By Sue Wicks


Walkthrough written by Elvis t. aka eTux (with additional help from the author)


Designations: Pickups: Kills: Secrets: Guidelines


Note: The level has 5 secrets – but to find the last one you need to find 2 other secrets from the same area and a crowbar. You can always return for them up to a certain point though.


The Bridge. (+ secret #1)



You start out sliding down a slope – and just around the corner is the first area – the bridge. Safety drop on the platforms on the right of the bridge and you will get a camera hint. This makes you pay attention to the bottom of the bridge - and the reason why is that it’s monkey-swingable. You can get hold of it either with a standing jump or running jump – so do it either way and swing to the end. Drop when there’s safe ground below you.


Enter the room here – shoot the gong to open the door above at the end of the bridge. Shoot the vase on the left to reveal a large medipack (1). Return to the pit – jump on the broken pillar and drop on the architecture you see below. Now is your chance to get the first secret of the level.


Observe the lush valley below you – if you pay attention you can see a number of slopes below the architecture you’re standing on. Basically these are your ticket to the ground below. There are a number of jump combinations how to get below – but only one spot from my experience. I’ll describe the combination that worked for me, but that doesn’t mean there are no other ways to do it. Anyway – stand on the architecture right besides the opening in the wall, face the slope with Lara’s back (so your compass needle would point to west), tap backwards till Lara falls over – hold the action key, so she would drop on the slope below – slide a bit and jump backwards to the slope behind you – let Lara slide down on the lower slope and you’re already on the ground without losing health. You can explore the valley – but there’s nothing of interest there – so enter the cave and pick up revolver ammo (2) and trigger secret #1. Climb up a step and pick up the small medipack (3). Then continue up the steps. After you jump over the gap – the suspiciously looking horizontal stripes indicate that the wall is climbable, but you can simply climb up on the rock to the left as well. Further along you operate 2 pressure pads to open and then close the coloured door – then you’ll reach a violet snowy passage where you can climb up in the middle (don’t worry about where it leads beyond that – that’s where you’d come from if you had neglected getting the secret).


In case you didn’t care for the secret – here are instructions how to get here from the other side. Climb into the opening from the architecture, Lara will look up left – that’s where your way further is. Face the wall – backflip on the slope and bounce from it up to the opening Lara was looking at.

Continue till you reach the top. Jump over the slope for a large medipack (4), but beware of the wolf (1) that guards it. Face the north wall from here, jump to grab it, shimmy a bit left, then climb up and bounce to the next slope – slide and jump back to the bridge.


Go to where the door opened – as you continue down the hallway, three wolves (2, 3, 4) will attack you. If you go left – you can pick up some flares (5) in the corner. Once done here – continue to the right.


Boulder chase, the lake and fire pit.


As you pursue right and climb up, a fly-by shows the upcoming sequence. This is fairly tricky – as you go down the slope you initiate 3 subsequent boulders, have to maneuver the zigzag shape of the track, avoid 2 swinging timbers and 2 ghosts chasing you.


My suggestion for this is to go until the fire tile, and then sprint down straight the path, right before the boulders start rolling after you. This might take a few tries, and you might mess up as you run into slopes, but persist, as it’s doable. When you approach the curve, just jump over it, as there’s no point trying to maneuver through it.


Now you have 2 choices:


The faster but more risky way – time your run past the swinging timbers with keeping in mind that the boulders are still on your heels and jump over the pit.


The more time consuming but relatively safer way – continuously jump between the slopes of the track about 2 tiles before the first timber trap, and if you’ve timed it right the boulders one by one should roll past you. Keep in mind though, that this only takes care of the boulder issue. You still have the ghosts chasing you, but this gives you the time you need to safely get past the timber traps and the pit.


Once over the pit – the ghosts should feel attracted to the dragon head figures and destroy themselves. This by no means is the end of the sequence though, as there’s one final boulder coming up. This one isn’t that tough though – there actually are a number of ways you can do this – but the most rational one is to simply sprint up the slope and crouch in either corner of the edge that gives you an advantage over the boulder, as it bounces over you.  If for some reason you can’t do this – it’s possible to just run back and hang on the edge of the bridge, till the way is clear again. When it is – climb up and continue to the lake area.


