Lara's Home in Africa

Level by Brazilian Croft

Walkthrough by DJ Full

Forget the outside, as there's nothing. Press the switch to open the door leading to Lara's Home in Africa. Pass through the next room and find yourself in the hall. No Winston. Go upstairs, enter the kitchen on your left and find the freezer. Africa is much warmer than England so Lara probably thinks she needs a much larger freezer than its English version. However, just like it is in the UK, there's still nothing to find in here. And no frozen Winston. Go back to the hall and get to the northern part of the 1st floor. In the bedroom there's also nothing to do, as well as in the bathroom on the left of the entrance, so get out of there and search the storage on the W of the bedroom. Pick up a grenade gun, super grenades, normal grenades, two packs of flares, a revolver, revolver ammo, a large medikit, two small medikits, a laser sight, a shotgun, normal shells, wideshot shells, normal arrows, a crossbow and a compass. Return to the hall and get to the western part of the 1st floor. Finally, go downstairs and approach the quad... no, it's a tertiad... Anyway, you can enter it from its right side only. Ride through the house. I still wonder how the author has created this animation. No finish trigger.