KCR Project

by gaabr


Walkthrough by Akci



Unzip, then copy the english and script dats to the main folder of TRLE, copy the contents of the data and audio folders to the proper subfolders, convert the latter into wavs first with startme.exe. Start new game.



The coordinates that were given to the pilot of the helicopter during the mission were false and because of that Lara was landing at the wrong place with her parachute. It turned out that there is a secret military base located near to her touch-down. She figured out that some dangerous weapons are being developed there that could destroy the Earth. It's Lara's duty to inhibit this project!

After a brief research she found out that she has to do something with the computers which control the rockets...



KCR Project


The first area is just a small starting level, as you can see it, here you choose the level of difficulty. Beginners go to the left through 'normal', those with more confidence to the right through 'hard', to reach the chopper.



KCR Project1


The adventure begins in a night valley, the chopper could brought Lara only this far. Run toward the entrance of the base, shoot the window on the left wall and get inside. Pick up the flares apparently fallen from the shelves and go down in the main hall, the door shuts behind you. Watch out for the trigger happy guards, there are two of them in normal - three in hard, and in hard they seemed more aggressive. And there is a third/fourth coming out when you get up on the crates at the left, I wonder what he was doing behind the crates until now? In normal one of them drops a small medi. Go up the stairs to the walkway, there is no piont going in the offices yet, neither to further up, you will only come back that way. Go near the door opens with the red card, jump up and shoot the window covering the crawlspace next to the entrance, you can see the iron gratings above it, which can serve as monkey bars. So go down and get up the pile of crates in the corner, jump up to grab the gratings and monkey swing to the crawlspace. Inside get the red Code card - and a small medi in normal - in the meantime another soldier appeared outside - in hard two - come out and get rid of him/them. Go up the stairs again and open the door with the card.


Go in, you can find flares in the room, at the end of the corridor to the left behind some containers there is a way up to the wents. At the junction continue to crawl straight ahead and you will get in a room. Go down the ramp, in the kitchen push the button to turn off one of the ovens for a short time, quickly jump up there. Shoot the bat, pick up the clips before the shelves, and get further up in the corner facing it. At the end of the slide don't bother with the scattering small rats, but with the soldier - in normal pick up his small medi - then open the door with the button. Slide down, run to the right because a barrel is coming your way, slide again but before the end jump out to the walkway at the left. Go to the button which opens up gratings above the abyss for some time. At first jump back where you slided from and go to the end, in the rat's nest you can find Fee in the 1st secret. Get back down and push the button again, this time run over the gratings - in normal there is not even need to dash.


Pull out the cube from the corner at the right to pick up the clips, then shoot the box covering the wallswitch and pull it. Pick up the yellow Code card - and in normal a small medi - behind the opening door. Go to the other corner, shoot the box and pull the switch, get up through the opening trapdoor, jump to the other side - in hard you meet a bat here. Crawl under the pipe, at the end of the corridor jump up to shoot the grates and get up in the room. In one of the corners you can get back up the wents - in hard there is another bat here - through the crawlspace at the left go back the way you came in.


On the ground floor of the main hall open the door with the yellow card, behind it get up the walkway around the room. For the closed door at the right you need the purple card, there are two other openings, doesn't matter which one you start with, lets see the one ahead. Slide down backwards and jump over the small pit, grab the edge of the slope and shimmy all the way to the left. Jump/turn to grab the ledge and pull up the other side. Don't go in the opening in front yet, turn left and go to the room at the other end of the ledge to get the Elevator fuse. Now go back to the opening and slide down on the left side of it when the fire emitter pauses, jump and grab the ceiling, quickly move away. With good timing get through the other two fire emitters as well, at the end drop down the slope. Run to the right because a barrel is coming, push the button and the trapdoor opens under you. You fall on a slope, there are two ways to proceed, either you slide down and move on, or go for a secret. If you're not interested in the secret skip the next paragraph, you don't have to get it now anyways, you can come back for it later if you want to, when the barrel isn't here to complicate things, but then of course you have to go through the pit, fire emitters and what is still left all over again, so I suggest go for it now.


In normal there are two methods, the first is that after the monkey swing jump from the slope to continue by running, put in a little dash there, and let go forward at a good time to arrive skidding in front of the button. That way you'll have just enough time to pull up in the crawlspace before the barrel comes, if you still hanging from the edge it knocks you down mercilessly. The turn/jump to there is quite difficult, you need to jump from about halfway down the slope, and you need to hold forward beside ctrl otherwise Lara won't grab the edge. The other method - and in hard this the only way - is to don't dash just run toward the button - in normal even wait a little while before pushing it - that way when jumping for the crawlspace you are in the air when the barrel rolls down beneath you. So if you made it to the crawlspace shoot the grate, drop down the other side into the 2nd secret and collect the Fee. Come out and drop down.


