South Pacific Contest:  TIME MACHINE


Level by Lara Croft


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth



You begin in an interior room looking through a closed gate into another room containing a couple of boxes.  Turn around and hop up into the east opening to pick up two RED DIAMONDS.  Then hop back down to the floor and insert the Red Diamonds in the two snake head receptacles.  Pretty easy so far, no?  But when you insert the second diamond, you experience a mild earthquake and see blue electricity beginning to sputter where the diamonds formerly rested.  Before you know it, you're magically carried back in time to a prehistoric setting and dropped into a tropical lagoon facing a yellow temple of sorts while funky sax music plays in the background.


Turn around to face east and dive down into the water.  Swim forward a short distance and look for a hard-to-see GOLDEN ROSE on the lake floor.  Pick it up for SECRET #1 and swim over to the nearby NE corner to search for an equally hard-to-see SKULLS KEY.  Now swim west toward the temple.  It's not easy to find a place to pull out, but if you turn right and go to the north shore, that seems to be your best bet.  Once on the beach, go west toward the tent.  It's got a force field of some kind that keeps you from entering, but you'll find another SKULLS KEY (whose only apparent reason for being here is if you happened to miss the first one) near the NW peg.  (You can use a Skulls Key to open the gate in the middle passage of the yellow temple, but you need two more keys once inside that you don't yet have, so don't bother for now.  For that matter, the two other passages lead to closed crowbar doors, and you need the crowbar as well.) 


The nearby crate is movable.  Drag it south a long distance, until you've reached the far edge of the waterfall.  There's a very dark area near the cave wall west.  Pull and push the crate two times in that direction, then climb up onto it, turn around to face the waterfall, and jump up into the darkness to grab the fiendishly well-hidden jumpswitch.  A gate opens up in the south wall, but you have no way to reach it at present.  Go beyond the gate to a thin opening at eye level in the south wall.  Stand in front of the opening, draw your pistols and shoot once to shatter a crate at the other end of the narrow passage.  This raises a block behind you and to your right, in front of the gate you opened.  Go there, stand on the jagged brown line behind the raised block, facing north, back flip to the slope behind you and jump off to grab the top of the block.  Pull up, turn around and take a running jump with grab to land inside the opening.


Run forward and to your left, shoot the flimsy barricade in front of the slope opposite the wall torch, and slide down into a new outdoor area.  You're greeted by two baby dinosaurs and a couple of lizard monsters.  Avoid the deadly lava while using your pistols to clear the area.  When order has been restored, push the button in the middle of the north wall to raise a block in the lava.  Then go over to the NW corner and locate another block beneath the closed gate.  Push and pull that block onto the tile jutting out into the lava opposite the raised block.  Climb up onto it and take a running jump and grab to the raised block.  Pull up, turn left and take a standing jump and grab to the opening in the bridge structure.  Pull up inside and note for later the scales on the ledge.  Shoot the barricade in the NW opening and keep your pistols out as two natives come prancing toward you.  After killing them, go where they came from and push the block away from a wheel.  Turn the wheel to open the gate in the north wall of the building behind you.


Go back to the previous room, hang from the edge of the opening where you pulled up and release to land on a tile in the lava.  Turn around and take a standing jump onto the raised block.  Take a running jump and grab to the next block north.  If you find it difficult to make the grab, give yourself a little more running room by doing this: hang from the north edge, pull up and reverse roll, and start your running jump from there.  Hop down, run forward and jump or pull up into the north opening.  Three bats immediately fly to the attack, so deal with them.  Step inside the low-ceilinged room and note the wooden crowbar doors to your left for later.  Go around to the NE alcove and turn the wheel you'll find there.  Another block is raised in the lava outside, but don't go there yet.  Pull out the block from the NW corner and leave it between the two crowbar doors.  Go inside the revealed NW passage and pull down the wall switch for a cut scene showing that yet another block has been raised in the lava outside.


