Ice Age 2.

Levels by Hochgiftig, Clara and Masha,

Walkthrough Dutchy.

Level 1- Lost Workers Lair.

Lara: “Hmmm…
I need a spare part for my helicopter”

The Main pool.

Lara just got out of the broken down chopper, turn left and get the small medipack from the mound, head W into the building. This is the Main pool you will visit many times. Dive in and swim across to the W side, climb out and look in the N wall for an alcove with the “Frost switch”, meaning when you use it the pool will either freeze over or turn to water again. Use it and remember where it is.

The Trapdoor Key.

Run over the ice to the grated tower and look for the Jumpswitch on the N face of it. Climb up and see an underwater door open up when you use the switch. Head to the NE corner and on some crates is the Trapdoor Key. In the corner NE is a Timed switch opening up a door near the Basin W, the time to get there is too short, this will be for later.

Now you have to climb that concrete bunker in the Main pool, go to the far SW corner of it and look up to spot the crack. Face the bunker, backflip onto the snowhill S and jump to grab that crack. Shimmy left around the corner to where you can use the Key on a ledge. A trapdoor opens up on a ladder behind you. Drop from the ledge and go into the opening W, where you’ll find a basin. Dive in, swim down a bit and E into the tunnel you opened up. Throw an underwater lever and see a trapdoor open up in the Main pool, get out fast, swim up and climb out before that Scuba Guy gets nasty. Shoot him…

The Oxygen Canister.

Go to the Frost switch and throw it, dive into the Main pool and get down into the opening NW, follow into a tunnel with a Propeller, just left of where you come in is an underwater door, open it and climb up onto dry land, use the button left to open the ceiling hatch. Climb up to the storeroom. Turn left and push the crate once, get the Oxygen Canister and climb NW over the lower crate. Pull that crate you pushed all the way to the N, as far as it will go. A Thug will show up, shoot him and get back to work. Move the crate to a grey tile E, between some other crates and a Fire will extinguish E. Climb E over the crates to where that Fire was and shoot the grating behind it. Another Thug will show up, shoot him.

The Supply Key.

Crawl into the ducts and right for the Uzi Ammo, turn around and go N, left for a Medipack, go N again and left. Follow through to where you have to shoot another grating. Go into the small office and shoot the Thug. Open the file cabinet and get the Supply Key. Find the [b]button in the windowsill and push it to open a door in the store room. Crawl back through the ducts and go right, a grating opened up there, push the crate and find another Thug, running about in the store room. Go S and look left (E) for the open door to a staircase, shoot the wooden things and get a small medipack. Go up the broken staircase and shoot another Thug.

Find a button N and push it to open a door up S, get in there and follow the passage. Look up for a hole in the ceiling where you can see the red lamp in the distance. First go to the red light and a Yeti will come around the corner. Shoot it, get the Medipack near the red lamp and head W a bit to the hole in the ceiling, climb up and push the button to lower a block somewhere near that Propeller. Go E and around the corner and drop into the shaft. Swim out to the back of the Propeller, carefully go right around the corner and down a bit to throw an underwater lever (E wall). Turn right and swim into the tunnel, throw the underwater lever on the right hand wall and turn left.

The Nitrogen Canister.

Swim out of the tunnel and into the opening in the bottom, get Secret#1, a Golden Rose. Go up and into that open door N for some air. Swim back out and right into the shaft back up to the Main Pool, climb out W and use the Frost switch. Run over the ice to the bunker and near the grated tower is a ledge where you can use the Supply Key. A trapdoor opens up in the pool. Use the Frost switch again and swim into the SE corner, down into the opening and get the Nitrogen Canister there.
Swim back W and climb out, go to the basin W and dive in.

Flood the Rooms.

Down to an underwater door S, open it and swim over a closed trapdoor to where you climb up in a room, on the S wall are the receptacles for the 2 Canisters, place them and a ceiling hatch opens up. Use the switch between the receptacles and a gate opens E. Go into the gate first, follow up to a room with a small door, open it and shoot the Thug coming out, pick up the small medipack he will drop. Go around the burning mainframe and push the button, a gate opens up. Go back down to the room with the canisters and face S under that open ceiling hatch, jump up and you will just be able to grab the ladder, climb up to where that gate opened up and use the button. The room below floods, swim down and find one of the crates (W) floated up. Use the now revealed underwater lever and see a gate opening up.

Swim out N and up in the basin, climb out E and use the Frost switch, go onto the ice to the ladder on the W wall, go up and backflip to the walkway. Make your way over to the NW corner and look for that open door. Runjump in and follow in to a room with a timed puzzle.

