Level by HITOSHI

Unauthorized walkthrough by Rose Raider

I will be using left & right hand directions. (Thereís a glitch with the guns as Lara pulls out her guns, youíll get a long blue line. They're gone when Lara puts her guns away, BUT IT doesnít bother game play. IF ANYONE KNOWS HOW TO FIX IT PLEASE LET ME KNOW.)


You start outside the front gates of the mansion, go left next to the car and jump into a small area and push the lever, itíll raise the front gate, go throw them straight to front doors and push the wall button.

THE MAIN HALL: Turn left and climb the ladder, at the top go behind display case and push it forward and pick up THE DOOR KEY, get down, go left, go to the only door in the area. Once in the room thereís a fireplace with two display cases on both sides. Both display cases are movable BUT the left case has a pickup. So move it and pick up THE HORSEMEN GEM and youíll get a flyby as to where to go next, so leave the room and go up the stairs.

UPSTAIRS: Go up to the first landing, turn left, up the stairs and then go right and right again to the first opening with a door on the left which leads to the workout room, you can move two display cases, but thereís nothing to pick up, you can work out OR bypass and go to the next room with a pool, jump into the pool and swim through the opening, follow the tunnel and pick up THE DOOR KEY. You will get a second flyby showing you where to go, therefore run back through the workout room to the main hall and turn left to a second opening with a door on your left. Use the key and follow the stairs.

THE BLOCK ROOM: At the top youíll see a second door that opens automatically to a room, SAVE YOUR GAME before you enter this room, as you enter the room the door closes behind you. With your back to the door on both corners are movable pillars with pickups (4 sets of grenade gun normal ammo) so pick them up and on the left wall you have 5 buttons. Go from right to left to raise some blocks from short to tall, you have one second short block and a tall block on the right wall and same set up next to the left and back wall, go to the shortest block first, jump to the second tall block next to the back wall, pick up THE GRENADE GUN. THE MUMMY on the back wall comes alive as Lara jumps to the tall block on the left wall, so before you go on the face room jump down to the floor use the grenade gun to shoot BOTH MUMMIES. They will come to life if you get too close, they can do damage, also they can push Lara off the blocks.

Follow outside the room. Once you take care of the mummies go to the shortest block, climb up, face the right wall, jump to the second shortest block, then the tallest block, pick up THE ORNATE HANDLE Again jump down, go the shortest block, jump to the second shortest block, next on the back wall now jump last final block and pick up THE HATHOR EFFIGY. Get down, go to the right hand corner where the movable pillar was at, and push the button, itíll open the door, be fast and if the door closes before you get through just push the button again, once your on the stairs go down to the main hall, turn left then turn right to the third door opening, now combine the Ornate Handle with the Hathor Effigy to make the Portal Guardian.

THE KITCHEN: Go to the freezer and push the button, go in and to the back youíll see another button, BUT as you get close a secret trapdoor will open and slide you down to a new area.


UNDERGROUND: You are confronted with a large orb in the middle of the room in a blue-like pit, DO NOT go there, itís a FIRE TRAP. So go to the next room, cross the wood bridge to a platform with a pedestal and a door behind it, BE CAREFUL, thereís SPIKE TRAPS (man, talk about overkill) around the pedestal, time your way to it (you can jump or run), and pick up THE HAND OF ORION, as you do youíll get a small EARTHQUAKE. Once back through the spikes again, go to the door, itíll open automatically, run down the ramp (you get a neat camera effect) to a ledge with grass.

ISLAND TREES: As you stand on the ledge slowly walk to the edge and get a nice flyby of the area, now back up as far as you can cause you've got a few ledges to jump. The jumps are not easy, so just keep trying, that means run jump and run jump (well, you get the idea). When you reach the last one youíll see a door in front of you (BUT itís for later) so jump up and grab the ladder above you, take three steps up on the ladder and go to the right, climb up to a ledge, turn and face the right, jump back and safety drop to the bottom ledge, turn and face island one and stand jump to the island and run across the wooden bridge to island two, cross the second wooden bridge to island three, youíll see a SPIKETRAP around an item, so time your way carefully and pick up THE FIRST EYE PIECE. Do a stand jump and run across the bridge to island two and go to the upper left hand corner.

Do a stand jump and grab the rope in front of you and face the other rope, start swinging and grab the rope, unless youíre good at it (I know Iím not ) itíll take some work. Thereís a block ledge in the corner, you know what to do, once there pick up THE SECOND EYE PIECE. Now work your way back to island one, go to the right side of the island (youíll know when you see the ropes and I thought there wasnít much to do, silly me ah ah ah ah). Same as before, when you get to the corner pick,up THE ITEM (sorry, I donít know what itís called), jump into the water that'll take you down the falls to the bottom below, run to the far side, climb up the blocks to the ledge, YES you need to do the run jump thing again, across the ledges, once there you have three doors (use three keys which you have), they lead to a room. As you enter, the door will close behind you, now shoot THE MUMMY and move the two pillars from the corners to the other corners, it opens the door.

THE SPIKE ROOM: You have four sets of rolling spike balls (I got through by running and jumping to the end of the room) and at the other end of the room is a door, once there on the right side push the lever, turn around, go to the left side and climb the blocks, at the top push the wall button, you will get a not so great flyby, it opens the door, as you start to go up the ramp the last spike ball will come for you, jump back, sideflip and stay clear of the fire torches or you will get on fire and die. Once the last ball is done, run up the ramp, at the end climb up the grass ladder to a new area behind Laraís house.


LARAíS BACK YARD: Go to the tree thatís in the middle on the left side and climb the wall and over to the other side, turn left, near a corner is a lever, push it, turn around, go and climb the five sets of blocks, on the last one do an angled jump to the wall and pick up THE BLUE GEM, jump, turn around, go to the gate.

THE MAZE: Go straight, turn right, go forward, turn left, go forward, turn left, again left, go forward, turn right, go straight to the end and climb the grass ladder, at the top you must use a flare to see the pickup so pick up THE NITROUS OXIDE FEEDER (a/k/a door key). Turn right, go forward and jump over the opening and pick up THE CAR JACK (a/k/a door key). Go back down the ladder, turn around, go forward, turn right and go straight and do a fast left, go straight to a large opening and do an angled left to a right side opening, go forward, turn left and turn right to another iron gate. Go forward and turn right, go straight forward, turn right and down the ramp, the gate will open automatically, it takes you back to the front part of the house where you first started. I guess thereís no real end trigger so thatís a wrap.