by Clara & Hochgiftig

Walkthrough by José Boo


One night Lara wakes up in a movie theater. The film has been over for a long time, the theater seems to be deserted and Lara has no idea how to get out of the building seeing that the entrance is locked. So she tries to find a way to solve this problem. But having overslept the film proves her undoing...


Empty instalations.

Once waked up abandone this projection room through the red curtains in the SE or NE corners. Go right and find a Note between the popcorn and bubblegum machines (notice an object over this one); somebody ask to Phil (we'll wait he's not our moderator, 'cause he'll die later) to repair the door of the panic room. Go back and left down the stairs, once down turn left 180º, continue E down another stairs and stop near the big focus to the right. Jump over the focus to reach the wooden ledges in the S wall. Look for a moveable block between the posters and push it to the very end. Follow the path up the stairs, open the blue door at the end and enter into a big library.

The library.

Push the nearby button in the right side to turn on the lights. Go around to the S side and discover another moveable block in the S wall of the central bookcase; pull it out and aside and climb over it to reach the small ledge up; from here a running jump to the E ledge and up the next to the left to pick up a small medipack. From here a running jump NW to the ledge in N wall and use the button there to lower a nearby block showing a new button.

Use the recess in the central bookcase to get the ledge of the lowered block at the other side of the N wall and push the button to see another block lowering just looking S and down from where you are; run off the ledge with grab to land into the new opening. Push the new button to lower another block just behind you, enter the small opening and push another button to raise a block in the other side of the library, over the small ledge. Now you have two options:

a) From here jump to the previous high opening in the central bookcase and then do a running jump NW to land on the higher ledge at NW corner or...

b) Go down to the floor, move the pushable block to the NW corner and jump over it to reach the same high ledge in the NW corner.

Once there climb the E ledge and jump/grab the crack in the central bookcase; shimmy all the way to the right and land over that raised block. Press the button there to finally retract another block just under your position. Safety drop to the floor and pick up the Cloakroom Key from the hand-pedestal.

First secret.

Turn around and enter directly in the small niche from where you pull out the moveable block when you first entered in this library; press the button there to see a trapdoor closing somewhere. This trapdoor is just behind the very first block you pushed to open the access to this library so, go out of the library, down the stairs and at the top push again the block three more times to discover #secret 1: a golden skull.

The cloak room.

Go out through the corrridor and all the way up over the red stairs, first W and then E to the upper floor of this cinema; find the green keyhole in the S wall and open the door. Inside you can get the Security Card under the clothes rack at the end of this room (you'll have to duck to get it). Go out of this room and watch the cutscene. Retrace your steps again to the lower room of this cinema, where the small pool with the golden pyramid is and use your card to reopen the door.

The panic room.

Enter and watch a new cutscene. Go right to enter the room and duck to pick up the guard's pistol under the TV. Go all the way back up to the upper floor where the cloak room is and go to the very S end where the popcorn and the bubblegum machines are. When you approach Lara puts her attention in the popcorn machine. Draw your pistol (select it in the inventory and choose "use") and shoot the higher part of the machine. The popcorns don't like this and turn alive attacking Lara! Quickly from the broken machine take a running jump to reach the top of the bubblegun machine and pick up the Relay.

Run back again to the lower floor and jump into the small pool with the pyramid to drown the popcorns; pick up a small medipack at the NE corner. Return to the panic room and use the relay in the circuit panel at SW corner to open a trapdoor; climb and get the Store Room Key and a medipack. Go out of the panic room and at the other end of the corridor go right and use the key; enter and watch the flyby.

The Store Room.

This room seems complex, but tasks are not difficult and you can first use the switchs and buttons to see what they do. Also there are five or six packs of flares around the room (look for them) to help you lighting the most dark zones. I enjoyed it a lot. As showed in the flyby, you'll have to push two gray blocks into the high niches with the same texture so, let's go on with the first one.

First go down and to the NE corner to find a brown metal moveable block; push it once W and once S to create a bridge to cross the gray block over it. Find the grey block in the E wall and do it so; move it 1 tile W, 2 N (pick up the small medipack first or you can't do it) and 3 W over the checkered tile. Now you have to push it against the N wall so, go to the NW corner of the room and look for another brown metal moveable block like the first; make your way to move it around the blocks and position it in front of the gray block, climb it and push the gray block against the N wall. Climb to the higher ledges and find a switch in the N wall; use it to raise a block under the gray block and elevate it to the next level.