Jump up from the lower slope to grab the edge of the block - if you're coming from the secret it's a turn/jump of course. Continue into the water, push the button on the shore, Lara will catch on fire while doing so, quickly back in the water. Follow the underwater tunnel, there is a closed door in the first junction, come out behind the second, pull the cube away from the button and push it to the other corner to have more room running back in the water, because the button is timed. Push it to open the door in the first junction, and manoeuvre between the pipes to get through it. Get out of the water in the other side of the next room, you can see through the fence what is waiting for you. But first jump to the walkway in the middle and shoot the guy - in hard there is a bat here too. At the end of the corridor jump over the slope and watch the fly-by showing the room. This a really cool double timed task, turn up the four tiles on this level with the button, roll and jump to the closest. You don't stand by the wall because of the button, so make a small turn to jump up from the corner of the block, then adjust midair if necessary. Try to arrive on the left side of the target tile, and onto it without grab - in normal you can make it with grabbing it and pulling up, in hard there is no time for that - so you can continue with a run/jump to the next tile on the right, then a stand/jump to the corner. Here push the other button to turn on a similar tile above, also timed. Roll and jump to the tile at the ladder, again with a small turn to make room for the run/jump. Climb up on the right side of the ladder, jump/turn from one block plus one climb from the top and grab the edge of the slope. Slide down, jump and grab the edge, pull up, by climbing the ladder on the right side, now you got to be on the left side of this block, so with a hard right turn run/jump to the tile under the opening, where a soldier shooting at you from. Jump up and talk to him about it. Get the clips, shoot the box and pull the switch, you can see the door opening by the pool. But you have to get back there, so run down the slope at the right and jump to the block, from there run down before the button. If you fall on the end of the slope you won't suffer any damage. Perform the timed task again to the ladder, fortunately now it's easier since no need to push the second button. Climb up till two blocks from the top, shimmy to the extreme right, jump/turn with a little left curve to grab the edge of the crawlspace, drop in the pool at the other end.


Go in the opened door, pull up on the slope, jump to the ladder and climb up, but don't pull up yet. Watch the laser, pull up when it goes away, jump over it when comes back.

The rest of the lasers, normal:

You have an easier job since there is just one laser here, when goes away pull up and walk forward a few steps, so you can stand/jump to the smaller grate the way you can continue with a run/jump from there, again over the laser on its way back, to the platform ahead. From there jump up, grab the the edge of the grate and wait until the laser above goes away, pull up and run forward next to the wall, it can't hurt you there. Jump over this laser too when coming back. From the edge of the grate where you arrived jump up to the uppermost grate.

The rest of the lasers, hard:

There are two of them here, when they go away pull up and immediately run/jump to the smaller grate by jumping over both of the lasers, you'll suffer some injury. Quickly step back for a run/jump to the platform ahead, or by tricking the laser with jumps wait a turn. When pulled up on the platform ahead time a jump to let the laser go away beneath you, that way you'll have time to walk to the edge and jump up, grab the the edge of the grate and wait until the laser above goes away, pull up and run forward next to the wall, it can't hurt you there. Jump over this laser too when coming back. From the edge of the grate where you arrived wait in crouch for the laser above to go away, and jump up to the uppermost grate.


From this uppermost grate a simply jump and pull up. Shoot the grate in the end of the small corridor and crawl in for a pack of flares. In the other direction kill the soldier in the room, pick up his large medi and the Hangar C4 card from the table, open the door with the button.


You'r back in the main hall, go through the door you opened with the yellow card again, this time go to the openeing on the left. Run over the bridge, shoot the soldier, he had some flares, note the green reader by the door. Continue to the end of the corridor, shoot the grate and crawl in the room. Pick up the purple Code card - and in normal the small medi - then go back to the door you can open with it. As you go back on the bridge it will be right ahead.


