Level by Jeffrey Van Oort

Walkthrough by Moonpooka

I found one secret in this level, but there is a door I think needs opening with the crow bar; it doesnít work and I assume this is to a secret area, but I have not been able to comment on this. You will also get the no-load problem so when Lara dies you canít reload from a save.

Drop down into the passage and shoot out the barriers ahead, mind the hole as you go through the passage to enter the next room. You will find the bike, so hop on and see a wall raise ahead of you; not sure why this happens, but you can drive left of it then drive up the North wall slope and drop down into the next room. Drive over the waiting guards to kill them, then dismount the bike and climb up the pillar in the corner. Turn and crawl backwards through the crawl space and hang down from the ledge so you can shimmy left to get into the next crawl space. Take the REVOLVER and continue on and drop down to the next passage.

You arrive below in a room with two guards waiting for you, so jump up to the new room and grab the CROWBAR from the entrance before a block raises and hides the crowbar. This is where a black door is that I assume you have to use the crowbar on, but it didnít work so I expect we lose out on a secret here.

Kill the guards and take the LASER SIGHT from the centre of the room, then head round into the SW corner passage. Climb up to the right and enter another crawl space, then make your way through to find a door to open at the end. Head through to the new room and climb between the boxes to get higher. Thereís a HANDLE in the fire on one of the boxes, so take it and then enter the West passage between the boxes. At the end go right and find another bike in the next room. Drive it through the North wall door and up the slope where you will arrive in a very ugly room with slopes on either side. Take the South slope first and drive up to the crawl space at the top, dismount the bike and crawl through the flames to retrieve the SECRET - SHOTGUN then drive back down and up the North slope. Drive over the top and up into the next room, running over the guards to kill them. Dismount the bike and go down into the pit, collect a LMP then look for a crawl space in the dark East wall. Climb up and use the hang lever at the end to open the door in the room outside where you left the bike. Go back and kill the two guards that have appeared, then drive the bike through the new door and over the slopes ahead. You will drop down into a passage with two hatches in the ceiling. Take the furthest one first and collect the GRENADE GUN from the crawl space above. Return to the passage and go up the first hatch. Climb to the South crawl space first and take the REVOLVER AMMO x 2, then enter the North crawl space where some bats will attack. Pick them off as you go and make your way to the end of the crawl space. You will arrive at a room with a guard shooting at you; take him out and collect the SMP from where you entered the room. Now walk around the middle of the room and you will drop down a hatch to a lower passage. Head through and open the hatch at the end, then climb up to a new room where you can collect the CAR JACK from the ground. Run to the big black gates, which will open for you, then run through to end the level.