Levels by Jean Baptiste Cariou

Walkthrough by Cher of Lara's Home

Important installation note:

This download comes with 3 batch files, which did not work for me. They're supposed to rename the TOM files for conversion. If anyone else has this problem, what you need to do manually is:

1. Move the 2 TOM files into your graphics/wads folder.

2. Rename the canyon.tom file to coastal.tom and convert it.

3. In your data folder, rename coastal.tr4 to canyon.tr4.

4. Go back to your graphics/wads folder, rename catar.tom to coastal.tom, and convert again.

5. In the data folder, rename the new coastal.tr4 to catar.tr4.

The Canyon

Watch the flyby, you are in a vast canyon. First thing to do is make your way across the stream and jump up using the rocks to pick up some Regular Shotgun Ammo in the North East corner. Continue along the back side of the rocks above to just left of the arch going into the next part of the canyon to grab some Flares. Turn Lara towards to face of the cliffs and climb up to the top of the arch. Grab the block and shimmy around right, turn and hop over to the right for some Uzi Clips. Light a flare and grab a rock and pull up for a Secret, the Shotgun and a Horsemanís Gem. Use the rocks to shimmy back left to the top of the arch and cross to the other side to find some more Flares.

Slide down to ground level and across the water into an opening, climb a block for a Small Medi and up again for someWideshot Shotgun Ammo. Jump across the water again to where you came down the rock from the top of the arch and grab another shimmy crack, shimmy left and into a crawl space. Turn right and climb the light colored wall, back flip into the opening behind to pick up some Revolver Ammo, turn and hop over for some Normal Crossbow Ammo. Hop back again and climb another wall, and go through a crawl space, down the other side, shimmy right to another. Crawl through and follow the path to come out on the high ledge you saw in the opening flyby. Pick up a Large Medi, a second Horsemanís Gem, some Normal Shotgun Ammo and Wideshot Shotgun Ammo. Crawl back through and shimmy left to stand on the green ledge, turn and grab the green block and crawl over it and down, making your way to the Wideshot Shotgun Ammo high above the canyon floor. Crawl back over the hang/drop from the left side and safety jump down below, kill a crocodile across the way.

Enter the caves and jump over the deadly pool, turn and jump back over to pick up a Small Medi, jump back again. Make your way, using the ledges to another Small Medi, watching out for the toxic gas, continuing on, crawling through, watching for the toxic gas.

You emerge in a room with many ledges, over a deadly pool. Turn left and jump to a ledge slightly down and then up. Turn left, and climb the wall, back flipping onto the higher ledge above, jump over into the opening. Grab the slope and as up pull up, grab the ceiling and monkey swing left to safety over the deadly water. Jump across the high rock columns, picking up a Small Medi on the last one, jump into the new area.

Back outside again, watch the flyby, youíve got to start climbing. First do some exploring, watching out for 3 spike pits, find some Normal Shotgun Ammo in a corner, crawl through and climb a wall to pick up a Large Medi and jump across for some Uzi Clips. Return to the high rocky columns.

Next to the lowest column, there are some more Uzi Clips, head to the front of the lowest column and stand on a hill and jump to grab the edge of the column. Turn and jump to the next and over right to grab the Uzis. Climb that column, turn left and run/jump to grab the edge of a slope, pull up and slide/jump into the opening across. Once inside again, the only way over the slopes is to climb the wall at the left and shimmy over. Continue to a sliding/jumping area, as you reach the other side, you see a boulder drop, move to the right before continuing, another boulder left drops past Lara.

Walk to the edge and turn right, run/jump/grab the ledge you see ahead, then down to the left to pick up some Normal Shotgun Ammo. Climb back up and jump to grab the shimmy crack you see, shimmy around to the right until you can stand on another ledge. Crawl under a space and drop down left to pick up some Revolver Ammo and then run/jump across to shimmy again, drop onto a white block and over to the right to pick up the Pharohís Knot. From here, drop to the canyon floor. Follow the path to a block to climb onto, left a little higher you can find another Shotgun, make your way along the floor to find yourself at the bottom where the boulders rolled. Climb up the wall back to the ledge and jump again to the ledge over right of the door. Continue along, shimmying again to the right until you can stand, but this time jump across to the receptacle for the Pharohís Knot and have your shotgun ready. Place the Knot and enter the door that opens, jump across the wooden trap door and grab the Hathor Effigy, feel a small earthquake. Jump back across, 2 skeletons chasing you and go outside and shoot them off the ledge.

Jump across, and drop down the other side, notice the white slope, before going down it, continue down the other way to find a cave and pick up a Secret a 3rd Horsemanís Gem. Go back and slide down the slope.