Timed Puzzle.

Use the Timed switch S and turn right, jump/grab to the platform SW where the flame went down, pull up and quickly use the button. Hold “backflip” while Lara pushes it. One more button is just above the one you did, go down to the Timed switch again, use, turn right and run around the central pillar to the W side of it so you can grab up to the ladder, climb up to just under that cage on top and backflip/roll turning left. Run to the button, use it and sideflip away. Jump/grab to the central pillar and climb around so you can backflip to the top ledge E, move the crate to the Tile SE (screen of a door). Go down one level and move the second crate to the SE (screen of a door), climb the N side of the central pillar to just under the cage and backflip/roll/grab into an opening N.

The Fuse.

Follow in and another door to a sloped passage opens up, follow in, shoot the Thug, pick up the Shotgun Ammo[/b]. Follow the passages and go down into a control room. Behind a desk in the alcove NW is a Jumpswitch. It will open a door just right around the corner (W wall) when you come out of the alcove, open the small door inside and go in to push the button (lowers that cage on the pillar). In the SE corner of the control room is some Shotgun Ammo and another Thug or two will show up.

Face W in this control room, grab up to the ledge above, go into the NW corner and shoot a grating, crawl in and push the button to open a trapdoor in the underwater tunnel near the W basin. Crawl out, get a Medipack in the SW corner behind the desk. Roll and quickly jump down E to the passage before another Yeti gets to you, follow back to the room with the crates and jump/grab to that central pillar to get the Fuse from the top of it. Go out SW, jump to the walkway and go down to the ice, to the N side and place the Fuse in the Generator. An underwater door opens up down in the W basin.

Electrical Hazard, the 3 Fire Door Keys.

Go to the basin W and dive down, swim into the tunnel S and down into the open trapdoor, follow through the lower part of the basin and go into the tunnel NW, swim up and climb out. If you wait up a bit the Scuba Guy will show up and you can take him out. Climb the crate SW, jump/grab into the passage W and use the Flood switch. Crates now float around in the room below, jump to the one E and jump around to the NW corner (careful with those cables) Jump/grab up into the passage.

Optional: Light a flare and look for a dark crawlspace low in the W wall, crawl in backwards and get Secret#2 , a Golden Rose.

In the NW corner of the passage is an opening, you can’t go in there yet, first the Spikes have to be disabled.

Go up the stairs and come to a yard. Shoot the Thugs and all the wooden scaffolds you can find and under the stairs N are some Shotgun Ammo and the Fire Door Key. Find a crawlspace under the building NE, get in and shoot a grating so you can use the button, opening up a door in the building S, go up the S stairs and just around the corner is the open door, go in and use a Timed button on the W wall. Backflip/roll turning left and run out in a NE direction straight into the opened door there. Just right around the corner is a Jumpswitch up on the S wall. An underwater gate opens up in the Electrified pool.

Go out and down to the ground floor, out S, down the stairs and jump the crates back to that Flood switch SW, use it and go out, drop down to the floor and go to that gate N and go in to push the button that will open a door in the Yard. Run to the crate SW (a Yeti and a Thug showed up, the Thug will die when you flood the pool), get into the passage to the Flood switch and use it again, jump the crates to the passage NW and go up the stairs, up the N side stairs and find the open door in the end in the N building. Use the button on the Tile and go out, turn left and go into the now open gate of the S building. Open the cabinet and get the 2nd Fire Door Key, shoot a Yeti and a scaffold, get the Uzi Ammo and the Flares and use the button in the corner to open a hatch in the N building. Go out and back into the N building, around the right hand corner, hop over the Skellie and pull up onto the roof.

Shoot the Thug and find a button on the chimney N, those Spikes will go down near the Electrified pool. Drop from the roofs and stairs and go back into the passage S, down the steps. Use the monkeyswing to get to the button down in the end and use it to open a hatch on the rooftops. Get back using the monkeyswing and head up the stairs, to the door in the N building, through the hatch around the corner and up to the roof, go to the SW and drop into the open hatch to get the 3rd Fire Door Key.

Make your way back down to the Electrified pool, jump SW to use the Flood switch again and drop out of the passage. Dive into the hole in the floor to swim back to the Basin, straight across and into the tunnel S, up and N to the Basin, climb out and go over the ice to the N side where the Keyholes are near the Generator. After using the Keys a door will open up above.

The Fire Door, the Security Card.

