Level by Trent Kurtis

Walkthrough provided by the builder in French, and translated into English by Eric Claire.

Slide, and continue on the way. When you are arrived at the edge of the cliff, take a look around and enjoy the surroundings. Then dive.

Secret #1 (optional): Go swimming near the waterfalls located at the right side of the little island. Find a small opening at the bottom of the water. Go inside and take Shotgun ammo. Swim back.

Pull up on the central island, and climb a couple of blocks .
Face the void and grab the rope with a standing jump.

Authorís intended way: Donít go down on the rope for you are at the right height already.

Swing, so to grab the bars farther. Shift right on the bars and continue to climb until the platform.

Easier way: Go down on the rope to the lower point. Swing and Lara will pass through the roof and land on the Platform.

Pull the lever: An underwater gate closes in an underwater corridor and therefore the current stops in the water. Dive and get out of the water into the temple. The entrance is just in front of the central island. Follow the corridor avoiding the traps. You will arrive to a place with 2 ropes. Do not try to progress by the water because the current would take you away. So you have to use the ropes, beware though of the flame emitters that come out from the snake heads. You have to avoid them, if you canít manage to avoid them, you can land in the water after the swing on the second rope so to extinguish the fire, for there is no current in water at the end. Go on solid ground, and follow your way.

[You will see a lamp. If you stand before it and make Action: Lara will kick it.]

Now a simple riddle. To the left is a mirrored room. You will notice differences with the real room: everything is reversed. Beware that the room is trapped! The spikes can be spotted by skeletons in the mirrored room. So just avoid the corresponding tiles in the real room [beware though that the mirrored room can fool you].

Secret #2 (optional): Before continuing your way , look in the mirror : you will notice a monkey swing texture that is not present in the real room. The exact location of the secret is represented by a flame in the mirrored room. Follow the monkey swing (the spikes in the corners may cost you some health). Then after the monkey swing, place Lara in the middle of the square with the flame and make ĎActioní to collect the invisible objects : Shotgun, big and small medipacks.

From the secret, go by the spikes near the stairs that lead to the way out, so not to loose too much health. Notice that this secret can not be retrieved after raiding this room, for spikes will be triggered on the square with the secret. Also if you try to reach the secret by foot, spikes would be triggered then and you would loose health when retrieving the pickups.

Follow your way, at the end of the corridor, kill a Rutland mercenary. Take his shotgun. Step on the movable tile, 2 swinging blades are triggered and a door at the end opens: Beware that it remains open only for 3 seconds then it starts to close! So run with dash to get through the door in time. If you are a bit short, you can also make a roll to pass under the door when it closes. Anyway, if you fail, return at the beginning of the corridor and try again by stepping on the movable tile.

After the timed door, you will find yourself in a big central area. Kill several Rutland mercenaries, and collect shotgun ammo and medipacks. Shoot the boxes and collect one more shotgun ammo.

Before going beyond the ďriverĒ, it is better to get rid of the sentry gun on the platform. With the pistols, shoot on the barrel just below it. With the explosion, the sentry gun is destroyed. Also, to kill the other mercenaries who are beyond the river without loosing health, you can find shelter behind a couple of boxes, jump up and shoot at them until they die. Cross the river.

In the background corridor, shoot the box and collect a small medipack. In the same room, behind a couple of boxes (under the platform where the sentry gun was), collect shotgun ammo.

Secret #3 (important): Before climbing on the platform, come back near the entrance door. With the compass, face West and use the binoculars: there is a texture in the wall which is different from the others. In the corner of this texture, to the right of it, there is a small black stone. Shoot it (jump and shoot several times with the pistols). When itís done, this part of the wall begins to shake and a rock falls on the ground, revealing a passageway. Go inside the corridor, at the end take the Nitro. Come back.

Return to the back of the room, climb a couple of blocks and jump to the platform. You can kick the lamps if you want. Jump to grab a rope, swing and jump to a small ladder that goes down from the ceiling. Shift left, and once on the other side, go down as far as possible [Lara must keep her feet on the ladder though]. Make a jump backwards with a roll, and grab another ladder. Do the same to reach a third ladder. [You can press the F5 key to save your game while grabbing the ladders.]

You should arrive on a platform with boxes. Go to the edge. Flames come out from serpent heads. The flames reveal invisible ledges so to reach the next corner of the room. Take note of the position of the ledges, for the flames will last only 3 seconds after you will have left the platform.
To not be burned by the first flame emitter, place Lara at the edge of the platform , take two steps backwards and make a standing jump to grab the first ledge. Pull up on it, the flames turned off.

Jump from ledge to ledge to reach the end. Once there, take note of the closed doors, jump towards the rope, and grab the ladder that sticks out from the ceiling. Go up to a new room [do you recognize it ?].

Climb the ladder and notice a fissure higher. Climb a bit higher than the fissure, drop and grab the ladder again, so that Laraís arms are at the same height than the fissure. Then shift left until the end. Drop and climb the bars. Up there, continue your way. In the next room, kill a panther. You will notice that it is impossible to go on because you canít reach the stairs on the left. Go then to the back of the room and climb the ladder. Up there, drop and grab the switch. This switch triggers a block and the block breaks the stairs. You can know pull up on the staircases and reach the higher level of this room.

