Levels by Jöel Dauvilliers (JoJo)

Walkthrough written by Jose Boo

Note: As there are some difficult tasks, this walkthrough maps out every move, this way the walkthrough is more extensive, but assuming a certain basic ability on the part of the player, so the player needs to explore on her/his own for these. What is included is solutions to the major puzzles and the locations of all six of the secrets. (Many thanks to the builder for pointing out the location of two secrets that I had been unable to find.) So, the real intent of the walkthrough is to help the player get "un-stuck" if need be during the course of independently exploring the level.


The Caves

This adventure begins with Lara falling and sliding down a ramp, losing some health, and landing into a dark cave. Help yourself with the mound to take a running jump and land into an alcove in the SE corner of the room; pick up the small medipack there and pull the switch to open a nearby trapdoor. Jump out and climb into the alcove at the SW corner, grab the edge and safety drop down to the next sloped surface (make sure that Lara has full health before dropping). Slide and grab the edge of the pit with the spikes. Shimmy to the right side and pull up doing a backflip with twist lo land on the next slope; slide again and near the end of the slope jump with a left curve to land onto a flat ledge.

First #Secret

Angle Lara in a SW direction and use the binoculars to spot some items down on the ground floor. Turn around and drop, grabbing the edge of the ledge, the wall is climbable, so move to the right, drop to ground floor, pick up the flares and the small medipack and return the same way to the previous ledge.

Exiting the Caves

Face west and take a running jump to the next flat ledge at the other side of the pit. Position Lara at the very NE corner of the ledge and face SE to take a standing jump to the next climbable part of the wall, go up, use the switch in the NW corner to open the door and drop into the new room.

The Neptune Room

In this room there is a Neptune statue with a missing trident. Your goal is to get the trident and come back here to place it and open the exit door in the W wall (near the end of the game) but this will be a very hard work, so let's go on. From the NE broken column ledge take a running jump to grab the ledge in the W wall, go up and use Ctrl to open the double grated doors, go to the end of the corridor and turn left. Going up through this sloped corridor will trigger two rolling balls, the first when you step on the third tile and the second when you step on the fourth tile so, make your way to avoid them running back quickly to the entrance corridor (using the sprint key if necessary). Up is a dead end so face N and grab the ladder in the corridor where the rolling balls fell, climb, enter the crawlspace and kill the bug which appears in the new room. Light a flare to discover a moveable block in the S wall. Pull it out and aside and enter the new corridor; turn left and pull the switch which collapses the previous room and releases a wraith. Quickly go back to the room and climb the ladder at the NW corner, backflip to land on the upper level and light another flare to discover a crawlspace in the S wall. Enter and drop down at the other side.

The Spike Pits Room. Killing the Wraith.

Slide and make your way keeping jumping over the slopes in N, S and W sides till you land over a flat ledge at W side. Save your game here.
There are two deadly pits with spikes in this room. You'll have to make your way taking running jumps clockwise around the room, landing over small triangle ledges in the S and W walls, to finally jump into an opening at the N wall. Quickly follow the corridor to the very end and in the left side you'll find a niche with the bird statue which will kill the wraith; jump there, duck and wait for the wraith to disappear; landing on this ledge also opens the nearby door at the S side of the corridor. Go there, pick up the large medipack and drop into the hole. Light a flare and follow the path till you can see a crawlspace to your right; go in (from its left side) and drop onto a balcony over the Neptune room. Kill the bug and use the skellie lever to open the door below. Safety drop to the ground, enter the open door and watch the flyby.

First Tasks in the Main Room.

This is the big room where the trident is, high at the top, so from now on I'll call this room "The Main Room". Jump into the water and swim to the S side of the central building. Locate the grated underwater door and open it by pressing Ctrl. Enter and dive left into the opening and look for the underwater ceiling switch at the NW corner. Pull it and see how a grated door opens somewhere outside. This also releases a shark, so quickly swim out of this room and go right; at the far SW corner there is a ledge you can climb and dispatch the shark from there. From here jump to the W ledge and walk N to the open door. Enter and jump into the small alcove in the SW corner; it's partially sloped, so position Lara against the N wall and jump back with another jump to grab the edge of the ledge above; pull up, use the wall switch to open the door below in the NW corner and go there.

