Legio VI Victrix


Levels by Taras


inspired by German walkthrough by Soulofimmortal;

English version by dmdibl


The walkthrough sometimes refers to savegames, designed to aid the player at difficult moments. These are available in savegame thread for Legio VI Victrix (level 1925) at laraslevelbase.org. Downloaded savegame will have all secrets and Bonus Keys available up to that point.


Click here for the German walkthrough (with screenshots) and assorted savegames.




Level 1: Sea Girt


Secret Bonus Key #1


Search for the 4 Callinicus Rudders


After an impressive and lovely opening flyby two vultures attack, so dispose of them. Get Lara back on the block on which she started the level, and look forward over the ship. At the mast level there are wire mesh grates. Do a run jump/grab to the first, pull up, and follow the upper level grates to the starboard, jump over a couple of gaps, then turn toward the mast and jump to pick up the first Callinicus Rudder. Hang and drop from the grate to the deck.


Look toward the bow of the ship. The left, port, ramp is blocked at the top by two barrels. Lara can run halfway up the ramp to trigger the barrels to roll, then side flip over the railings to escape being crushed to death. If you have trouble with this, you may find it easier to go up the starboard ramp, then to the top of the port ramp, and do a running jump over the barrels, land, and dash down the ramp and to the side to escape the rolling barrels. Then go to where the barrels were and pick up the second Callinicus Rudder.


While Lara explores the strangely deserted ship two more vultures attack. On the main deck, back toward the stern, are some goodies on crates to pick up. Then return to the ramp with the rolling barrels. Between it and the outside railing are some crates; shoot them to reveal a lever. (All together find 2x Hell Breath ammunition, Life Potion.) Throw the lever to raise a trapdoor back on the side of the ship near that block where Lara started the level. Go there, jump over the railing onto the projecting ledge, and do a run jump/grab to the newly raised wire grating. (While exploring the ship this wire grate may collapse. Simply use the lever again to raise it back up if this happens.) Climb up. Go to the stern of the ship and drop off the back to pick up the third Callinicus Rudder and a Life Potion.


Directly beneath Lara is a lower balcony. To drop down to it use the Ctrl bug: Lara drops off backwards with Ctrl (Action) pressed, as though to grab the edge, but release Ctrl just as Lara is about to grab so that she misses, then immediately press Ctrl again so that Lara glides in under the higher balcony and lands on the lower one. Use the jump switch there.


Turn to the starboard and make a jump to the collapsible platforms, jumping around the corner and up to that newly opened door. Inside find the Golden Key. Jump up to open the trapdoor. Climb out, slide down the ramp to main deck, and turn about to see the captain's cabin door to the stern. This is the target of the timed run.


Now go back to the front of the ship, this time to the inboard of that ramp with the rolling barrels. Look around for a keyhole opposite that huge explosive barrel. Use the Golden Key, enter, and find the fourth Callinicus Rudder.


Timed run.


Outside, go up one of the nearby ramps and to the wheel at the helm. Lara can't get in front of it; instead position her to the side. Turn the wheel seven or eight times to raise the captain's cabin door for a short time. Rotate Lara right (clockwise) about 45 degrees, do a back flip/twist so that Lara will land running most of the way down that ramp, and sprint like crazy down the middle of the ship. When the sprint bar shrinks to zero have Lara jump (Lara travels faster while jumping, rather than simply running), when the sprint bar is somewhat restored do a concluding sprint to the captain's door and roll with Lara against the door. This should take her under the closing door.


Place the four Callinicus Rudders about the room. After the last is placed, see the block descend to give access to the torch. From the entrance, there is a wall switch in the back left corner. Use it, and climb the pole to get out.


Getting to the Ship's Hold.


Go back up that ramp with the rolling barrels and pick up one of the torches. At the bottom of the ramp Lara can light the torch on fire (save game before attempting this, in case Lara also lights herself on fire). Take the torch to that large explosive barrel. See the black powder trail; use the Action (Ctrl) key to light it with the torch. Take cover from the explosion. Now the crawlspace is open, and Lara can crawl through to use the wall switch. Crawl out, go through the opened double doors. (Note as you enter that there is a closed door on the left that gives access to Secret Bonus Key #1.) Go down into the hold of the ship.


Four Stones of Byzantium


The first things you encounter in the hold are four capstan-like apparatus. Lara can use the horizontal levers to rotate these a quarter turn or half a turn or whatever, and this will cause the crates up on deck to rotate aside giving access to those four pyramid plugs (Stones of Byzantium). If you use a quarter turn (and choose the wrong direction), then one of the deck crates may end up blocking access to the stern of the ship by making the jump very difficult. It isn't clear which lever controls which deck crate unless you use them one by one. So either use the levers one by one, going up on deck after each one, or else rotate all the levers a half turn, to avoid closing off the stern. Then go up on deck and collect all the Stones of Byzantium, one at the bow, three at the stern.


Return to the hold of the ship. Go beyond those capstan-like apparatus to a red-lit alcove where Lara can place the Four Stones of Byzantium into their sockets.


Clearing the Way


Go through the opened door. Step gingerly into the left doorway as sliding spike blocks activate. Run past them, angling to the right, to the other side, and throw a wall switch.


Exit by the doorway. Go across to find a brand new torch. Light it, and have Lara stand under the nearby rope to ignite it: the battering ram swings free and smashes into the anchor that is blocking the way. Enter the newly opened area and kill two mutants. Jump into the central hole: a trapdoor will open later and be the exit to the next level, so note where it is.


Explosive Finale


With the lit torch go back past those capstan-like apparatus, and see an open door to the right. Go into the room and find small powder kegs (Greek Fire) and a trail of black powder. After lighting it Lara has about thirty seconds to dash to the now open trapdoor, and dive in and swim to the next level. This is quite easy. The ship is destroyed and Lara gets safely away. However...


For the Secret Bonus Key #1


Getting the Bonus Key is much harder. Make sure Lara is facing the door as she lights the black powder. Run out and right, continue right, jump while running, and rush not through the double doors (closed) but into that doorway noted earlier. While running Lara must hit the spacebar to get rid of that torch as it only hinders her, but also immediately light a flare to be able to see in the darkened room for the Bonus Key. Jump to the Bonus Key in the far left corner. If possible do a jump/twist to land over Bonus Key #1. Pick it up and run back out. If done right, Lara can roll to the lower ramp and bounce down. Sprint through the hold of the ship, and past that swinging beam. If time runs out, Lara catches fire and dies. If you are close to making it, then jump at the end. If Lara is sailing through the air it doesn't seem to matter that time ran out. She flies through that open trapdoor into the water, and swims until the level ends.



Knights of the Round Table - Part I


2 Secrets, including Bonus Key #2


Secret (Shotgun=Hell Fang)


Enjoy the attractive room. Right at the beginning run into the back right corner (NW) and pull the lever there. Back flip with twist, sprint and jump across the depression and run to the timed gate. If Lara runs in she falls right through the floor to her death. So at the doorway threshold jump angling to the right and grab to catch a hidden pillar, pull up. Turn left, jump and grab to a hidden wall ladder. Climb down and find the Secret, Hell Fang. Climb up, back flip/twist to grab the pillar, then make a running jump out the doorway.