In the room push the button on the wall and see what it does, it moves two blocks up and down. On the upper ledge at the right side pull out the middle moveable block, and lift it to the other side, push it into the opening, and the door opens. On the shore shoot the soldier, you get the Uzi from him. Now you have to perform a nice curved jump over the poisonous water around the column on the right, then jump on the ladder. Next to the ladder there is a closed door, lets open it, follow the passage, at the end climb the ladder and shimmy left in the crack, until you can pull up. Drop down the other side, the patroling lasers are easy to avoid, you can stand next to the walls. Run down in the pit, in the various passages you find flare, small medi and a pushy-cube, pull it out and away, go in and push the button. Get back to the opened door, jump on the ledge behind it. Down there you can see a small watery opening, use the binoculars if that makes easier to spot it. Do a nice swan dive there, swim through the tunnel, come out of the water where you can and save before the button because this is a timed task again. Push it, then get up to the other button by the opened platforms; jump and pull up on the left side of the first one and with a right turn run/jump over the water to the platform ahead, and jumping from side to side get up. Push the other button and you get two more platforms, then roll, slightly touch forward to make a step ahead and stand/jump to the next, pull up and roll, run/jump to the last, finally you're up - in hard you must jump from this last platform as well, there is no time to run over it. Shoot the box and pull the switch, then run down into the water and repeat the timed task, only at the end jump to the other side toward the opened door.


In the crawlspace stop at the end point of the moving laser, shoot the bat if he attacks. When the laser goes away crawl out and jump over it when coming back and crawl in the other side - in hard there are two lasers, plus another bat in the other crawlspace, but the task is the same. Shoot the grate and climb the ladder, at about its one third from the left. Jump over the slopes, grab the edge of the third one, and pull up with good timing compared to the fire emitter, jump over its platform, and at the end a good jump with left curve to reach the opening. Pick up the Hangar C2 card - and in normal the small medi - push the button to open the door and get rid of the attacker.


Now go in the offices on the middle floor and find the button in the inner rooms, which opens the door next to it for a short time, of course your way there is bit longer so make haste - in normal it's enough to dash in one direction. Once through go all the way up in the staircase, pull up into the starshine and kill the soldiers - and in hard the bat. They leave behind flares and the blue Code card - in normal there is also a small medi here, on a slope next to a tree. Go back to the offices and open the door with your card, shoot the door inside and the Hangar C1 card is yours. Now go down in the staircase and open the first door leading to the silos.


After the nice fly-by go to the button and push it, behind the opening door go down in the first control room and shoot the red box to ruin the launch computer, you can see on the monitors that the system is crashed. You also get a camera of a closed door at the buttom of the staircase, but you need to shoot three more of these to open it. Use the C2 card to get to the second missile, push the button there as well to open the door to this control room. In the toilet a soldier guards the green Code card - in normal he had a small medi too - and shoot the second red box.


Remember where is the green reader? On the ground floor go in the yellow door, and to the left beyond the bridge. Go in there and turn the bridge with the lever, go over it. In the dark corner behind the lift open the trapdoor - in hard shoot the bat - and put the fuse into the receptacle, then use the elevator to get to the next level, in search of the C3 card.



KCR Project2


Open the door with the button, jump up to shoot the grate, crawl over in the hall. You can see you'll need the red card to the door leading back. Go forward, shoot the worker, and the sniper above, they drop flares and clips, there is a ramp leading up around the left. In front of the ramp there is another opening, but that's for later. Go to the room with the pool, note the yellow door, jump up to grab the gratings and monkey swing all the way on it. Shoot the worker in the room it leads, climb the crate and shoot the grate, crawl in there, a fly-by showes you the next room. You have to step on three tiles to open up three platforms through which you can jump to the other side, all timed of course. Start with the innermost one - in normal it is doable by starting with the one closest to the entrance. So go to the other end, don't step on those tiles while doing so, or if you did, just wait till they close down. Your starting position is next to the first tile, faceing the second behind the boxes. Stand/jump on the box, you activate the first tile by jumping over it, run down to the second, continue running with a hard right turn, to just step on the corner of the third. Then with an S turn run and jump to the right side of the first platform, and with a left turn run/jump to the second. Roll and run/jump to the right side of the third, turn left a bit, now for the stairs. Monkey swing to the other side - in hard bats molesting you - up the ramp and push the button. From the top of the ramp jump toward the opened door, inside get the Pump fuse, fallen from the shelves. Monkey swing back, from the lower stair jump on the slope, continue jump onto the column, run down the next slope and jump for the other side. Crawl out, jump on the slope under the monkey bars and drop in the pool, you can jump back up from the crate.


From the upper floor of the previous room, where the sniper was, jump on the water tank, swim down in the opening in the corner. Shoot the worker at the other end - in normal get his large medi. Climb the ladder, jump over the pit and open the door, shoot the box behind it and pull the switch. Go to the filled pool.


