Level by Marcos Mensa

Walkthrough by Yoav

Save the game while you slide down (so you won't have to watch the movie once again if you fail) and follow the black breakable ledges until you reach the green place. Head south, reach the small balcony and jump down to the ledge below. Save and stand in front of the rolling ball. Simply jump over it, you trigger three rolling balls. While you silde down jump over the square of the right slope and jump back, grab the edge before the rolling balls come back and wait until they stop. Now you can easily climb the west slope, jump over the ball and climb into a green passage. At this point save again and start running down the passage, petrify fighter chases after a clown across your way. Keep running and watch when the camera changes, then jump forward over the transfer. The flashing should stop and you're transferred to a new place.

Step forward and petrify fighter is still chasing after the clown. Head over to the black deadly water pool and take a running jump toward the big statue head, you're transferred by flyby to another place. Run and jump over the fence to the next ledge and look for the Crowbar. Safety drop down and follow the passage. Carefully enter the statues room and move the first/left statue from its place to expose crawlspace with deep hole. Look inside and simply shoot on the target and the hole is filled by smething green. Crawl into a room with grated floor, drop down in the south-west hole and jump/grab the grate. The monkeyswing leads you over an alcove with a lamp. Shooting the lamp will cause an earthquake and give you the Magic Brigh Gem, then make your way back to the statues room.

Now move the middle one in the right side to expose another crawlspace. This time turn back, crawl and drop down, while dropping draw your pistols and shoot the target before you hit the black water and get a green square to rescue you. Turn over the burner and carefully climb one step then head back and enter into a small mirror passage. Quickly turn around and run into the black wall to get the Secret. Faster run back to the burner and jump over it, grab the wall and climb up to the statue. From there go back to the statues room and follow out.

Go down the passage, at the end drop down and follow the next passage. Carefully pass the moving blocks, then turn to face north-east and jump into the passage. Follow into a maze and notice some tiles will trigger moving blocks. Go left to the end for a triggering block. Go forward to the end of the passage and trigger one more. Run to the right and you're trapped between two blocks. Run south-west and climb the half block, then jump north-west and pull into a short passage. Drop down the hole and use the crowbar to get the Magic Insect. Climb out and drop back to the maze, in front on you is a moving block. Simply run to the right and once again into the right opening to trigger another block and run inside the room. Follow up the stairs and watch the chase crossing your way.

Head south and place the Magic Brigh Gem in the lamp and enter the garden. Collect 4 Magic fruits, then place the Magic Insect in the trunk. Head back to the pool and turn south for a new opening. Run down the stairs and take a jump over the ledge, turn south to the end. Facing south and take a running jump banana style over the ledge. Turn north to get the Magic Insect from the wall. Now climb the south wall and follow into the garden from the other side. Once again collect 4 Magic fruits, then place the Magic Insect in the trunk.

Now go back to the entrance you entered here and jump/grab the ceiling. Do a monkeyswing and boom! a dragon stands out from the black water. Keep moving, turn right and drop at the end. Take a running jump to the sloped wall with a backflip to land onto a ledge and quickly jump to the west opening. From here you can see a new opening. However, turn south-west and jump to the ledge, then climb the south wall into a hidden crawlspace. Drop down and get from the pedestal the Magic Brigh Gem. Go back to the opening and enter a room with bodies head skewered. Run up the stairs and get flash of burner kill body. At the end of the stairs pass to a pool with a center balcony.

Simply run and jump/grab the edge and climb onto it. Now you have to take an angled running jump to the west wall, then shimmy right; otherwise, you cannot pull inside the crawlspace. Drop down into a torture room with some monsters stomach skewered. Take the north opening gate and look for a statue horse then head to the east wall and place the Magic Brigh Gem, be ready to jump back to avoid the flame. Now the statue horse becomes movable, so push it straight to the sword and get a flyby showing you a sword-lever beyond a glass wall. Back to the torture room and cross it south while invisible skeletons run after you, enter the room and follow down the passage past the gate you opened and reach the sword-lever. By pushing this lever you open a hole in the next room.

Go over there and drop down the hole. You slide down into a basement with five cages, in one of them you can see Wiwi. First pull the east chain, then pull the body and pick up a Secret. Pull the west chain to raise another cage with an alien body. Now look on the north wall, there's an hidden crawlspace. Pass to the other side and climb up the stairs, pull the first chain to free the yellow little creature and he becomes a clown and then disappears in the green wall. Pull the middle chain to free Wiwi and follow him. Wiwi proceeds and enters the next passage, then the clown will show up and he drops the crossbow with poison ammo. Head to the blackwater and wait for the black harpy to show up. Hope you have enough bullets to kill it, then pick up the Exit Gem. Place it in the receptacle, then enter the passage, from here Lara will escort Wiwi to the village. Enjoy the final movie.