Blue Gem


Beneath the Arthur picture there are two gates (W), both of which can be pushed open. Go through either to get the blue gem. Come back out. Near the timed door you can pull Lara up on a cobweb. From here jump into the closest corner, pull the lever, and on the left side beside you a gate opens.


Go into it, slide down the slope into the water, and look for a high spot on the right (S) where Lara can stand to jump straight up to grab the first floor of the structure in the middle. Ahead, Lara can make a jump to a balcony and collect a Heal Potion. Jump back, now run to the other side, jump to another balcony to collect a Light Potion (flares). In any case, you need to get on that ladder. Climb up to the armor ledge and jump to the second floor of the central structure, and go across it to find a lever to pull. Turn around, go and jump to the pole to the left, climb up to back flip to the top platform. Here Lara can place the Blue Gem.


Jump back into the water, and again climb up to the first floor, and see the opening on the left. Get there, jump upward from standable platform to platform, then right, and finally up to the exit.


Back out in the starting room see that a transparent yellow block has risen. From this jump to the platform with the Arthur picture, where you can pull the jump switch. It opens double doors down to the right (N).


Underwater Labyrinth


Enter the doors. For now ignore the electric discharge and the bowls ahead; Lara will light the left one later when she has a torch. Instead jump into the water in the back left (NW). Don't expect to get through the spike passages in one go as you need to explore all the corners of this small maze. So when Lara's air gets low return to the start to replenish air supply. You should find: 3x Hell Breath, Hell Demise, Hell Fang, Light Potion, and an underwater ceiling lever to pull.


Lamorak's Spike Challenge


When you make it through swim up into an area with many closed gates. After a lot of searching it may seem that there is nothing to do here. There are pictures of Lamorak, and on one wall the picture is missing a part. Enter here, and go left, always avoiding the spikes. Here you will find a block that Lara can push forward once. A spike tile deactivates. Now go to the opposite side of this room, to the right of the entrance (when entering), and pull the block in the back corner twice, then get around to the other side of it and push it forward twice onto the pale tile. Another spike tile is deactivated. Go to the third block and pull it backward all the way to the entrance so that the picture of Lamorak is completed.  A gate opens (SE). Go into it and hit the wall button, which opens a door in bottom of the pool.


Lynette's Rose


Swim through and pull up on the left side of a room, turn to face the underwater gate in the pool. With Lara looking down, use the shotgun (Hell Fang) to shoot the gate. When it's destroyed, swim inside and pull the underwater lever. Now Lara can climb out and use the raised blue block to jump up and grab to the higher floor. Pull up, and directly in front of you is a deeply shadowed wall. The shadow hides a crawlspace.


Jump to it, crawl through, shoot another gate, then use the floor lever, which opens the large gate lower down. Get back out, and drop to enter the new area. Again it looks like there is nothing to do. There is no sense trying to get the rose in the spikes. But examine each of the floor tiles carefully. Light a flare: one of the white tiles is brighter than the others, and is a disguised trapdoor. Face east, directly in front of the armor on the east side, and open the trapdoor.


Drop in, and shoot an invisible something. Jump into the water and wade most of the way back, pull out to the right. Turn around and look up to find the hidden jump switch. Use it and a passage in the water opens. Jump into it, pull the lever, go back all the way to the top and take the rose that the spikes were previously protecting.


Back to Lamorak's Room


Swim back to the room with the pictures of Lamorak. Go through the newly opened gate (SW) and find an opening from which Lara can drop onto a slope. You are now about to face a series of very tough challenges, the most difficult places in the game. Brace yourself.


Drop down on the slope. This may be an illusion, but this seemed easier if Lara hugs the left wall. Jump shortly before the end of the slope, trying to get by the ball that drops from the ceiling. Keep running and jump over the ball that comes careening toward you. If Lara actually makes it through alive, turn around and shoot the grid and jump into the opening.


Bedivere Hell Chamber


Use curved jumps as Lara slides to get her next to the right wall. At the end of the slide, before going into the lava, make a curved jump to land on the slope. Jump back and forth between the slopes above the lava, curving to the side with each forward jump to make progress. Approach the flame emitter as close as possible. Jump back and forth and wait until it runs out. Continue jumping back and forth until the flame starts again. Save now and then reload the game. Hopefully the fire will stay out long enough for Lara to get by using back and forth jumps. If Lara lands directly on the flame emitter, even if it's down, she will still catch fire. [Download savegame, Lara standing safe on steps by lava.]


Make it to the double doors where Lara can pause to rest. There is a lion's head over the entrance of the slide that needs to be shot. From the lowest step in front of the doors one can see a tiny sliver of the lion's head; nonetheless, it is possible to shoot it with the shotgun. If that doesn't work, then jump to the shallow part of the slope left of the doors. From here (with the help of the save and reload trick) jump by the fire emitter to another standable area. Find the lion's head which hangs above the entrance slide. Shoot it. Whichever way you do it, the mouth closes and the large doors opens.


Go through into a new area, making sure not to stumble right into the lava. Go around the building and spot the ladder to climb. Use the save and reload trick to get the fire emitter down so Lara can leap to the ladder. Get to the alcove on top. Jump to the roof of the building and use the floor lever. This opens the gate at the front of the building. Drop down.


Walk inside, shoot the armor, and use the wall lever that is exposed. Now back to the room with the lava trench and the flame emitters. Run jump left to the slopes and start bouncing. Get by the flame emitter. One square from the wall where it is very dark Lara will land on a standable block. [Download savegame with Lara on block.] Turn toward the wall and make a standing jump to a crevice, and shimmy to the right. Climb up and get around to the right into a passage. A side passage to the right has a Hell Demise. Go up the stairs, pull lever, through the newly opened door, turn left and up more stairs, make a jump back into Lavorak's room.


You arrive at a wall button, push it, turn around and go straight to the other end, push that wall button. The door in the pool is now open. Jump in and swim through the side opening.


Deadly Skull Room


Climb out of the water. There are two gates to the left. The first is an exit. The rear should open when you step on a triggering platform in front of it. Go through. You are now in the deadly skull region. Jump across to the fire pillar in the far right corner. Drop and hang, shimmy around to see that there is a lever in the corner. So drop to the lever and pull it to open a door. Now Lara has to get out, but most of the skull tiles are deadly.


Face south, away from the lever, and turn slightly left, for a standing jump: from the pillar on your left, the next south tile is deadly, the next south tile is safe. (Remember this First Safe Square.) On the safe square, turn left, east: a pillar is directly ahead, the adjacent tile to its right is safe, stand jump to it. Now Lara can crouch down and look to the right and spot the slanted part of the floor. Side flip right to that slope, slide forward and jump to grab the block ahead. Pull up, climb the ladder to the top. You are back at the beginning; exit the first door. Go back through the rear gate, and this time jump from pillar to pillar about the room to reach the door that opened, get in, and use the lever. Finally the spikes in Lavorak's room disappear.


Jump back to the pillar. From here jump to First Safe Square (see above). Repeat the procedure you used before to reach the ladder and get out of the room. Swim back to the pool.


