The Submerged Temple (Il Tempio Sommerso)

Level by Simone Cassano (June, 2007)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie


You start by dropping down from above down into an alcove. Carefully go east through the scissors trap. Go to the south-west corner for a small medipack on the pedestal. Return to the east wall and pull up into a crawl space. Follow the crawl space until the camera view changes. Continue into a small room and use the floor lever. Return through the crawl space to the starting room. The gate in the lower east wall is open. Follow the tunnel and side jump through five circular slicers. At the end, shoot the upper and lower grates to enter the next room. Climb onto the west block and pick up Uzi's. Climb onto the east block and shoot the vase for Uzi ammo.


Go into the crawl space that is opposite the closed gate in the dark lower east wall. Go to the end and climb a green wall. Pick up flares and pull up into a crawl space. Crawl to enter a room and hear the secret sound. Grab the ceiling and monkey swing to the east over a spike trap. Drop on the other side and pick up Golden Skull #1 (Carica) from a pedestal, which is probably a secret but no secret count is registered. Return back to the ledge where you got the flares. Jump north and pull down the jump switch. You hear the blades on the steps. Return to the room with the steps. Run up the steps into the north alcove. Pick up an Eye Piece (Frammento di occhio) and hear the gate open at the bottom of the steps. Go to the open gate and enter the next room and the camera view changes.


You can see a large fountain and larger statues. Go to the north-east corner and climb onto the block. Shoot the large vase and pick up Golden Skull #2. There is an empty vase on the north-west corner block. Climb the ladder between the statues. Use binoculars to look south and see a crawl space. Grab the green ceiling and monkey swing to that crawl space. Climb down a ladder on the other side. Follow the tunnel to a ledge over a deep pit. Run and jump to grab an invisible crevice in the west wall. Shimmy to the right and pull up into an alcove. Run and jump with grab to glide into the tunnel at the north wall. Follow the steps and shoot a bat. You eventually reach a slope and the camera view changes. Sprint down the slope and jump over the pit at the end. Turn around and watch as six rolling balls drop into the pit. Climb over a block and jump another pit. Climb a ladder and climb the large blocks to the south.


You enter a small room with a pool. Dive into the water and swim into the underwater tunnel at the east wall. You enter a very large water filled cavern. Notice a hole in the floor. To the south is a submerged temple. Swim to the upper south-east corner behind the temple to find a place for air and a closed gate. Swim down to the north side of the temple. Then swim under the roof and south into a hole in the temple wall. Pull down an underwater handle in the middle of the ceiling. Swim back to the air hole and notice that the gate is open. Swim down towards the west below the temple roof. You will see some boxes on the ground. Swim into the hole in the center of the boxes for the secret sound and Golden Skull #3. This secret is registered in the secret counter as secret #1. Swim back to the air hole.


Before you pull up into the open gate, swim back to the room with the pool. Get air and swim back to the cavern and down into the hole in the floor. Follow the wide tunnel and pick up Golden Skull #4 from a corner alcove at the end. Swim back to the pool for air. As you exit the hole, the tunnel is in the upper west wall. If you had come here first, this would have a secret sound and be counted as a secret. I assume all the skulls are secret but only one is counted. Swim back to the air hole in the upper south-east corner of the cavern.


Pull up into a small room with a mummy. Go south and see a closed gate and a tunnel in the west wall. Follow the tunnel to a deep room with many ledges and a pool at the bottom. Dive into the water and swim around the bottom to pick up Uzi ammo, large medipack, small medipack, and flares. Pull up onto the south-west corner ledge. Start climbing the ledges to get to a wall ladder in the south-west corner. Climb up and back flip to a ledge. Jump to a north ledge and climb another wall ladder. Shimmy to the right onto a ledge. Go east and jump the ledges around the room to the south-west corner. Climb the wall ladder and shimmy to the right onto a ledge. Follow the ledge to the east wall and return to the room with the mummy.


Go up the north-east steps to a small alcove. Pull down a jump switch in the north-east corner. This opens a mummy case in the south-east corner to reveal another jump switch. Pull down that jump switch. This opens the gate in the south wall. Go there and slide down the slope backwards. Grab the edge of a hole as spikes pop up below you. When the spikes retract, drop into the hole for Uzi ammo. Pull up and continue the slide forwards. Grab a pole and turn around to back flip onto a ledge. Shoot the grates that are blocking the floor lever. Use the floor lever and you hear a gate open. Continue to slide down the pole into a room with four large statues.


Go through the open gate in the east wall. Go through a room with a vase and up some steps. At the top you get a flyby of the next room. There is a tall structure with bridges, water trenches and gondolas. Go towards the central structure and shoot three ninjas that appear. You may also notice three closed underwater gates in the corners of the room. Go to the north-west corner gate and pick up Golden Skull #5 from the water trench next to the closed gate. Climb any ladder in the structure. If you pick the east ladder, another ninja appears behind you. Pick up an Eye Piece (Frammento di occhio) from the pedestal. Pull up into a room above your head,


Go south towards a room and shoot three scorpions. Enter the room and go to the south wall alcove to pick up Golden Skull #6. Follow the tunnel in the west wall to the circular door. Combine the two eye pieces and use it to open the circular door. Enter the door and go to the south-west opening. Pull up onto a ledge and see a non-Egyptian picture on the south wall. The two white vases are empty. Enter the opening in the east wall and face many ledges over a deadly water pool. Simply jump the ledges around the room. Pick up Golden Skull #7 from the ledges in the south-west corner. Continue jumping ledges to reach the exit in the south-east corner.


Jump into the exit and follow the steps down to a hole. Safety drop into a pit and see steps leading down into a pyramid. Go into the south wall corners for two flares. Then go down the steps to a flat floor. Then jump back to steps and shoot eight scorpions as they walk towards you. Go to the end and crawl under the ceiling and then go into the crawl space in the south wall. Stand up and follow the tunnel to a large treasure room. Go down the steps and into the treasure room.


Go north and behind the large block in the north alcove to pick up the crossbow. Hop onto the block to pick up crossbow explosive ammo. Get down and go into the north wall crawl space and follow it to a small room. You can see two small pyramids. Go to the south-west corner and pull down a jump switch on the south side of the decorated column. Then go north and see a skull on a pedestal to the west. Leave it and go east into an alcove. Pick up Golden Skull #8 from the pedestal. Exit the alcove and light a flare to look left to see a jump switch. Pull down the jump switch and then go west into the alcove. Pick up Golden Skull #9 from the pedestal.


Crawl back to the treasure room. Shoot the grates in the south corner wall. Shoot the demigod that appears in the room that was behind the grates. On the block in the south alcove you can see a pole. Pull up onto the block and run to the pole as the level ends.