Pull the lever. A camera shows that the room below is flooded, and water is poured to the small waterfalls of the central room. In this big central room, a block has appeared so to let you reach the third platform, without doing again the part with the ladders and invisible platforms. [In the first version of the level, the player should have to redo all the way via the invisible ledges, but I had pity on you , lol.]

Return then to the big room, going down cautiously via the different ladders, climb on the newly raised block and reach the platform.

Go through the doors that are now open. Now you find yourself in a trapped passage. You may notice that ALL darker tiles (of the ground or of the ceiling) are trapped. Avoid the blades, and donít go by the sides nor by the middle, also try not to fall down. So you must progress using the breakable tiles. At the end, jump over the darker tiles which are trapped. Follow the stairs, there are yet again dark tiles to avoid. At the end of the corridor, kill a panther. Follow your way and Ö.ďAh , I missed Ghana !Ē

Step on a tile, a stone falls breaking the platform, giving you an access in case you would fall down in water. Continue to the right though. With a jump, grab the crack of the wall that sticks out. Shift left and once on the other side, stay on the right side of the block and climb a bit. Make a jump with a roll towards a beige block. Then jump from this block to another wall with a fissure. Again, shift left and once on the other side, jump backwards to land on a platform. Climb the ladder. Up there, go near the edge [North]. Make an accurate jump towards the slanted ledge and grab it. Shift right and pull up on the platform. Notice the closed door. Go down to a smaller ledge North. With a standing jump, grab the monkey swing.

On the following platform, spot the ladder and jump to grab it. At the top, go on a few stairs. Farther a block appears so that you can pull a lever by the means of a couple of jumps. This lever opens the previous door below. Go down the way you want.

Enter in a corridor. At the end climb a ladder. Then go down stairs. Avoid dark pits in the dark corridor. You are now in a known place! Spot the ladder. To climb it, drop and grab the edge of the platform. Shift so that Lara can grab the ladder and climb. Follow the water, without going in it or you would die.

Go down and kill a Rutland mercenary. Go upon the ruined bridge, jump on the different breakable tiles to reach the end. You will reach a brighter room. Kill two Rutland mercenaries. Enter an opening and kill a panther. Climb the staircases, left or right, and enter an opening to take Rutlandís message.

Go step on the movable tile. A camera shows expanding blocks, so that you can backtrack, as the breakable tiles are now gone. Take your way back by the new blocks and reach the open door.

Continue by following the water. You reach a cave. Beware of the panther behind you. The cave slanting is sharp. Slide and take a look at the new room. Notice a pushable block on the left side of the room [West]. The goal is to push it into the opening and place it on a tile which will raise another block. But you canít do that yet.

Pull the floor lever. A great block is lowered, revealing a torch, and another block behind a pillar raises, so that you can pull a switch. Take the torch and throw it away, remember where it is though. Climb on the block which has been raised and pull that lever. Another block appears beside the one which hid the torch earlier and that is now lowered. Go pull back the floor lever to raise again this high block. Climb on the small block then on the higher one. You have now access to a new lever on the pillar. Pull it to raise a block along the West wall. You can now move the pushable block! But before doing that, go pick up the torch and light it with the help of the wall flames. Throw it on the patterned tile near by the block [2 clicks high and South] This patterned tile is located below some kind of roots that goes down from the ceiling [the pattern is the same that is on the faces of the raising blocks, a drawing with artistic shapes].

Secret #4 (optional): Easy! Surely you have noticed the room North. There is a spikes wall with pickups [you donít really need those, it is just for the fun]. You can go through the spikes wall, but as soon as you reach the ammo , the wall starts to move and youíre dead. You have to figure out a way to make it move without risking your life. In fact it is simple: take the torch , climb on the high block where it was at the beginning, place Lara under the roots to burn them with the torch, and voilŗ! The spikes wall move, and then disappearsÖYou can now take the pickups without any danger.

Nevertheless if the puzzle with the pushable block is not completed yet,
donít forget to take the torch with you and bring it back on the other block [South] which is not raised yet.

Return to the pushable block. Push it along the wall and then into the opening, and until the end. Then push it once more in an alcove to the left. If you havenít placed the torch on the block that is raised consequently to this manoeuvre , you will have to reload a savegame. I have not succeeded to design this puzzle in a way to make this block raising or lowering as many times as you wish [sorry for that]. So you can do this operation only once. When it is done, climb on the newly raised block , with the torch on it. Take the torch and burn the roots [you may have to jump a bit to set them on fire]. When itís done, a block raises underneath a trapdoor, so that you can escape the place. Once outside, go to the motorcycle.

Secret #5 (important): You must have found Secret #3 to get this secret. Place the Nitro on the motorcycle. Drive towards the smashable wall to break it, and follow the corridor that goes down. Turn right twice to another corridor that goes down. After that , there are two sharp turns to the left and a deep chasm just after the second left turn. Place the motorcycle in the right corner at the end of the corridor that goes down and facing left towards the chasm. Use the power of the Nitro [Dash key] and turn left to go over the chasm. At the end, take Bravoís card.

Cross again the dark corridors with the motorcycle, and you are back in the small clearing.

Go straight ahead (towards the sun, and opposite the secret). The level ends.