Go outside and use the blocks as you did earlier to get inside the bridge structure (the new raised block gets in your way a bit).  Go to the floor opening against the east wall and drop down onto another new raised block.  Take a running jump slightly SE to the next raised block, face south and take a running jump to the lower ledge against the east wall (the closer and higher ledge is a deadly burner tile) or to the even lower pinkish ledge surrounding the small pool of clear water.  (You can shimmy past the waterfall and reach the west ledge, but I saw no clear purpose in doing so.  There's a deadly burner section over there as well.)  Jump into the water and swim down the shaft into a larger area where you'll find the OILCAN directly beneath you in an underwater trench.    Swim south toward the opening.  Don't enter the opening, but look up to your right on the ledge and locate the GOLDEN ROSE in the SW corner for SECRET #2.  Get some uzi ammo on the east shelf near the SE corner, then swim back north to the shaft and go up for some air.


Swim back down and go through the narrow opening in the west wall.  Enter the passage and beware of the spike trap that's activated by your prescence.  Swim carefully past it and follow the tunnel (ignoring the opening on your right, which leads to a closed gate) to a second spike trap at the next bend.  Follow into the next room east and stay to your right as you swim past the opening to your left.  A spike gate slams shut, impaling a skeleton in the process.  (If you had entered this opening from the other side, you would have been stuck here with no way out, as the opening to the spike traps behind you would have been closed as well.)  Pull the lever in the east wall, and a cut scene shows a wall torch being lighted for your later use.  Flip turn and swim past the first spike trap.  The gate in the tunnel branch to your left is now open, so pause there for some air.  You can go no further here, however, as a crowbar door at the other end bars your way.


Swim north past the second spike trap and emerge in the underwater trench area.  Turn left and locate the shaft, swim up and pull out into the outdoor lava pool area.  Take a running jump and grab to the north block, pull up and take a running jump west to the next block, using grab to keep from bumping your head against the bridge structure.  (You may be hearing by this time the annoying sound of a far-off demigod's frustrated efforts to fire at you.  But wherever it may be, you won't encounter it in this level.) Pull up into the structure, cross the room and hop down through the hole onto the block below.  Run across to the adjacent block, and you'll see that a new block has been raised NE in the lava.  You'll see why in a minute.  Get across to the north bank and pull up into the opening in the north wall.  Go to the end of the NW alcove, past the wall switch, and pick up a TORCH.  Take it back to light it on the wall torch in the main room.  Go outside and hop up onto the first block.  Take a running jump with grab to reach the intermediate block underneath the bridge structure, then keep hopping routinely until you're inside the structure.  Drop the torch briefly, then get onto the ledge and empty the contents of the Oilcan into the scales.  Go back and retrieve the torch, hop up and light the mixture.  The SE door opens, so hop down and enter the new room to spook a native.  Kill him, then pick up the CROWBAR in the corner. 


There's a hole in the ceiling, but it's too far up for you to reach.  Go back to the NW room where you shot the first pair of natives, and drag the block there over to the SE room (being careful to avoid the floor openings along the way) beneath the ceiling hole.  Use it to hop onto the roof of the bridge structure and locate the uzi ammo near the skeleton.  There's nothing else to do up here, but notice the opening in the spear fencing at the NE corner.  This provides a way to a high opening above the pillar in the north wall of the building, but right now the opening is blocked by a gate, and you need to find a way to open it.


Pull up through the foliage onto the north tree and turn left.  Simply run west off the tree, and you'll pass through the foliage and land safely on the first block.  Hop off to your right and pull up into the opening in the north wall, and use your crowbar to open both doors.  The next room appears to be empty.  However, you'll notice two holes in the ceiling that are decorated with snake head statues.  There's a mobile block in the SW corner.  Move it under both snake heads, and you'll be rewarded with a cut scene showing the gate lifting at the upper north opening.  Make your way back onto the roof of the bridge structure as previously described, and go to the fence opening at the NE corner.  Facing west, take a running jump and grab to the ledge, and shimmy left all the way to the wall of the building.  Pull up and back flip to the ledge in front of the opening.  Slide down the slope into a familiar area.