Go down and move the block W and S over the trapdoor to the end of the metal ledge. Find a button in a high ledge at S wall and press it to close a trapdoor in the way of the metal ledges; go down and move the block E to the very end over a brown ledge. Go to the same switch at N wall you used before and use it again to raise a block under the gray block and elevate it to the next level.

Go back to the block and push it E and N against the tall raised block, go back to the same N switch and use it again to lower this tall block. Go back to the gray block and move it once N over this lowered block, return to the same switch in N wall and use it again to raise the tall block in E wall and elevate the gray block to the next and highest level.

Go to the ledge under the S button and facing E take a standing jump to grab the high metal ledge; now make your way to put the gray block into the niche with the same texture in the SE corner (you can drop, grab the edge of the metal ledge and shimmy left under the gray block). The door opens and also a nearby trapdoor; into this places you can get the Chip and the Battery respectively. You can go out of this room now, but if you want the second secret read the next lines.

Second secret.

Go to the circuit panel in the N wall next to the other grated door and use the chip to close two trapdoors to your right (notice the niche to your right to place another block). Use the switch next to this door to raise a tall block in N wall, and use the nearby ladder to go up; press the button here to your left to close a trapdoor and open another one. Jump to the next W ledge and go around to locate the second gray block in the SW corner and also a button near; use it to close another two trapdoors in the previous passages, now the path is clear.

Make your way to move the gray block through the passages and place it over the tall block you raised before at N wall (pick up the medipack in the ledge were the block was); sure that you'll have to go back to the low ledges and climb from other side in the manoeuvre (ladder or ledge at S wall). Once the block is there, go down and use the switch near the grated door to lower the block. It can be possible that the gray block stays up in midair and doesn't fall, in this case go and jump over the ledge with the button at S wall and return to the N wall, this way the gray block should must be down. Move the block around and push it into the niche in NE corner; the grated door opens and you can get your prize, #secret 2: another golden skull.

The rest room.

Go out of this room through the W door and return all the way up the red stairs to the highest floor of the cinema where the cloak room is. Go E to the rest room and use the battery to open it. I found nothing in the men's toilet so, go to the womens zone and watch the cutscene, pick up the Piece of Paper at the entrance and read it to know that you'll have to get a golden medallion if you want to escape from this damned movie theatre. Advance and the mysterious man appears from one of the doors. You have a gun but you can't shoot it so, lure him to the entrance and return to the door where he went out. Jump and open the trapdoor, climb the ladder and go into the crawlspace.

A hard timed run.

In this room with some bookcases you'll have to push a buton to raise some platforms and do a hard timed run clockwise and up around the room. If you stop or reposition Lara for a few seconds you'll not get it, so you'll have to be very fast and turn Lara in midair without stop in any moment so you get over the high SE ledge in time. Let's go.

Climb the ledge in the SE corner and save your game in front of the button. Press it and inmediately jump back with a right curve to place Lara's back against the E wall. Jump forward over the block and running jump to the next bookcase falling over its left side, two steps doing another running jump while turning right to land in the SW corner of the raised platform, without stop another running jump to the left side of the next high bookcase and turning right when jumping to the next serie of raised platforms in N wall. Continue running (it's not necessary to use the sprint key) and when you are near the beginning of the last platform, jump and do a hard right curve over the last bookcase in the corner to running jump and grab the edge of the last S platform, grab and hang; keep pressed the up arrow key and when Lara stands up do a final standing jump over the safe front tile. If you're successful you can pick up the Projection Room.

Entering into the movie.

Safety drop down to the ledge with the button below and go out of this frustrating room. Put the disk in the machine at the other end of the corridor to open the door; enter and press a new button in the corridor to open the last door of this level. In the room with the cameras press a final button behind the camera over the ledge to project a film in the wall and enter into your own movie.


Going out.