Go up the ladder SW and backflip to the walkway, go N of the grated tower and into the open door, there’s a lower floor part in the entrance, turn right just before it and push a block in the E wall so you can use the button to close a trapdoor. Get the Flares from the lower floor part and enter the room N, climb a display (with a security card) and face E, grab up to a ladder and climb to the ledge above. A crate SW has to be pushed/pulled into an alcove SE. A Yeti will show up as soon as the door N opens up, just roll and keep doing sideflips while shooting till he drops.

Go into the door N and swim down under the display, use the underwater lever behind the pillar and swim back up, drop to the floor below and enter the display from the N side to get the Security Card. Use the card on the E wall and enter to push the button. Watch the flyby showing the corner with the crate pile and that Timed door at the W Basin.

The Helicopter Spare Part.

The W Basin will now also be frozen over so you should be able to reach that Timed door. Go down to the frozen Main Pool, into the NE corner and save in front of the Timed switch. Pull and backflip/roll turning left, run around the corner and head W, sprint and get into the door in time. Maybe even use a roll (hit “Alt” while sprinting) just before you reach it to launch Lara through. Shoot the scaffold and get the Helicopter Spare Part, watch the flyby of Lara placing the Spare Part and giving the Helicopter a kick to fire it up.

Level 2- The Institute of Genetic Research.

Institute of Genetic Research, New York.

The Helicopter landed on the roof of a high rise in New York. Go around to the E side of the structure and open the small door, left around the corner is a crate you can shoot for some Flares. Climb the corroded block next to the ladder and face S to open the ceiling hatch. Climb the ladder to the roof and walk to the S side, look up N on the chimney and spot the Jumpswitch. Use it to open a trapdoor in the structure.

The Management Floor Key.

Get back down the ladder and drop into the lower passage, open the door and enter the Institute. On the left in the passage is a closed gate, kick the door S in and as soon as you step through that gate opens up, the alarm sounds and a Guard comes out, shoot him and go into the room he left. Open the cabinet (stand one step back) and get the Management Floor Key. Hop onto the table and grab the Shotgun. Leave and go through the S door to the Main staircase.

Main staircase.

Follow down to a door you can open with the Management Floor Key and go in, left and to that white statue, push it aside so you can use the button behind it. Enter the door to the left and come to an office, find Uzi Ammo in a vase SE, head to the display NW and push it 3 times into the next room.*

*Optional: Take 2 hops back and look up for a shaft with a ladder, climb up and into the crawlspace for Secret#3 , a stack of Gold Coins. Climb back down.


On the W wall is a painting, shoot it and hop in to push the button. A door opens back in the corridor. Go back out of the offices and turn right to the open door to enter a corridor with restrooms. Open the first door on the right (Men) and shoot the Thug to get his Uzis. Go out and right into the Ladies restroom. Shoot the window and go out on the walkway, head N and open the first door to the right, shoot the crate W and get a Medipack. Open the cabinet E and get the Laboratory Access Card.

Go out and N and run around the walkway to a box of Shotgun Ammo, nothing more around here so return and go into the last windows left, to the corridor and carefully to that elevator that seems to be out of order.

The Elevator Shaft.

Do not open the blue doors… Shoot that barrier and stand at the edge, save and runjump to that chain E behind the rope and grab it.*

Optional: Climb up almost to the top and turn look left for an alcove near the ceiling, turn right so you face the other way and backflip into the alcove to get Secret#4 , a stack of Gold Coins. Jump back to grab the chain.


Go down (with your back to the entrance) till you see an alcove with Flares, turn around and backflip into that alcove, grab the Flares and look SW, there’s another alcove in the wall. Runjump with a sharp left curve out of the alcove and jump onto a ledge with a steam pipe, from the corner a hop with a left curve and grab in the end to land into the alcove with the button. A hatch will open in the roof of the elevator. Safety drop to the ledge below and go down into the elevator. Shoot the cover from the switchbox NE and throw the switch to open a trapdoor. Climb down the ladder, jump/grab another and go all the way down, shoot those Rats and get the Emergency Fuse from the floor.*

Optional for a Secret:
Open the door to the store room W and go in. Shoot more Rats first and go find a push able cardboard box along the W wall and move it aside to use the button behind it. Go to a raised block NE and grab up into the crawlspace E to get
Secret#5 , a stack of Gold Coins. Climb back out, shoot the crate left of the block and get the 2x Uzi Ammo.


Climb back up to the Elevator, doing a backflip/roll/grab from about all the way up and place the Fuse in the box SW. Look up W and see the doors opened up, climb up to the corridor and stand at the entrance to the Test Labs. NE is a door opening up with a button, it’s a shortcut back to the Main staircase, maybe in case you forgot the Laboratory Access Card.