Lamorak's Room Again


Lara can use the lever that was surrounded by spikes, and drop a rope. Note those slopes by the side of the pool, near the rope. Facing the rope (Lara faces south), stand jump over the slopes, bounce, and spring to catch the rope. Swing to the upper platform West. Use both floor levers. Go to the red roof in the north, from here spot the light beam in the middle and the key on the invisible platform. Drop to the ground, and back to those slopes so Lara jumps, bounces, and grabs the first rope. Swing to the second rope, and then swing to that invisible platform and pick up the key. Lara can't jump back to the rope.


So drop in the water, get out on the side with the slopes, get on the first rope, swing to the middle one, and then to the third rope. The next jump is very difficult because Lara hits her head on the ceiling and so falls short. From here it may be easier to swing to the right to the red roof. Swing Lara, stop, wait until she pulls her legs up on the rope again, then press the swing key and Lara does a super jump. Raymond has a better solution: aim Lara for the keyhole on the balcony, swing Lara up to the ceiling at the top of her arc, then wait for the moment she starts to descend, then jump. This keeps Lara from hitting her head, and she will fly over the railing onto the balcony. [Download savegame, Lara on balcony in front of keyhole.]


Use the Golden Key in the keyhole. See a screen shot of a gate opening in the upper corner (NE) of Arthur's room. Now swim back through the underwater labyrinth to the earlier rooms of this level. Get out of the water, go back to


Arthur's Room


Get on the raised yellow block and jump to the platform with Arthur's picture. From here, make a running jump to the right, grabbing the block on which the pillar stands. Get on the platform, jump across to the ledges with armor over the double doors, and on to the platform in the corner. Collect a Hell Demise from the opening. Here is the gate the Golden Key opened.


Follow the path to the left, jump over the two gaps. Go to where the sloping roof forms a peak in the middle. Make a running right slant jump from the highest point, grab, and pull Lara up above. Drop down and see that there are keyholes for Gold and Silver Keys.


Timed Run


From looking at the keyholes, go to the right about the corner to find a switch. The timed door that this opens is directly across the room from the keyholes.


The timed run can be done this way. Flip the switch. Rotate Lara right and back flip/twist and sprint briefly down the passage. About two thirds of the way down the passage angle right and do a running jump up to the ledge. Run diagonally across the ledge heading for the open timed gate. Make a running jump over the chasm (good thing you're not looking down) and land on the other ledge, then leap straight from there into the open gate (use Ctrl).


Once through the timed gate go back right through the curtain, down the stairs and into a new area. Kill two dragonflies. Go into the middle of the area and look up to the ceiling to spot the dangling blue ball. Shoot it with the shotgun. This opens the door further on (S), and in the next area in the back, locate a torch.


Torch for a Silver Key


Bring the torch back to those central fires and light it. In this large room there are four unlit wall torches on the ledges at the cardinal compass points. By using nearby blocks Lara can jump up and light the wall torches in the North and East. The roof in the West is inaccessible because it requires a running jump and grab. So get on the South ledge last, light the third wall torch, and right of it (W) spot the hole in the ceiling. Drop the torch directly under this hole (press the "1" key to drop the torch at Lara's feet).


Hoist Lara up into the ceiling hole, follow the passage, and at the end step on the collapsible tile. This clears the way so you can access the passage from the West roof. Drop down to the ground, and jump into the water pool to the east. Swim the passage and open the underwater door. Follow the only route and at the end turn right to pull an underwater lever. Swim back and get out of the water. Look to the South ledge where you left the torch. There is now a raised blue block.


Now do a jump/grab to the West roof, pull up into the open ceiling passage, run along it to where the raised blue block has lifted the torch. Take the torch and run back, and light the fourth wall torch. Jump down with the torch, and leave it in the middle of the room.


Go back to where you initially found the torch and climb the ladder to the top. The door is open. Skirt the edge of the room and take the Silver Key, then get back down.


Golden Key


Retrieve the lit torch and carry it north out of these rooms and back toward the keyholes. Remember that lower room with the underwater labyrinth entrance, and near it the electric blue rays, where Lara was supposed to light the left bowl once she had a torch? Now is the time. Throw the torch down and safety drop, and repeat to get all the way down to the lowest floor. Light the left bowl. Discard the torch as it is no longer useful.


Take the long route back to the top: Arthur's room, right across ledges to NE doorway, left to jump two gaps, jump from peaked roof, pull up to keyhole area. Get back to the large room where you lit the wall torches, and continue through the south door.


Look left and spot the newly opened gate. Get a new torch, light it, and use it to light the wood pile there. The lava basin west in the previous room is now pure water. Jump into it and get the Golden Key. With the keys return to the keyholes and open the gate and go through.


Secret Bonus Key #2


In front of you are collapsible tiles. Position Lara so that she can jump to the first tile, then jump to grab the edge of the second tile. Better save the game as Lara pulls up. Turn at once to the right and push the movable blue block into the wall. If done quickly enough the collapsible tile will fall, leaving Lara's feet over empty air, but she will continue the animation of pushing the block into the wall. Keep pushing. Go and pick up Bonus Key #2.


Insane Spike Run


Back to the opening and survey the situation. There is a third collapsible tile, and beyond that a series of spikes popping up. Jump to the collapsible tile and as soon as possible move to the first spike tile. (I saved here.) Lara needs to make a U-turn sprint through the spikes, but the timing is so close she doesn't have time for a normal run jump at the end. This means on the final tile she will need to veer sharply left and jump, doing an awkward curved jump to the left.


Lara will land on...more spikes. Run across them diagonally left and jump to a collapsible tile. (Save the game if you make it this far.) Jump the gap to the next series of collapsible tiles, and draw pistols. Run down the center of the last collapsible tiles (save game). As Lara falls off the edge start firing madly.


If she shoots a blue ball in an alcove as she falls, then a trapdoor opens below and she falls safely into water. If she fails, the trapdoor stays shut and Lara is killed. You really need the Uzis for this, but you only get the Uzis in the next room, after having accomplished this task (another mark of the author's sense of humor). So try again and again until with luck Lara shoots the blue ball. [Download savegame has Lara in water.]


Percivale's Room


Fall into the water. Swim along the passage into a new colorful room. The left (S) movable object goes to the other end of its slot onto the obvious tile, the right movable goes directly in front of the fireplace, on the right side.


Turn to see an orange cone rise in the south. Climb on it and jump to the arch over the entryway. Go to the other end, by the stature, and spot the jump switch high in the right corner (NE). Lara needs to angle left and jump to the slope of the fireplace archway. Slide and grab the edge, shimmy to the middle, pull up and backflip/twist to catch that jump switch.


The water passage is now flooded to the top at its other end. Dive back into the water, swim the passage up to the blue ball alcove, swim to the end and pull the underwater lever. This floods the Percivale room. Swim back. Now Lara can swim through that crack in the fireplace.


Surface in the new pool. The jump switch in the center of the pool is unreachable. When facing it turn to the left. One of the blocks in the wall is strikingly dark. Push it in as far as it goes. A block rises under the jump switch, so now you can jump up and pull it. Then go back to the dark block in the wall and push it farther inward until a lever is revealed. Use it.


Swim back into the Percivale room and around to the south, use the raised blue block to jump to the top. Look around north and collect Ekatuns (Uzis) and Ekatun Ammo. On the opposite side of the room note the spike traps. Climb on the block directly between them, and walk forward to the edge. Lara is facing the fireplace. Now jump up and grab the monkeyswing. Turn around and swing to the entryway above the female statues holding the braziers. Turn to face the gap in the wall, drop and grab it.


