Level by Jun Munakata (Jeyem)

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth

INSTALLATION NOTE: The level download has only the script files and newcity.tom. If you don't have the other essential newcity.* files in your graphics/wads folder, download and install them by using the link below. (Scroll down the page about halfway until you see "") Many thanks to bERT for this information.

Newcity files

Lara slides down a long slope and comes to rest in front of a barrier. Shoot it out and drop down through the hole. Go through the hallway with vase-occupied alcoves on either side. All are vacant except for three of them: one contains the uzis, one provides some uzi ammo and the third releases a bat. When you try to use the crawl space above the block at the end of the hallway, you discover that Lara won't fit inside. There must be another way out; and sure enough, there is. Go back up the hallway and vault up into the second alcove on your left. Pull up into an upper hallway and follow until you reach the slope going down to the right.

Before stepping forward onto the slope, take a standing jump forward and grab the crawl space. Pull inside and crawl forward for SECRET #1. Pick up the shotgun ammo, then continue forward a slight distance for the shotgun itself. Go back to the crawl space entrance, turn around, lower Lara over the edge and release to the sloped surface. Lara will slide down to a block in the passage. Hop to the bottom and right to pull up into a tunnel leading to the outside. Draw weapons as you move forward. As you emerge, you'll be ambushed by an SAS posted up to your left on a pillar.

After dealing with this annoyance, go inside the new outside area and explore the ruins. There's the body of a dead SAS lying prone on the ground. You think that perhaps his body is covering something important (it isn't), but when you try to grab him by the hair a dog bolts at you from behind a block. Kill it, then climb up onto the block in the NW corner for some flares. There's an opening here leading to a deep shaft, and when you look up you can see a jump switch, but you can't reach it from here. So let's take care of that detail right now.

Hop down and run past the dead SAS to the opening in the NE corner. Turn right at the bend and climb up on the block at the end. Turn right and pull up onto another block, and finally step forward and vault up onto a shorter block. Step forward and allow Lara to slide down the slope. At the last instant jump off and grab the monkey bars underneath the bridge. Monkey swing across the bridge (noting the floor lever ahead and to your right, and a closed trap door to your left), and when you near the west wall take a little dogleg to the left and drop down into the passage. Follow until you reach the shaft you saw earlier. Take a standing jump forward and activate the jump switch to open the trap door.

Hop back down to the ground and return to the NE corner. However, instead of going through the opening, this time stand just to the right of it and jump up to grab the crack in the wall. Shimmy to the right around three corners and pull up onto the pillar. Take a running jump and grab to the ledge jutting out of the wall in the SE corner. Pull up and turn to your right. Take a running jump to the next ledge. You won't be coming this way again, so you may as well detour by jumping and hopping your way to a ledge near the NE corner for a small medipack. Hop back and grab the edge, then release and grab the shimmy crack below and return to the previous ledge against the south wall. Sidestep to your right. Jump up and grab what looks like a short block ahead, but don't pull up yet. Shimmy to the left as far as you can, then pull up. Lara will slide down the other side, so jump off at the last instant and use the left arrow key to make Lara swerve to the left and land on the ledge ahead.

Run forward and lower Lara down into the hole revealed by the open trap door. Hop down to the ground and enter the west tunnel. Run up the ramp but stop when you reach the top, as there's a fire pit below. Take a standing jump forward and grab the edge of the ledge. Pull up and step forward into a new area that looks suspiciously like a drag strip for a motor vehicle you don't yet have. Vault up into the alcove at the NW corner and pick up the shotgun ammo. Note the nearby covering on the west wall, one of several you'll be breaking later with your mechanized toy.

If you like, you can shoot the barriers at the top of the large bluish ramp, or you can save that for later. Go over to the north wall and run up the ramp there. Believe it or not, the crawl space IS accessible. Turn around with your back to it, crouch and lower Lara down the other side. Release down to a lower passage, and immediately draw weapons to kill two bats. The body of the dead SAS, unlike the one above, can be moved, so grab it by the ears and pull it away from the shotgun that you can add to your arsenal. Then step forward and use the crawl space to reach a hole in the tunnel floor. Safety drop to the floor, pause to get rid of a third bat that's still hovering around, then reverse roll and run to the other end of the passage.