The First Mosaic Plaque

Slide down the ramp from its left side to land over a ledge looking the lava pit room. Standing on the SE corner of the ledge take a running jump to the sloped N wall; grab the edge and shimmy left to the very end; there, pull up and do a backflip with twist and turn right in midair to land on a flat ledge in the W wall. Take the Mosaic piece from the pedestal while hearing a nearby trapdoor opening. Turn around and walk over the ledge to its very SE corner. Use the binoculars if you want to spot a water opening far down in a SE direction in the middle of the lava. This is a very tricky jump which can take you many tries. Position Lara at the very SE end of the corner ledge and do a hard running jump with a right curve and grab at the very end (Ctrl) to land into the water hole. If you land over the slope Lara will burn in flames. Once you get it, dive through the tunnels till you arrive into a room with a pronounced slope to your left; swim to an alcove in the SW corner and pull the ceiling underwater switch to open the nearby E grate; swim and get out to the main room. Get out of the water in the nearby S ledge and jump into the nearby W opening to place the Mosaic. Watch a camera showing a small underwater grate opening.

Mirror Underwater Room

Go out, jump into the water and swim through the opened grate at the SW corner and into the passage till you arrive at a mirror underwater room. Swim up to the NE corner to find an air hole where you can take a breath and save your game. It's very difficult to look behind the mirror to find the items 'cause you can't use the binoculars underwater, so here's what you have to do in this room: directly below the air hole you can pick up flares; turn right to the W and in the corner near the entrance you can pick up the Gate Key; go back for air and dive to the entrance of this mirror room to find an underwater ceiling lever; pulling it shows you a camera shot of a door opening somewhere in the main room (this also releases a hammer shark in the main room waters). Remember very well this shot 'cause it is the entrance to the second level and there are still a lot of tasks to do before going there. Go all the way back through the underwater tunnels to the main room, go out of the water in the nearby SW ledge and shoot the shark.

The Fountain Room

Use the Gate Key in the nearby metal door at S wall to open it. Advance and you'll enter a huge room with a fountain in the middle. Watch the flyby and kill the gladiator who appears. Go to the NE corner of the room and pull a switch behind a pillar to raise a block near the fountain; this releases another gladiator, kill him and go to the raised block. This block is climbable from its S side; climb it and take a running jump to the upper first level ledges (E or S). Running around these ledges you can find two vases to shoot (one of them will give you a pack of flares), two urns and four blocks to lower. Go to the top of the black bridge in the middle, jump and grab the monkey swing and go to the S opening.

Going Up and Second #Secret

Drop onto the slope backwards (facing N), slide and grab the edge; shimmy to the very right corner, pull up, jump back and jump again over the S slope with a right curve to land over another N sloped ledge to the right; slide and grab the edge, pull up and jump back to land over a safe ledge at the SE corner of the room. Save your game. Position Lara at the very SE corner of this ledge and angle her to face NW to the left high slope. Do a single jump and inmediately another jump over the left slope with a left curve to grab the left ladder in the upper N wall. Shift to your right and enter the crawlspace for a secret. Go back out, shift left to the laddeer, climb up, go through the crawlspace and drop at the other side.

At The Top Of The Big Room

Go to the end of this stone bridge and pick up the large medipack from the pedestal. Turn right and do a running jump from the right of the fence to land on a small triangle flat ledge at the NE corner; from here a single jump E to get some flares at the other side of the column; go back and jump into the opening in the N wall you've passed earlier, pull the switch to see a camera shot showing a door opening at the other high side of the room (W wall).

The Quest For The Torch and Third #Secret

Go out and land again over that small triangle ledge in the right side. Take a running jump SW to land over the central stone bridge; go W to the border of the bridge and take a running jump to the stone structure under the W column, slide and grab the edge. Shimmy left and around the corner and all the way to the very left side next to the W wall. Pull up and backflip with twist and a right curve to land on the fenced W balcony. Approach the fence and do a sideflip to cross at the other side. Enter through the new open S door and the door closes behind you. Climb up at the gate for a secret. Go to the NE corner of this dark room and finally pick up one torch from the pedestal.

Going Out and Down

It seems that the brown picture tiles close the exit door, so go to the green stone tiles at the SW corner of the room and wait till the door open; then do a running jump, taking care not to step over the brown tiles, directly through the door. If you're lucky the door stays open and you can go back to the fence and sideflip again to the other side. From here, face NE and drop the torch to the ground floor, looking carefully where it lands. Now, the best way to go down without damage is take a running jump with grab to the NE stone structure, shimmy all the way to the right and around the corner, pull up and do a backflip with twist to grab the edge of the central bridge, pull up and go right to the center of the bridge and grab the edge to drop over the black metal bridge below. From here go to the S ledge, jump over the raised block near the fountain and to the ground floor.

