Mayuka Temple Demo - Spooky Shadows

Level by Carlos Rodriguez Garcia (May, 2007)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie


El Templo de Mayuka


You start in a cave. Run north and slide down a slope. Go to the north-east corner and climb the ladder. At the top, shimmy left and drop onto a block. Safety drop on the other side and go north towards the water. Shoot a tiger near the water. Turn to the east to shoot a snake. Go to the north wall and climb onto the left side block at the base of the wall. Pull up onto the ledge above you. Continue pulling up onto ledges and look in the north-west corner for a crawl space. Crawl inside and pick up the shotgun. Get out and continue climbing ledges until you can jump onto a long ledge near the top of the pit. Go west and jump to grab the ladder to the north. Climb to the top and pull up. Go east and into the opening in the corner.


Enter a room and see a monkey and a closed door in a west wall alcove. Go to the north-east corner and grab the crevice on the east wall. Shimmy to the right and turn a corner to pull up onto a ledge. Shoot the monkey that tries to push you off the ledge. Turn to the north and use the rope to swing onto the north ledge. Climb the ladder and when you can see a ledge behind you, back flip onto the platform. Use another rope to swing onto the ledge in the south-east corner. Pull down the wall switch and slide down the west side slope back onto the lower ledge. Jump down and go north into the alcove. Go through the open door and shoot a tiger.


Go to the right side of the spike pit. Jump onto the north slope, back flip onto the south slope, and jump forward to grab a ledge. Pull up onto the ledge. The opening in the north wall is closed. Jump to the blocks in the south and climb onto a dark platform with a face picture. You can see the door in the north opening. Slide down and jump to grab the ledge again. Hop up into the opening and see a slope ending in a spike pit. Slide down the slope backwards and grab the edge. Shimmy to the right over the spike pit. When you reach a wall, back flip to land on a ledge.


Go north down the tunnel and jump over a spike pit. Turn and jump back to avoid three rolling balls from the north. When the balls fall into the spike pit, jump the pit and go north towards the fire. In front of the fire you can pick up blue shotgun shells. Return to the spike pit and enter into a west alcove to climb a ladder. Pull up into a small room. Go west to cross the room and drop into a hole in the floor. You fall into water. Swim down and then swim east to dry land.


Go east and see another pool of water. Dive into the water and swim into the large underwater tunnel in the east wall. Follow the tunnel and when the tunnel branches, take the east branch. Swim to the end and pull up into a small room. Pick up a key from the block in the north-east corner. Swim back and take the south branch. Pull up onto the shore and shoot two tigers. Go to a central sloped column. Pull up on the north side. Back flip to a sloped column behind you. Jump forward to grab a ledge and pull up. Go south to the higher ledge. Turn around and run and jump to the north towards the sloped column. You should clear the slope and land on a column behind the slope. Pick up a small medipack. Safety drop to the ground and use the slopes again to reach the top ledge. Go south and use the key to open the gate.


Enter the gate and go south over the rocks. Then climb the blocks to the east and jump over a spike pit. Continue and you will reach a deep spike pit and a rope. Use the rope to swing to the north ledge. Then stand jump to grab a ceiling and monkey swing to the north. Go north to the slope and stand into the north-west corner. Pull up onto the column and stand jump to grab the north ledge. You have to jump at a small angle to the east. Pull up into the room. Climb the column at the west wall. Use the rope to swing and jump onto the column at the east wall. Pull down the wall switch and the gate opens in the upper north wall. Use the rope again to swing onto the north ledge. Enter the open door and pick up the blue key.


Safety drop to the floor and go south and drop onto the lower ledge. Grab the ceiling and monkey swing south. At the end, release, drop and grab the ledge below. Stand jump to grab the second rope near the east wall. The first rope is out of reach. Use the rope to swing over the next spike pit. Go west and jump over the spike pit again. Follow down the rocks and through the open gate. Return to the water and swim back through the large underwater tunnels to the water pool.


Pull up anywhere on the west side. Go up the steps to the north and jump to an east ledge. Jump to the next ledge and go south. Run and jump to grab the ladder and climb to the top. Use the blue key to open the door. Enter a room with another deep pit. Ignore the pole for now and jump the ledges along the walls to reach a ladder on the north wall. Climb to the top and hop onto the short block to the west. Jump to the middle block. Finally jump to the highest east block. Pull down the wall switch to open the gate on the upper south ledge.  Get down and use the pole to back flip onto a south ledge. Go up the steps and enter the open south gate. Run towards the green gem at the back of the tunnel and the level ends by crashing to the desktop.