Climb the far wall to the top, pull up, turn around and look down. You see another opening, so climb back down about halfway and back flip into the passage. Turn around, run to the other end and throw the floor lever to open a trap door that allows you to keep moving ahead. Then reverse roll, run back to the opening and jump to grab the edge of the facing opening. Pull up and lower Lara down the opening revealed by the open trap door.

Down below, crawl underneath the hanging trap door until Lara can stand. Turn right and run down the passage. Turn left at the end and pull up into SECRET #2. Step forward and pick up another pair of uzis, together with some uzi ammo and the revolver. Safety drop from here into a new area and kill a couple of dogs that come over to investigate.

Vault up onto the ledge running along the south wall. To your right is a slope you would have come down if you'd bypassed the last secret. Turn to your left and run up the ramp ahead, noting the closed crowbar door to your right. Continue forward and enter the next opening to your right. Run up the long blue ramp and jump up and grab the tall block. Pull up, but be careful of the deep pit directly below. Take a running jump over it down to the floor, then make a horseshoe turn to the left and slide down the long slope back to the new area you just entered. Wasn't a very productive trip, was it? Well, turn around and note the dark area around the smaller ramp to your left. Take an angled standing jump into the darkness and land inside an alcove for SECRET #3 and a large medipack.

Back flip out of the alcove and run down the west alley, being mindful of the deadly pits on either side. When you reach the open area beyond, you lose camera control where the two dogs attacked earlier. Turn right and run north past the small pool of burning oil and take a running jump and grab across the larger pool near the wall. Pull up into the corridor and run forward. Use the wall to climb up to a higher passage. Follow it until you reach an opening where an SAS is shooting at you from below. Kill him, then jump down and deal with the dog that was hiding below, just beneath the opening. Note the large closed gate, which you open by means of the first floor lever you saw earlier while monkeyswinging across the bridge where you began this level. You wistfully look at the motorcycle on the other side of the gate before turning around to go back the way you came.

Jump in the pool and swim around if you like, but there's nothing of interest in there. Climb out on the other side and jump over to the east side. There's a climbable wall adjacent to the SE corner of the pool. However, when you get to the top and hop down to the lower block to look around, you can see the crowbar perched on the nearby pillar with no apparent means of reaching it. How cruel!

Get back up onto the higher block and look down into the inner courtyard to the south. Step down onto the ramp so that Lara slides down face forward, and jump off at the last instant to grab the edge of the block and avoid being fried. Pull up, note the nearby pillar with the reddish surface at the top, and jump down to the ground. Head east and go past the scattered blocks. Climb up onto a block in the SE corner and pick up the small medipack. Take a running jump over the burning oil to the north and pick up the uzi ammo at the end of the path. Look up to see a jump switch that's beyond your reach. Reverse roll and go into the alley to your right for some shotgun ammo.

Take a running jump and grab over the burning oil, pull up onto the block and turn to your right. Take a standing jump into the darkness and grab the edge of a crawl space. Pull into it, turn right and follow until Lara can stand up. Step forward and take a standing jump into the opening ahead. Run forward to the intersection and jump to your right over the fire pit. Hop back on the other side and grab the edge of the shaft, then release and immediately grab again to activate the jump switch you saw earlier.

Jump over the burning oil again and return to the inner courtyard. Shoot the SAS, take his uzi ammo and note that the central pillar is now higher. Use the ledge to get onto the block next to the fire tile, then turn and take a standing jump to the top of the central pillar. Jump up and grab the monkey bars. Monkey swing west until you can go no further, then release and grab the crack in the wall. Shimmy to your left and around the corner, then release to slide down to a ledge. Run to the other end of the ledge to discover that the wall here is climbable. Shift to your left, under the support, and continue until you can pull up into an opening. Hop down into the passage on the other side, turn right and run to the opening at the other end. Turn Lara so she's facing NNW and take an angled standing jump to grab the wall ahead.

