Croft Manor

Level by Aurelien52 (December, 2007)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie


You start near a key lock at a closed door. Go forward and south to enter the main hall of the manor. You can see a closed door at the west wall. There is another closed door at the east wall behind the box. Go up the ramps that have replaced the stairs. Press the button on the south balcony wall to open the door beside you. Go up the steps and enter the attic. Go behind the box in the south-west corner and pull down the timed wall switch. You get a cut scene of a timed door opening. Wait until the wall switch resets. Pull down the wall switch, roll and sprint out of the attic. Sprint down the steps and onto the balcony. Jump over the railings and onto the ramp. Then jump over the next railings to land on the floor of the main hall. Sprint south into the right archway and through the open timed door in the west wall.


Run down the steps into a room surrounded by an aquarium. Go north behind the furniture and pick up the Lara’s Room key from the floor. If you look to the south-east, you can see flares in the water. Go up the steps and press the pushbutton on the north wall twice to open the door. Pick up the flares inside the doorway and exit back to the main hall.


Go up the ramps again and go to the east balcony. Use the key to open the door. Go past the bed and into the washroom at the south-west corner. Jump into the water pool and pick up the Kitchen key. Exit the room and go down the ramps to the main hall.


Go south into the left archway. Take the left corridor and enter the kitchen. To the north is a pushbutton. Ignore it for now. Go south and enter the west wall alcove. Use the key to open the door. Go west through the dining room and enter the pool room. Go south and climb the boxes. Hop onto the south balcony and pick up flares. Go to the west wall and pull up into a crawl space. Do a long crawl and drop onto the north balcony. Press the pushbutton in the middle of the north wall. Jump over the south railings and get into the pool. Swim into the open gate in the north-east corner.


Follow the underwater tunnel to the aquarium. Swim around the glass enclosed room to the flares that you saw from inside the room. Pick up the flares and get secret #1. Swim back out into the pool. Pull up anywhere and go east back through the dining room. Go back to the kitchen and go north. Press the pushbutton and go north around the corner to enter the freezer. Poor Winston is frozen inside. This is secret #2 but it does not count. If you had opened the freezer earlier, it would be the first secret and the other secret would not count. I guess that the author did not number the secrets and they are both the same number. The first secret found is the only one that counts.


Exit the kitchen and return to the main hall. Go up the ramps and onto the west balcony. The door in the west wall is open. Enter the room notice a pushbutton on the wall beside the open door. I think that it just started some music. Go south up the steps into another small room. Loop around to the right and into an alcove. Press the pushbutton and leave the room. Jump over the railings to the floor of the main hall. Go into the open door behind the box in the north-east corner.


Pull down the timed wall switch. Roll and sprint across the main hall into the timed open door in the west wall. Pick up the Main Door key from the floor. Return to the door and press the pushbutton twice to open the door. Exit and go north-east back to where you started. Use the key in the key lock and the ends by crashing to the desktop.