Climb through. A flying skeleton starts to plague Lara, but it seems harmless so ignore it. Carefully get the torch and light it. Climb on the block (save your game here) and throw the lit torch through the gap. Hopefully it falls on the ledge and not in the water. Climb back out and use the torch to light those statues. Jump into the water and swim through the open gate to end the level.



Knights of the Round Table - Part II


5 Secrets, including Bonus Keys #3 and #4


Swim down the passage until you come to a candlestick. Don't swim through the gap. Turn right, swim up through the apparent ceiling and pull out of the water.


Secret #4


See a chain to pull. But first turn left and climb up the curtain, move right and drop for the Secret, Light Potion. Get down, pull the chain, and hear the bell. Dive back in and now swim through that gap. Notice the two gates on the left that are closed; they are connected to Secret #5. Swim through the open gate on the right, into the room and find the opening to surface.


Galahad's Hall


In the great hall pull out of the water onto a tile with blue light rays emanating from it. Run around the hall stepping on all the blue light ray tiles (but don't step on the pink ones). A door opens to the north.


Enter. There is a fire under the chain which makes it impossible to climb. So go to the right, by the unlit candle, and pick up the torch. Lara may have to crouch in order to get it. Take the torch to the blazing candle and light the torch, then use it to light the unlit candle. The ground shakes, the flame goes out under the central chain. Climb up, backflip, go right to the


Lava Room


Enjoy the music, watch the flyby carefully. It shows the bridge over the lava, and at the other end there is a shootable wire mesh on the right side of the platform. This is part of Secret #5. If you are not going for secrets this is an easy area. Draw pistols and jump up to shoot the cage hanging to the right. It falls into the lava. Go to the other end of the bridge, jump up and shoot the cage there on the left, and it, too, falls. Now the center door opens and Lara can enter.


Optional for Secret #5


(Thanks to Mr. Jungle and Karl Chen.) Tricky secret, one measly Heal Potion. At the bridge Lara can go to the southeast horse statue and climb onto its platform and go to the outside corner. Turn to face east, make sure Lara is at the very edge, then swivel left 90 degrees to face the platform edge at the other end of the bridge (N). The point of this maneuver is that Lara's right foot must appear to be off the platform over empty space. Take out the shotgun (Hell Fang), aim at that shootable wire mesh--you are shooting from the side, which is why Lara must be as far right as possible. I fired five times, went across the bridge to check, and the wire mesh was gone.


Turn Lara's back to the lava, drop back using the Ctrl bug to get into that alcove. Throw the lever and come back to look over those slopes. (Lara does little sliding on the slopes, mostly immediate jumps.) Facing right, do a standing jump to the left edge of the first slope, jump at once with left curve to grab the edge of the second. Shimmy all the way to the left, and save game.


Pull up and jump with a slight left curve to the next slope, but before Lara lands SAVE YOUR GAME (new slot). This seems to work best if the fire emitter is just starting. Reload. Lara lands on the slope, jumps at once to the fire emitter slope (which is hopefully out), jumps with left curve to last slope, and springs to grab the bridge. This may take several attempts, but isn't that hard.


Pull up to the bridge, turn left (S), run back to Galahad's Hall. The door at the chain is closed, so go straight out to the balcony and side flip over the railing. Jump into the water hole, swim the short ways back to those two gates, the right one is open. Go in behind the blocks to get a Heal Potion (not even a Life Potion). There is a glowing stained glass ceiling where Lara can surface to breathe, but this hardly seems necessary considering the paucity of pickups.


Swim back to Galahad's Hall [download savegame, Lara swimming], run around on those blue light ray tiles to open the north door, climb chain, and run across the bridge.


Trapdoor Puzzle


Lara continues through the central door after shooting the cages (and perhaps spending a minute or two to get the secret). Go up the stairs and through a door which closes. There is a small pool of lava and some pipes ahead.


Take a running jump into the alcove to the right. Lara can just run over the corner, over the lava, to the right. Find the floor switch and throw it. Proceed through the open door and turn immediately left, jump and pull up. Make a U-turn to the left and lift the hidden trapdoor in the floor, the one next to the end square. Turn around and walk by a closed door to the right, through the open gate, and drop down back by the lava pool.


Repeat, jumping to right alcove, go through open door. But this time turn right and pull up through that trapdoor that you opened. You have just avoided a trigger tile. Now when Lara walks forward the door on the right is open, so go in and throw the lever. Drop back down to the lava pool--except it is now clear water. Jump in and pull the underwater lever. This floods the entire room.


Swim forward, go straight and down into lower rooms. Swim through the wider portion, then look for a horizontal triangular crevice on the right side where the walls narrow. Slip into the small opening, find the underwater lever to use, and to its left on the ground the Light Potion. Swim back out, to the right and pull up out of the water.


Slide down the next slope. Previously all the vases were impervious to bullets, but suddenly the two vases in this area can be shattered. Shooting them doesn't seem to do anything, but it does alert you to what follows. Climb down the hole with the ladder sides. In the two underground rooms you can run around shooting all the barrels (and the armor) to get 2x Hell Breath, and Light Potion.


Secret #6


Go to the dividing point of the two rooms, and stand in the first room, which has a lower floor. Look two squares away and see that one set of floorboards has been rotated by 90 degrees. That is a trapdoor. Get around to the opposite side to open it. Drop down and pick up a Hell Fang secret, climb out.


Continue to the exit and climb the ladder. Go to the big doors and shoot the vase to get access to the wall button, press it to open the doors. Enter the lovely new room and listen to the music.


Room with a Harp Riddle


Go up the left staircase to the top, turn left, walk to the harp and move it forward three times into the corner. A door has opened, though you have no clue. It should now be obvious that Lara runs back down the main staircase and leaps into the fireplace. (Avoid the glowing tiles.) At the back is a smoking tile. Walk on this and Lara falls through. The gate opened when Lara moved the harp. Now throw the lever. Climb back out and jump out of the fireplace.


Trot up the staircase again, and this time go to the back of the central structure and find the open door. Go in. Notice the two platforms hanging from the ceiling, and on the left one is a rose. The ceiling has grids on it which are monkeyswings. So jump up, grab, and follow the grid tiles to swing over to land on the platform with Lynette's Rose. Now Lara has two of them.


Drop down on the right stairs. Go up to where you were, see the two pedestals on either side of the big doors, and place the two roses there. Lara may not want to place them. It seems to work if Lara is at an angle: she stands somewhat on the side toward the doors, and turns at a 30 degree angle to the pedestals. It also helps if you don't simply press Ctrl. Go into inventory and select Lynette's Rose, then Lara is more likely to place it.


When the doors open, enter the new room. Turn left and go jump to pick up the music scroll: "Queen for a Day." Take the scroll and put it on the podium, making sure the knight isn't too close. Lara strums the harp a bit.


Now run back down the staircase and jump into that odd little pool. The block in the underwater entrance has lowered so Lara can now swim through. Pick up Lynette's Cross and Hell Demise, turn and swim through the gate. Keep going straight through the jagged course and pull out on a ledge into the darkened cave.


