rolling rock. Run to the right since the rock will roll to the left. Follow the east tunnel again and jump over a deep pit. Go up the steps to a T-junction. Go to the left and pick up red shotgun shells and blue shotgun shells from the floor. Enter the east wall tunnel and follow it to a dark room. Hop back to kill four scorpions. Enter the room and go to the north-east corner for flares. Then go to the south-west corner and safety drop into the hole in the corner. Follow the tunnel to the south and the gate opens for you.


Go to the left and into a cave where you have been earlier. Notice that the wall torches are lit. Go up the steps and follow the cave to climb back through the gate. Go south and climb the blocks to return to where you shot the barricade. Use a flare and climb up the convenient ladders. Follow the tunnel around to the closed gate. Place the Horseman's Gem and the gate opens. Go through the gate and enter another cave.


Follow the cave and you should go through a hidden shallow water pool. After that, you will see a cave in the upper west wall. First go north to the north wall. Climb a sloped column and jump to grab an upper west wall opening. Enter the tunnel for secret #2. Go to the end and pick up a small medipack. Exit the area and return to pull up into that upper west wall cave.


Go west and you find a shallow water pool. Go to the south-west corner and crawl under a wall for blue shotgun shells. Crawl back out and go to the gate in the north wall. The gate opens for you although I guess you should have used the crowbar on it. Go north and then west into a tunnel with gray-green walls. I guess that is the end of the level. There seems to be no end level trigger so just exit the game.