Egypt Gizeh (Full Version)

Level by Kevin Webber (July, 2007)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

start in a dark room in Egypt. Note that the inventory already includes the crowbar (Brechstange). Shoot two scorpions on the floor. Lara still keeps aiming afterwards which can be confusing. Go to the south-east corner and run onto a breakable tile. Fall into the room below and run south. Use the floor lever to open the gate and enter the doorway before the spike wall kills you. Slide down the south slope and land on a breakable tile. Stand jump forward to grab a pole. Turn around and back flip onto a ledge. Turn around and pick up the Jerrycan (Kanister) from the south-west corner. Go south and enter a room and get a flyby of the area. Go down the steps and see an area with an item behind a cage.


First enter the opening in the east wall. Go through the crawl space and stand up at the end. Hop down into the room and go to the east end. Pick up the empty small waterskin (Kleine Feldflasche [leer]) from the floor in front of the circular door. Hop back into the entrance tunnel and crawl back to the room with the cage. Go south and pull the rope. A gate opens in the north wall. Go into that north alcove and pull the rope twice and get a cut scene of the cage rising. Go to the cage and pick up the Eye Piece (Okular). Beetles pour from the floor. Run into the tunnel to the south-west and the beetles stop. Pick up a Bag of Sand (Sandsack) from the water. Fill the empty small waterskin with water. Go through the tunnel in the west wall.


You enter a room with three balances at the west wall. Shoot a scorpion on the steps. Place the water from the waterskin on the left balance. Place the bag of sand on the right balance. Place the gasoline from the Jerrycan on the middle balance. Pick up a torch from the floor at the north wall. Light the torch on the wall torch and then ignite the gasoline. The gate in the south-east corner opens. Go into the alcove and pick up the other Eye Piece (Okular). Return through the tunnels to the room with the circular door. Make the Eye of Horus (Das Auge des Horus) and use it to open the circular door.


Go forward and use the rope to swing over the pit. An earthquake starts so beware of falling blocks. Run around the mummy and start going up the ramp in the east wall. Jump up the slopes carefully and be careful of falling blocks. Hop onto the ledge at the top and the doors open for you. Enter the room and the doors close. Shoot the skeleton harpy. Or lure the harpy into the tunnel, run through the doors, and the doors close locking the harpy outside the room. Go to the north-west corner and pick up a Red Key (called Laden). Go into the very dark north-east corner and pick up a small medipack. Go up the ramp in the east wall and exit the tunnel.


You emerge at a campsite. Shoot a scorpion and a ninja. The ninja will drop a Green Key (called Laden) so try to shoot him in an open area and not near the campfire. Go east to the water and fill the waterskin again, just in case. Dive into the hole in the center of the water hole. Follow the underwater tunnel and pull up into a dark room. A fence blocks the way to the north. Climb the wall ladder on the east or west wall and shimmy over the fence. Drop on the other side and go north. Use the Red key and the Green Key to open the doors in the north wall. The key locks are beside the door on the north wall.


Enter the tunnel and run pass the swing blade. Go north to a ledge and see a skeleton below you. Shoot the vase ahead of you and jump onto the column for red shotgun shells. Drop onto the floor and use the trenches at the north wall to evade the skeleton. Shoot a scorpion in the trench. If you get lucky, the skeleton will jump after you and fall into the trench. When the area seems safe, run to the south wall and use the crowbar to pry the Golden Star off the wall. It cannot be seen in the inventory and is called the Ba Cartouche. Go west and climb the wall ladder back to the upper south ledge. Jump to the column again and then jump to the north ledge. Climb a pole and back flip into an upper room. Evade another skeleton and go to the north-east corner of the room. Grab the wall ladder and climb down to the bottom. Place the Golden Star in the receptacle in the dark east alcove. Hop back and watch the gate open in the north wall beside you.


Follow the north tunnel and the door opens for you. Enter the door and it closes behind you.  Go forward onto the steps and the camera view changes. Run north and run around the skeleton. Near the end of the steps jump to the north and grab a rope. Swing at least two times and release to grab the ceiling. Monkey swing north and the camera view changes. When the view returns, monkey swing west to the end and drop onto a safe column. The middle and east columns are spike traps. Run and jump to grab the north ledge by the columns and shimmy to the right and pull up onto the ledge.


Run to the opening in the north-west corner and spikes pop up in front of you. Walk, not run, through the spikes and you get no damage. Run up the left side of the steps to avoid a falling rock on the right side. Continue up the steps and through the dark tunnel. Go to the middle of the room and face the wall torch. Back flip to the slope and jump forward to grab the edge of an upper slope. Pull up and back flip onto a ledge. Follow the tunnel to a dark room. Pick up a large medipack. Avoid the two mummies and use the floor lever at the south wall. Then go to the north-east corner and enter the open gate. Go to the end of the tunnel and emerge onto a ledge over the room with the columns.


Run and jump south-east to land in front of the column on the bridge.  Shoot a skeleton harpy and be careful not to fall off the bridge. Follow the bridge to the tunnel in the south wall. Go to the end and pull up into an upper west tunnel. Shoot a ninja in front of a closed gate. Enter the right alcove and pull down the wall switch. The gate opens so go there. You emerge onto a wooden bridge over a large deep room. Go west and follow the wooden bridge to the middle of the ledge. Face south and run and jump to the left side of the ledge. If you land on the right side, you can slide off. Go to the middle of the ledge and drop onto a wooden bridge off the west side. Run and jump to grab a pole. Slide down a few sections and back flip onto a large column at the west wall.