Test Labs.

Open the door with the Card and enter.

Nasty Laser.

Shoot the grating and if you want to go for a small medipack, face SW, duck when the Laser moves right and crawl to where you can stand, jump onto the ledge S and grab the small medipack, run off the ledge as the Laser moves away and get back into the entrance before it returns. Make sure you have full health and face NW now, go in when the Laser moves left, crawl fast and I just crawled in, taking a bit of damage. You could try to stand up as soon as possible and jump forward, but that didn’t work for me.

Nasty Jumps.

Turn around inside and climb the ladder, up the block left and runjump in a NE direction, keep jumping the sloped sides to the blocks E. Now slide backwards as far as possible, backflip and this way land high up on the slope behind you. Immediately jump with a sharp right curve and grab the corner of the block. There’s a safe ledge below from which you can also attempt these jumps.

Control Room.

In the corner of the next passage is a marked tile, push the block left in till you find a button. Push it to open a trapdoor. Guards come running out of doors in the Control room below. Go E and down from the walkway using a ladder on the N wall. Shoot the resistance and go hop onto a block S, get the Medipack and then find the button W of the block (W wall) opening up a gate in the end of the walkway above. There’s also a button on the block itself, closing the trapdoor in the walkway, no idea why…

Timed Run.

Climb back up there and go E, jump to the ledge E and turn around, jump onto the top of the walkway and spot the gate SW, that’s where you have to go in a Timed run now. Get back down to the Control room, go down the steps NE and to a covered switch on the N wall at the deadly pools. Shoot the cover and save. Pull, backflip roll, jump left over the corner of the pool, do that again to cut corners and quickly climb the ladder N, climb off right and turn right, runjump to that ledge E, roll and runjump back onto the top of the walkway, run W and curve left to jump to a lower ledge SW. Climb up to the ledge at the open gate and get in, follow past closed gates to a small control room with an Alien in some kind of a test setting.

The Lecture Hall Key.

Facing N from the Alien you’ll find a button. It will open a gate on the ledge you face, climb in there and throw the lever. A Nice Creature comes running into the room and starts killing a Dog and a Guard. Then he/she runs off, back to where it came from. Go in there (SW) and see a Body of a Guard dragging itself from a Key. Get that Lecture Hall Key and go on to the Main staircase. Follow down and come to the door with the green Keyhole. If you go down all the way you will come to the ground floor Hall and a Dog and a Guard will attack. In a vase is some Shotgun Ammo. Go back and open that door with the Lecture Hall Key.

The Lecture Hall, the Acid Control Access.

Go in and that Creature (horseman) will attack, shoot him and go all the way down the steps to get some Flares, go back up to where you came in and face N. Runjump to grab a crack and shimmy all the way left to where you can climb up. Shoot the grating and get the Acid Control Access. Drop from the ledge and get back out to the Main staircase. Follow up to the first open door and go back into that small control room with the Alien, go up NW. Open the gate up with the button (you may have to push it twice) and safety drop into the Control room below, on top of the block S is the receptacle for the Acid Control Access (there’s some Uzi Ammo on the floor of the Control room, dropped by one of the Baddies). A gate opens, high up W, climb the ladder N, go E and jump to the ledge, jump to the top of the walkway, to the raised block SW and hop into the opening W.

Shoot the small computer and get back down to the ground floor, make your way down to the Acid Pools E and climb down into both now drained pools. Something remained there and those are Creatures you have to shoot and that can take a while. After killing them you can collect DNA Crystal #2 and #3 from the small pools. Climb out and go out NW, watch the cutscenes and end up in a Space ship.

Level 3- The Red Planet.

Pick up the Shotgun Ammo and step out through the gate opening up for you. Don’t shoot the Black Guy, he’s friendly, go right around the corners and head S to a cabinet, open it and get the Leaflets.

Emergency Instructions
In case of contact with DNA Crystal Acid… Drink some water from the Sapphire Spring to stop Mutation. H. (When you have a good look at Lara, you can see the blue spots, she must have been contaminated….)

Turn right and run W to that Control panel in front of the window, jump on and head N to get the Medipack there, go back down to the S side of the ship and climb a ladder on the central structure. Go past the machine to the N and runjump/grab over to a ledge N to get Flares NW, jump back, go SE and shoot some boxes on the ledge E. jump over and get the Uzi Ammo, pull the 2 wooden crates out of the corner and push the button to open a trapdoor on ground level. Drop down and find it NE of the main structure. Climb down to the Planet surface.

The Crowbar.

