Holy Conundrum (Demo)

Level by pTURKEYq

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start in a short passage. Go out to a desert area and be ready to kill two crocodiles, a black panther and a harpy. Head north and when you reach the tree turn south and look for a face block you'll climb to the top. Follow the ledge, run and jump to next ledge, keep running and jump over the sloped ledge, grab it and shimmy left to the end. Facing north, jump to the ledge and the one after it. From here you can't reach the faraway ledge so simply jump back to the ground.

Head west over the big flower and stand facing front of the wall. Jump the sloped wall over a small square and climb the west wall. Step a little bit forward and drop into a hole under the grassy column to reach a secret. Pick up small medipack, then climb back. From the ledge run and jump, grab the second grassy column, move around and backflip onto a ledge behind. Follow south the pillars ledge, jump the ledge and then to the west opening. Head over the ledge with the burning pedestal and climb onto it. Keep to the next ledge and pick up the Pharos Knot.

Drop down to the shallow water and reach the hole, dive into a tunnel and swim south and you have to open the door by yourself. Just pull back the door and swim into the next tunnel and up to a pool. Climb the ledge above and follow to the east wall. Pull down a very well hidden jumpswitch in the bush and the golden door is open. Get inside and pull out the grate block. Now you have to keep pulling/pushing the grate block all over the ledge and place it next to the second golden door and in front of the small statue. When it's done the golden door will open. Enter inside but not for long, as the level ends right after a couple of steps.