Level by teme9


Walkthrough by Selene






Pickups: Skull Key, uzi clips, flares, small medipack, uzis, Snake Gem, Stone of Puna (No Secrets)


Enemies: Crocs, bats, raptors, tribesman, lizard, compy dinos



The name of this level is set to The Jungle. We see Lara dropping down through a hole in the rocks into the pool below. Start swimming towards the open area and soon enough you'll spot a crocodile swimming towards you. Hurry past it and over to the left side where you can surface and climb out onto firm land, kill the predator from here. Now locate the fallen block on the ground: straight ahead from it you'll find a ladder on the inside of the pillar to the right. Go up until you see the tall pillar behind Lara, then backflip onto it. Turn left and now you will be able to spot another crocodile in the water below. Kill it from up here and do running jump/grab to reach the lower level of the structure in the middle (right between the two columns).


Walk around to the left and at the end shoot the rusty cage you see ahead and do a running jump to grab onto the block there. Pull up to the right and pick up the Skull Key, then dive back into the water. Return to the ladder the way you did before and climb it up, then backflip onto the top pillar. This time jump straight up while pressing Action to grab onto the block above the ladder. Pull up and turn left to face the roof of the central platform. Now do a running jump towards it, pressing Action to grab the edge. Walk over to the other side, go right to the corner and look down. Across you will see a ledge with a column on each side, down near the water. You have to do a running jump towards the other side, quickly tapping Action so that her arch will be lowered and she'll sail down to land on the ledge between the columns (losing a bit of health in the process).


Press the Look key so that you'll get the right camera angle to be able to spot the opening in the wall ahead. Also notice the underwater lever tucked safely behind the spikes in the water below and the two tiles in each corner. You need to find something that can put pressure on the two ornate tiles so that the spikes will be disabled. Do a running jump over to the opening and start up the ramp, draw guns and kill the two bats fluttering down from the ceiling. Pull away the skeleton and retrieve the uzi clips from underneath it, you'll find some more clips on the left side of the ramp. The bars on top of the ramp are holding back two boulders. Position Lara at the start of the ramp on either side, draw guns and jump up while shooting. She should break the bars in front of the first boulder so immediately sideflip to the other side of the ramp to avoid it (sideflip right if you're standing on the left side and vice versa). Repeat the procedure to release the second boulder as well.


Return to the water and you'll now find that the boulders have put the right amount of pressure on the ornate tiles and the spikes are thus gone. Dive into the water and pull the lever, opening a gate somewhere else in the area.


Once again swim back to the shore where you climbed out to kill the croc before. Now look up to the right to find the gate you opened earlier. Notice that there are two boulders hanging above the entrance: stand with Lara's back to the slope below the open gate, backflip up there and as the boulders are set off immediately jump forwards and out of the way. Return to the gate and jump up there. There's a red gate ahead (closed, of course) and a jump switch up to the left of the entrance. Lara can't reach it yet, but go over to the right-hand side of the building with the red gate and here you'll find a moveable block. Pull it out and move it underneath the jump switch. You can now climb the block and jump up to grab the switch, opening the gate behind you.


Drop down onto the tall pillar and from there drop down to the ground. You'll find a closed gate W, use your key here to open it. In the next, dark room youíll find some stairs leading down. Stick to one side and start going down, then immediately sideflip to avoid the boulder that comes rolling down from the room behind Lara. Walk to the end and look down towards where the boulder landed, but be careful. Thereís a slope ahead and the bottom is nothing but one big spike trap. Look towards the left side to find a block and a ladder leading up. Youíll need to do a standing jump angled towards the block below the ladder, so that Lara will slide down onto it. Climb the ladder to the top and pull up.


At the far end youíll see a red gate. It is closed so weíll have to find a way of opening it. Notice that between you and up to the gate youíll find two junctions. At the end of each side of the junctions youíll find a wheel switch around the corner (so four wheels altogether). Youíll have to reach each of these, while being careful to avoid the steam coming out of the wall at the left and right end. Once youíve turned all four wheels the red gate will open and you can cross through.


Do not drop down onto the block below yet. Instead kill the crocs in the pool first. If you canít get a clear shot of them from above, try to dive into the pool and climb out onto the low block directly below the entrance. As you will see when doing this there is a blade slashing through the red gate in the wall not far from where you stand. If you were to drop down onto the block by hanging from the edge, Lara would land so close to the blade that she would take damage from it.


Thereís nothing of interest in the pool itself, only a strong current. Turn to face the wooden pillar S and you should find a crevice running along it. Do a running jump from the approximate middle of the block to grab said crack and shimmy around to the right until you can drop down onto a wooden block. Turn left and make your way to the next block by the horizontal swing pole. Turn right and continue swinging your way over to the last block. Here youíll find a jump switch on the wall ahead, pulling it down opens the red gate in front of the slashing blade.


