Jungle Expedition

Level by Kevin Webber (May, 2007)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie


You start by falling from a hole in the ceiling. Go forward and overlook a deep pit. Go south and climb down a ladder to the ground. Shoot a tiger and pick up the shotgun and red shotgun shells. The dead body cannot be moved. Climb the ladder back up to the ledge. Tightrope walk across the pit to the opposite ledge. Go south and push a moveable block as far as possible into a tunnel. Follow the new east tunnel and emerge near a river. Jump the river and pick up red shotgun shells. Jump back and go east to the end and climb the blocks on the south wall. At the top, grab the ceiling and monkey swing to the north and across the river. Drop on the far side and pick up a large medipack.


Go north and slide down a slope to land near a small temple. Shoot the tiger and go inside the temple to pick up a small medipack on the floor near the north wall. Return to the slide entrance and go east for red shotgun shells. Jump north over the small hill. Go to the east wall and find red shotgun shells hidden in a plant. Go north and see another dead body and a ladder in the corner. Climb the ladder and pull up into another area. Go north and then east and find a small tunnel. You can see a closed gate needing an item. From the tunnel entrance, turn around and pull up to the higher rock ledge to the west. Loop around to the north-east and find a ladder.


Climb the ladder and pull up into a hut. Go south to pick up the red large medipack. The brown medipack in the box is a fake. Shoot the box in the south-west corner and pick up the Guardian Key (called Sun Talisman in the inventory) off the floor. There is a warrior crouching at the north wall. Lara cannot shoot him and he does not attack. Climb down the ladder and drop off the ledge to return to the tunnel. Use the Guardian Key in the receptacle to open the gate. Enter the gate and climb down a ladder. Safety drop at the bottom of the ladder and land on a ledge.


To the east you can see a small lake. Slide down the slope and into the lake. Shoot two crocodiles that are swimming towards you. To the north-east is an exit to the shore. You can explore the area there but I found nothing. To the south is an underwater tunnel with a closed gate. Dive into the hole in the middle of the lake. Follow the underwater tunnel into a large underwater cave. Swim to the north-east corner and swim up a vertical shaft. Pull up into a small room and pull down the wall switch on the north wall. Swim back to the lake and swim into that south wall underwater tunnel.


Pull up at the end and face teeth doors. Get pass the teeth doors and follow the tunnel to an area with a large slope. There is an opening to the south. Notice the spike balls on the slope to your upper right. Go south slowly across the slope and hop back when the screen shakes. The spike balls will roll safely in front of you. Enter the next room and you can see a sloped exit in the south wall. Go to the west wall and pull out the black movable block to reveal a tunnel. Enter the tunnel and jump up at the end to pull down a jump switch. You hear an earthquake. Return to the room and see that the room has changed.


Go to the top of the dirt mound at the east wall. Grab the ladder on the north side of the hole above your head. Pull up into a small hut. Shoot two tigers before they push you into the fire.  Lara cannot pull up and exit out the small window. However, in some windows in some huts, Lara can pull up and drop on the other side. Exit the room by the doorway and go north-west to emerge into a small village of huts. Wait and shoot another tiger. Go north and enter the first hut on your right for revolver ammo. Exit and go north again to see a hut with a closed gate and a red key lock. Enter the hut to the west and pick up a small medipack. It can be difficult to get around the plant in the doorway so you may want to try the side window.


Exit the hut and go west to enter the hut to the right of a tree. Shoot another tiger and pick up blue shotgun shells from the corner behind the fire. Exit and go south to see a hut with a closed gate and a green key lock. Go the left side of the hut and face north. Pull up onto a tree branch and you can see a red key on a far north rooftop of a hut. Jump east to a rooftop and follow the rooftops to reach that hut. Pick up the red key and slide down the rooftop to the east to land in front of the gate. Use the red key and the gate opens. Enter the room and shoot the box to get the green key. Exit the hut and go south-west to the other locked hut. Use the green key and the gate opens. Enter the hut and safety drop into the hole in the south-west corner.


You fall into a water pool. Pull up to the south and go south-west to get over the rocks. When you see a tiger, stop, and shoot the tiger when it attacks. Go south and get a flyby of the cave and a large lake of water. Just follow the flyby path to reach the lake. Dive into the lake and swim into the lower north-east corner. Enter the underwater cave and swim up a vertical shaft in the middle of the ceiling. Dive down again to get a small medipack from a ledge. Swim to the surface and pull up on the west side. Climb the block to your right and look to the south-east to see a ladder.