Lighting Some Items

Look for the thrown torch and pick it up. Light it in the female statue near the entrance of this huge room and light the opposite female statue. A block raises near the fountain and another four blocks lower in the ledges of the first level. Use the raised blocks near the fountain to access the first level ledges; now you have to light the four female statues in the corners of the ledges and the two urns in the corners too (although only the one at the SW corner is really necessary). A camera shows a block lowering at the very top of the N wall of the room. Go up to the top of the metal bridge, grab the monkeyswing and go to the opening in the N wall; once there, drop, grab the edge, pull up and slide into a new room.

The Cross of Ares

Go to the SE corner and take an angled jump to grab the lower crawlspace (don't drop into the hole, spikes await), pull the switch inside to open the door and go out using the opposite ladder and through another crawlspace; Lara will lose some health in the fall. Trespass the new open door E and pick up the Cross of Ares from the pedestal; a trapdoor opens in the previous room.

Fourth #Secret

Face S and shoot the center panel of the circular picture on the wall. Enter the opening and continue shooting other panels to finally discover a small medipack and uzi clips. Go back to the cross room and through the W opening back to the room with the crawlspaces.

To The Second Level

Jump into the water hole at the NW corner and follow the path and use Ctrl to open the grated underwater door at the end. You are now under the fountain of the huge room. Use the underwater ceiling switch under the hanging pillar at the SE corner to raise a block in the fountain pool; swim up and use that block to get out of the pool. Go NW to exit this huge room and return to the main room.

Fifth #Secret

Just stop when you go out and looking down and to the right you can see the grated underwater door you opened when you first entered in the main room. Swim again there and notice that a block has been raised in the SE corner. Climb it and face N to do a tricky jump over the fence at the other side; the trick here is do a running jump with the up key pressed and hold Ctrl at the very last moment when Lara is over the fence; any other way Lara falls into the water. Once at the other side of the fence, look for the switch at the NW corner; pulling it you hear a door open somewhere. Jump into the water, swim outside and to the right, continue swimming around two corners of the central building and look for a lower ledge in the N walkway where you can go out of the water. Do so, turn around and see an opening in the central building. Take a running jump with grab to get there and jump into the small niche to get the uzis.

Do you remember the door you opened with the ceiling underwater switch in the mirror room? Well, now it's time to go there. Go out of the niche, turn right and right again around the corner; in the far SE corner of this main room is that entrance, so go there jumping over the water and enter to change to...


The Four Horses Room

You enter a room with four horses, shoot the gladiators who attack and pull the four switches under the central female statue; a door opens in the N wall. Go there and push the moveable block once, a camera shot shows us a closed door in a garden at the very end of the level. This is the first of four triggers to open that door and get the final secret of this game.

The First Mosaic Piece

Go back to the switches and pull up the W switch; the door at the NW corner opens. Enter and take a couple of jumps over the slopes to go up. Go to the exit of this corridor and take a look at the room from here. First do a hard running jump from the very corner of the triangular ledge to grab the pillar in the west wall and pick up the revolver ammo. (I got it with Lara facing west and using sidesteps left to place her at the very corner of the ledge.) Go back to this triangular ledge and this time do a running jump to the E pillar (it's easier). Kill the bug and use the rope to get to the next pillar with the switch in the E wall and once there use the switch to display another rope. Use this second rope to get over the last pillar at the S wall and pick up the first Mosaic piece.

The Moving Pillars Room

Safety drop down to the floor and pull down the W switch and pull up the S switch; the door at the SW corner opens. Go there, drop into the hole and use the Cross of Ares to open the door. Jump over the slope at the right side, slide a bit and jump turning right to land into a recess at the W wall side. From here go W and position Lara at the very SE corner on the final W ledge, judge the pillars' movement and take a running jump when the pillars are still down to land on the NE corner of the first pillar; quickly take a standing jump over the second pillar and a running jump to grab the edge of the recess in the N wall.

Shimmy right till you can stand up near the E side and kill the bug. The next jump is easier, you don't need to use the W pillar if you don't want to. From the very E tile, angle Lara SE and time the blocks' movement to do a running jump to land over the most E block, must be a running jump with grab (Ctrl) or Lara will hit a ceiling tile and fall down; inmediately take a single jump to grab the S climbable wall, go around two corners and looking at the pillars you've passed, time again another backflip with twist to get over the last pillar and quickly climb into the S passage or sidejump left into the E passage. Uf! Save your game.