Now that you have the crowbar, you know what to do.  Slide down to the lakeshore and head over toward the yellow temple.  It probably makes no difference which passage you take, so let's take the far left one first.  Open the crowbar gate at the end and step inside to find yourself at the top of a long slope.  Slide down two conjoined slopes and be prepared to jump off with a curve to your left as you near the bottom of the second one.  You'll land on a ledge.  Climb down the long ladder and head over to the NW passage apparently blocked by a large bush.  However, you can walk right through it into a small enclosed area.  Pick up the GOLDEN ROSE in the corner for SECRET #3, then continue with the UZIS and two stashes of uzi ammo.  Climb back up the ladder and step out to the NW corner of the ledge to face the two horizontal poles.


Face slightly NW and take a running jump and grab to the first pole.  Spin around and release with a curve to your right and grab the second pole.  Spin around once more and release to land, hopefully, on the bridge soanning the NW passage.  Take a standing jump west and follow the path to a grove of square trees.  A couple of monkeys are walking around, and in fact may both be stuck in the closed south door when you arrive.  Look around for the RED DIAMOND near the SW corner of the grove, and insert it in the snake head receptacle to the right of the closed gate.  If one or both monkeys are in the way, simply shoot them in cold blood, but hopefully that won't be necessary.


The translucent floor in the next room is safe, so go inside and note the closed door in the south wall.  As you approach it, two lizard monsters come out from behind the far columns, together with two bats, so clear the area of enemies before continuing.  If the monkeys survived your entry into this room and accompanied you inside, their luck may have run out during this battle.  Hop up into the bright SW alcove where the light is pouring through the window, and pull down the wall switch.  The south door is still closed, so hop down and locate the jump switch in the east face of the SE column.  Activate it, and you'll hear the creaky sound of the south door opening.  Run up the ramp and pause to take the RED KEY from the pedestal at the bend.  A crate door opens in the tunnel ahead and a crocodile lumbers down to greet you, so kill it before continuing up the ramp.  Shoot two more bats that are fluttering around near the far end of the tunnel.  You'll pass another crate door along the way (which may have opened at the same time as the first one), but it doesn't respond to your crowbar.


Jump into the water at the end of the passage and swim to a T-intersection.  Turn left and time your way past the spikes.  Continue until you emerge in a familiar area, turn left and swim up the shaft to return to the lava area.  Pull out and make your way back up to the roof of the bridge structure and to the upper opening in the north wall of the building.  Slide down into the lake area and run over to the yellow temple.  Enter the far right passage and use the crowbar to open the gate.


Step inside and pick up the uzi ammo, then slide down the slope to a lower area.  Follow the tunnel west to a brightly lit grove with more square trees and monkeys.    There's some uzi ammo next to the NW tree.  Locate the ladder in the west face of the central tree and climb up a short distance.  Back flip through the foliage onto a branch, pull up north and turn around to face slightly SE from the rear high corner.  Take a standing jump and grab the higher branch.  Pull up and turn left to face north.  Take a standing jump toward the zip line and jump off three sloped surfaces surrounding the tree ahead.  After the third one, grab the horizontal pole, spin around once and release to land on the far end of a south branch.  Turn to your right, jump up and grab and pull up to a higher branch with the zip line.  Grab the zip line and ride it down to the opening in the north wall.  You can hear a door opening as you release and drop into the water.  Swim forward quickly past the spike trap and pull up into a red-tinted tunnel. 


Run forward into the next area, and the camera angle changes to give you an overhead view of this room.  Your task is to reach and pull down two wall switches.  However, your way to them is barred by a number of closed bamboo gates.  Go back and locate three other wall switches in the anteroom east.  These three wall switches control the bamboo gates.  Pull down the second and third switches (looking from left to right).  This gives you a clear path to the switch in the north wall.  Go pull it down, then return and push the second and third switches back up, and pull down the first switch.  This allows you to reach the other switch in the west wall.  Go there, pull it down, then return to the three walls switches and push the first one back up (so that they're all now up).  The exit tunnel in the SW corner of the maze is now open, so wind your way there and enter a small room where camera control is restored.  Take the GREEN KEY from the pedestal.  You'll experience another mild earthquake and see some sputtering blue electrical flashes before you're magically transported back to the yellow temple, right in front of the central gate you now need to open. 