Slide in the lake and get to the shallow part on the left. Lara is looking at the vines, so that might be a hint. On closer inspection you’ll find a parallel bar sitting there. Align Lara, the bar and the high pillar and do a running jump towards it (press action to get hold of the bar – just in case you haven’t seen this before) and swing to the pillar. Jump to the opening in the wall to get to the fire pit area.


Note: There’s no specific or right way to do the next sequence, but what’s written below is the way I recommend, as you can get through without losing health at all.


Do a running jump to the first set of planks. You should’ve barely landed on the edge. Do a standing jump to the corner of the next platform. Shimmy around 2 corners, climb up on the corner of this tile – it’ll save you from the blade trap, but you have to act immediately to get to the next tile. So backflip, twist midair and direct the jump to the left and hold action, and you should grab the next set of planks. Shimmy a bit left to give you some room to run, climb up, run and jump to the next tile. Once there, face the wall, jump and press action to grab the climbable wall. Climb left until you can stand on the ground safely.


Temple courtyard & timed runs. (+ secret #2)


Go along the jungle – before you enter the temple courtyard, climb the broken pillar on the west and get a small medipack (6). As you enter the courtyard – you’ll be attacked by 3 raptors (5, 6, 7). Once they’re dead look for a small pool of water on the center west side in the courtyard. In the pool – on a brick platform is the High Priest’s key (7). After getting it, go east in the main courtyard between 2 slopes – and use the key on the keyhole to open the door (note the jump-switch on your right – but that’s for a secret later).


In the next area – there’s a crawlspace on your left and a set of slopes right in front of you. The crawlspace is only a route back in case you can’t do the following timed run on your first try, so ignore it and climb the left slope. Press and hold the ‘jump’ button to bounce from slope to slope to the top of the room. Grab the ladder when the jump sequence ends and climb up to the top of this room.


The switch on the wall will initiate a timed run, but just so you know where you’re going look over the edge and take note where the wooden plank platform is. The door at the bottom is the one that will open. This isn’t a very tough timed run, and if done right there should be more than enough time.


So activate the switch and drop right over the edge on your right to land on the wooden plank platform. Safety drop on the stone floor down below and then tap backwards as many times as needed to enter the door below (NE). If you didn’t succeed – you can use the crawlspace to get back to the slopes, or simply reload.


Once through, drop in the pool. Swim below or above the knife blades as required (it’s not so tough, so I won’t go into detail), between the 3rd and 4th blades – swim into the SW corner for some flares (8), climb out of the pool and the door will open. Go out in the next courtyard and you’ll be attacked by 3 wolves (8, 9, 10). There’s a tall column in the center of the room – use the steep snowy slopes to jump on top of it and grab a small medipack (9).


Move on beyond the dark pit (there’s nothing of interest there), jump up the slope and slide down on the other side. Some clashing spear traps will activate on both sides of the pit and two inca natives (11, 12) will climb out of it. You can fight them here, but my recommendation is to get past the traps and past the pit as soon as possible and take the fight to the next area, where there is more room to move around, thus making this fight a bit easier.


In this next area, jump into the higher west hallway – go south first and shoot the vase to reveal a small medipack (10). On one of the ornate blocks by the pit is a keyhole for your high priest’s key. Use it to start a timed trapdoor sequence. It’s a timed sequence with a difference – so you don’t have to rush to do anything in time, but time your jumps on trapdoors that rise and lower in order to get to the top of this room. Jump on the block with the keyhole, stand in the right corner. The sequence as such is not difficult – as said the key here is timing.


After the first trapdoor has risen for about a second, do a standing jump straight towards it. Sideflip to the right (next trapdoor should rise as you do), then backflip to the next trapdoor behind you, jump forward to the next higher trapdoor and then sideflip to the right to land on the tile with the Wheelhouse key (11). As you pick it up, a wall besides you will lower – but don’t go there just yet.


Note the door on the other side of the room, perform a running jump and grab towards it, and it will open in mid jump, allowing Lara to grab the edge safely. Climb up and get secret #2 – a large medipack (12) and some normal shotgun ammo (13). Return back where you got the key. Before jumping down the pit here, pick up the large medipack (14) in the corner.


