Menkaures Pyramid At Giza

Level by Jennifer Belfield

Walkthrough by Yoav

Menkaures Pyramid, Giza...

You start with Lara sliding down the slope to an area in front of the Giza Pyramid entry. Light a flare and head to the left side opening, drop down. You'll see two ways to proceed, the opening from the left side will be your way out back. Start sliding down the slope in front of you, be ready to jump forward and grab the opposite climbable wall, otherwise Lara falls down directly to the floor with covered spikes. Climb up, move left and keep climbing up into the alcove, it's a SECRET PLACE, go a few steps forward and get the SHOTGUN. Turn back a few steps, stand to face the opposite doorway, run jump across the gap into it. Climb up the block, drop down behind it and then climb back to the beginning.

Take care of two ninjas waiting for you at the Pyramid entry. When you are inside, light a flare and go look from both side corners, get some Flares and Shotgun Ammo. Proceed forward past the grave, light another flare if you need to and take from the left some Shotgun Ammo. Head forward, beyond the pillar you reach a pool, keep further to left corner and get the Crossbow Normal Ammo. Get rid of the ninja, then head to the right side of the pool. As you can see there's a passageway with slope, but this is not the right way; if you slide down you're never able to return and get the pick up things you could have missed.

Jump into the pool and swim down to the bottom, keep swimming into the underwater passageway, get the Crossbow Explosive Ammo on your way.
When you get out of the pool, you meet two ninjas running nearby the pole not far away from you. Go to the right side, you'll see shortcuts to next grave, do not drop down there as you get over there later. Go over to the ninjas, kill them both and open your eyes, one of them drops The Hand of Orion, now you can go through to grab the pole and pull Lara up, then backflip and land into the alcove. Jump grab the crawlspace, pull inside, turn and drop down, climb onto the block. Drop down and get the Shotgun Ammo, climb onto the block ahead, turn and drop down. Go a few steps forward, then shoot on the vase in front of you and get the CROSSBOW GUN.

Load the Crossbow gun with explosive ammo and then slide down to the grave below, send the mummy to hell. Pull the moveable statue blocking the high crawlspace, climb into the crawlspace, turn and drop down, you are back to the passageway with the slope that I told you not to slide down. In the meantime two spiked boulders start rolling over you, immediately run forward, jump across the gap with the spikes. Kill the red scorpions and climb onto to next high place, a few steps over the edge of the pit and get the flyby.

You are standing front of a deep pit with few pillars and two or three ninjas running around down at the buttom. Jump grab the ceiling and monkeyswing over the faraway ledge, drop onto it. Take standing jump forward to next ledge, and another one over next ledge. Look down to the pillars and stand close to the wall but facing right front of the pillar with the slope at the top. Take blind jump over the pillar and slide down, jump to next slope pillar, slide and grab the front pillar. Climb onto it, turn face over the last one, run jump over there and get The Hand of Sirius. Drop down to the ground and get rid of the ninjas, now go around the area between the pillars and pick up the LASERSIGHT, Crossbow Explosive Ammo, and Revolver Ammo. Head over the high opening, climb up into the room above, shoot on the vase to get some Shotgun Ammo, then place the Orion at the receptacle.

Pass through the door you just opened, guess who is waiting for you in the passage! yes, ninjas. Hmm, they do not want to give up and you'll meet a lot of them later. Well never mind, keep further, turn right and stop just before the slope. Look through your binoculars straight ahead for an opening there you should go before. Go two steps back, then run jump forward, grab the ceiling, monkeyswing over the opening and drop down. Crawl in the the crawlspace, it's a SECRET PLACE, get the UZIS with clips. Don't turn to get out yet! Stand up, jump grab the high crawlspace, pull Lara into it, then push the lever floor. Flyby showing you the next room you head to proceed and some underwater opening gate.

Get out from there and notice you do not need to do the monkeyswing back to the top of the slope, drop down from where you are standing. Head left side, kill the red scorpion, climb up the ladder then move left over the doorway and enter the room. As I told you, ninjas are everywhere even in this room, quickly get rid of them. In the room there're three holes with water in each corner and lever floor beyond the wall from the right. First, get from the left between the columns some flares, then head to NE corner. Jump into the water and swim down the canal through the gate you saw opening in a flyby, it's SECRET PLACE, get the REVOLVER.

Swim back and get out of the water to left side, where you can see the lever is not far from you. Pushing this lever will open the underwater gate in the NW corner. Head over there and jump into the water, swim down canal then through the open gate, forward and up the canal. Get out of the water into small Egyptian room, get the Uzis clips, then push the lever floor, it opens the last underwater gate in the last canal. Swim back to the room you come from, say hello to the two mummies, draw your crossbow gun and send them... never-mind. Go to the last hole and jump into the water, swim down then forward through the open gate and up along the canal. Get from the water into the room, in front of you a closed double door and from the right side two ninjas shooting. Kill them both and head over the receptacles right of the closed door. Place the Sirius, then enter the last room, go to the middle and get from the pedestal the Eye Piece.

The double doors in the first room are open now, when you go back over there you have to deal for the last time with ninja and two red scorpions, a piece of cake for you. Pass through the open door, up the stairs to the top, you are outside the Pyramid. A few steps forward, slide down over the jeep and finish the level.