Back to Basics 2008 - Lost Treasure of Primal Breathe

Level by  Oxy

Walkthrough by Yoav


Start when the flyby ends. Lara is standing facing a window, you can see there a switch you'll reach after a very long way. Turn around, go a few steps and once again you get a flyby, of a dino crossing down the room ahead, followed by a warrior. Reach the opening where the dino entered (avoiding the deadly raised tiles) and kill him while he tries to hunt you from behind. (The warrior seems to have disappeared.) Follow to the end of the dark passage and drop through the green foliage (facing backward) onto the stream. Slide down, jump forward and grab the climbable wall above the colored closed door protected by a spike trap. Shift right around the corner onto what looks like a spike trap but isn't, pull up and jump to the top of the stream. Look for a jumpswitch on the south wall. Jump, pull it and slide again, grab the wall and climb back to where you were. A gate has opened on the top of the stream, take a running jump SE over there.

Watch your step, the place has some traps here. First jump over the skull stick to trigger a blade trap, then shoot on the jug through the right hole (beyond the spike tile). Go around, you'll find an opening blocked by skull sticks and a wall with a row of cog wheels. A sidejump can help you to pass the skull sticks and pick up a Cog Wheel, but do so facing east so the blade trap won't push you back onto the spike tile. Watch out for the west fire tile, too. Bring the cog over to the row and the door opens next to you. Take the Cookie from the pedestal, which triggers another obvious but unavoidable blade trap, then go to the end of the passage and look for flares in the alcove. Go back to where you entered this area and find a new opening blocked by a chair. Enter and place the Cookie in its north receptacle, now push the cage once and climb the invisible block to your right. Drop down on the other side, pick up a large medipack and cross the sticks trap.

Take the medipack to your left in front of the cage, turn around and enter a room with lava. Take two steps back from the west obstruction and take a running jump over it.  Find the other side of the cage and pull it back, take the medipack to your right (without stepping on the flame tile beyond it) and go back around to the front of the cage.  Push it forward once and go back through the lava room. Push it twice more onto the flame tile in the alcove, a block will rise underneath the cage and a horizontal pole will appear above the lava to help you to cross to the opposite ledges. These ledges are breakable, however, and you need to start with a standing jump from the lower ledge that looks like deadly lava.  You can aim for the flame on the pole, it won't hurt you. When you get across, turn left and quickly run and jump over the gap (don't bump your head) and into the yellow opening.

Go little bit further, oops you get poisoned by a laser. Simply crawl and pick up a Rusty Key on one side and a medipack on the other while remaining stooped. Quickly enter the room to avoid the boulder trap above. Head to the north-east corner for flares, then pull back the skeleton and pick up a medipack. Now pull the cage north-east and place it exactly where the skeleton was. A tall block appears and raises the cage. Go over to the red light and take a jump inside, watch the swinging sledgehammer and nearby fire tile (that looks like a spike tile) while dealing with two dinos. Then pull the cage south and crawl around to find Happy Face #1 while a door opens above. Climb up the ladder and turn to face west, run/jump SW and grab the jumpswitch to open another door. Climb back up, this time to the end, and pull into a snow room.

Crawl under the block east into a new place. Look around, you see three more empty snow rooms and some holes in the invisible floor. Pick a hole and drop down into the room below. Watch where you're going, there are some trap holes. Go to the cage you raised and pull/push it south onto the red trap hole in front of the opening and wait two seconds. The cage will sink into the hole and you get a screenie of a snow room. Now pick one of the triangular holes and drop back to an earlier room. Make your way back to the place with the invisible floor (past the swinging sledgehammer and up the ladder). Go around the perimeter of this room to find the east snow room and crawl inside to pick up a Cookie. Crawl back out and run to the middle of the floor, find yourself on a high invisible floor. Climb up to the next floor (but don't step forward onto the raised flat surface, or you'll burn and die) and see a ledge with a block. Head to the east wall and climb the ladder, then shoot a jug in the alcove. Go back down to the ledge, look where the block has lowered, there is a receptacle for your Cookie. Place it, then find the south-west hole, drop down and go through the triangular hole to drop back to the earlier room. The cage has been raised up from the hole. (Walk south toward the red tile, and the cage will appear if it's not there already.)