A Second Cross of Ares

Go first into the S passage to get the lasersight, go back and enter the E passage. Kill the gladiator in the next red room; when you go through the SE corridor and pick up the revolver ammo two more gladiators appear, one of them will drop another Cross of Ares when he dies, so use the cross to open the N door.

The Revolver

In the next room you see the revolver when you enter, but you can't pick it up yet. Go to the SE corner and pull a moveable block to get a small medipack. Now push the block over the tile where the medipack was (I suppose this is one of the triggers to open the door for the last secret, 'cause the author's note says that there are four switches (?)but there's not a camera shot), go to the nearby blue NE tile near the revolver and jump to grab the edge of the upper N ledge, go W and grab the crack in the next wall (running off the ledge), shimmy around the corner and pull up. Use the pole rope to get access to the high alcove in the S wall, climb the W block and pull the switch to deactivate the spikes in the revolver tile. Now you can safety descend and pick up the revolver. Go back to the lava room with moving pillars.

The Second Mosaic Piece

Shoot the well visible swinging ball near the center of the ceiling, go back to the red room and the S door is now open. Dive through the underwater caves till you find an airhole at the end (NE corner). Go always to the right to finally find the second Mosaic piece. Again always to the right to find a lowered block giving access to the big lava room. Pillars are static now and you can easily take a running jump in a NW direction to land over the pillar, from here a running jump W to the recess and finally another curved running jump to the N ladder next to the entrance. Shimmy around the corner and return to the four horses room.

Going Outside and Opening the Lair of the Monster

Pull up the E switch and down the S switch to open the door at NE corner. Inside pick up the large medipack from the pedestal, place the Mosaic pieces, enter the door and notice a raised block in the corridor to the left (for later) and remember where it is; go right and follow to an outside area. Shoot the gladiator there. Go W to the duct with red waters and to the N pillar. From here you have to do a tricky banana jump around the pillar to land on the other side. Once there pull the switch to turn the water safe. Jump into the water and pick up the large medipack and the Clue. Examine the Clue:

"Kiss the five columns and the monster shall appear suddenly."

Of course, you don't need to "kiss" the columns, but standing over the tiles of the five columns in front of the entrance door, the N grated door opens and the monster awakes.

Dealing with the Beast

There is a trick to do the next task more easily and obtain some extra time to deal with the monster. When you activate the monster, it delays some moments before shooting you with its fireballs or releasing the locusts. You can make a good use of that extra time doing this:
First step over the two more E column tiles and the two more W column tiles, leaving the central tile to the end. Now position Lara in front of the central column facing N and save your game. Light a flare (inside, the monster cave is dark) and run over the last tile straight ahead to enter quickly through the door which opens; the monster is active now but you have a few moments to jump the safe tiles around the monster in an anticlockwise direction and give refuge to Lara behind a column in the NW corner of the room. Save your game here 'cause the next moves are hard, and you have to be lucky.

A Hard Monkeyswing

Position Lara at the very SW corner of the tile and when the monster goes to spit out a fireball take a running jump over the next high block and inmediately roll; wait for the monster to shoot again and at the last moment jump and grab the monkeyswing very near the wall (the ceiling is sloped), the fireball should hit the wall just below you; quickly move E to a safe place near the E pillar protected from the fire shoots; you can save your game here. Now position Lara near the border of the pillar and judge the right time to monkeyswing to the next pillar; save your game again here. Finally take a try to continue the monkeyswing to the crawlspace in the west wall and enter.

Killing the Monster

But you are not really safe here, swarms of locusts will still pester you, so don't lose time and run through the corridor till the end and pull the switch to lower the nearby block. Go out and jump to the low tile behind the pillar to protect yourself from the fire shots and spot a small crevice far in the E wall. Use the revolver + sight to shoot the swinging ball inside and now you can take a long breath; the monster is gone. Now you can go back to the corridor with the switch and shoot the vase in the niche to pick up a large medipack if you want. Return to the lava room.