Lara wakes up in a bed with a strange aspect. Pick up the threatening Letter from the cupboard and read it. Go to the W room and pick up the binoculars, some torches and a medipack. Open the S door now and go down the stairs (notice the golden rose behind the glass window). Pick up a small medipack from the S window sill and go to the next room; open the nearby cupboard to pick up a Winebottle; pull the tiger-carpet on the floor from its head to discover the Frontdoor Key under it. Go right now where the people is and watch the cutscene. Pick up more torches and a medipack and go back to the N door; enter and use your key to go outside.

The White Key.

Go to the S street and to the left, there is a white key in front of a small car; when you approach the car attacks! Jump over the N fences to avoid it and wait until it's out of gasoline. Pick up the White Key now and go W at the end of the street.

Third secret.

Turn right and climb the opening of the brown N house. Light a flare to discover a moveable block in the N wall, push it and climb the ladder to reach the roof. Go in a NE direction and jump onto the low roof of the next house. Go to the nearby corner and climb to the next higher roof facing E. Go all the way S and at the end position Lara in the SW corner facing E and do a sidestep left. Point Lara in a E-SE direction and make a tricky running jump over the border of the roof with a hard left curve at the last moment to land behind the fence below in the first floor of the house. Go to the other side of the balcony and pick up #secret 3: the golden rose you saw when you began this level.

The bar.

Jump over the fence to land over the street, go W, turn right where the black car is and cross the way between the houses arriving to the N street. Turn right to go E and near the end you can use your white key. In this kind of disco-bar go to the SW corner to pick up a small medipack. Go up the stairs and at the end of the path take a running jump over the fence with a NE direction to land in the opening in N wall. From here another running jump with a left curve to land over the E ledge; pull the switch here to display a rope at the other side of the room.

Use the rope to reach the SE high ledge with the button; press it and use the monkeyswing to go to the other corner of the room and press a second button. This opens a trapdoor at the entrance of this bar. Go there and climb the ladder, climb the box to get some torches (flares) and pick up a wooden torch near the box. Go down and outside. Turn left and left again into the corridor between the houses; at the left side there is a barrel with fire, light your torch here and go back to the N street.

The cranes room.

Follow the street W to the very end and leave your torch for a moment. Go to the end of the dock and fill your bottle in the partially submerged ledge at the right side of the boat. Go back, pick up your lightened torch and go N over the street. Pass the crane to your left and a bit ahead turn right to find a truck and a box with explosives. Throw your torch to pull the box and then pick up the torch again and light the powder behind the box (place Lara over the tile where the box was and approach to the center of the E part of the tile, near the powder).

Something exploits into the room and the door opens. Watch the flyby to see where's the item you have to get. Enter and go to the right where the fires are. Climb in the very right side of the ledge with the first fire and angle Lara to face NE; open your inventory and use the bottle filled with water to extinguish the flames in the tiles. At the other side there is a fuse box with an item needed so, go through the room avoiding the moving cranes to the very NE corner; press the button here to open the door at the other side of the wall. Go back to the ramp and through the opened door outside.

Go left and against the W wall under the focus to find a low crawlspace. Press "Ctrl" to break the wall and enter to get the missed Fuse. Return to the place where you extinguished the fires and place the fuse to stop the moving cranes. Now you can go to the N part of this room and crawl under the stopped cranes to finally climb onto the S metal ledge to pick up the Hook.

First tasks into a new area.

Go out of this cranes room and passing the truck go right to a nearby door with a Padlock; use the hook to open the door, get the padlock and enter into a new huge area. First go left to the dock passing the helix and refill your bottle in the ledge near the boat. Go back to the street and go E till you see some burning wagons to your left. Jump over the fence right of the wagons and press the button in the S wall of the nearby building to raise a trapdoor near the wagons. Now it's time to go for a secret if you want.

Fourth secret.

Go to the E side of this building with the button and look for a moveable block into the building, to the left of a brown ramp. Pull this moveable block outside two times while keeping pressed the "Ctrl" key when draging the block (if you stop in the first tile you'll not be able to move the block again 'cause the obstacle (yellow car) at your back). Go behind the block and drop into the hole under the ramp to get #secret 4: another golden rose.

The Red Key.

Go out and to the pillar near the burning wagons, climb the ladder in its N side, stand in the middle of the grated tile facing S and use the filled bottle to extinguish the fires below. The mysterious man appears again so, lure him far of the wagons and return to move the W one and get the Red Key on the railway. Now go SE and S at the end of the street; press the button to open the grated door and SE again to use the key.

