Level: Jan Sameluck.

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

CS=crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, MP= med-pack, Jmp= jump.

Follow the cave youíre in, up some blocks N (pick up the Lasersight) and exit to a pool area, go around, past a closed gate in the water, to the S, in the corner there you can find a CS in E wall, go in and down a shaft in the next room. Youíll end up in a dark room with a pool, 5 Scorps to shoot and a Cartouche receptacle on the L wall.

The Canyon.

Go out N and follow the Canyon up to a Temple area, shoot the 3 Nomads and pick up some Ammo one of them drops and head for the entrance of the Temple in the N.

The Temple.

Go in and drop from the R side of the bridge youíre on, swim out E and shoot a Nomad at the Big door E, get the Flares and head down a W ramp in the floor, past the Sauna R and up to the Ramp room, go up and shoot a Nomad jmping in front of you and turn to shoot his Buddy on the higher ramp, go up to the SE ramp, where he was and standing under the arch, jmp straight up to grab the MS, go over to the rope and drop/grab, turn R and swing into the R hand window of the Temple, jmp/grab the ladder and go up to the roof, into the NW corner, slide with Spikes popping up behind you to a room with a Pole, jmp/grab the pole and go down to a ledge. Jmp into the S opening and run L, go all the way around and pick up the 1st Cartouche part in the back, run back to the S opening and drop to the pole ledge, jmp/grab the ladder in the corner to go down and throw a lever to open a gate, run through the passage and get a nice view of Lara. In the end you are in a room with a pedestal, on it is the 1st Eye piece, get it and climb up in the hole over the pedestal.

Follow the passage, jmping past the steam blowers and come out into the Ramp room, go down the centre ramp and past the Sauna, to the Big door, shoot a Nomad and go SW, into an alcove in S wall, shoot the vase to get the 2nd Eye piece from it and combine the parts to open the door in front of you, run over the bridge in front and watch the gates open in this Inferno. Donít go into the next room yet, look on the walls at the bridge and jmp/grab the leader on W wall, go up and backflip into an alcove with a lever, throw it and watch a flyby of gates opening up. Run out, grab the ladder and go down as far as possible, backflip/roll with a grab to land on the bridge and go to the next room, take care of the burning grating, go into the R hand passage and hop back as soon as you triggered the Boulder, wait for it to pass and go up the slope, look for an alcove up L and get in to take the 2nd Cartouche part. Go further up the sloped passage to a room where you can climb up to the Canyon, go down the Canyon and place the Cartouche in the dark room, shoot the Scorp[/b]. The Big door in the Temple opened. Go into the temple again and E into the Tomb Area.

The Tomb Area.

Climb the Tomb and jmp/grab the rock face NW, pull up and look for a hole in the W rocks, pull the lever and a gate will open in one of the UW tunnels at the entrance of the Temple. Go through the Inferno room, Boulder passage, Canyon and into the River going under the temple, follow to a room with a closed gate and swim into the hole in the floor, follow all the way to a room under the Sauna, go into the opened gate and swim to a pool, climb out and shoot the L vase, go L/L into a room fast and grab the Uzis, use them right away on those Nomads. Shoot some more vases and the exit to the Ramp room opens, go down the centre ramp to the Tomb area. Go down a ramp in the NE and shoot the 2 Nomads in the passage, find the door in the S wall and enter the Mirror room.

The Mirror room.

On the pillars are 4 vases, but when you look into the mirror, you can only see 2, shoot the vases on the pillars which are empty in the mirror, so jmp/grab to the one around the R corner shoot it and the one opposite in the SE corner, ( to kill the Spikes on ground floor) then go for the Hand of Sirius, go back out and to the R, past the pointy block and into a new area, shoot the Nomads and get the Revolver on the steps on the other side of the pool. Go up the steps and L to a small Temple square, shoot a Nomad on the roof and go L to a pool, shoot the Vase in the water.

The Tunnels.

Dive in and swim into the open gate and to a room with a hole in the ceiling, go up and climb to a ledge on the other side of the pool, just through the wall, you can jmp into a hole in the N rocks to get a Ĺ MP. Go back into the water and swim S to a big Dome room, R into a small hole in the wall and R/follow/R, down L for some Ammo. Swim back and past the small hole (go get some air at the last airpocket) to the domed room, follow to the Cave.

The Cave.

Go out on L bank and jmp up into an alcove in the E wall, climb up to get a Ĺ MP in next cave, go back and to NW side of the Cave, climb the block and go jmp around to the E side ledge, from which you can jmp/grab the rope and swing/jmp straight into the alcove in W wall, climb up L and turn NE, look up and spot the ledge to jmp/grab to. Use the MS to go over the Spikes to the other side, go around along the N wall and to the W again. Follow the tunnel (shoot a Scorp)to another Canyon.

The Other Canyon.

At the end of the sandy path, look R and down to spot a Nomad, which in my case was stuck in a wall, shoot him anyway, slide down a little slope at the end of the path and drop backwards from this ledge, grabbing the edge, go R and climb through the CS, do some climbing or jmping to get out to the canyon again and here do a jmp over to the other side, climb up and go down the sandy path, stop just around the corner.

Boulder Alley.

Spot the deeper part down the path, you have to sprint in there turn L and run into the gate a bit, not too far, just on the sloped part after the slide and end up with your face against the wall L, before the gate closes behind the Boulders. Now walk down the path between the Spikes and turn, drop hang from the edge and let go, slide into the sloped passage along the R hand wall, light a Flare and just before you slide into the flames, you have to jmp/grabbing with a R curve into a passage. Here you can get some Ammo (yes thatís all) after an endless climb, pull up over the last block and end up in the same passage, if you went straight in the Boulder-passage. Go to the Blue room L, a flyby will show the 2nd Hand upstairs.

The Pole is useless, use the rope to swing to the other side ladder and go up past the Darts and into an opening under a MS, go up one more ladder and get the Hand of Orion, go down and through the Blue room, Boulder Alley to the other Canyon, jmp onto a stone bridge and shoot a Nomad on the L path, jmp onto a flatter part of the N rocks just up and L of the bridge, follow the next path to a wide area with a couple of Nomads, look for the lever behind the wall to cause an Earthquake.
It will open a Cave in the N rocks, go down into the Cave and climb down a ladder to a cave that drained all the water from the tunnels you swam before, go up the L sand slope and into the Dome room, R up the passage to the little Temple square.

Boulder Trap.

Now enter the Temple and place the 2 Hands, the doors open, go in and just around the corner is another Boulder-trap, stand L and under the Boulder, facing it, sidestep R and the Boulders will be triggered wait for the Boulder to pass and roll run to the rock on opposite side, just before the pool and pull up when the Boulder comes, drop when it passed and runjmp as far as you can over the pool, when you hit shallow water, you should be pushed forward to the other side.

Go down the hole and slide out of the levelÖ

Not sure I got it allÖ