Go around to the S side of the ship and find a ladder to climb up to the top of it. There are 4 pushable block, E and W. Move them onto the 4 marked tiles close by. Go down one level and on the NE corner a block went down revealing a switch. A gate will open up down E, get back down that ladder S and head through the gate, notice a closed gate in the E side rocks. Climb up NE (face N), turn R and climb up to a lever. Throw it and get back down, head to that gate which will now be open. Inside is a Spider, shoot it and go in, left around the corner behind the cobweb is a cabinet, open it to get the Crowbar and go back out.

Climb up N again and this time jump up E, head up straight E to the old graveyard and just past an old tree stump you’ll find a breakable floor, run over it to open it up and climb down or just let go to drop down the shaft into the flooded cave below. Swim into the far SW corner and get the Shotgun Ammo, swim back to the shaft and climb up N and open the Crowbar door. Follow to the steaming tile and climb up into the right hand crawlspace. Pass the steamblowers and throw the switch there (an underwater gate opens up).*

Optional for a Secret, but you will end up in the same place as when you don’t go for the secret:
Look up and open that hatch from facing N, climb up and face a real nice challenge. Grab the ladder on the left hand wall, go down and right till you are just at the top of that alcove to the right, climb right and Lara will change to hanging by her hands, grab the edge of the alcove as she drops. Turn around inside and look left across the room, runjump and grab that ladder there with a curve. Climb left and up to 3 steps from the top. Hang on the left hand ladder, backflip/roll/grab and get into the passage. Immediately do a roll and runjump back out, grabbing the climbable ceiling of the room. Go left and to the right hand burner, get past it and go almost to the end of the monkeyswing, hang almost in the middle of the room facing left a bit and drop onto the break ledge below, standjump to the next ledge and curve right doing a running jump to grab the entrance of the secret room. Save before you take
Secret#6 , a Golden Skull.

A Wraith shows up and a gate opens to the left, run in and follow the passage, stand left in the end and face E, backflip onto a slope and just keep jumping till you are on a ledge with a switch. The deadly pool turns safe and a gate opens up. Turn around and jump forward, grab and safety drop down. Run back to the secret room, go right and jump down with a roll so you face and are ready to swim into the open gate, follow and find an underwater lever to the right. Pull that and roll, swim straight and through an open gate, across the pool into the opening there, stay low and the Wraith will kill itself on the Bird statue. Swim out to the Cave.

When you don’t want the secret, go back past the steamblowers, follow the passage back and dive into the water, swim into the open gate next to the green window W. Follow in and go left at the crossing, throw the underwater lever and swim through the gate. Swim into the Cave.


The Cave, the Skull.

Swim into the NE corner and if the gate isn’t open (if you came here from the Secret), throw the underwater lever and go in, left and up into a room. Push the button NW and go to the opened trapdoor E, climb down and get a small medipack, then shoot that oil barrel and the explosion will break the window so the place will flood. Swim back up at the ladder and shoot the Guard. From the rubble NW you can now jump onto the pillar SW, get the Skull and grab the ceiling to go E to the pillar there for a Medipack. Drop down, go into the water N and swim back to the Cave W and climb out.

The Waterskin.

Go N, to a cobweb, shoot a Spider and some Creature (martian?) and go into the cave N to get the Waterskin. (Instead of shooting the Creature you can also wait and watch the Spider kill it. )

Back out and to that structure W, left of the metal gate is an opening with some Flares, shoot that Harpy and go to a block in the SW corner behind the structure, climb it and grab up N to a ledge, go N and runjump to the structure. There are 4 spheres on columns, shoot the spheres and jump to every column to get the goodies. A Revolver NW, a Lasersight E (a block goes up at a switch) and Revolver Ammo SE, the only thing I couldn’t reach was that Medipack NE, so it may have been a red herring (according to the author it is possible to get it, not easy though). Go find that raised block in the SW back of the structure and climb up to use the switch. A gate opens up in the S of the Cave, go in and Save.

Deadly Slide.

Slide, land on a second slide and go to the end of it before you jump over the pit.*

Optional: Turn around and runjump back over the pit with a roll, jump and grab that ladder you’re facing, go up almost all the way and backflip into the passage you can see to get Secret#7 , a stack of Gold Coins. Go back to the ladder, down and climb up 3 steps from the end, backflip and slide as far as possible before you jump (with grab) to land back over the pit.


Turn around and face up the slope W, there’s a small wooden block on a tile, shoot that with the Revolver and hear the Spikes behind you retract. Go in S and follow to where you go right around a Control room, just past that keyhole is a gate with 2 posts, one has a Skull on it, so maybe place the Skull you have on the left hand one and go through the gate into the Temple Cave.