Use one of those Skulls Keys you've been carrying around for so long, and when the gate lifts up, go inside and use the Red Key and Green Key in their appropriate receptacles to open the twin gates leading to a small lake.  There's a nearby kayak that you can use if you choose, although you may decide you'd rather swim or climb your way to your destination west.  All three choices are available.  Just be sure that, when you reach the second enclosure along the way, you pull up to your left and push the wall button that opens the gate at the far end.  (The gate seems to be on a timer, but if so, it's a very generous timer and should therefore pose no problem.)  Run up the ramp south and enter a new outdoor area.  The gate closes behind you as a raptor trudges forth from your right.  However, it may be more interested in the closed gate or in the nearby fat palm tree than in you.  If so, just ignore it and go where it came from, as the closed gates in the south building won't respond to your crowbar. 


Go past the remains of the raptor's earlier meals (noting the snake head receptacle in the nearby wall) and follow the passage to a ramp leading down to a lava room.  Don't try to get across by using the horizontal bar, as you won't make it.  Instead, hop up into the near window sill and make a running jump with a right curve across to the other side.  You find yourself in a mirror room.  Before doing anything else, go over to the SW corner and pick up the RED DIAMOND.  You now need to raise a block in the NW corner so you can push a floor lever on the adjacent block.  Look in the mirror, and you'll see that of the six levers located at floor level, three of them don't match up.  To make everything consistent, push the SE lever (the one close to the mirror) and the two in the back row that are facing the wall (so that all four face the mirror). 


Use the horizontal pole to cross the lava pool, then run up the ramp and through the passage into the raptor's lair.  Insert the Red Diamond in the snake head receptacle to raise the corner block in the previous room.  Go back there the way you did earlier and hop onto the raised block.  Push the floor lever, and a cut scene will show the gates opening in the building outside.  Go there and see what activity the raptor is engaged in now.  Whatever it is, it's likely it won't bother you, so enter the south building and shoot the bat and the lizard monster inside.  Then look around and you'll note a number of closed doors and gates on two levels as you explore the area, together with two inaccessible jump switches.  Go up the slight hill and turn to your right.  As you approach the NW opening you'll trigger a spike trap.  Time a run past the spikes and stop at the top of the slope.  Those three dark squares on the slope contain land mines, so if you simply slide down you'll die rather spectacularly.  Save your game here, give it a try, and you'll see what I mean.  To get down safely, stand in the middle of the square at the top of the slope.  Take a standing jump forward and keep the jump key depressed until you reach the bottom safely.  Run along the short tunnel and climb the block steps to your left.  When you reach the third block step, pull down the wall switch to your left to open the gate up at the top.


Resume your climb, and you'll emerge near the spike-trapped opening.  Go back down the hill to find that the gate in the west wall is open.  Pull the crate out twice, then get up onto it and activate the nearer jump switch.  Continue pulling the crate to the east and activate the jump switch at the other end.  Go up the hill to the SW block and use it to access the west upper passage.  Go around to your right and find that another gate has been opened.  Go inside to alert a raptor, which promptly runs to the doorway and starts trotting back and forth from this room to the outer hall.   There are four wall switches in this room.  Push two of them north, so that all four are facing the torches.  The two unlit torches spring into flames, mute testimony that you've done your job correctly.  Go back out, around the raptor (avoid its swinging tail by following it out to its right), and hop down to the lower level.  Climb up onto the SE block and hop up into the higher east passage.  The gate at the top of the ramp is now open, so go inside and stand on the central platform.  You'll see some more of those sputtering blue electric arcs as you're shown an outdoor-indoor flyby, ending with a view of an artifact cache, before being transported to a cramped alcove above a water hole.


Jump into the water, flip turn and swim north to an immediate T-intersection.  Turn left (going to your right leads to a dead end), then right, and follow the passage until you reach a small medi-pack and a GOLDEN ROSE for SECRET #4.  Go back the same way you came, get some air, and this time swim south and then east through a narrow slit.  Turn right at the T-intersection (going left leads to a fatal trap) and follow to a tunnel guarded by four spike traps.  Swim carefully past them.  Swim down the shaft after you pass the last spike trap and flip turn to face an underwater temple.  You probably need air badly by this time, so swim straight forward into the upper opening in the west wall.  Pull up for air while you're being surrounded by three lizard monsters.  They won't come into the water after you, so simply wade forward until you're able to draw a suitable weapon, then blow them all away. 


