The Freezer

Level by Phil Bateman (June, 2007)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

This level is essentially a remake of the author's earlier Smuggler's Cavern, which had so many reported bugs that it proved to be unplayable.

start in a frozen outside area next to a building. Go west and drop onto a hole. Follow the tunnel and safety drop at the end. Go down a few blocks to a T-junction. Go to the right for blue shotgun shells. Then go left to overlook a pit. Slide down into the pit and pull up into the crawl space at the north wall. Follow the crawl space and take the first right branch. Enter a room and pick up a shotgun from the north-west corner floor. You can see a door needing an item at the dark east wall. Do not explore the room or skeletons appear. Leave the room and take the other branch of the crawl space. Drop onto a ledge. Grab the ladder on the south wall and climb to the bottom of the pit.


Pick up secret #1 with blue shotgun shells. Search the floor for a small medipack, Uzi ammo, and flares. You can climb a block in the north-west corner to jump and grab the bridge but there is nothing on it. Climb the south wall ladder and return to the ledge near the crawl space. Go north and pick up Uzi ammo. Jump west onto a column. Run and jump south to column and pull up onto a west column. Run and jump north onto a column and enter the tunnel. Follow the tunnel to a ledge next to deadly cold water. Go though the north corner wall crawl space into a dark room. Use a flare and pick up red shotgun shells and use the floor lever at the east wall. Exit back to the ledges.


There is still a closed door in the west wall. Jump onto the plain ledges and ignore those ledges with dark spots, as they are spike traps. Enter the tunnel in the south wall. Go through an open door and shoot a dog. Go around a corner to the west and pick up a large medipack from the floor. Ignore the east tunnel for now and go south to enter a room with water channels and moveable towers at the south wall. At the west end of each water channel is a closed door. Use the shotgun to shoot a skeleton into any convenient water channel. Jump to the south ledge and pick up flares. Move the towers to the west to reveal a floor lever in the south-east corner. Use the floor lever and the doors in the water channels open. Dive into a channel and swim to the west. Swim into an alcove and pick up the Horseman's Gem (called Maze).


Exit the room and now enter the east tunnel that you ignored earlier. Follow the tunnel and safety drop at the end. Do not slide down the slope yet. Go north and stand jump onto a flatter slope and face the west wall. Pull up into a tunnel. Follow the tunnel for secret #2 and Uzi's. Get out of the tunnel and look to the south-east. You see a floor lever. DO NOT USE IT. If you do, the game crashes to the desktop. I had to reboot my computer, as I guess that the memory was not released to activate the game again. Slide down the slope and pick up flares. A skeleton appears which you can lure into the east tunnel and shoot into the hole at the end. However, do not drop into the hole.


Enter the north wall crawl space again and take the first branch again. Enter the room and go to the north-east corner. Place the Horseman's Gem to open the door. Turn around and shoot two skeletons in to the water trench at the south wall. Enter the open door and use the floor lever. You get a cut scene of the door opening near the spike traps. Exit and take the branch tunnel to the right. Drop onto the ledges and jump the columns to reach the tunnel in the upper south wall again. Follow the tunnel to the deadly water again. Jump the safe tiles and enter the open door. Run and jump to the south-west ledge. Pick up secret #3 and the grenade gun. Jump back to the door and climb the ladder down into the pit. Shoot two dogs and go to the north-east corner for a small medipack. Go behind the central column in the room and use the floor lever. You get a cut scene of a room with water at the bottom.


Climb the ladder again back to the deadly water room. Run and jump to the south ledge and go south again to take the east tunnel before the room with the moveable towers. Go to the end and slide down the slope to the east. Still ignore the floor lever and enter the east tunnel. At the end, safety drop into the hole and land in water. Had you dropped here earlier, there would have been no water at the bottom.