Pick up red shotgun shells and go to the west edge. Drop and grab the edge and shimmy to the left. Release and drop to grab the ledge below. Shimmy to the right and into an alcove to pick up the shotgun. Again drop on the west side to grab a lower ledge. Then safety drop again onto a block. Shoot two ninjas that attack from the north and south sand hills. Go east to jump onto a block at the base of the pole and shoot a scorpion. From there you can safely shoot a crocodile that was stuck in the trees to the east. Although, it could be somewhere else in the area.


Go north and drop off the block to pick up a Jerrycan (Kanister). Look north and see two scales on a ledge. Then go east over the hills with the trees. Shoot two crocodiles and fill the waterskin in the shalow water pool. Go south and climb the ledge in front of a closed gate in the south wall. Pick up a torch and go south to drop into a trench between the ledge and the wall. Go east and light the torch on the lit wall torch. Return to the ledge with the scales. Pour the water into the right scales. You hear a gate open and get a cut scene of a rock falling onto a column. Place the gasoline from the Jerrycan on the left balance. Use the torch to ignite the gasoline. You hear a gate open and get a cut scene of another rock falling onto a column.


Drop the torch and go to the south ledge. Jump and pull up into the open gate. Go south through a room of columns. Avoid a mummy and go to the end and turn into the right tunnel. Use the wall switch to open the door. Go through the door and get a flyby of the large outdoor area. Go west and cross a wooden bridge to the base of an obelisk. From there, shoot two crocodiles and a scorpion that cannot cross the bridge after you. Go west and then south to a floating large medipack. If you crawl you can pick it up. You cannot get the medipack while standing. Continue to the south wall for red shotgun shells. They are actually wideshot ammo and not the normal ammo.


Go west and see a dark brown wall panel in the south wall. Shoot the panel and it breaks. Enter the opening and push a moveable block as far as possible. Spikes pop up in the pit beside you. Jump up and down to shoot a vase on the block to the west. A rope will drop. Jump to the rope and swing over to the west ledge. Climb the block for Uzi ammo. Drop into the safe corner of the spike pit. Use the wall switch to open the gate in the west wall. Pull up and enter the gate. You enter a dark room with a large central structure. Shoot two crocodiles and pull down a jump switch on the east wall beside of the entrance doorway. Go behind the structure and enter the open door. Go to the end and down some steps. You get a flyby showing you an item. Continue down the steps to the south-west corner. Pick up red shotgun shells and shoot a scorpion behind you. Go behind the structure and climb the wall ladder. Shimmy to the left and drop onto the ledge. Pick up a Golden Vraeus (call Laden) from the pedestal. Safety drop to the ground. Go up the steps and exit the room. Continue to the spike room and use the rope to swing over the spikes. Go north and exit back to the area with the obelisk.


Go to the north wall and shoot another dark brown wall panel. Go through the tunnel and enter a room of many tall columns. Turn around and pull down the wall switch over the entrance. Run north and enter the timed gate. If it closes, return and pull down the jump switch again. Follow the tunnel north to a spike trap. Turn to the left and jump up to grab a crevice. Shimmy to the right around and over the spike trap. Drop to the floor and shoot a ninja who was shooting you in the back. Go west into an alcove and pull down a ceiling trap door. Pull up into a gold treasure room. Jump west onto the platform to pick up red shotgun shells. Go to the north and pick up a Golden Vraeus off the pedestal. Exit this room and go east. Shimmy around the spike trap again and go south to the room of columns. Continue and exit back to the area with the obelisk.


Go west and place the two items to open the large door. Follow the tunnel to a room with a wheel. There is a closed door in the west wall of the pit. Drop into the pit and pick up explosive crossbow ammo in the south-east corner. Climb back out of the pit. Stand at the south side of the wheel and face north. Pull the wheel about eight times. Turn left and run and jump into the pit. Run to the closing door and roll. When the door closes, you should be inside the next tunnel.  Go west and get around the swinging blade. Continue forward to an area with closed doors at the west wall.


Step down from the entrance but be careful, as there is a spike trap in front of you. Drop off the north side and pick up the Uzi's in the weeds. Go west and jump onto a block. Pull up onto the high column for Uzi ammo. Get down and go to the closed doors. Pull up onto the ledge in the south-west corner. Go south and pull back a moveable block. One of the closed doors will open. Go through the open door and enter a dark room. Go north behind the blocks and enter another tunnel. Follow the tunnel and shoot a scorpion near a closed door. At the end of the tunnel, go to the right and pull down a jump switch. You hear a door open. Return to the tunnel and enter the newly open door in the east wall.


Follow the tunnel and beetles pour from the floor. Enter the next room and pick up a large medipack in the north-east corner. Climb the pole and back flip to the north and land on a ledge. Go north and climb the wall ladder. Do not climb over the top or you are stuck. Near the top, shimmy to the left and drop into a room. Pull down the wall switch in the north-west corner. The door opens to your right. Enter another large room with many columns. Go to the north-east corner and pull down the wall switch. You get a cut scene of a gate opening behind you.


Go west and enter the open gate. Shoot a centaur and go to the end of the tunnel. Use the wall switch and get a cut scene of the gate opening beside the switch. Exit and go east into the open gate. Shoot a centaur and enter the tunnel. When the tunnel turns to the right, you can pick up red shotgun shells off the floor. Continue to follow the tunnel and go pass a fence with a great view of pyramids. Follow the tunnel to a throne room. Shoot two centaurs and go west. Go up the steps to the statue on the throne. Pick up the pink gem and the level ends.


15 -jul-2007