Shoot the soldier while still on this shore, then jump over, pick up the clips he dropped. Get through the next part with stand/jumps, barrels roll down from each tunnel, so you have to be quick, and bats make the whole affair more interesting. Either you can jump forward from each tunnel, or back, and then when the barrel is gone calmly plan the next jump. Once through climb the ladder, kill the soldier, and arrive at a crossroad. There are four openings leading from this room, go right toward the fires.


Jump on the first burning platform, they're safe on the corner, and either jump or monkey swing to the other end, as you wish. Another crossroad with a ladder in the middle, jump in the opening at the right from it, if Lara's feet at the bottom of the ladder there is no need to turn midair. Right when you enter the next room a nervous individual starts shooting at you from the balcony, so run down the slope, the way to slide backwards and safety drop down, go in cover and get rid of the bats and the worker, the latter leaves behind a small medi. Now you can hunt down the sniper in better circumstances, or you can leave him for later, when you go up there. Shoot the box behind the crates, it is possible that in the heat of the fight you have already done so, and pull the switch. Behind the opened door make way by pushing the cubes, push out the first one into the corridor leading there, and pull away the second from the other opening, leave the corner empty, so you can push back the first one there, when you'll come this way again later. Continue through the slicers and up the ladder. So here is the most wanted Hangar C3 card now you have to go back with it, but that's not a simple task. Pick up the small medi too, and push the button, it opens the door down in the corridor. When you climb down a worker attacks, shoot him, then climb up the other ladder, from a few climbs from the top jump away onto the platform. Jump up, kill the soldier, pick up the clips, then since you don't have green card yet jump down to the left, where the shooter was when you came in. If you didn't get rid of him earlier, do so now. In the far away corner open the trapdoor and go all the way down the ladders - in hard you meet a rat here. In the flame room jump to the middle, you can see there is only one platform you can jump to yet, push the button to open up a similar platform on the other side, then push the button there to open up yet another by which you can continue. Quite irregularly all this isn't timed, so you calmly calculate the jumps in the pauses of the fire emitters - in hard a few bats attack at the first button.


Go up in the room, a worker welcomes you, after getting rid of him go in the only open door. Push the button to open the adjacent door, but don't step on the smoking tile because if you do it closes, of course you can always reopen it with the button, nice trick. Push the button there to open the third door, go in there and pull the crate once to be able to look at the picture on the wall, which is the hint for the next puzzle; the different tile before this room represented as the upper right one on the picture. Taking that as the starting point jump through the room clockwise, needles to say with knight jumps, stepping only on the corresponding tiles, the colors help. When you arrive before the last door it opens, get the green Code card, the camera shows where to go with it, you've been there just recently.


Go through the flame room, up the ladders, and drop down in the room, get up to the door by the familiar route, on the way push the block you left in the corridor the first time. Open the door, shoot the soldier behindit, then jump to opening, slide down, jump the pit and through the slicer, start sliding when it's fully opened. Jump on the ladder and into the room at the right.


There are two big containers in this room, climb the ladder and from the balcony shoot the barricade holding the second barrel from the left, so that falls down onto the hydrogen container which blows up. Get in the room behind it through the small pool to get the blue Code card, in normal you can simply pick it up and a camera shows where to go next - in hard there is a laser here, when goes away pull out of the water, then with two jumps let it go another turn, and pick up the card. Come out and jump onto the highest pile of debris, seems steep but you can walk on it, and from there to the ledge where the barrel rolled down from. Crawl in - in hard shoot the rats - and pick up the Fee from the 3rd secret. You can get down at the other end, if you run down onto the oxygen container you won't suffer damage. Get back to the beginning of the level - in hard a soldier waiting for you there.


Now go in the opening next to the emptied water tank, jump to the ladder, and to the other side. Shoot the bats, climb up the ladder on the right. Get rid of the company in the next room, they leave you clips, large medi and flares. Use the card and push the button behind the opening door to raise two platforms in the room, naturally it's timed. So dash toward the crates, jump up on them, turn right and jump to the first platform in the corner, then with another right turn to the second, pull up on it, take one step forward and a stand/jump with left curve into the upper room - in hard don't stop for a moment. Push the button and get up on the lowered crate, jump up to shoot the grate and jump to the crawlspace. At the junction turn left, at the end push the cube to gain access to the acid room. You have to jump through blocks to reach the button, the fires extinguish as you proceed, but just for a time of course so hurry - in hard only flawless performance leads to result here as well. So jump to the first block and continue at once to the second with a left turn and curve, roll there and run/jump to the button, push it quickly. The way out is the same, on the first block you have just enough time to turn right a bit for a run/jump to the entrance. Go in the opened door, shoot the rat and pick up the purple Code card. Go back to the junction and to the left, slide down backwards and down the ladder