Temple Cave.

There are several structures here. Go to the S and wait up a bit when the Boulders start rolling, go up to that structure SE and get the Sapphire’s Promise.

Sapphire’s Promise
If you fill water from the source into the Waterstone’s Pink dish,
will the Release Key soon be yours and you can leave if it’s your wish….

Go straight to that Tower W, get the scare of your life and climb the ladder inside to get the Revolver Ammo on top, get back down and find a rock W of the central temple, climb up to the ledge above and head to the far SE corner with some jump and a monkeyswing, drop in the corner.*

Optional: climb up left and turn around grab up to the ledge above the monkeyswing, shimmy right and pull up at Secret#8 , a stack of Gold Coins. Go back to the corner ledge.


Head N over the ledges, at some point you have to standjump over the left side of a slanted rock, then jump to a ledge with Revolver Ammo (hint). Look up W and spot a grated hatch in the roof of the cave, straight over that grated platform.

The Battery, the Ruby of Life.

Shoot the lock on that hatch and it will open, releasing a pole. Jump over and go up that pole into the ventilation house above, Get the Battery there and use the Jumpswitch to the left to bring out a rope in the Cave below. Climb down the pole and runjump to grab the rope N, swing to the ledge and enter the small cave to get the Ruby of Life there. Go out to the ledge, walk to the E end of it and safety drop down to a ledge near a Boulder. Push the Boulder down the ramp and follow as soon as it stops moving. Hop over the Boulder and turn left into another cave, this one has the Pink Dish SW, but it still has to be raised and the “source pool” SE has to be filled with water first.

Follow the Blue Crystal Path, the ones on the walls of the cave.
Climb the mound E from the side (S) of the source and grab up E to the ledge above.*

Optional: Turn right and runjump S from the entrance of the passage with the Bird statue, look down if you are over an opening below and face the E wall, hop back off the slanted ledge and hit “Ctrl” when you are just over the edge and land inside an alcove to Secret#9 , a stack of Gold Coins. Jump out NW and climb back up to the ledge.


Head N over the blocks and runjump N, go left and runjump to a ledge right of the structure with a Golden Key in it. Go left around the back and climb the base of the structure’s pillar SW so you can runjump and grab a block SW, jump and grab up S, turn around and hop N. Here comes a nasty jump. You have to run diagonally over this triangular ledge turning left so you can jump with a curve into the NW corner onto the roof of the structure where the Blue Crystals are (
screenshot ). (author: easier way is to first hop onto the small triangle in front of you and then take another hop into the NW corner) Go around to the opening NE, go in and climb up the blocks to a gate, up left (N) is a Jumpswitch for that gate.

The Martian Chapel.

Go out and shoot a Martian creature, head left (N) to a tree stump between the crosses, on the back of it you can use the Ruby of Life and see the source opened up and fills the pool below. Also that high structure in the Temple Cave is shown. Go to that Chapel and open the left hand set of doors, step in and turn around, look up and use the Jumpswitch there to open a trapdoor. Pick up a small medipack S and go behind the altar to safety drop down into the open trapdoor.

The Generator Access Key.

You’ll land between a bunch of Skeletons, look for the Key about in the middle of the room and face the gate NE and Save before you pick it up. Grab the Generator Access Key and run for the gate, climb up left (yes N) at the end of the passage and throw the lever to open a hatch, run out and jump/grab that ladder, go up and to the exit E. A Wraith will be following your every move so be quick.

The Key of Release.

Get down into the cave and climb up to the ledge E again. Get into that passage with the Bird statue E and get rid of the Wraith. Go down to that pool below and throw the underwater lever E (raises the Pink Dish), climb out S and fill the Waterskin there. Go to the Pink Dish (scale) SW and put the water in it, the gate to the Key opens up. Lara will also take a sip of water to stop the mutation. Climb up E once more and make your way over to the structure NE, get the Key of Release and get down to the cave floor.

The Generator.

Go out W and back to the Temple Cave, out N to that tunnel where the Control room is, open the door with the Key and go in. You don’t have to shoot that guy. Hop onto the machine and get Shotgun Ammo. Get between the Guy and the machine to place the Battery and a flyby takes over, showing magic ledges in the Temple Cave (I don’t know what that Guy did during that flyby, but Lara made some strange noises). Go out and left to the Cave, climb to the ledge W and go S, then left to the E and follow all the way back to that platform with the pole NE, now jump the magic ledges into that high structure SE. Climb the pole and backflip to use the Key of Release there and step out to the planet’s surface.