Shift to the left, around two corners and drop down onto the pillar next to the small pool of burning oil. Turn to your left and jump up to grab the crack. Shimmy to the left until you're over the companion pillar, then release and claim that crowbar. Safety drop to the ground and run across the room to the south. Climb up onto the ledge, turn left and run up the ramp until you reach the crowbar door. Put that crowbar to good use, enter and follow the passage until you reach a crawl space. Crawl through and you'll find yourself on the ledge with the floor lever in the first area you visited. Throw it to open the gates separating you from the coveted motorbike.

Return through the crawlspace and run back down the ramp. Cross the room to the north side and take a running jump and grab across the pool to the opening. Pull up, climb up the wall at the end and hop down toward your prize. A flyby gives you a tantalizing view of the wild ride ahead of you, and an SAS approaches to bring you back on task. You can explore the lower parts of this area on foot if you like, dealing with a dog and a couple of SAS while shooting barriers scattered here and there, or you may prefer to work this mayhem while riding the motorbike.

Whatever you decide to do, get on the motorbike and drive it east along the wide passage and follow the various twists and turns. (There's a place where you can dismount and vault up a couple of levels and explore a portion of the race track area on foot; but unless someone sees something that I missed, there's nothing to be gained from such activity.) Take the narrow passage to the east in lieu of trying to manage a shortcut up the ramp to your left (which you can't do in any event). Make a horseshoe turn to the left and ride up the bluish ramp. Continue around the pillars and up to a higher area. You then go down for a spell, but make sure you make that horseshoe turn to the left around the pillar instead of going forward (which causes you to crash land down to previously plowed ground).

Continue along the bluish track until you break through the first tilewall. Go down the ramp and take a sharp turn to the right at the bottom. Go up the sandy ramp at full speed to jump a small gap at the top. Turn left and ride down the bumpy stairs past the burning pool of oil to your left. Turn left at the point where you lose camera control, and watch out for the deep pits ahead. Ride up the steep ramp near the secret alcove, and turn right at the top past the deep pit and through another tilewall. Continue right and ram another tilewall. Drive across the bridge spanning the first area you visited in this level, and smash through another tilewall on the other side.

Carefully navigate the twists and turns and drive down the ramp. There's an apparently inaccessible tilewall ahead of you to the right, and you despair that you may never know what's beyond it. Make a U-turn and drive up the nearby sandy ramp. Watch out for the hole ahead and carefully negotiate a hairpin turn to the right to proceed up the ramp. Follow the ramp and when you reach the dogleg to the left, simply keep going forward down the ramp. Make a horseshoe turn to the left and go up the west ramp, past the crawl space you negotiated earlier.

Just for fun, gun it over the gap ahead and make a horseshoe turn to the left through the tunnel. You'll drive down a ramp and smash through the tilewall you couldn't access from the other side. There are no pickups here, so repeat your drive up the sandy ramp, and when you reach the west ramp, go over the gap very slowly this time. You'll drop down and crash through a breaktile into a lower passage.

Follow the passage around and up two ramps. When you reach the top of the second one, watch out for the pit ahead and go around it to smash through the barrier beyond it. Carefully drive up the narrow ramp ahead and disembark in the next room. You see a closed gate barring your further progress, but not all is lost. Step up to the gate and turn left. Pull up into the alcove and turn around. Draw your pistols and crouch down to shoot out the barrier across the way. Then hop down and run across the room to pull up into the south passage.

Run to the intersection and note the crawlspace to your right. Lower Lara through it and drop down into a lower passage. Reverse roll and walk to the opening. Jump up to grab the monkey bars, and monkey swing across the area you drove through earlier. Drop down on the other side and proceed through the passage. Pick up the large medipack at the end. Is this all? No! Stand facing west in the SW corner and jump up to grab the opening in the dark. Pull up and hop down to a lower alcove. Take a standing jump forward and grab the wall. Climb down the steep shaft and reverse roll when you reach the bottom.

Walk out into the bottom of one of the steep pits you could have crashed into earlier if you hadn't been driving carefully. Go around the pillar into the SE opening and hop down into SECRET #4. Pick up the revolver ammo and a small medipack.

