Level by Jeffrey Van Oort

Walkthrough by Yoav

Note: If you need the angkor.WAD, click this site and find it under the Complete New Wads link.

Start the level somewhere in a room at some kind of Lara's mansion. Head forward, pass the sloped wall and drop into the hole. Crawl a little, then turn around, fall onto a big loudspeaker (everything here is big and lacking proportion) and jump to the floor. Go up the stairs, it's dark but you do not have flares. Anyway, climb the south wall and open the gate by approaching it and reach the main hall. At the right side there is a wooden wall for later. Right now go to the dining room, find a lever in the dark and pull it, get a flyby of a gym and an underwater gate opens at the pool. Go to the kitchen, climb the right side of the stove to reach a Secret Golden Skull #1.

Back where you saw the wooden wall, climb up and drop to the gym. Climb the tall pillar, at the top use the monkeyswing and reach the east pillar. Run and jump onto the north ledge, then follow it west to the end, but watch the spikes trap and collect the Secret Golden Skull #2. Climb down north, reach the pool and follow west, look for a lever at the south alcove. Pull it and keep following around the pool to find a small medipack between two lion statues. Now jump into the water and swim west, pull out and climb up the stairs, at the end pick up an extra Secret Golden Skull #3.

Back to the main hall and climb up the left sloped bannister, at the top take a jump north to land onto a ledge, then pull there a lever. Drop down and follow outside from the mansion. At the east there is a closed gate and you can see Von Croy is standing behind it. Head south and find the lever next to the east wall, pull it and get a short flyby of a gate opening. Get back inside the mansion, enter the north room lighted purple with a golden skull on the center pedestal. Just forget about picking it up as it has a trap spiked boulder hanging from the ceiling.

Exit this room and go up the stairs, turn right, then enter the bedroom, take from the bed a small medipack. Exit and follow down the passage into the library, climb into a crawlspace between the bookcase and reach a pool. Dive and swim north-east for Secret Golden Skull #4. Return and find the south opening gate, climb up the stairs, climb the box and reach the attic. Then find the lever next to the west wall and pull it. Leave the attic and go back down, keep following south into the next passage. Enter the first bedroom and climb the bed for a medipack, then head south to a room with shallow water and pull there a lever.

Exit the room and follow down the passage, enter another library find a tunnel between the bookcase and climb inside. Follow it, then crawl and go through the opened gate, follow the bridge to the end. Grab the crack in the wall and shimmy left where you can pull up and crawl inside an alcove and reach Secret Golden Skull #5. Notice that you have to use the DOZY cheat to get back over the bridge. Make your way back to the main hall, then follow outside the mansion. Head north over the waterfall statue and look for a closed gate you open by approaching it.

Enter the maze and simply turn right at every junction until you reach a place with a wooden block. Climb up the block and pull there a lever. Next is a deep place you can reach by climbing down a ladder and collect a medipack, but then you get a spiked boulder on your head. Follow back to the start by the same way, but don't leave the maze. However, turn left and head forward until the end and find Secret Golden Skull #6. Now go back and exit the maze, reach the north-west opening gate and enter to some kind of training race just for finding a small medipack on the top of the north wooden block.

Exit the training race and go over to the east gate. At this time of the day it should be open and Lara could handshake Von Croy. Well, in my game this gate was still closed and from what I read in review it has happened to others. So, at this point I'm ending my walkthrough.