Level 4- Space.

“Some days later…”

Lara is all dressed up for her next adventure.
Go straight S and shoot that dark crate on the machine, climb up and get the Uzi Ammo, turn around and runjump N to grab the ledge there, shimmy left to the middle and pull up, jump up to grab the hatch and open it. Climb up left or right and go over to the S side, slide down to a small roof and grab the Hover disk Access, face N and hop backwards off the roof holding Ctrl, go inside and NE, there’s a trapdoor and a chain. Shoot a grating up N from the trapdoor and climb up into the alcove to get the Trapdoor Circuit. Drop back out and turn right to use the Circuit on the circuit board there. The trapdoor opens up, but first you need to do something else.

The Hover disk.

Go to the W side and pull a Mainframe out of the wall twice, go around it and find a circuit board behind it. Place the Hover Disk Access and see a gate opening up. Go NW and up to a little ledge N, open the door and get a Medipack from the toilet. Go to the open trapdoor and climb down the chain. Face N and grab up to the grated monkeyswing, go over to the gate N and find the Hover disk.
Stand left of it and hit Ctrl, Lara will get on, use the Bike controls and move it just a little to the exit. Step off and get the Exit Code. Place that in the slot N and see a track being formed outside… Follow that track to the end (SW), step off the Disk and go to the door that will open for you.

Level 5- The Space Platform.

The Base Maze. (
see Map)

Go S and if you like you can use that Hover Disk there (easier with some enemies and certainly useful in the Timed run), step on from the N side and go E through the automatic door, turn right (S) and go straight to the end, left around the corner and take the first left.

Crate puzzle, the Access Disk.

To the right will be an automatic door, just go in with the disk and run that guard over. Park the disk and go for a Jumpswitch SW, lowering crates E. Find a crate with a white horizontal line standing SE and move that through the opening to the adjacent room E. There are more crates there, this one goes to the single crate SE, onto the grey metal tile. Go back to the room W and find a greenish (pushable) crate (use a flare) and move that one to the other room, onto the grey tile NW and another crate will lower (SW) revealing the Access Disk.

1st Floor: The Bridge, the 1st Warp Crystal.

Pick it up and go to your “Bike”, drive it out of the room, go right, right again and go N past a crossing, to the right will be a big door with a button. It’s the Elevator to the Bridge. Use the button, go in and use the controls to go up one level and get out. Straight into the Bridge W, go W and some Robots will attack, shoot those and look for the 1st Warp Crystal one of them drops (it could be lying right under the Robot). Leave E and go back down with the Elevator. Get on the Disk and head N, right and right again and just right around the next corner is another Elevator (NE, see map), leave the Disk there for now.

1st Floor: Personnel Quarters , the 2nd Warp Crystal. (
see Map)

Push the button, maybe even twice till the door opens and go in. Use the controls to go up one level and get out. Sorry, no Disk here…. Go left and left around the corner and into the first door to the right. Open both cabinets for a Shotgun and Ammo and go use a button E near the Coke machine (A screenshot of a door). Go out and right, follow to the next (real) door to the right. The cabinet is empty. Shoot the 2 glass displays E and use the button (A screenshot of a door).*

Optional: Pull out one of the blocks S of the button and go in to get Secret#10 , the Grenade Gun, Flares and a Medipack.


Go out and right, left around the corner and take the first left, follow around a right hand corner and again take a first left. Just around that corner and to the left is the next door, go in and push the button NW (A screenshot of a door), shoot the display N for a small medipack and open a cabinet E for Shotgun Ammo.

Go out and turn right to the crossing, then left to head into the passage S, keep going left at crossings till you come to another automatic door to your left in the S side corridor. Go in and shoot the Guard, open the cabinets for 2x small medipacks and 2x Flares. Look for the Jumpswitch on the N side of the central wall (A screenshot of a door opening up).

Go out and left and go into the first automatic door to the right. In the now open cage is the 2nd Warp Crystal. Go out and tight, follow the passage to the N and you’ll pass a crossing with a crystal receptacle, in the end to the left is the Elevator, take it down get on the Disk and go S, first right, right again and follow to the W, just past a window is an automatic door to the left.

The Warp Room.

Just go in with the Disk and drive around till you killed the 2 Guards. Park it somewhere and go to the central structure where you can use the Warp Crystals E and W. Watch the flyby and see a block go down on the Bridge. Get the Disk, go out to the corridor.*

Optional: Go left, then right and to an opened door opposite the Ctrl room, go in to get Secret#11 , a Medipack, Flares and a very useful Compass. Go out and left, left again and straight E.