Pull/push the cage into the next room over the opening (twice in each direction) and onto the next red hole trap west. Once again the cage will sink into the hole, this will open the gate at the end of the stream. Go to the south end of the stream and use the Rusty Key you're carrying to open the colored door. Climb up the ladder and slide back toward the beginning stream, but get ready to jump off and grab the higher stream. Pull up and run over the skull sticks, this will open the colored door at the bottom stream below. Go back to the first stream and slide down to the bottom and stand above the open door with the sticks trap. Welcome to an Inca's place. Slide down, jump over the sticks and forward to land on the stone ledge you can see ahead of you.  Note from Moderator:  If you have trouble reaching the ledge, you can slide down the right side of the slope, jump off with a right curve, and you'll land on a lower ledge from which you can climb up and jump to the ledge in question.

Turn against the stream and look for a brown box NE. Jump over it to cancel the sticks trap, then drop down to the bottom and go south for Secret #1 and get the Lasersight. Pull up and slide all the way down, go over to the Inca's residence NW and get a long flyby that shows a colored door opening, then run into the north wall and pass the phantom door. Ahead is a T-rex area covered with flame tiles and a few safe ledges. The T-rex has control of half the area, so deal with him later. Run and jump over the fire onto a ledge and jump to the next one to pick up the Wraith's Key.  Quickly jump to the third ledge east, to the next one south, and finally to the next one SE and you're out of the T-rex's control. Pull a timed switch there to open a colored door, roll, run/jump SE onto a ledge, stand jump to the next ledge and stop to pick up flares, jump to the next ledge and turn right to reach the south opening which leads you to a small garden. First jump into the water hole, dive to the bottom for a medipack, climb out and find the cage.

Push the cage forward twice and let it sink, then jump left and pick up the Death Mask. Follow down the stairs, light a flare and find a medipack in a corner of the sitting area, then go back to the opening and jump west over the deadly water, look south where the waterfall streams into a hole and drop there. Swim south, take a medipak on your way and find the exit hole SW. Climb out north in front of the closed doors. Jump and grab the opposite climbable wall and move right, then backflip into an alcove. Place the death mask and the doors open. Swim back and climb out of the water, go past the doors to the gallery and look for another door open at the top of stairs north that lets you enter a place with four Happy Face receptacles. Since you have only one at the moment, you'll go there later, I promise. However, head over to the next room east and get crossbow explosive ammo. Look beyond the waterfall and see a cog lever that's blocked. Head over to the statue and look for a closed gate behind it, then pull/push the statue onto the brown square NW to lower the block.

Go and pull the cog lever five or six times and the gate opens, run over there, climb inside and pick up flares. Go and stand in front of the skull stick, facing north, and take a very well hidden Crowbar. Crawl south to the end, turn and drop onto a ledge. You are in a big room where you have a few things to do. First pull the timed switch, then run/jump to the west ledge, climb up and pass the colored door, drop down and light a flare. Safety drop to the lower level, take a simple jump over the fire-trap hole but do not proceed up the passage. Instead, climb the south wall into an alcove and find the Crossbow. While you hear the rolling ball down in the passage, climb down and go back to the big room north. Combine the  crossbow with the lasersight and load explosive ammo, shoot the hanging medallion in the south corner. A boulder drops down, a white spirit is released and a block lowers. Jump over there and reach Secret #2 against the south wall, pick up a medipack, then climb back to the colored door you opened earlier and go back to the west passage and run to the end.

Reach a new place. You can't go north because of the fire and the sticks, so first pull/push the statue to the east side to raise a block. Then go south and find a new Inca's residence. Look for a skeleton and just pull it back, get the Cog Wheel. Return and climb the raised block, use the monkeyswing to cross north and into an alcove, use the crowbar to open the door and drop to the garden. Look into the west water hole for a jug and simply shoot it with the crossbow. This will turn off the fire in the wood tower. Go around, climb the block next to the water hole and drop into the tower, pick up the Rusty Key. Climb out, jump north, turn around and keep climbing to the stone ledge above. Make your way over to the closed door NE and use the Rusty Key to open it. Follow down the stairs (avoid the fire tile), turn west to climb into an alcove and get Happy Face #2. Go the east wall and bring the cog wheel to the row to open a trapdoor next to you.