Skeleton pit, wheelhouse. (+ secrets #3, 4 & 5)


Jump on the slope so you would face it with Lara’s back. Grab the edge when the slope ends and safety drop into the pit as 5 skeletons (13, 14, 15, 16, 17) will fall from the ceiling surrounding you. There are two openings here guarded by the clashing spear traps. The one in the north has a Tia Atpmus (15) and the one in the east has a shotgun (16) and some shotgun ammo (17). If the skeletons are bothering you – I suggest going for the shotgun first, and then blasting them into the deadly water to dispose of them. If you’re more confident in your skills, you can go after the Tia Atpmus first (the other obvious advantage for this of course is that you can simply ignore the skeletons and spare the shotgun ammo for later). As you pick it up – a door by the shotgun will open up. No matter which way you went first – return to the east hallway and go where the door opened.


Climb the steps and find yourself back in the courtyard area. It’s possible to get the 3rd secret right now, but let’s make a little detour to the wheelhouse for the crowbar first (You can still come after it later too, if you don’t want to deal with it right now). Go to the courtyard and use your wheelhouse key on the keyhole that’s on the wooden planks (it’s near the first keyhole). This opens the door to the wheelhouse. Ignore the wheel right now - go into the southern alcove behind it to find the crowbar (18) on the higher ledge. Return to the hallway from which you re-entered the courtyard area now. Jump on the mossy slopes steep enough for Lara to stand on and jump on the higher walkway. There’s a switch that raises a trapdoor next to the waterfall at the end of the walkway. You don’t need to flick it to get the secret, but you might as well do it, so you don’t have to later on. Jump on the mossy rock south of the waterfall and then up into the cave with a standing jump. As you explore it further – you’ll find secret #3 – a small medipack (19) and a Chepatri stone (20), which you can pry off the wall with the crowbar.


Return to the wheelhouse now and see the spinning wheel that gives this section its name. If you’ve played Back to Basics 2008 levels or Bojrkraider’s the Experiment series before – you’ll know what to do, but if this is your first encounter with this device, stand on the flat ground before it and press action – Lara will jump on to the wheel and ride it to the top. Hold down the action key as when Lara reaches the top she’ll jump to the parallel bar and after swinging once on it – will jump towards the ladder ahead. Climb to the top, but don’t ride the zipline yet. Let’s go after the last secrets of the level first.


Drop down on the edge to your right first – on the wall across you should see the jump-switch from before. Perform a running jump and grab towards it, and as Lara activates it, the trapdoor in the middle of the courtyard will open. Drop in the hole and pick up shotgun ammo (21) for secret #4. It doesn’t end yet though – continue going down the cave and notice a receptacle next to a door. Use your Chepatri stone to open it and get the Revolver (22) and revolver ammo (23) for secret #5. If you missed out on the previous secret before these, you can’t get secret #5 yet. You can still backtrack for or get all of them at a later time.

Once you’re done, do the whole wheel sequence again, but this time ride the zipline and jump into the opening to get into the next area.


Timed run & Cage puzzle.


Now comes a particularly nasty timed run, before you start – pick up the large medipack (24) before the beams (you may also explore the course before actually attempting it to consider strategies and get the other pickup - revolver ammo (25) – you can still pick it up during the timed run as well). Definitely save before you flick the switch. As you do – ignore the camera shot and the ghost that starts chasing you the best you can and backflip with a twist in air and run towards the beams where you found the medipack. Roll right before the beams and Lara should end up on the other side. Backflip with a twist in air again – and run along the triangular edge. Use the triangular flat tiles to maneuver around the pits.


Alternatively – you can jump on the slopes around the spike pit. Your main goal is to land on either of the triangular flat tiles – so bounce between the slopes till you get there. Then carefully jump along the remaining flat triangular tiles till you’re on safe ground with timbers again. If you didn’t before – you can pick up the ammo in the corner (though it’s possibly best to ignore it if this is your first attempt). Anyway – jump over the timbers and over the higher ledge, crawl under the last set and jump into the next room before the door closes. You have 43 seconds +/- a second to do this run, so it gives you some time to mess up as well.