Get back all the way to the crossroad room, where you went towards the fires th first time, this time jump to the opening on the left. Here you have to push some crates, use flares to spot the pushable ones. Push the first till you can, then the one on the right, go around to the left and pull the third once, so you can push the first one even further. Push back the third one to its original place then pull/push it into the entrance, now you can go around the fixed crate in the middle. Now pull back the second crate and behind it enter the 4th secret and collect the Fee. Push it back in the entrance of the secret, then pull back the first crate, next to the fixed one, and go in the room behind it. Shoot the worker, down the ramp on the right there is another moveable crate, pull it onto the marked tile to open the door. To save some backtracking later, now push back the crate, till you can.


Go in the opened door, you have to get up between lasers again, but don't worry, it's not as hard as the one on the first level was. Run after it when goes away and jump to grab the edge of the slope, pull up turn/jump to the horizontal, then just repeat this to get even higher. Watch the timing when you pull up on the slopes because of the upper laser. And on the horizontals go next to the wall, and when the laser goes away run after it and jump. In hard there are more of them, but the task is the same, and you have to jump over the uppermost laser too. Jump over the acid pool in the next room into the closest opening on the left, shoot the bat, then jump to the other side. From here a very skillful curved jump to the other opening on this side. Jump to the other side again, take care of the rat - and in hard the bat too. Follow the passage until you find the crate you pushed in here. Push it till you can.

In normal don't stop with it between the first two pushes, otherwise a grate closes, making the way back harder. Shoot the worker, pick up the large medi from the table, and push the crate onto the marked tile to open the door.

In hard the grate closes anyways, the worker comes out from behind the door you open with the crate, and he had the large medi.

Go in there, use your card to open the grate and push the button behind it. You can see through the fence that the door blocking the last opening in the crossroad room opens. Get back there the way you came in, you have to fight two more opponents on the way - in normal the first one can be avoided if you use the shortcut.


Go through the opened door, the fly-by shows the next area, passages open from the various levels of the big shaft, through them you go ever higher up. Lets start, jump ahead to the other side, shoot the bats, then run after the laser and on the left where the wall is a bit darker pull up. Jump again, shoot the soldier, don't fall into the pit in the dark passage. Another jump, slicer trap, then bats, finally a last jump and you can pull up topside. Eliminate all resistance, bats and two gunmen, one of them drops a pack of flares, then find the trapdoor and open it. Drop into the room and get the yellow Code card - and in normal a large medi. Get down the way you came up, you'll meet more bats and two gunmen on the way, one of them leaves a small medi for you.


Go back all the way to the pool, and open the door with the card. Go in, you can shoot the soldier on the other side from here, then jump into the water and swim in the opening, at the end push the button, swim through the underwater door. In normal pick up the large medi dropped by the soldier. Jump from one side to the other on the slopes, with the direction key pressed to get over the pit. Take care of the workers, push the button, quickly go in the immediately closing door. In there jump over the dangerous tiles to push four buttons, opening the way to continue - in hard bats make this more difficult/interesting. Get out, the timed door also opened, go in the opened door, time your jump to the pause of the fire, shoot the bat. In the end of the passage you find the red Code card, now you're set to go back to the previous level, but first the secret. When going back don't jump through the fire emitter, but look down, use the nightvision mode of the binoculars if necessary to see the slopes, safety drop down, although it seems high, you don't get hurt. Crawl in and collect the Fee from the 5th secret, then the follow the passage all the way up, and return to the familiar room. Nothing left to do, but go back to the beginning of the level, open the door and get in the elevator, meanwhile three unfriendly character try to get in your way, take care of them, and back to the first level.



KCR Project1


Head to the main room, naturally you have to turn back the bridge on the way, kill the two soldiers. Through the offices go back down to the missiles, now you can get in the third and fourth control rooms. Shoot the remaining red boxes to take care of their control system as well and therefore prevent the launch, mission accomplished!


When you shoot the last red box the door opens at the bottom of the staircase, go up there, open the next door with the button, then one more button pushing in the inner office and the main entrance opens. With job well done leave the base, out into the moonlight.