The shop.

Pick up the medipack and use the switch in the blue S wall (camera view changes) to open the E door. The killer appears again so quickly run down the stairs and pick up a medipack from the cupboard; light a flare to discover a grey moveable block in the E wall of the corridor. Push it and climb the right crawlspace. At the other side the blocks are moveable too, take them out of the way in the room with the fire so you can drag the gray block S twice and access to a new entrance N. Go to the end and pull the switch to use the elevator; you are safe here (for now).

Panic in the corridors.

In the next corridors area the door closes behind you and the killer appears again, moreover you can't run so fast as you would want (great touch) so move always to your right to discover a metal door and another moveable block. Pull it two times and go back around the corners to the opening where it was; press the button to open a door near the entrance of this corridors, go there and press another button to open a blue metal door near the moveable block. Return there.

Timed run.

Watch the flyby to see the route you'll have to follow. Jump into the water to get the ammo if you want (it doesn't appear in your inventory), climb back and save your game in front of the switch in the N wall. Pull it, roll and run a few steps to jump in the raised platform S, turn Lara to face W and do a sidejump to land over the boxes to the right (in the E border), then a running jump with grab W to land in the recess with another switch. If you are successful the fire must be out yet so quickly pull this second switch and save your game again when pulling it. Now, a couple of jumps back and a tricky running jump with a curve in midair to grab the S ladder; climb almost to the top (but not very high or you'll land out of the slope) and jump back to land over a slope, another jump back from the end of the slope to land over a timed platform in N wall and a final running jump SW to reach the opening in the W wall.

[NOTE: You can take an alternative route to avoid the tricky running jump to the ladder: pull the switch and roll, run with a right curve at the end to jump and land over the boxes you came from and then turn right and take a running jump with a right curve to grab the ladder. I tested it too and time is enough.]

Going back outside.

Once in the W opening press the button to open a door below. Jump over the boxes and to the floor. Inside this new passage the killer will disturb you again, but this time he's necessary 'cause the exit door closes behind you. Press the button to open the brown door and use the lever there to open a trapdoor somewhere. Go out and right to the window; wait to the killer and he will break the glass trying to beat you or simply push you through the glass. Once in the street go N through the grated door and W passing the burning wagon; in the S side of the next building to the right is the opened trapdoor.

Room with electrified floor.

First take a look at the room to know the position of the safe tiles and calculate the time they delay to change. Position Lara on the middle of the W border of the entrance tile facing NE and standing jump over the brown tile in the corner one second before it appears. The safe tiles change its position each three or four seconds so judge the time to jump from tile to tile (be sure to not approach the borders or Lara will burn when jumping) to finally reach the safe ledge in the NE corner of the room (perhaps you have to grab its edge).

Jump to the next block S and use the climbable wall W to go left to the next ledge. Pull the switch there to move the crane with the box under the switch at the SE corner, jump there, pull it and see some blocks raising in the sea. The best way to get out of this room is jump again over the ledge with the first switch and from here run off the ledge in a SE direction, or jump with grab over the entrance. Go outside and W to the dock with the poster "Do not enter". Approach and watch a new cutscene. Then use the raised blocks in the water to reach the ship (the last running jump over the gunwale of the ship can be difficult if you don't line Lara exactly NW and keep the up arrow key pressed).

The ship.

Go N and use the button to open the metal door. Inside pick up the ammo and watch a new cutscene. The trapdoor here is closed so go outside and climb the opposite blue cabin near the cranes to pull the lever which opens it. Return and climb the ladder. Once up watch the horrifying scene and pick up the Cabin Key over the brown ledge. Go down and use this key to open the just opposite door and get the pistols inside. Go out and shoot the man with the hook (knight); pick up the Medallion he left and Lara will be translated to...

THE MOVIE THEATER (second time)

The escape.

Once Lara stand up go out and you find yourself in the room when this level began. But you have the medallion now so go up the ramp and through the red courtains, turn left (N) and then W down the stairs to the exit door NW. The mysterious man appears again and he situate himself between you and the exit door. Approach him and use the medallion in his chest to watch the final cutscene of this extraordinary adventure.

Finished 15-11-2007.