As you pass the door, the ghost will look for a dragon head figure to destroy itself. There’s a jump-switch on the west wall near the cog mechanism – activate it to open a door to the walkway that leads to the main courtyard. No need to go there just yet – drop down on the lower level - and place the Tia Atpmus in the SW corner.  This opens the door next to you and allows you to pull in the cage you saw from the courtyard before. Do so, and as you push it to the end, a raptor (18) will be coming after you. After it is dead – pick up a cog (26) where the cage was before initially. There’s a ladder in the NE corner, use it to get up to the higher level. Place the cog on the side of the cog wheel. Now pull the wheel to raise the block you just pushed to this level. If you didn’t already – go out on the walkway – and activate the switch to raise a trapdoor. Return to the cage and push it all the way along the walkway to the trapdoor. Activate the switch again to drop the cage down the gorge and block the flow of water. This will flood it and allow you to reach new areas.


Swim where the fly-by showed you to go and end up in a dark cave. As you move along, it’s easy to spot a large medipack (27) on your left, pick it up and go on. If you don’t have all the secrets yet – now is the last time you can backtrack to get them all. If you do, or don’t care much about getting them – take the medipack pickup as a hint and restore full health – and then slide down the slope that follows in the opening on your right and into the final area.


T-Rex’s Lair.


After a dramatic fly-by Lara will be dropped into a pit with a T-Rex. This is where collecting all 5 (or at least the last 3) secrets really pays off. Revolver is the easiest way to kill the T-Rex (19), but you can do it with the shotgun as well (if you haven’t done this before in other levels – just run towards it with either of the above weapons equipped and shoot it in the belly – 1 bullet usually suffices). And if you’ve run out of ammo – there’s some normal (28) and some wideshot ammo (29) in the corners of the pit. There is also another shotgun (30) to the left of the doors where the T-Rex enters, just in case you missed the one in the Skeleton area and the revolver gun in the secret.  You can take revenge on the 2 inca natives (20, 21) from here, especially if you have the revolver, but you can leave them for later as well.


Go where the T-Rex came from and end up in a mossy cave area. As you enter past the doors – there’s a switch that will open a trapdoor above the ladder a bit back (but leave it for later). Go around the left ledge of the upper level of the cave and pick up flares (31) before sliding down for the cave. As you explore it, 2 raptors (22, 23) will charge at you, so dispose of them. As you reach the end of the cave, pick up an Oma Amul (32) by the skeleton and return back to the main pit. As you go back, another raptor (24) will come after you.


When back at the main pit – climb up on the left and traverse the pit along the side till you reach the entrance. Go to the ladder now and climb to the higher level. If you didn’t take care of the inca native before – do so now. Jump to the bridge where the other native dropped you into the pit, and go explore the hallways here. As you reach a pool area, 2 skeletons (25, 26) will jump in front of you. Blast them in the pool and go on the ledge, where you get a camera view. There’s nothing in the pool, so it might seem like a dead end here – but you can actually climb on top of the architecture alongside the pool. Approach it from the pool edge with the camera view – jump up, grab and climb on top – and walk along whichever side you want. Get out on the balcony from the other side of the pool and collect the other Oma Amul (33) that’s overlooking the arena.


Return to the room where you climbed up the ladder – place the 2 Oma Amul’s to open a nearby door and enter it for the last area of this level.


The Last Resting Place of Chikas Pupanqui.


As you enter the door a new area with a huge pool unfolds for you. You need to find another artifact, and there seems to be a passage on the left bank, so take a clue and go there. You reach a small narrow cave with fire pits and a lot of guys that have been hung on a wire above you. You see the needed artifact on the other side, so do a running jump and grab to grab the legs of the hanging skeletons and swing along them to the other side. Pick up the Tia Atpmus (34) and swing back on the other side. 2 more skeletons (27, 28) have been summoned – so blast them in the fire pit and return to where you saw the receptacle. Place the newly acquired artifact and watch as a fly-by shows a bridge being built magically over the huge pool. Cross the bridge and reach to pick up the Pincana Amulet (35) and the level ends.





Kills: 28

Pickups: 35

Secrets: 5