Meeting Speed Raiding


Level by Christoph and Clara (June, 2007)


Walkthrough by Harry Laudie



Speed Raiding - Outside


You start near a campfire. There is a timer in the upper right of the screen. The idea is to finish the game as fast as possible. There are many small harmless lizards that run around the area. Just ignore them. Go around the tent and go south. Go up a hill and run forward into the water stream to pick up the crowbar. Look east and see a broken bridge on pillars. Dive into the water and go to the east side of the nearest pillar. Pull down an underwater lever and hear a creaking sound. Swim west and pull up by the water stream. This is the only place to exit the water. Go north and loop around to the right to get onto the bridge. Go to the end and jump forward to grab a vine. Climb the vine and shimmy around to face west. Then back flip to a ledge. Use a floor lever and hear more creaking.


Safety drop to the bridge below. Go east to a small house and use the crowbar to open the door. Enter the house and pull back the barrel from a ladder. Shoot the three-boxes pile and pick up a large medipack. Shoot the wooden structure on top of the corner block. Hop up there and pick up a handle. You get a cut scene of a small anthill. Face the ladder and pull down a ceiling trap door. Climb the ladder to the top and pull down a jump switch. You get a picture of a door opening at the front of the house. Climb the ladder again and back flip into a corridor. Go west and pick up flares. Go onto the balcony and pick up the Rusty Key. If you look south you can see some goats on the hills. They are probably the source of the heavy footsteps that you can hear.


Jump down and go west onto the bridge. Dive into the water and swim west to pull up at the water stream again. Go north and run past the tent and the campfire. Go to the north wall and use the Rusty key to open the gate. Go inside and pick up a torch. Light the torch in the campfire. Go to the north-east corner and see a red gate in the rock wall. Stand in front of the gate and use the torch to set the gate on fire. You get a cut scene of the gate from the opposite side. Drop the torch and shoot a snake that comes through the opening.


Enter and go through a small cave. Exit to another area and see an animal pen and a house to the east. Enter the animal pen and go to the inside north-west corner of the red fence. Drop into a hole for secret #1. Pick up a Golden Rose and get out of the hole. Go east to the house and pull the left block near the steps to the north. The right block has a flowerpot on it. Pick up the Side Entrance Key that was underneath the block. Go south and the camera view changes as you get close to the statue with rings.


Go east and use the key to open the gate. Enter the gate and press the pushbutton on the north wall. A trap door opens beside you. Drop into the hole and go east. Shoot a box and pick up a shovel. You get a cut scene of an anthill. Get out of the hole and return west to the statue with rings. The anthill is at the south-west corner of the statue. Combine the shovel and handle to make a spade.  Save the game before you continue. Stand in the east side of the anthill and face west. Use the spade to dig up the anthill. The animation looks like a key lock. You have disturbed a nest of ants. Run east back to the hole and let the ants drop inside. Then go back to the anthill and pick up the Front Door Key. You may to crouch to get it. Or just suffer the ants, pick up the key and run.


Go north to the house and use the key to open the front door. Enter the door and the level changes.


Speed Raiding - Inside


You start in front of the closed door. There are boxes beside you. Go west and into the left corridor on the ground floor. Near the middle is an opening in the south wall. Enter and follow the corridor as it widens. Go up two ramps and follow the corridor until you see a black box at the west wall. Enter the west corridor beside the black box and push open the door at the end. You see a fireplace at the west wall. Return to the corridor and push the black box into the room. Move the black box under the jump switch on the east wall. Pull down the jump switch and get a cut scene of a wall descending somewhere. Exit the room and go left and then right to find the opening from the cut scene. Enter the alcove and pick up the Red Key from the pedestal. Exit the room and follow the corridors back to the starting area with the boxes.


This time go up the south stairs to the south balcony. Ignore the doorway and go east to a gap in the railing. Run and jump north to grab the chandelier. Climb up onto the top of the chandelier. Stand jump north to grab the chain. Descend to near the middle of the chain and swing north. Release and land on the north chandelier. Pick up the Green Key and run and jump to the north balcony. Run around the balconies and past the windows to the south balcony. Enter the doorway in the south wall.


Go west around the bed. Enter a north corridor in the corner. Go north and see red-lit closed doors opposite a couch. Continue north and enter a room of boxes. Hop onto the nearest box for a small medipack. Go onto the gray box at the east wall. Turn around and look up. You can see ladder style marks on a high beam. Move the farthest west blue box to the east beside the box with a movable blue box on top of it. Move the blue box to your right, south and east to put it against the gray box to the east. Pull back the gray box at the east wall back twice to the west. Now move the higher blue box onto the top of the gray box near the east wall. Climb the box and grab the higher ladder. Climb up and pull up onto the high beam. Go to the south wall and pull down the wall switch. You get a cut scene of the doors by the couch opening. Run and jump to the west beam. Pick up the Golden Rose for secret #2. Safety drop to the floor and exit the room.


Go south and enter the open door. Go up the stairs and use the two keys to open the doors. Enter the doors and follow the corridor south to a door in the west wall. Open the door and enter the room. The floor has collapsed into a pit. Drop into the pit and enter the tunnel in the east wall. Go to the end and pick up the Crown off the pedestal. Return to the pit and pull up back onto the entrance ledge. Exit the door and continue south.


Go to the end of the corridor and enter a door to the east. Enter a room with depressions in the floor. Place the Crown on the pedestal at the west wall. Go south and west to find an opening. This opening was closed earlier. Enter the doorway and run down the ramps. The camera view changes in the long corridor. Cross the checkered pattern on the floor and read the statistics for the speed run. Run a little farther and the level ends.