Jump there and pick up a small medipack. Drop off the ledge into the south trench. Go east for blue shotgun shells and north for revolver ammo. Do not go west as there is a deep pit hidden in the darkness. Return to the ladder and climb the ladder. Pull up onto a ledge and go east into a dark tunnel. Go carefully through the tunnel, as there are two teeth door traps inside. At the end you face a deep pit and a slope. Slide down the slope backwards and grab the edge. Shimmy to the left and pull up onto a block. Safety drop to the south and pick up blue shotgun shells from a pedestal. Climb the block in the north-west corner to return to the block by the slope. Turn north and run and jump over the slope to land on a lower block with a plant. Pull down the jump switch on the south wall. A gate opens in the west wall.


Jump into the open gate and follow the tunnel. Enter a room and see many wall switches with fires. However, the left wall switch on the north wall has no fire. Pull down that wall switch and you hear the gate open. Shoot two tigers or ignore them and enter the open gate in the north-east corner of the room. Slide down a small slope. Then slide down a longer slope and jump over a deep spike pit in the middle of the slope. Continue sliding and land in water. Pull up onto a small island with plants and boxes.


Look at the upper east wall and see a jump switch. Run and jump to grab the east ledge in that area. Pull up and pick up Jeep Keys from the ground and pull down the jump switch. You hear a gate open. Grab the crevice on the north wall and shimmy to the left as far as possible. Pull up into the crawl space at the end. Crawl forward and stand up. Run down the stairs and turn to the right to shoot a box. Pull down the wall switch and release a rope. Go east and use the rope to swing over the water. Aim to the right side to avoid the fire on the boxes. The current is too strong to swim across the water. Go east and slide down the hill to the jeep.


Drive the jeep to the north and over the hill. You may run over a tiger and continue driving north. On the next big jump, drive in the middle at the high point of the hill. This will allow you to clear the water on the other side. Run over a tiger and drive forward and stop at a gate. Get out of the jeep and go east to find a jump switch on the wall. The gate opens so return to the jeep. Drive through the gate and get a short flyby of the area ahead.  Get out of the jeep and go to the first jump. Climb down the blocks at the east side and dive into the water. Swim to the north-east corner for red shotgun shells. Swim to the south-west corner for a small medipack. Pull up in the south-east to get out of the water and climb back up to the jeep. Stay to the left side to get over the first jump. Then just carefuly drive on the ledges.


Drive up the tunnel on the other side and get out the jeep when you can. Continue on foot to an area with a platforms and columns. Pick up blue shotgun shells near the east wall. Go south and climb the ladder. Crawl through a dark tunnel and emerge in a room with a closed gate to the west. Go forward to a moveable block at the south wall. Shoot a tiger that sneaks up behind you. Pull back the movable block once and the gate opens in the west. Go through the open gate and shoot three tigers. From the entrance, jump south onto a tree stump. Then jump to the south wall and pull down a jump switch. The gates open in the south wall.


It was difficult to enter the alcove behind the gates. Try a side jump near the corner to get into the alcove. Shoot the fuse panel and pull down the switch. You get a really great animation of a laser cutting through the south wall. Enter the large room and cross the blue glass floor. You can see tigers below you.  Go into the middle of the boxes to the west. One box will look darker than the rest. Shoot that box and pick up a red key. Continue across the floor to the south wall. Shoot the fuse panel and pull down the switch. I hopped back onto the blue floor and then went forward to the circle on the floor in the alcove. The laser popped up and cut away the south wall. Shoot three MP guards that exit the control room.


Enter the control room and go up the steps to the left. Open the door and enter the room. Go south and use the red key to open the gate. Go down the steps and the next gate opens. Shoot two tigers that exit from the gate. Go down the steps again and enter the next room. Open the door in the south wall and shoot the MP guard. Go though the door and continue to a large pool. Shoot four crocodiles in the water and then tightrope walk across the water. Go south to open a door. Enter the corridor and see a closed gate and a green key lock. Open another door. Enter the room and go behind the boxes to pick up the green key from the floor. Exit the room and use the green key to open the gate. Enter the gate and run south into the jungle. The level ends by crashing to the desktop,