Return to the water and swim back outside.  Note for later the closed gates in the wast wall and go to the rear of the temple at the west wall.  Pick up the RED KEY at the bottom of the trench, then swim up a short distance and pull the underwater lever in the wall of the temple for a cut scene showing a bamboo gate opening nearby.  Go back to where you shot the lizard monsters and pull out.  You can see the gateway you just opened up in the north wall.  But first, head south past the waterfall on either side and come to a larger lake with a large triangular opening at the far side.  Go into the lake and wade and splash about until you locate the GREEN KEY.  There's a dark rock at the north edge of the lake.  Stand at its highest point, facing north, jump up to grab the bamboo bridge and pull up.  Go around to the north side of the central structure and face the opening there.  The central tiles are booby-trapped with land mines, so jump over them and open the gate with your crowbar.  This activates the booby trap, so you don't have to worry about it any more.  Go inside the alcove and pick up the OILCAN, then go back out and return to the lakeside (south) portion of the bamboo bridge.  Safety drop into the lake and wade over to the south side. 


Enter the triangular opening and go past the monkeys over the oddly undulating ground into an outdoor area with a central temple.  Go to the rear of the temple and locate the jump switch in the SW support column.  Activate it to open the two gates in the underwater temple.  Go there, enter the right alcove for the WATERSKIN and the left alcove to pull an underwater lever.  Flip turn and return to the room where you shot the lizard monsters.  Before you forget, go ahead and fill the waterskin so you won't have to come back later.  Note that a block has been raised near the NW corner, allowing access to the bamboo bridge along the north wall.  Pull up there and go through the open north doorway.  You'll pass a closed bamboo door to your left as you enter a shallow canal where you'll find another kayak.  Get inside and row north underneath the obstructions until you reach a camp site where a T-Rex is stomping about.  Get out of the kayak (alt + right or left arrow key) and use your uzis, if you have any remaining ammo, and if that's not enough then you'll need to rely on your pistols to finish it off.  Good luck.  (Actually, at one point while I had paused the game in order to type this, I came back to find that the T-Rex had frozen in mid stride.  Count yourself fortunate if that should happen to you.) 


Pull up into the camp site and go past the yellow building to the NE corner.  You'll find a wall switch partially concealed behind a bush.  Pull it down to open the gate in the nearby south wall.  Enter the building that you saw in the flyby, and pick up the large medi-pack in the center of the room.  Push the two brass spitoons underneath the snake head ornament on either side to open the gate in the south wall.  Enter the next room and pick up the LEFT GREAVE (bamboo door to torch cache opens), the RIGHT GREAVE (a block rises next to the outdoor temple), the AMULET OF HORUS (a block rises in the waterfall room), and the BREAST PLATE (no cut scene, so maybe this one is just for good luck).


Exit this building, go back to the kayak, and row underneath the obstructions until you reach the south passage.  Get out of the kayak and enter the passage.  Turn into the alcove to your right and pick up a TORCH.  Continue onto the bamboo bridge, run off onto the raised block and from there hop down to the floor.  Hop up onto the next raised block south, and from there to the bamboo bridge.  Enter the south opening and light the torch from the flaming wall sconce.  Get back down to the lower floor and go past the waterfall to the lake area.  Carefully make your way across the lake.  There are places where Lara will have to doggie paddle, but the torch won't go out.  When you get to the other side, approach the temple and hop up onto the lower block.  From there, hop to the higher block (the monkeys have probably already staked out a claim there) and then jump to the roof.  Drop the torch briefly, empty your oilskin into the scales on your left and the waterskin into the scales on your right.  Pick up the torch and light the oil, and you'll see the bamboo gates opening in the west wall of the waterfall room. 


Go there and enter.  Stand on the raised platform and use your Red Key and Green Key in the proper receptacles.   You'll hear a slight rumbling and see flashing blue sparks before you're transported back to the present where you began this level.  The gate that was closed before is now open, so go inside and shoot the gray box in the corner.  Pick up the GOLDEN ROSE for SECRET #5, head for the bright sunshine south and the level ends.