Cain's Home 2

Level by gabiza7

Walkthrough by DJ Full

NOTE: I described potential secret below the main gameplay thread.


Jump into the pool on your left.
Swim through the corridor and enter the hole in the bottom. Pick up 2 boxes of normal grenades, super grenades, a grenade gun, large medipack and exit the pit. Swim W and resurface in the new room. Kill 3 scorpions, grab uzi, 150 uzi bullets and a small medipack. Pull the lever switch (opens one of the doors in the main room). Swim back to the place you started the game in. Find the open door on the NE. From the alcove behind it, collect 12 normal shells, 12 wideshot shells, a shotgun. Pull the lever located behind the shotgun (rises the grate below the ceiling. Pull the E switch on the floor (rises the grate on the E) and blow up several lions, eels and a rat. Enter the alcove behind the rised grate and pull another switch (opens the first of two doors blocking the passage on the N of the main room). Return, use the W switch and do the same thing as in case of the E one. Now both doors on the N are open and you can leave this room. Do it and draw your weapon. As soon as you enter the next room, a rat attacks you from your right. Kill it and pull the lever switch it was guarding. Sprint to the newly open door on the other side of the room. Don't mind the darts, but watch out for the burning floor. In the next room, fight a village person (shoot him in the chest) and fight a lion. Find some more super grenades in the SE corner. And some flash grenades near the wall in brighter place. And 2 packs of normal shells in the NE corner. And a small medi in the NW corner. And 180 uzi ammo in the middle of the room. Now, when you have enough bullets, pull one of the lever switches in the room. It doesn't matter which, as you have to pull both of them anyway. I started from this one in the middle of the room (opens the first exit door). This spawns more eels and lions. Kill them. (One efficient method of killing eels is to sprint away of them, face them and shoot them while ducking, because an eel must be hit in its head. You can also switch targeting to manual if you are fast enough to take profit from rapid fire.) Now pull the second switch (opens the second exit door). Again, the village person is the toughest enemy. After shooting him, as well as wiping out the lions, exit the room. In the next one, pick up 2 packs of super grenades from the right of the entrance. Watch out for the instant death zones placed nearly on the whole floor. Use the raised platforms to jump across the room (blow up 3 T-Rexes in the meantime).

SOMETHING, WHAT LOOKS LIKE SECRET #1, but there is no prove of it due to the lack of "secret found" sound:

After you pull the switch located in the alcove behind the raised, grated door on the E wall of the main room, don't return to the main room yet, but walk to the edge and notice a ledge on your right. Do the running jump to grab it. Pull up, grab the monkey swing and move to the other side of the room, where you can pull another lever switch (opens the door behind the platform on the other side of the room, behind you). Either grab the monkey swing and backtrack to the platform or drop off to the floor, jump into the alcove behind grated door again and get to the top of the platform as you previously did. When you're there, enter the lockup and grab a large medi and 2 packs of wideshot shells.