Opening the Door for the Last Secret

When the ball breaks there's a camera shot showing a block lowering somewhere. Do you remember the raised block in the corridor near where you put the two Mosaic pieces? That block has lowered now, so use the safe tiles to get out of this lava room (notice the ladder in the N side of the S pillar) and go back there, enter the passage and push the block once and nothing happens [the builder explains that its purpose is simply to free up the passage], so pull the block to its original position, go to the four horses room and open the middle door in the N wall (all four switches down) and pull the block once. Open again the NE door (pulling up the E switch) and go now through the left corridor. Push the block once S and pull it back to where it was. Go again to the four horses room and use the switch to access again to the middle N door; enter and push the block once. Go out and use the switch again to open the NE door and go back into the left corridor. Push the block once W and this time yes, get a camera shot of a door opening somewhere, but this secret is only available at the very end of the level, so go back to the lair of the beast, jump over the safe tiles and locate the ladder in the N side of the pillar you've seen before. Climb and follow the corridor to return to...


Going Up

If you want you can go all the way through the E, N and W walkways hanging and shimmying left to pass the big vases to pick up some uzi ammo at the end. If not, take a running jump (without grab) to land on the cornice of the central building. Locate the ladder in the S side near the place where poor Indy died, so close to his objective. Climb this ladder and shoot a bug. The NW vase contains revolver ammo.

Raising a Block at the Top of the Room

Use the rope to get into the opening in the S wall. Crawl in and light a flare to locate the moveable block in the SE corner. Pull it two times and crawl around it to enter the new passage. Locate another moveable block in the E wall and push it till you can do so no more. Pull the switch here and see a small grate opening in the previous room. Go back there and see that the floor in front of the grate has changed. Go to the first moveable block, crawl to the other side and push it from its E side to the very end. Jump over it and jump to grab the S crawlspace under the grate. Crawl, turn left and pull up to pull another switch and see how a block rises in the main room. Go all the way back there using the rope at the end. If you want you can run off the ledge to the left before using the rope to land over a low ledge losing some health and pick up some uzi ammo, go down, take a running jump to the cornice and use the ladder to go up where the trident is.

The Trident

Once on the high platform, use the raised block to take a running jump over the central blue structure. From here take a running jump with a right curve to grab the ladder at the SE corner, climb it and from the top take another running jump to land on the central cages which protect the trident. From the NW corner, take a difficult running jump with a right curve to grab the right part of the NW pillar edge. Pull up and pull the switch to release a rope which will help you to get the opposite pillar S. Pulling the switch there lowers the cages which protect the Trident and the uzi ammo. Runjump there or safety drop to the floor and use the raised block to get there and, at last, retrieve the Trident and the ammo.

Using the Trident

Jump into the water at the bottom of the room (using the shift key you get a nice animation) and make your way to return to the room with the Neptune statue with the missing trident, through the door you first entered into this big main room (NE corner). Place the Trident and the door in the W wall opens. Use the column ledge to take a running jump and grab the pillar and enter the door. But this is not the end. There are still some tasks to do.

Room with Deadly Waters

Another room with deadly water, so do a running jump to grab the first collapsible tile, pull up and a standing jump to grab the edge of the second; up again and jump to grab the climbable pillar. Shimmy to the right around two corners and position Lara four steps down from the ceiling, do a backflip with twist and grab the edge of the next tile, shimmy right to the corner, pull up, turn a bit right and do a standing jump over the next tile to the right; without stopping take another running jump to grab the edge of the next tile. Shimmy to the left and around the corner and position Lara at the center of the tile facing N. Don't jump over the ledge at the corner (spikes). Pull up and take another running jump to grab the rope, swing and jump to grab the edge of (or land on) the N ledge. Turn around and facing S shoot the difficult-to-see swinging ball into the gap in the far S wall to open a nearby trapdoor. Go into the W opening and drop into the hole, then continue to an outside area.

The Motorbike

There are two openings in this area. Go first to the NE opening, the wall here is climbable so use it to descend at the top of the pit. Go to the NW corner and pick up the small medipack from the top of the block. Return to the climbable wall. Jump over the block and use the climbable wall to go up and before you reach the top, backflip to land over a ledge in the E wall. From here, take a tight running jump in a SW direction to the next ledge. Finally take another running jump in a NW direction to land on the ledge with the switch. Pull the switch to open a door above.

Use the climbable wall to go up the higher ledges and enter this time in the SE opening. At the end there is a small room with the quad-bike. Mount and go out all the way over the ledges to the NE opening, up the ramp and to the next level...


Sixth #Secret

Continue driving till you see an opening to the right and a pedestal with a scroll. Pick it up and read it if you want. It says that if you made before the opportune tasks the gate should be open. Enter and pick up the shotgun and some packs of shotgun ammo. (What do you want this gun for now?) Go out, kill the bug and the gladiator, mount the motorbike and drive NE to finish this excellent and laborious level.

Finished 03/10/2007

Missed two secrets.