Pull up to the south ledge and wait for a dog to run from the dark south tunnel. Shoot the dog and look north to see a closed door. Go south towards the dark tunnel. As you get close, two spike balls roll down a slope in front of you. Jump south to the flat spot and pick up a small medipack. Another spike ball rolls behind you. Go down the dark slope to the tunnel in the south-west corner. There is no hidden pit or other traps in the way.


Follow the tunnel to a large cavern with a green building. You can use stand jumps to go up the slopes at the north wall and pick up a large medipack. Get down and go west to enter the building. Destroy a skeleton and search the floor for blue shotgun shells and grenade normal ammo. Climb the columns to reach a high ledge in the upper south-west corner. Pull up and shoot a dog. Jump south to a ledge. Go east and follow the ledges to the tunnel in the north-east corner. Go up the ramp and turn the corner to shoot a dog. Follow the tunnel to an opening over the room you fell into earlier. Grab the ceiling and monkey swing across the room to the tunnel in the east wall. Press the big button at the end of the tunnel. You get a cut scene of the door opening in the room below.


You could monkey swing back and go to the green building again. Then climb the slopes back to the room. But I just ran off the ledge to the north-west and dropped into the water below. Get out of the water and go north to enter the open door. Follow the tunnel to a ledge over a water pool. There are closed doors at the east and west walls. There is a large underwater tunnel in the north wall. Dive into the water and let the water current carried you into the large underwater tunnel. I could not get the Uzi ammo on the floor.


The current stops and just before you enter a smaller tunnel you can see an opening above you. Pull up into that opening. Follow the tunnel to a dark room. Stand jump the slopes to reach a ladder in the north-east corner. Climb the ladder and pull up into a small room. Use the floor lever and get a cut scene of a door opening back at the water pool. Go to the south-east corner and see a tunnel. First climb the wall to the left of the tunnel. Climb to the top and pull up into an outside area. Go to the north-west corner and pick up the crowbar from the snow. Climb down the ladder and enter the tunnel. Follow the tunnel and when the tunnel goes south, a spike ball starts to roll behind you. Go down the ramp and turn to the right to avoid the spike ball. Go west and the door opens for you. You are on a ledge over the water pool.


Stand jump south to grab a ledge. Pull up and crawl forward. Then run and jump the ledges to enter the open door in the west wall. Climb a few blocks and use the crowbar to pry the Golden Star (called Cylinder) from the wall. It is invisible in the inventory. Return to the water and dive in. Get the current carry you north again. This time, enter the smaller north underwater tunnel and swim to the north-east. Pull up onto a west ledge and into a dark area. Climb the ladder on the north wall. Pull up onto a ledge overlooking a large cavern with water to the east. Shoot a brown vase to the north for a large medipack.


Climb down the wall ladder to reach the dock below. Go east and destroy a skeleton. Look north to the sunken skip that has turned turtle (upside down). Swim into the opening in the side and swim north, west, and north down into a hole. Follow the underwater tunnel and pull up into a small room. Shoot a dog and a vase for blue shotgun shells. Use the floor lever and get a cut scene of a door opening behind a small hill. Dive into the water and swim out of the ship. Swim to the south-east corner of the cavern and pull up onto a ledge. Go south and shoot a dog. Continue around a fence and into the room from the cut scene. Jump the hill at the west wall and enter the open door.


Follow the tunnel and go south on an ice bridge. When you hear a spike ball rolling, stop, and return to the north wall. You can see the spike ball roll in front of you and drop into the deadly water. Follow the tunnel to enter a small room. Jump over an obvious spike trap and onto a block. Pick up the Door Key (called Load) from the block and spikes pop from the walls and floor and then retract. Hop over the spikes and return back to the water in the cavern.


Swim north to the end of the ship and dive to the floor. Swim down a hole and follow the west underwater tunnel to pull up into a dark room. Go to the south wall and place the Golden Star to open a door in the north wall. Enter the alcove and us the Door Key to open the next door. Just use the key in front of the door, as there is no visible key lock. Pull up into a room inside the ship. Hop into the north wall opening. Run down the tunnel as the level ends by crashing to the desktop.