You are back in the boulder area, the earthquake caused the boulder on the right to roll, jump onto the brown slope and up. This area is boulder drop, waiting to happen so careful. Keep watching above you, letting the boulders drop and make your way to an opening on the North wall, in there, find some Wideshot Shotgun Ammo and the Crowbar. Back outside, continuing to watch for boulders dropping, kill some wild pigs that attack. Climb some grayish brown rocks to the right of the slope where 2 boulders are waiting to roll, continue upwards and across the area to get to the black door. Use your crowbar to open the door, pick up the Gate Key and use the crowbar to open the other door to climb down.

Run past the boulder slope, on the left, on a block are some Uzi Clips, across, in a room you need a star, continuing left, encounter a skeleton, blow him into some water and up a couple of blocks, find a Small Medi. Jump into the water and swim to find some Normal Crossbow Ammo and Normal Shotgun Ammo, get out of the water on the other side. Before climbing the steps, find a ladder to climb up, light a flare and jump over the trap door, which is a spike pit, pick up the Laser Site, continue back to climb the steps.

Jump into the water to pick ups some Poison Crossbow Ammo and a set of Uzi Clips, from the ledge, jump over to the opening. Use your gate key to open the door, around to the right, on a ledge, find another Gate Key go back and continue on to find some Revolver Ammo in an alcove. Past the new door, find some Normal Crossbow Ammo in a pinkish alcove, left side, go back to the right and use the gate key to open the next door. Pick up the Ornate Handle. (The Crossbow is in a CS up the R hand wall in the gate where you pick up the Ornate Handle. Thanks to Dutchy for providing this information.) Another gate opens, go out of the pinkish area and ahead to the right, in the door to take the Golden Star. A skeleton chases you, get back to the water and jump back out of the area, go to the room and place the star. You see another door open, sorry to say you have to go back to the area with the skeleton so you may as well lure him towards the water and knock him in.

The door you are looking for is down in the pink hallway, the level jumps to the next.

The First Cataract

As you enter, kill a crocodile, pick up another Uzi and some Grenade Gun Ammo. Head straight ahead to the water, now turn around, see that opening in the wall? Itís easy to miss because of the fixed camera earlier, climb in there and follow the path to jump over a pick up the Pharohís Knot, be ready because you can hear a crocodile lurking beyond. Now head towards the water and go to the right and up a green slope. Jump to a block ahead, and turn right and again to a higher one. Run to jump the edge of still another higher block, use the monkey swing to swing around to pick up a Large Medi and some Normal Crossbow Ammo. Monkey swing back to the block and run/jump to grab the edge of the ledge ahead with the receptacle on it. Place your Knot, then jump across to the opened door. Pick up some Explosive Crossbow Ammo. Continue ahead, note the danger music, crawl under the poison darts, dash past the spike trap, under poison darts again and another spike trap.

This is nasty now. In the new room, combine the 2 pieces to make the Portal Guardian watching out for spike traps and 2 skeletons, place it in the right side receptacle, an earthquake occurs, go back out, picking up a Large Medi if you wish. As you return to the main gate and new opened door, there are now deadly pools between the spike traps and poison darts. You should have enough Medpacks though to get you through this with no problem. In the new room, pick up some Uzi Clips and Normal Crossbow Ammo and take the Golden Star. Make your way back outside, through the spike traps in front of the door now, across to the ledge, and down. Kill the wild pigs running around waiting for you.

Now go back out of this area and head for the water, using it to get to the cliffs beyond, watch this great flyby. Check out the view, below is a huge water filled cavern, divided into two parts. Climb the rust colored rocks higher to the right and down a bit to find a Secret: another Horsemanís Gem. Then down a little to place a Star, you see a cutscene of closed underwater doors. Dive into the water (ever see how many flips Lara can do as sheís going down?). Hurry onto one of the ledges and kill a couple of crocodiles. Back in the water, pic up some Normal Shotgun Ammo and some Normal Crossbow Ammo. Swim through the opening on the North wall, heading left, grab some Grenade Gun Ammo and continue upwards until you can surface. As you get out of the water, a skeleton attacks, blow him into the water. Pick up some Explosive Crossbow Ammo in the center and notice the enclosed opening.

Climb the ladder, hop onto the block to take the Golden Star, watch the door open in the opening below. Carefully get over the fires that start burning to go back down the ladder, before jumping into the opening, go back into the water and swim down to find another opened door. Swim in for a Secret, a Horsemanís Gem, Uzi Clip and another Shotgun, in case you didnít find the first 2. Go back to the room and climb into the opening now, jump over a deadly pool to grab the other side, continue on and you slide down into the vast pool again but on the other side this time.

Surface on the rock ledge, pick up some Wideshot Shotgun Ammo, then jump across to grab some Revolver Ammo. Jump over and place one of your Stars in the receptacle, you get a cut scene of the underwater black doors opening, dive in and swim through, surface in a room, climb over the ledge and walk forward to end the level.