Now you have to return to the block by the blade and youíll have no choice but to get past it. The only possible way I could find was to stand next to it and sideflip as the blade cuts away from Lara. She will lose quite a bit of health, but itís better than dying. In the next room parts of the floor is spike trapped so be careful. Youíll also find a red gate (currently closed) in the S wall. Light a flare to get a better look at the floor tiles and urns in the room. Youíll find two urns and two black floor tiles (one by the S wall and one by the N wall). Move the nearest urn onto each of the black tiles while avoiding the spike traps and the red gate opens.


Beyond the gate youíll see a long row of burner traps. On each side youíll find a short slope and above the slopes a monkeyswing. The easiest way I found was to stand facing the rightmost slope, jump ahead towards it and roll in mid-air. As Lara hits the slope (she should now be facing the door you came through), jump forwards and press Action to grab the monkeyswing. Turn around and traverse ahead until she can drop down onto a tall block. From here you can kill the raptors down in the pit to the right (theyíre a bit elusive so if you canít kill them both from this point, you can do so afterwards).


Do a running jump to the end of the room and kill the raptors if you havenít already (in my case at least one of them had gotten a bit disoriented and was ramming against the wall or pull the switch on the wall instead). Ignore the switch on the wall to the left for now (if you havenít already pulled it), instead drop into the raptor pit and pick up the flares in the corner (the spikes are currently disabled). Climb out the same way you came from and now you can pull the switch I mentioned. This activates the spikes in the pit and also raises a block to help you across to the other side.


On the other side youíll find a closed red gate and a small medipack in front of it. Go to the right side of the room and in the N/E corner youíll find a passage where you can climb up. Lo and behold: you are now standing above the pool from earlier. Make your way across the blocks ahead with running jumps and turn the wheel over at the last one. This opens the red gate in the room where you were not too long ago so return there and shoot away the rusty bars in front of the doorway.


In the next room youíre met by a hostile tribesman and a green lizard. You can kill both of them from safety if you stay near the entrance. Pick up the uzi clips on the ground and behind the red fence to the right youíll find the uzis. Now head through the opening in the W wall. The next area is a marsh and it also functions as a crocís nest of sorts. This is rather hard to see due to the fixed camera angle (not to mention due to the overgrowth of shrubs and trees), but just try to kill them as best you can. Wade along the N wall until you finally find a crawlspace where you can pull up. Immediately draw guns and kill the small dinos attacking you and crawl through to the other side.


Go left and climb the block here. Turn around 360 degrees and backflip to the block behind, being cautious with the steam. Turn left and now do a running jump while pressing Action to grab the block you see across the way, clearing the three steam pipes (do not pull up immediately, instead shimmy right around the corner to avoid the steam here). Climb the next block and the next one after there again. Now youíll have to do another running jump and grab past the steam, try timing your run and jump after the final steam pipe rather than the first one. Continue making your way up to the top until you can do a running jump over to the wooden bridge across the room.


Thereís a closed gate on the opposite side, drop into the pit below and locate the button on the wall at the far end. Pushing this opens the aforementioned gate so go back to where the bridge is slightly lower and pull up there. Now cross the bridges and go through the open gate. On the other side youíre treated to a fly-by of a small temple-like building. As the camera pans back to Lara youíll also find that sheís under attack by a pack of raptors. These creatures are poisonous so if youíre bitten thereís no way out but using a medipack. You can run over to the ledges surrounding the building and climb up there, they wonít reach Lara and she can kill them from safety.


On top of the building on the N side youíll find a closed gate and a snake receptacle left of it. Around the ledges to the right youíll find a switch which activates a spike trap down below, but this frankly isnít necessary unless you want to give the raptors a small surprise (if there are still any left of them). Go around to the left and youíll find a small pool. Swim through there and pull up onto the slope to the right. Backflip to land on a block with a skeleton, then turn left to spot a jump switch on the wall. If you want to reach it youíll have to do a running jump and grab from the edge where you land when backflipping onto this block.


Return to the temple-like building and go around it to the left. Youíll find that a gate in the N wall has opened, allowing you to go through. As the burner floor dictates, itís impossible to get across that way, but you can easily pull up onto the slope on either the left or the right side and backflip to the block behind. Now make your way across to the other side jumping from block to block. At the end pick up the Snake Gem from the pedestal and return to the temple the same way you came.


Insert the gem in its rightful place in the snakeís mouth and the main gate of the temple opens. Go through and climb the steps up to the top. This enjoyable little adventure comes to an end as you pick up what is presumed to be the Lost Stone of Puna.