Dark Cave


Lara should be standing with a crawlspace in the wall to the left. This is too high for her to reach, but it is her goal. Ahead of her is a pillar that she needs to get on to. To the right are some raised stones. Get to the other side of the raised stones and use them to make a running jump/grab to the pillar.


In order to make the jump Lara has to take off from the highest point of the little hill, and yet angle right to a point on the pillar where she can grab it. This is a little tricky. Light a flare to see what is going on.


Once Lara grabs the pillar, climb up. There is an overhead monkey swing, but it isn't obvious which tiles belong to the monkey swing. The dark tile above the pillar is part of the monkey swing, but the dark tile to the side isn't. Go in the direction of the crawlspace in the wall, turn right, follow the wall to the crawlspace. Turn to face the crawlspace, drop down and grab the edge, crawl in.


Following the passage to the next cave and get out. A transparent spider is running around the cave; try the shotgun.


From where you entered this cave, see two basins to the right and left. Go across between them, stepping around the skeleton. Then come to a tiny basin and step off here. Turn around and note the passage in the water under the stones. Lara seems to be standing, not swimming, in the water. But if you press the crouch key Lara will kneel down and start to swim in that opening. Find and use the underwater lever. Get out of the water. The door has opened.


This Time with Uzis.


Stand and look across to the ledge. If Lara tries to leap she will of course fall down and be killed. Have Lara draw the uzis (Ekatuns). From standing exactly in the middle, turn around and slide down backwards, as Lara falls shoot with the uzis. Something (a stone) shatters, the pit suddenly fills with water, and Lara avoids certain death in the spike trap. Swim up to those ledges, climb out, and go out to the new area.


Congratulations, you are entering one of the memorable areas of the game with lots of exciting (or hellish, depending on your perspective) challenges.


Take a moment to orient yourself. Looking somewhat left, see double doors that will be the object of a timed run. Looking somewhat right, you see the gate that will be the start of that timed run. And further right are double doors to a letter puzzle that ultimately you want to reach. First we have to open that gate.


Run all the way to the rear of the horse statues, turn left and climb the ladder to the very top. Now take three steps down, with Lara on the left of the ladder. Lara does a backflip/twist and curves right to land on the ledge to the side behind her. Now do a banana jump around the pillar. Use the jump switch (the gate opens). Then do a safety drop to the ground.


Timed Run Adventure


Go to the open gate and inside. With Lara before the switch save your game. Pull the switch, which opens those double doors of the other tower for a very short time. Turn Lara right, and do a backflip/twist. She must come down running next to the right doorjamb, practically clipping it with her shoulder as she sprints out. Aim directly for the corner of the tower and sprint. The sprint bar goes to zero as Lara turns the corner. Jump and curve through the closing doors.


Easy, wasn't it? [Download savegame, Lara standing by wide open doors.]


Once through the double doors, climb over the boxes and jump up to the ledge, then make a running jump over the gap to the ledge on the left. Go inside to those triangular ledges, and use them to flip Lara up above. Lara can't shoot the bell. Go outside, and straight ahead see Bonus Key #3. For now it is unreachable.


Turn left. In the distance see the Life Potion that Lara can reach. Make the jumps across to it and then come back. Now you are ready to tackle those glowing yellow platforms.


Crazy Jumps!


Jump to grab the first platform and shimmy to the right. Pull up and jump so that Lara hits the near edge of the second slope. Slide, then jump curving to the right and twist in midair. Lara lands backwards on the third slope, so that she can jump with a sharp right curve to the fourth slope. From here she can jump curve right to the next slope, slide down backwards and hang.


Shimmy all the way to the left and pull up. (If Lara delays for a moment, her feet start to slip on the slope, so just her toes are on it, and that gives her a bit of extra distance for the jump.) Backflip/twist and curve right to grab the last platform. [Download savegame, Lara standing on last yellow platform.]


Spiculum Longini


Jump over to the tower, and across to the next opening. Take the zip line down to the roof. Run around that turret to find the floor lever and throw it to open the double doors of the building where Lara stands. So hang and drop and go inside. Stop and think a moment as you examine the letter puzzle. Look at the motto on the wall. I think you will agree the solution has to be C-A-I-U-S. So throw those levers and the door opens. Enter and pick up your richly deserved Spiculum Longini.


Remember Bonus Key #3


Exit the building and go around to the left to find the double gates have opened. Go to the well and jump into it (the reddish water is safe). Throw the underwater lever, the gate opens, climb out. Pause. Notice that the well has a ladder on its side. Climb back out of the well, and see that a glowing cone is now beside it.


Climb up to the roof of the well. Get a goodie. Turn to face the entrance. Start in the area that is on Lara's left, going around to get the pick ups: 2x Hell Demise, Ekatun Ammo and the Hell Fang. End up in the southwestern corner, jump on the block and push the dark-sided block twice. Run through the room to the next, and see the dark block up on the wooden boxes. You know what to do: pull it twice.


Take a running jump/grab to the ledge, pull up. Push this block in only twice. Jump up to the left and spot the switch on the other side of the block. Use it and a gate opens. Go there and pull the dark block back three times. Eureka! Jump out to get Bonus Key #3, a Light Potion, and Hell Breath. (This is Secret #7.)


The door has shut behind Lara. Even a safety drop down will kill her. The only way down is to aim for the exact corner of that pool below. Do a running jump toward it and immediately press Ctrl to extend the distance that Lara travels. Lara lands in the pool with at least 4 mm to spare.


Now back to the well and jump into it. Pull up into the open lower gate. Go left, climb the ladder, step across to the the hole in the floor and drop down. Lara is back in Galahad's Hall. There is nothing to do on the balcony, so side flip over the railing to the floor. Find the door that you heard opening.


For Bonus Key #4


In this room run over the collapsible tile in the back right. You can see spikes directly below and a long slide down. Back up and do a jump with Ctrl, so Lara sails into the hole over the spikes and hits the slope going down. (You can also just climb down and to the side.)


At the bottom, get into the trench between the high facing slopes. The slope puzzle may seem baffling at first, but it is easier to do than it looks. Go down the trench a bit. Turn left and have Lara jump up and hang from the slope. Shimmy right. It appears that the low ceiling block will keep Lara from doing any slope-to-slope bouncing, but this isn't so.


Pull up and backflip, then jump with right curve into that ceiling block, but hit Ctrl so that Lara slips down onto the lower slope. Backflip from there, and again jump with right curve into the ceiling block, hitting Ctrl. Make progress in this way until Lara gets beyond the ceiling block to the next slope, and backflip from there to the corner of the upper ledge with the transparent vase. Shoot the vase. [Download savegame, Lara in ice caves.]


Cross the room diagonally and shoot the ice sheet, continue through. Climb on the block, and pull up. Turn around and jump in front of the moving block. Run forward as it moves away, and fall into the hole. Stop and look up: there seems to be an area in back of that moving block.


Secret #8


Get on the block near where Lara fell down. When the block moves away from the hole jump up and run forward. Find Hell Demise and Bonus Key #4. Now avoid the moving block and drop down the hole as you did before. [Download savegame, Lara with Bonus Key.]


Shoot the ice crawlspace and crawl through. To the left is a Hell Breath, then return and continue on straight.