Climb back out to the pit and climb up the wall. Back flip near the top and monkeyswing across to the other side. Pull up into the passage where you took this detour, and run east until you reach a steep drop. Safety drop to the passage below. There are two crawlspaces down here; you want to use the one you were facing (west) when you dropped down. (If you use the other crawlspace, you'll encounter another dead SAS who blocks your way and can even trap you like a bug in a spider web if you're not careful.) There's a place you can stand in the SW corner, but turn right and keep crawling past the opening to your right (which you can't access anyway). When you can stand up, continue around the passage until you spy the dead SAS under a crawlspace.

Jump up here and grab the ledge above. Pull up and hop down to your right. Hop down again to your left, turn to your left and grab the dead SAS by the ears. Pull his corpse away from the revolver he was lying on, and pick it up. Crouch down and continue crawling east until you can stand. Run forward the rest of the way to the opening and hop down onto the ledge. Turn left, and you can see a floor lever perched on a higher ledge. This looks promising. Take a running jump north to the bluish ramp and pull up. Your motorbike is just beyond the closed gate to your left; the way to freedom is to your right. Run to the other side of the ledge, and you find that you can't get to the floor lever because of the barrier that you have no way of shooting from here.

When you reverse roll and look north across the gap, you see the laser sight lying in the NW alcove. But it's too far to reach from here, as you'll learn to your sorrow if you try. Time for Plan B. Return to the bluish ramp and turn left. Run to the top and shoot out the barriers. You've alerted an SAS off to your right who's probably shooting at you by now, although he's out of range of your weapons. You hurriedly look at the ramp ahead to the north. Indeed, there's a flat surface to the right you could jump down to, but that would be a red herring. Instead, sidestep to the right and take a slightly angled running jump to the nearby ceiling tile. Pull up into an outside area.

Turn to your right and vault up onto the block as you admire the blue sky and rolling green clouds. Avoid the hole ahead and continue south around it. Turn to the left and locate the next square hole. Hang from the edge and allow Lara's feet to get set on the climbable surface. Lower yourself as far as you'll go, and drop down to the ledge below in the SE corner. Take a running jump west over the gap and grab the edge of the long ledge. Pull up, draw weapons and shoot the SAS who was plaguing you earlier. Continue forward and climb up the wall at the end. Pull up and walk forward to the edge of the opening. Take a standing jump forward and grab the monkey bars. Monkey swing forward until you reach the opening, then turn left and drop down into the passage.

Follow the passage around to the left until you reach the opening. Turn to your right and pull up once again into the outside area. Turn left, draw weapons and shoot the SAS. Relieve him of his small medipack and continue north around the pit and the large opening ahead. Turn left past the large opening and hop down into an alcove. Lower Lara down through the crawlspace, release and reverse roll. Step forward, hop down and pick up a spare revolver, then some ammo for it, and finally that lasersight you couldn't get to earlier. Go ahead and combine the revolver and lasersight, then turn to your left and shoot the barrier on the ledge ahead.

Yes, Virginia, there is a short cut back to the motorbike. Take a running jump south (without grab) and you'll land on the sandy ledge ahead. Step forward and use the up arrow and action key to access the ledge above. Step forward and throw the floor lever to trigger a flyby with heroic music. Simply run forward off the ledge to the bluish ramp below, and turn right to run toward the newly opened gate. A running jump will get you over the slope, so return to the motorbike and ride it east up the ramp and over the gap to the next ramp and through the first barriers. Crash through the second row of barriers and stop. Get off the motorbike and kill two SAS who are patrolling nearby. Wait patiently for two more SAS to appear, and finally a fifth SAS will join the slaughter. After killing them all, note the two machine guns guarding the area ahead on either side.

From here you can use your combined revolver+lasersight to take out the machine gun to your left by shooting its rear tank (using the crouch key to zoom in as necessary). Then run around the left side of this open area and around the central ramp. From this vantage point you can draw a bead on the fuel tank of the other machine gun and thereby destroy it. The way is now clear for your exit. I could find no way to get across the east barrier while mounted on the motorbike, but you don't need to. Simply vault over the barrier and run forward while Lara's theme music plays. When you get about halfway through the tunnel the camera angle changes and you activate the exit trigger.