Drop down and you're back at the earlier gallery. Jump into the water and swim back down the exit hole and return to the Inca's residence, it's time to use that Wraith's Key you're still carrying. Pull out of the water hole and back flip to the ledge. Head north-west and find the key hole in the alcove, use the rusty key to open the gate. Walk into the pool dive to the bottom and look for a yellow jug, keep swimming north-west for crossbow explosive ammo, then turn around and get out. Load explosive ammo and shoot toward where you saw the yellow jug, this will send it to the T-rex place NW and lower a block. Go over there again (by retreating to the previous room and re-entering the phantom north doorway, as you can't pull up directly from the pool) and deal with him, then pick up Happy Face #3.

Leave the residence and head south, climb the rocks and turn to face north-west, run and jump over to the ledge. Take a sidejump over the fence and follow the balcony to a table with some yellow jugs and skull stick. Simply shoot the skull with explosive ammo, this will send a sign and open an east door. Enter inside and go over the slightly raised brown square of floor and step on it to open the colored door behind you. Kill the dino, find the nearby cage and pull it back as much as you can. Go to the room you opened and keep pushing the cage, then back to the other side and pull it once, then finally push the cage into the west alcove. The cage will turn to a block and give you Happy Face #4 on the raised tile. Make your way back to the Inca's residence (you see a Mask through the bars on the way out) and take the south stairs. You can shoot the jugs (watch out for the spike trap near the stairs) and pick up a medipack in the corner, then keep going to the end of the stairs. Enter a new place with four receptacles and use the Happy Faces you're carrying.

Go around the corner to your left and find an open door, enter and get from the alcove the Death Mask you saw earlier. Get outside and run into the red place with a big floating heart.  Stay close to the walls, or you'll find yourself swimming.  Go right and use the Death Mask to open the gate beside you and drop down onto a ledge. Watch the flyby and find yourself on a raised block. The stairs ahead have fire traps, so simply take a standing jump, grab the pole and swing forward to the ledge, then jump toward the fighter display. Follow up the stairs to the end and shoot the jug in the alcove to open a door you just passed. Follow the mirror passage until you come to an intersection. Look right, you'll see a block, the stairs ahead are for later, so take the left passage and run into the mirror, turn right and you'll see a white screen. Enter and take the Rusty Key just beyond the screen, go back and south down the previous passage and go to the end. On your way notice a block in the wall on your left, when you reach the end step onto the slightly raised square. Head back to the intersection, the earlier block has lowered so walk into the sunken area, it will lower the block in the wall.

Go back over there and enter a new place. Climb the north block and jump north to the roof, look for a south box and simply run/jump onto it, you get a flyby. When it's done, jump to the color lighting ledge and pick up the Master Key while the last of the wraiths explodes. Take one step forward and jump again to the block (don't walk toward it because of the surrounding fire traps) and from there reach the gate NW, use the Master Key and run into a gray alcove. Oops, you're trapped, but simply jump up and each time you'll rise to an alcove with a different color until you reach the gray one. Face west to replace the color, then go north and run into a new Inca's residence. Go forward, look for a closed door and enter the east room, head over toward the color lighting and find a Happy Face. Go back to the door and use the crowbar to open it.

Get outside and follow the bridge to the end, notice the raised block SW, then find the red water hole. Jump into the adjacent south alcove (using grab) and pull the switch, this will turn on the mill and lower the block. Go over there and find Secret #3 and pick up the Cog Wheel. Go back inside the residence, and head for the medallion room, simply jump over it and the west door opens. Follow outside to the courtyard. Go south-east, look for a closed room by a glass window, climb into the open room west and find a Cookie. Return to the courtyard and go west, then south, reach the door and look for a receptacle to use the Happy Face. Leave it a while and climb up onto the SE block for flares. Drop down and take the stairs, follow down half-way and find a key hole for the Rusty Key you have. Open the colored door next to you and go up the stairs behind the flame, light a flare if necessary. It seems you've found a receptacle for the cookie, use it and find yourself on a raised block. Drop down and climb the block with the jug.  Congratulations, you've found the last Secret #4, but there's nothing to pick up. Well, go back to the Happy Face receptacle you saw earlier and open the door. Wait for the flyby to end and follow into a final room. Bring the missing cog wheel to the row and the last gate opens. A baby dino comes from the courtyard to say goodbye, head toward the opening gate up the stairs west and the level ends.