Aldwych Nightmare

Level by kh2lover10

Walkthrough by DJ Full

Just like he did for "Ruins of the Kanibals", Dylan has left us a link to his walkthru on youtube. He writes:
"If you get stuck here's the youtube video -
The video has a different lara and enemies but it is the same thing."

And now for the written version:

In this game, you gonna face and fight your dark side... Draw your weapon. Notice the square with some pickups on it. Standing there activates the enemy, so it's better to roll onto that field to face the opponent as soon as possible. Do it and kill your alter ego. Now pick up the revolver and 5 packs of bullets for it. Press the switch on the wall. When you get onto the square containing the door object, another alter ego activates behind you. Either kill it or escape by safety dropping off to the next room. Kill the 3rd ego down there and pull another switch. Draw your weapon again, jump onto the lower block to trigger and kill the enemy standing on the upper one, get on the top of it and then jump into the corridor. Kill another Lara and proceed to the switch. Press it and kill the 6th opponent in the following room. With the revolver still ready to shoot someone, roll onto the square containing 3 packs of revolver ammo and kill the triggered alter ego. Pick up the ammo, pull the switch, draw the weapon and go through the door. In the end, activate 7 last egos by standing on the squares near the entrance and either wipe them out, or allow them to shoot you to your death, because there's no way out of there and all you can do is to kill yourself anyway.