Skeleton Room


Don't run down the center of the new room; instead jump to the side. Walk on the sides of the room, crossing only where a skeleton lies under the ice. Continue on the side and cross where the next skeleton is. Do the same for the last skeleton. (Don't try jumping from skeleton to skeleton.) A new door opens and you can go into the next room. A monster comes sneaking up on Lara so be prepared to shoot it. Continue to a large open area.


Bottomless Room, Swinging Blades, Tricky Jumps


Jump on the large floating platform and then the next smaller one left. Now comes a tricky jump. Set Lara up for a normal diagonal jump, though it will fall short. Angle Lara and sidestep to one side, angle her again and sidestep back with the net results that she has gained a few centimeters forward. Save the game. Try a run forward. If it still falls short, repeat the previous procedure, advancing Lara a few more centimeters. The jump must be exact. If you don't move Lara far enough forward, she won't make the jump distance. Move her the tiniest bit too far and she will fall off the ledge as she runs forward. (If Lara makes the jump and gets her toes on the platform, but jiggles up and down and then falls off try this: repeat the jump, when Lara lands on her toes keep the forward key pressed and hit the Roll Key (End). If Lara responds you have made the jump.)


Now you have to jump by the dual swinging blades and grab for the next block. This is a matter of timing and luck, so just keep trying. Once successful, climb up and jump to the next platform. [Download savegame, Lara on platform.]


Run jump to the slope so that Lara slides down backwards and grabs; pull up, backflip/twist to grab the corner ledge. Get into the corner, find the opening, and take the long slope downwards. From here Lara needs to make what looks like an insane jump to those strange formations below left. Jump down and with luck land on a standable portion. Make jumps to get close to those transparent panes. Shoot them with the pistols. Then do a run jump/grab to that opening. An elevator platform takes Lara to the top. Get out, make the jump to the corner ledge.


Go to the back and through the passage to find the chain and pull it. See a cut scene of a hammer swinging down and breaking an ice pane that shielded the Golden Key in a room you recognize.


Time to get back. With a few attempts find the right place to stand so Lara can jump, bounce off the first block and grab the next. Climb up. From here do a straight short-takeoff jump (aka Walking Jump). That means hold down the Shift key, start to take a step forward, release the Shift key and immediately hit Jump (Alt). This works perfectly from the block Lara is standing on. (Otherwise you would need to do a complex curved jump from the triangular surface.) On the next block Lara can run on the diagonal. I found it simplest to do a running jump/twist so Lara lands backward on the next slope, slides and grabs. Then she pulls up, does a backflip/twist and grabs the large platform. This way you can make the jumps on the first attempt.


Return back to where Lara met the monster. Find an open gate there. Go through and come out in a familiar room. Find where the Hammer broke the pane, and collect the Golden Key.


Drop back to the trench, climb up to the slope that Lara slid down. The left wall is climbable, so work your way all the way up to the top. Keep high to avoid the spikes. Pull up and get back into the big hall. On the left is the keyhole for the Golden Key. Use the key, go through the open door, and advance to the next level.



Knights of the Round Table - Part III


4 Secrets, including Bonus Key #5


Open Sesame 1


Well, if you've been trying to shoot the bells all during this game, now is the time when you finally get to do it. Turn right and spot the high bell. Use the shotgun, with Lara looking up, and shoot the bell. It rings out and opens a high gate. Look around by the tree, in the water, for a Hell Breath. Then climb the palm tree and backflip into the open gate. Lara needs to be high up to make it. Get the Open Sesame and drop back down where you can use it.


Open Sesame 2


Go in till you can jump left to the slope. Climb up to a new area. The first timed door is on Lara's right. The second timed door is directly across from her. Now drop down and go forward to see the marked trigger tile. Before using it go and study the slopes to the right. This is what you need to do:


Place Lara's back to the lighted windows. Run over the trigger tile, angling somewhat left. Make a running jump/twist to the slopes, bounce off and curve left to land on the standable slope. (There is a marked JPEG at laraslevelbase.org showing this maneuver.) Run for the first timed door which is now open. Try jumping straight from area to area through the door. You may find this as tough as the timed run at the two towers in the previous level.


When you finally make it through the door, save your game. See the new trigger tile. This is for the second timed door on the opposite side of this area. Step on the trigger tile, run out with a sharp right curved jump and sprint across the upper part of the slopes, turned toward the second door and jump and sprint through. This may be slightly easier than the first timed run (small consolation). Take the Open Sesame and leave the room.


Now you have to go back to the entrance. Place Lara on the top slopes near the first timed door. Find the exact spot where Lara can make a running jump and strike the slope nearest the entrance, then bounce and curve into the opening. [Download savegame, Lara in entrance.]


Get down and use the Open Sesame. Enjoy the flyby, especially noting the pair of red flags at the top of the stairs. To make sure what was written on them, get out the binoculars and study the flags: "Hic manebimus optime," which means something like "Here, we remain the best." Having just finished the timed runs, you may have felt like you were going to remain here indefinitely, but never mind. The clue is essential for acquiring Bonus Key #5.


Go up the stairs to the top and kill the Knight. Get his key. Use it to the left of the door.


Tristan et Isolde


Go forward and note the picture. Enter the curtain in the back right where there is a dry fountain "For Always," and a lever. Use the lever. Turn around, run back through the curtain, go across to the gate, sprint up to the open door and left to open the chest and get the Love Potion vial. Immediately run out to the right and back down toward those pedestals, drawing uzis as you run. Shoot the scorpions before they reach the skull tile or Lara will be toast.


Hear the sound of flowing water. Go through the curtain, see the running fountain, and fill the Love Potion vial with the magic water. Go to the pedestal with its empty Love Potion vial, stand directly in front of it, and use your Love Potion to fill the vial on the pedestal. A door opens. Now go up the stairs to the right, open the chest and get Isolde's ring. (Lara now has three of the needed items; only the fourth remains.) Turn around and climb up into the gate.


Secret #9


Time to lose some health. Climb the ladder through rotating blades. Replenish health as needed. At the top of the ladder, turn and look for a devilish secret. Can't see it? That crack with the rotating blades is a crawlspace. When the blades are to the side, jump and grab to it. Crawl through and get Hell Fang and Life Potion for Secret #9. Crawl back out, drop to fall into that water hole.


Now go back up the ladder through those rotating blades again. Run and jump through the corridor blades, making sure not to fall into the small pits which are fatal. Slide down the slope. Shoot the lizard, and the lizard on the other side of the water.


First Pool


You are at the first pool. The gate to the left is the way to Bonus Key #5, but you won't get there for a while. Lara has some tasks to perform. Dive into the water and find the underwater lever beneath the platform. The lever opens the gates. Climb on the platform and jump to that side to go through the gates and down.


Crawl, jump over the hole, crawl again, and take Ekatun Ammo. Crawl back and drop down into that hole. Turn toward the room. There is a hard to see underwater ceiling lever directly in front, but that is for later, when the room is flooded. For now, go to the center, turn around and jump up to grab that ladder. Lara makes it by her fingernails. At the top, reach in to the wall holes on both sides of the room to find a Light Potion and open the door.


Jump over the fence in the water into the next room and reach into the hole in the wall there. Now you can turn around and go straight to see the lava room, but the exit door there is still shut. So instead go back to the first ladder room, which is now flooded. Use that well-hidden underwater ceiling lever to open the exit doors in the lava room.