Just right around the corner is that Elevator to the Bridge.

The Bridge.

In the NE corner of the Bridge is the block that lowered and now you can use the Access Disk you acquired before. A door opens up on the ground floor.

Ground Floor Control Rooms.

Back down with the Elevator, hop on the Disk and go N, then E and just past the entrance to the Warp room is a small medipack on a ledge to the right, get that and continue E, turn right in the end and to the left is the door that opened. Inside is another Access Disk in the cabinet and on the W pillar is a button (screen of the door to the Shuttle Bay). Go out and right, past the entrance and the Shuttle Bay (at the lower part in the floor) to a door on the right, go in and use the button on the pillar W. Another block goes down on the Bridge. Go out and N, second right and straight E and just right around the corner to take that Elevator to the Bridge.

The Bridge.

In the SE corner of the Bridge is the second block that lowered and there you can use the Access Disk you just got. A flyby of the Teleporter room on ground floor. Go back down to the ground floor.


Out of the Elevator, head N and take the first right (N), go into the open door to the right and park the Disk. Go to the door NW and use the switch to activate the Teleporter, step in….

Chess in Space, Access Key Piece 1.

Lara is on a kind of Chessboard, walk forward a bit and pick up the Scroll with the Game rules. Go to the chess piece standing W and move it onto the brown square, a block lowers… go there and use the switch to raise the block under the chesspiece. Climb up one floor and go to the raised block W, maybe the piece isn’t showing yet (pushblock bug). Just hang from the edge of the floor, climb back up and it should be there now.

Careful. Pull it E 4 squares without stopping and a cutscene shows the square rising, a platform goes up next to the floor above. Climb up one more floor, pull the blue piece onto that platform and fall down, put it onto the brown square and watch the flyby.

Go get Access Key Piece 1, climb to the top floor and go stand on the blue platform in front of the Warp tunnel, hit Ctrl and the wireframe ball will close up, hold Ctrl down and slide to the platform below. Step onto the white circle and get back into the Teleporter room. Use the NW switch again and then use the SW switch, step into the Teleporter.

Chess Jumps in Space, Access Key Piece 2.

Walk up to the chess board and look up, there are arrows on the floor above, the squares below the arrows are safe. Jump them and get to the SW corner where a block lowers, using the switch will change the layout of the board so you can continue to where you can pick up Access Key Piece 2, jump back and onto the grey floor NW. Climb that block there and grab up to the floor above, climb the block and use the Warp tunnel. Get back with the Teleporter. Hop on the Disk and go out, right around the corners and to the Elevator to the first floor. Out of the Elevator right (S) and to the left is that receptacle, combine the 2 Pieces and place the Access Key.

The Shuttle Key.

Go into some kind of Research Lab, head left and shoot the displays for a Medipack and Grenades, approach the Cyborgs N and S to take them out and use the 4 switches in the alcoves they were guarding. The wall E opens up and you can go through to a room where a Cloned Lara (sloppy job) will attack, take her out and find a Jumpswitch in the SE corner. Go into a small room E where the Shuttle Key is, pick it up, do a runjump into the large room (so you’ll end up closer to the exit before the cutscene kicks in) and a cutscene will kick in.

Boss Baddy: Hello Miss Croft, I must say I’m impressed and not for the first time today. As you can see your skill and intelligence have inspired me to create a Perfect soldier… oh I’m sorry a Perfect Soldier’ette..

Lara: Soldier’ette, looks more like a tin can…

Boss Baddy: Well it was the first prototype, probably needs a few adjustments

Lara; I doubt you’ll have the opportunity to do so Mr…

Boss Baddy: Maybe you’re right about that Miss Croft, seen as you’ve eliminated my personnel.. but rest assured… time is running out for you too.. I gives me great pleasure to tell you that we are going to die.. together.. heh

Lara: What are you going to do…

Boss Baddy: Well…(Didn’t understand this part) But I doubt that you will be able to escape the base in les that ONE minute…

Self Destruction Run. (
see Map)

The Space Platform is set to self destruct in about one minute, you have to get to the Shuttle Bay on ground floor in time. Sprint W, back through the Research lab and into the corridor, turn right and sprint straight to the Elevator, get in and do a backflip/roll after using the controls so Lara will be facing the exit already when the Elevator arrives on ground floor. Run out and straight onto the Disk. Run in S, first right, then left and straight to the W end of that corridor, step off and runjump into the open door W at the lower part of the floor. A beautiful end flyby takes over where Lara gets rid of the DNA Crystals when she’s back on the planet Earth.