Swim up, retrace your route over the fence, but this time climb out right and go to the lava room. Good fun. This is all about timing, so go for it.


Geraint's Tower


Make the jump into the tower and watch the sneaky flyby (it does everything but show you the necessary jump switch). Go forward and pick up Hell Breath, then jump into that north opening in the wall. Climb the stairs until they start to go down, then find a pile of rubble with a torch. Pick up the torch and run back down. As you drop into the big room there is a block on the left under a fire. Put the torch on the block (get on block, press "1").


Go back up the stairs, all the way to the top until you come to a wooden door. An unlit lamp is on Lara's right. Aha! Everything is now clear, so just throw that jump switch. The jump switch that is right in the northeast corner where Lara is looking. Use the binoculars, that jump switch. Standing by the unlit lamp, Lara can jump and grab the overhead monkeyswing, swing over to the wall, drop and catch the jump switch.


Fall down on the rising block where the torch is. Pick up the torch and light it on the fire, at which point a Demigod gladiator starts firing at Lara. Jump down and draw pistols (torch falls), run up to the gladiator and crouch and shoot him with the pistols until he drops. Retrieve the torch and take it all the way up the stairs to light that unlit lamp.


Take the torch with you through the open wooden door. Come to an open gate, and turn around. Jump up and press "1" to drop the torch on the ledge above. Then climb up after it, and pick up the torch. Run through all the transparent textures that have an upside-down hammer on them, then in the corner jump up through the transparent texture to the higher level.


Secret #10


Light the wall torch and the door opens. Go in and pick up the Hell Fang for the Secret. Then go across the room and throw the lever, which opens the doors in the bottom room. The torch is no longer needed.


Retrace the route all the way back down the stairs and go straight out onto the balcony, turn right, jump up and pull the jump switch. Look over the first pool, which is where Lara was before. The door in the center is now open. But to its left, the high grating is also ajar, so better have a look at that.


Secret #11


On the jump switch side of the balcony the roof is close enough to reach, so jump to it, grab, and shimmy left about two corners and hang over that grating that is ajar. Drop and grab, crawl in and pick up a secret Hell Breath. Crawl out and drop.


Secret #12 (Bonus Key)


Jump to the platform, go through the gate to the next pool. Notice the writing on the mossy ledges at the pool sides. Of course you remember the motto on the red flag: "Hic manebimus optime." So jump to the left and step on HIC.


Jump in the water, swim and get out on the platform nearest the other bank. Jump to that ledge. Banana jump around the pillar, and use the floor lever to open the underwater gate. Hop back onto MANEBIMUS. (Don't step onto any other words.)


Back in the water, swim to the platform and jump to the first ledge. Banana jump around the pillar and step on the word OPTIME. The central door opens. Do a running jump inside, careful not to step on any other words while you are doing this, or the door will close. Pick up Bonus Key #5, Ekatuns, Hell Demise, and Heal Potion.


(Note that there is an unlit wall torch here. I reloaded the game, went back and got the torch, carried it to the balcony and threw it down, took it to the platforms and the banana jumps, and into the secret room and tried to light that wall torch. It is just for show, Lara can't light it.)


Evil Blue Cave


Now jump into the water and swim through that underwater door into what we fondly call the Evil Blue Cave. Swim forward and left and find a block that Lara can stand on. To the side are ledges, and Lara stands on the brink of a waterfall. Ropes hang from the ceiling, and ahead there is a high door and lower gate in the wall. Apparently there is nothing on the wall ahead, but use Look with your vantage point from below, through the water, and you will at once see the jump switch on the wall. That is your goal. (If you don't look through the water you can't see it, but you can also spot the jump switch with binoculars.)


There is a ledge to the left, so it looks like Lara can jump to the ropes, but we now know this author. If it were that simple, why are there two ropes? So Lara is far too intelligent to step on that ledge.


Instead, turn around on this block, with Lara's back to the waterfall. Use the Ctrl bug again. That is, drop back with Ctrl pressed, release it just as Lara is about to grab, them immediately press Ctrl again so that Lara falls on the ledge underneath and picks up the Hell Fang.


Jump into the water and swim through that low crack. Climb out and step on the trigger tile. Jump to the open door, turn left and make a jump to the ledge. Do a run jump/grab to the climbable surface to the left of the waterfall, climb all the way to the top, and get as far left and as high as possible. Backflip. Lara ends up with her heels on the rock, and if she tries to step back she falls off. So rotate her slightly to the left, side flip left into the wall, and she slides down onto the rock (get ready to grab in case she falls off).


Back Lara up and do a short-takeoff jump (Walking Jump) to the ledge to the left of that climbable surface. That is, hold down the Shift key, start to take a step, release the Shift key and immediately press the jump key (Alt). Lara can just make the jump and grab, then pull up. In this position again make a short-takeoff jump, angling slightly right so Lara will next jump forward from the sloping rocks to the rope. To catch the rope Lara may need to curve left.


Swing on the rope to the next rope. From here turn Lara to face the jump switch (I found it worked better if Lara seemed to be aiming to the right of the jump switch). Swing and pull the jump switch. Fall into the water and repeat the climb back up to where Lara just gets her heels on the rock, rotates, side flips to secure herself. This time turn to the open doorway and jump through it. [Download savegame, Lara in waterfall doorway.] Follow, crawl, and emerge in a new area.


Lovely Large Lake, Gladiator Statues


The first goal here is to find four switches. To start, turn right at once, jump into that little fenced off area with the trees, and press the curious knobby projection on the wall. That's one. Go back to where Lara entered this area, climb up on the ledge and jump to the little balcony to get the Ekatuns.


Now dive into the lake. Don't worry about the fish, they are only curious. Swim to the right (S) and in the middle of the side find an underwater opening where Lara can throw a lever. Watch flyby. Now swim to that central island with the gladiator statues and use the underwater ceiling lever and once more watch a flyby. Climb up on the little island and look about. One switch to go, and that is the jump switch at the house wall. You can see that to reach it Lara needs to traverse those spinning circles.


So get to the island with the spinning circle. Make the running jump to the first spinning circle. These prove to be like collapsible tiles, Lara can only stand on the surface for a brief time. Try to jump to the right of the next spinning circle, then curve run around to the left to jump to the third. Jump to the wall switch at the house. [Download savegame, Lara pulled jump switch.]


Lara drops in the water: turn right and swim to the north and in the bottom middle of that section find an opened trapdoor. Swim through and climb out. Find the bunch of swords in the center of the room, pull them out, move them north, and then push them all the way down the room to that empty wooden tile next to the water entrance (NE). This time the flyby shows that the big doors of the building are open.


Swim there. Lara can pull out of the water on the left side of the embankment, in line with where the gladiator island is. Go up into that building.


Pellinore's Mirror Room


Enter, turn right, jump on top of the glowing block. Turn so Lara faces the entrance, draw pistols, and jump up and shoot that shield up near the ceiling. A door opens in the back of the room.


Go there and get the mirror and drag it out to the middle of the room where that light beam is. You know it is positioned correctly because a new light beam will be projected from the mirror. A block goes down near the entrance, so get that mirror and position it at the end of the light beam. Next the mirror in the back left corner is freed, so move it to the light beam. Then the other door opens at the back of the room; go back there and drag the final mirror out and position it.


The light beam is directed to the picture of Pellinore and magically reveals a jump switch. Use it and the gates open in the side of this room. Climb up and get Pellinore's hammer from the pedestal, and a screen shot shows a trapdoor opening in the lake. This is near the one that Lara previously used, but farther away. Lara now has all four items that she needed so time to move to a conclusion. Run out, jump into the lake, swim northeast. You may want to take a breath before diving into that trapdoor opening and making the swim to the final area.


A Battle?


Lara emerges and walks forward. Note the passage to the left (W). In the distance are two mounted riders that are alerted to her presence. It seems that you have little choice but to confront them with pistols, but actually you can chose to avoid the mounted knights. Your choice:


If you fight the knights with pistols you know that it will take a long time, and that inevitably Lara will suffer health loss. On the plus side this is a satisfactory conclusion to the main levels, with Lara having a showdown with the knights and emerging triumphant.


If you choose to evade the knights then they become a nuisance throughout this area, the horses stomping around annoyingly. It isn't that hard to avoid them. The Gold and Silver keyholes are at the top of the stairs, but Lara can run to the lower side of the stairs, draw the knights to her, then jump and pull up to the top of the stairs and use the keys without the knights bothering her.


However you deal with the knights, know that Lara can run to the first statue on the east, climb up, and make a swam dive to the balcony to get Ekatun Ammo. Similarly on the west side, from the statue Lara can swan dive to the balcony to get a Heal Potion. Now run into that passage you first saw in the west, all the way to the end (note the untextured pillar) and pick up a Heal Potion.


Gold and Silver Keys


Return to the midpoint in this passage and find the crawlspace right (E) and climb into it. Get up into a room and move the piano to find the Golden Key. Walk to the left of the balcony, around the side, and find the ring lever to pull. Now go out on the balcony and shoot the railings.


Jump to the first rope, and swing to the second rope. Swing angling left to the east balcony, go around to the middle, and climb up to get the Silver Key. Take the keys up to the top of the stairs and use them.


Enter and see that in the corners of this room are blocks on which Lara can stand to place the four treasures in niches. Then the door in the east wall opens and Lara jumps into it.



Bonus Level


Lara drops into the Bonus Level. Look around a bit, and read the writing on the green wall. [Download savegame, all Bonus Keys.] If Lara doesn't have all five Bonus Keys she goes to the right and the level ends. Game over.


If Lara has all five Bonus Keys, use them in the keyholes. Go through the doors that open, turn left, and shoot the railings. Look down to the spinning skeletons that you have already seen from the title. Turn and hang from the edge, drop down to a slot, shimmy over, drop down to a slot, repeat, and finally to the floor below. Jump over the railing toward the center line of the room as the ground is higher there.


Throw the ring levers east and north to raise climbing blocks. Pick up the Heal Potion in the middle, and climb up the block on the south, do a standing jump/grab to the ledge, then take a running jump over the railing to the southeast balcony.


Climb the long stairs all the way to the top and press the wall button, the doors in the northeast open. Go there and enter. Take the Life Potion from the ledge on the left, then go right through the passage. Hear the doors close. Continue and get the Golden Key. It looks like you are stuck inside, but take out pistols and shoot the doors where Lara got the Golden Key. Approach the next doors and they open.


Am I Blue?


Exit and run diagonally across the big room. The keyhole is low down and to the right. Use the Golden Key and enter the doors to the Blue Room. Watch the flyby. Turn to the right and get onto the slanted ramp, jump up and grab above. Pull up, make a running jump into that doorway, crawl through and use the lever to open a gate in the underground passage. Crawl out and drop. Now go to the middle of the room where the fire is and drop into the hole.


Start to slide down the slope but quickly jump up and grab the climbable surface. Climb about the corner to the right, get over the jump switch, release, then grab it. As soon as Lara starts to slide again jump with curve left, and repeat so Lara is against the left wall. At the bottom of the slide jump and curve left into the open gate.


Climb the stairs with the big blocks. When you reach the slope, the right side wall is climbable. At the top, where Lara drops from the climbing surface, turn around and go into the side passage and pull the block backward twice. Then go up the passage and drop into the water.


Go about the room from where Lara pulled out of the water. There is an opening from pulling that block back; get in there and use the lever. Continue to the back of the room, behind two statues, and pick up Life Potion. Continue on to the east side of the room and jump into the open gate to pick up the Javelin.


Lara now needs to get back to the higher level, which means repeating the underground part. Get in that hole, this time slide down on the left, and so forth. At the top, jump to the ledge with the statues, then left to the next ledge. Get Lara against the wall and jump to the east ledge. Now turn right and run jump to the raised ledge, and run jump to that odd platform that seems to be mounted on a stick. Stand jump to grab the highest ledge and Lara is at the top of the room.


Up here there are three movable objects. Move them under the tiles that look like three-pronged candlestick holders. (Originally I pushed the objects to every tile and that works, too.) Lara can stand on the outside of the objects to push them against the wall, then move them to the appropriate tile. When all are placed look to the statue in the middle of the room and see a javelin on the pedestal. Go get it. I had trouble on this platform because of the pedestal, but if Lara gets on the platform with the statue she can do a running jump into the water.


Get out and go back to the big room, and see the high west statues need Javelins. Climb the raised north block and jump to the northwest balcony and pick up a Hell Fang. Then climb up to the statue and place the Javelin. Repeat the procedure south (no pickup here). When both Javelins are placed the door below opens.


Falling Blocks


Proceed with caution as lots of blocks fall from the ceiling, but they are easily avoided by using the side niches with the skeletons. At the end throw the lever and immediately backflip or side flip right to avoid getting crushed. Run through, the door closes behind Lara. See the picture of Lancelot and slide down into the next room. Look left to see the high unreachable opening; this will be the final exit, if you can survive


The Last Challenge


Turn right and go into a large attractive room. Go all the way to the back right and press the wall button. If a floating skeleton is bothering Lara she can jump into the water and wait for it to vanish. Now the task in this room is simplicity itself.


Throughout this room there is a floor block and floating platforms that blink in and out of existence. You need only jump on top the floor block, jump to those floating platforms, and get to the ledges. From the ledges you can use the shotgun (Hell Fang) to shoot some of the grates in the four high ceiling rooms. Then get up to a high corner ceiling room, where Lara can use pistols to shoot the remaining grates as she is now at their level. Throw the lever in that room, and the levers in the three remaining rooms.


The German walkthrough has some hints, but frankly I think this is something you have to work out as you do it. It takes a lot of time to accomplish.


Dust in the Wind


Once the four levers have been used, get back down. Return to the previous room, climb onto the glowing cone and do a running jump/grab to that high wall opening. Light a flare and run forward. Jump into the water and swim to the door that opens, go through, climb out and jump up right and follow to a simple mirror room. Collect the "Dust in the Wind" from the pedestal.


Go around right, jump in the water while the song plays, swim to the next room. Pull up and place the "Dust in the Wind" on what looks like a movable object: a gate opens. Go and climb into the gate, run forward and this beautiful and inventive level series comes to an end. Now if only the degree of difficulty were a little more reasonable...